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Monday, January 08, 2007


Trivia: Who was the last Mexican-born member of the Philadelphia Phillies?

cookie rojas?

what was rojas? I think it was mentioned in Swoon, but my memory isnt that good.

Was Porfi Altamirano Mexican?

Fernando Valenzuela ?

BTW - continuing on the the 1964 theme and Swoon, just finished October, 1964 by Halberstam. Focuses a lot on the series, but he includes a lot of insight on the making of both teams as well.

Cookie Rojas is Cuban.

I'm going with Fernandomania as well.

Porfi Altimirano is the answer to another trivia question. Which Guatemala pitcher ranks 2nd in Phils career wins?

It wasn't Amaro was it?

Sorry, that is Nicaragua, what's wrong with me?

Nothing like trying to sign a couple of back-up position players (or should I say bums) to fill out the 40 man roster when you could be signing a couple of bullpen arms to help out the eventual 25 man roster... Is unbelievable the word, or is it sickening? Perhaps unbelievably sickening...

Forgot about fernando, crap

Unless I've missed something, if you guessed Fernando, you are correct.

I thought it was Vicente Padilla?

Nevermind, Padilla is from Nicaragua.

Padilla is a Nicaraguan.

Mr. Gillick? There's a Mark Whiten on the phone, says he's whipped himself into shape. $500,000? Yes, Mr. Gillick.

If Garcia does sign with the Phils, I hope he gets to face Pedro at some point later this season. Might be the season highlight for Garcia.

One can only assume these negotiations are happening in dark alleys, train yards and under overpasses.

LOL, classic.

We could really use a lefty-hitting outfielder for one AB a game who has a career line of .241/.279/.424! Man, those are SO hard to find, kind of like a good setup man!

Phils could use some infield bench depth. Wonder if Gillick give Kevin Jordan a call.


Some of you guys are tough. I agree that if both Hollandsworth and Garcia were signed it would fall into the BFD category until they showed something in ST, and even then it would be suspect because anyone could get hot for a month.

But I also agree that signing them to minor league deals doesn't hurt you either.


Clout, once again you are saying I wrote something I neither wrote nor implied.

I never said I was happy with the bullpen as is. I simply said I didn't think Koplove or Villone could be represented as a serious upgrade based on their recent track records.

There is, in my view, no FA RP left that is a serious upgrade. Sad, but true.

i just hurt my jaw yawning.

For those keeping score at home, the outfields at Ottawa and Reading are getting rather crowded. These OFs are signed, Ron Calloway, Pedro Swann, Lou Collier, Jim Rushford, Matt Padgett, Greg Jacobs, Victor Hall, Javon Moran, Ryan Fleming, Evan Tartaglia, Branden Florence, Mike Spidale, Brian Burgamy. Plus there is Roberson and Bourn. Fortunately Gary Burnham can also play 1B, and I didn't count these maybees, Gary Harris and Brian Sellier. Did I forget anyone?

You forgot Pat Burrell.

I have to agree that if were just going to go and blow money on guys to fill out the roster, blow it on RP. Even if we get one half-decent RP out of it, it be a better investment then signing 10,000 backup outfielders.

I'm also against trading away Lieber in the off-season. The more i think about it, I'd like to see eaton as a sixth starter until the break, to see how he does. God Forbid he isn't healtny or one of the other starters goes down and we have to bring up someone as a fifth starter. Don't like that Scenario at all.

If lieber manages to keep his W-L around .500 and stays healthy, he will still be dealable before the deadline, and possibly for something better than what we've been offered so far.

They also have Randall Simon, not an outfielder, but another left handed 30 year journeyman AAA type player. Martin, you make a good point. They really have enough minor league filler in the outfield. This would indicate to me that they see Garcia as someone who could possibly stick at the ML level as LH pinch hitter. As indicated earlier on this blog, it looks like Gillick has reached his spending limit. Ricky LeDee and Michael Tucker are still available if you want to continue dumpster diving.

AWH: The Koplove/Villone post was about exchange number 4 between us and I don't have time to search back thru 4 threads to find your original comment that began the discussion.

My memory is that it began with you listing the current bullpen and saying you had no problems opening the season with it. If that is incorrect, I apologize.

speaking of "dumpster diving"- we could always sign raffy palmeiro as our left-handed pinch hitter. if he's making a comeback, i'm sure he's back on the "juice".

I like the signing of Karim, it would put the Phils 1 Garcia ahead of Florida who previously led the league. There are still 11 other Garcias available:

Mike Garcia - P
Rosman Garcia - P
Angel Garcia - P
Freddy Garcia PHI P
Anderson Garcia PHI P
Jose Garcia FLA P
Harvey Garcia FLA P
Guillermo Garcia - C
Luis A Garcia - 1B
Amaury Garcia - 2B
Danny Garcia - 2B
Jesse Garcia - SS
Karim Garcia - RF
Luis C Garcia - RF
Sergio Garcia - IF

Bring back Pete Rose as lefty PH

What about Kiko Garcia?

you left off the best Garcia available...

Jeff - After he is through with the playoffs he could roam the outfield...

And he is already whipped into shape.

If only Freddy plays as important of a role as Jeff does for the Eagles, then we will be watching that parade at the end of Oct 2007

To be fair, he always had some power. I like this better than Hollandsworth.

Comparing Karim Garcia to Todd Hollandsworth shows how utterly boring the "hot stove" is right now for the Phils.

We have all debated defense vs offense recently. Some info on the Phillies '06 defense is on another blog here:

Read it and weep. Perhaps this is the reason Gillick wants to keep Victorino and Rowand in the same outfield.

HOT STOVE UPDATE: According to league sources cited by the Daily News, Karim Garcia is the newest Phillie. He has agreed on what is believed to be a 1-year, minor league deal. The Inquirer says Garcia will compete for the left-handed spot off the bench with Randall Simon, with Bourn and Roberson expected to start back in Triple-A.

Is anyone else starting to feel nostalgic for last year's opening day bench, which could only be described as 'awful'?



2007 outfield

2006 outfield

I actually think the bench may be worse than the bullpen. Both are scary spots for the Phils. The only upgrade from last year on the bench is Coste/Barajas (whomever doesn't win the starting job) over Fasano. I hope a legitimate move or two can still be made. I doubt it though. This team has absolutely no depth. Sickening...

Ah, let's see, the 2007 bench upgrade from No Hit Nunez who was on the 2006 bench is....No Hit Nunez!!! Aarrrgghh!!

No-Hit of the truly fitting nicknames of all-time.

too bad nunez isn't a pitcher. then we'd have something.

I can't imagine that Karim Garcia will go north with the team. He has proven repeatedly he's a very weak hitter with hideous strike zone judgment. The rare HR he'd hit wouldn't offset all the outs in between. Bourn would be a far better option.

I have to believe PG is still looking for a legitimate LH stick for the OF. If the Phillies starting OF is Burrell/Rowand/Victorino-Werth-Garcia, it will rank dead last or next to last (have to consider the Triple A Nats) in the NL in offense, even with the strong bias of CBP.

Clout- c'mon Rowand, Burrell, and Vic wouldn't rank dead-last or even next to last. They'd probably be middle of the pack. The Braves, Nats, Pirates, Cards, Brewers, Padres, and Giants don't look all that stacked in the outfield either. Not trying to start a fight here, but I don't think our outfield is as hideous as you're making it out to be.

Man this is a tough crowd. Based on career major and minor league stats, you can expect Karim Garcia to have a year like ... well ... Karim Gacia. But you might also get a year like last year's Marcus Thames. Not a bad gamble, especially if Garcia has learned anything about plate discipline in Japan.

thanks for the dose of optimism Dick!

This morning's Philly Daily News is saying that Karim Garcia is your newest addition to our Fightin' Phils:

"League sources yesterday indicated that the club yesterday agreed to terms with backup outfielder Karim Garcia on what is believed to be a 1-year, minor league deal."

Hopefully, the only fighting he does is at the plate. The article points to Karim's most infamous event - fighting with a groundskeeper at Fenway Park.

Hard to be optimistic about a guy who managed to regress to his career (major and minor league combined!)OBP in japan (according to these numbers).

so long as the footwork for these deals are not taking up the bulk of gillick's phone time, I'm not too fussed, to be honest. It's underwhelming, yes, but so long as it's not distracting him from evaluating trade options for lieber, its not really a problem.

As frustrating as the bullpen/rf situations stand, I'm happier for us to hold onto our potential trade chip in Lieber now till ST starts and injuries arise (for us or anyone else). either gillick is playing hardball with the other gm's to get good value for lieber, or there just isn't much on the market right now. Biding our time benefits us in both scenarios - either the teams offer us more or they start getting desperate to fill their holes and put more trading options on the market in general.

The only thing waiting doesn't do is give us phans that warm contented glow of knowing the phils are reporting to florida with a full set of options and no holes in the lineup, bullpen, rotation and bench. And no, I can't remember the last time I felt that way about the team in late feb.

Looking at the outfield posted above by Jason, three players stay the same and two are replaced. Let's see, we replaced Abreu and Dellucci, two good power batters, with Werth and Garcia. Do the names Werth and Garcia strike fear in our opponents? Naa-a!

Thanks Carson - optimists do have more fun. Pessimists have fun, but can't admit it.

And I am very optimistic about the Phils in '07.

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