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Friday, January 26, 2007


I remember that hit he got off of Clemens. I remember thinking "good for you Cole" [and also, "hey, do we have a pitcher who can hit?!!?"]

Speaking of pitchers and hitting- I hope we can improve in that area this season. I'm not looking for .200 averages, just the ability to lay down a freakin' bunt and slap a single every once in a while. Moyer is a good bunter, Hamels seems to like to hit, Eaton has had some success over his career, and Garcia has done ok in limited plate appearances. I know focusing in pitchers' hitting isn't exactly exciting, but if this facet of the Phils game improved, you'd be suprised how many more runs that could equal during the course of the season...more runs equals more wins.

Pitchers bunting well was a point I made two threads ago. I hope Manuel gets really creative this year in ST and has mandatory bunting practice in live game situations for the pitchers.

Oops, I'm sorry. There's not anything really creative about that, is there?

I agree with GM-Carson, although I'd take .000 avg for all pitchers and horrible bunting, IF they could do the same against opposing pitchers!!

In high school we used to have bunting competitions with a point scale based on the placement of the bunt. Winning team didn't have to do as many hills/laps/conditioning. Basically, Manuel could make a game out of it so that's it's a skill building exercise and team bonding at the same time.

5 years $70 million for J.D. Drew, now with the Red Sox. What a fantastic waste of money for an average player who has never played a full season. Put this deal next to the Utley deal and you would have to be blind not to see which is better.

Reading this quote reminds me of Bull Durham after Nuke gets called up from the minors and has his first interview. Maybe its because they both had a little incident in a bar but i think we should call Hamels Nuke, and Coste Crash.


You aren't from Boyertown are you? They used to have three different bunt signals; sacrifice, slap, first/third baseline. But seriously, this is fundamental baseball that shouldn't need to be taught at the major league level, only practiced and refined. These skills should be taught in little league initially but at least retaught in all levels of A ball. When I see a pitcher square around to bunt and he has his fingers wrapped around the barrel of the bat, I pray that the ball is inside and he gets his fingers broken - maybe he'll learn then. It 's absurd that my nephew is five years old and he understands the fundamentals of bunting better than 90% of the major league pitchers.

Bull Durham, most voerrated baseball movie ever. It SU UCKED.

Cole is King Cole not friggin squishy Nuke. Have you seen an actor look less like a big time pitcher than Tim Robbins?

Oley Boy- I was raised in ShermansDale PA, went to West Perry High School.

that was a great game to go to. i believe it was a sell out.

I was at the Clemens v. Hamels game. Labor Day, dollar dog day, hot and sunny as hell, rally towels, Chase Utley wins it in the 10th if I'm correct... what a good time. Man I want baseball back.

slamming bull durham -- dem's fightin words. what's the best baseball movie? don't say major league - its a direct rip-off of BD. even some of the characters are the same.

Easy, The Natural.

Our best hitting pitcher is now out in LA (Wolf) - too bad he fell in love with that slop curve-ball.

You guys are killing me however slamming Bull Durham --- I must be getting old, but it doesn't get any better than BD.

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