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Saturday, January 27, 2007


I thought this already happened weeks ago and was hashed out on here...guess it just finally became official, like the Alfonseca signing.

Funny, in that picture Garcia shows the same expression I did when I read the Phillies signed him.

Haha RSB. Another chip in Gillick's attempt to corner the MLB market on players named "Garcia."

Throw everything at a wall and see if it sticks.

Or see if it sucks


Evidence for said boo:

Projection 281 27 74 8 1 10 34 17 65 1 .263 .306 .406

i dunno, kdon. those look like some PRETTY solid numbers ;]

Hard to bash signing him to a minor league contract. If he comes into spring training and does what we expect then you leave him down or maybe you get lucky on a guy that was suppossed to be a lot better than this. If they decide to keep him on the roster when he does not show progress that will be if a different story.

kdon, Are those projections for Ottawa ? No way Garcia gets 281 ABs at the ML level.

Here is some wishfull thinking...


Gavin Floyd would have the inside track on the fifth spot in the White Sox's rotation if he "comes in throwing like he [did] in the [Arizona] Fall League," GM Ken Williams said.

BM, those projections are from ZiPS, and they generally don't factor in playing time, other than averaging out a player's history. It's a computer projection. IF Garcia made the team however, I don't see it as impossible that he gets close to that number if there are injuries. Howver, I would prefer to see Garcia get ALL of his ABs at Ottawa.

I know it's a minor league signing, but the dude is just a bad player.

How could anyone complain about a backup outfielder/pinch-hitter with a .263 average? While not in the best company, that's better than rowand, burrell, nunez, or ruiz did as starters last season, and it's signficantly better than what bourn, roberson, or werth have put up in their careers. Aside from coste, he may be our best hitter off the bench.

Springer, you might want to look at the number to the right of BA - you know, on-base percentage - that statistic that is FAR more important. This is BELOW all of the players you mentioned, and is absilutely unacceptable for an outfielder.

Yeh, lets see how Mr. Floyd does in an even smaller ballpark, against better hitters.

Should be fun.

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