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Sunday, January 21, 2007


Not to break the flow, but Utley - 7 years, $85 million extension! Holy crap!

Jason, I'm not sure but I think that Werth was originally drafted by the Orioles, for whom he was a top catching prospect for several seasons.

Also, the problem with Helms isn't that he's never held a regular job, it's why - his RH/LH splits and his defensive shortcomings. I agree that Nunez will probably get decent time, but I don't really like the 'futility' label. The only problem with his season last year was the amount we were forced to use him. He's a good utility infielder, and as his .250 second half average showed he's at least a half-decent bench bat.

Finally, I'd have Ruiz as the top guy on the depth chart at catcher.

Nice post. Keep up the good work.

phils lock up utley- 7 years 85 million !!!!

Just saw that ED. I almost fell over.

I haven't looked closely at the deal, but I am happy to have Chase around for another 7 years!

My man crush will be here for all of his productive years!!!

Good break down Jason. There are alot of 'ifs' in the mix here, but I would say most of them favor the Phils favor. Alot of players have good upsides when healthy and given the chance, so I see the Phils doing good this year and liely trading expendable parts to fill the needs.

Good to see Phils give a 7yr contract to Utley, that should be one that they will not regret.

great post as always, j.

when reading your spot-on summary of the bullpen situation, all i could think of was coming home from work, enjoying a cold brew while watching the Phils build a nice lead, and then wringing my hands in frustration as they blow it in the 8th or 9th... just like that, i went from jubilation over the utley signing to the cold realization of holes left unfilled. i hope pat's got another deal in mind...

Great summary. Very journalistic - objective, informative, and concise. If I'd tried to concoct a summary, it would have been overspilling with long passages of opinionated vitriol for management at every opportunity.

Are we going to get spotlights on the 25 most important Phillies again this year? (or am I jumping the gun! It's only January still...)

You mean my spotlight on numbers 25 through 23 (Julio Santana, Shawn Garrett, and was the third Matt Kata?)


It was a nice idea! Maybe wait 'til a bit longer in ST this time...

Starting pitching should keep the Phils in most of their games but it is going to be a real adventure at the end of alot of games.

Could make for some long games but at least I am on the West Coast.

Nice post. Sums it up pretty well.

I especially like thee fact that you make the point the jury is still out on third base and catcher.

Don't know if I agree with the outfield, though. I think they'll be ok there, at least with the starters.

regarding helms - maybe we're looking at a Coste/Helms platoon at 3b, and Abe as backup 2b/ss.

Who know. Damnit, They need to start playing soon.

Joe might be right - Werth also may see some backup time at 3rd if he is healthy. They need to use Nunez more at 2B and SS so that Utley and JRoll get some well-placed rest during the season. Also from what management is saying Madson and Alfonseca both seem more likely to get the 8th inning set-up role over Geary - I'd expect to see him as the 7th inning guy at this point. A trade for a true set-up man/closer could put Geary back to the R/L spot use slot like he had with Fultz in the last two years, albeit this year it'll probably be with Smith.

AWH: Just out of curiosity, give me your rough guess on avg., HR, RBI of the starting OF of Burrell-Rowand-Victorino that you think will be just fine.

great post j

Great post. It spells out something about the Phillies really well. That they lack any depth at all on the bench or in the bullpen. They're one serious injury away from players like Abraham Nunez or Jayson Werth getting entirely too many ABs. They should be looking for quality bench players, even if they cost a something. Tony Graffanino, Luis Gonzalez (the Rockie), Mike Lamb, Craig Wilson, Craig Counsell, Scott Hairston, are all the type of players who don't kill you if they get 300-400 ABs, and right now with the line-up Gillick's got, the Phillies could be pushed into relying on Abraham Nunez or Jayson Werth all too much.

Anyone read the "MetsBlog" today? They're over there venting over some comments JRoll made in an interview on

It's actually pretty amusing, reading the Muts fans getting themselves in a lather.

One of the comments I'll share is this:

"Things from Philadelphia are all the same. They're all loud, smell bad, and have no clue what they're spewing about."

I almost started laughing out loud when I read that.

I don't know what everyone else's experiences have been, but in all the games I've been to at the ballpark (Vet and Bank) one thing is clear to me:

The idiot who wrote that is projecting.

Muts fans are without a doubt the most ill behaved, rude, arrogant, front-running bandwagon jumping fans ever to visit town.

I can't believe I'm writing this, but in my experience it's true: They are worse than visiting Skankee fans.

We never heard from these people when the Muts stunk, but a few million spent in free agency and they start acting like they're perennial winners. Whoda thunk? Never mind. I forgot they're from New York.

I'm really up for this season. The Phils, as corny as it might sound, have real shot with the personnel that they've put together.

For more background, check out the first 3 segments of a 4 part analysis of the NL East in 2007.

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