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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


This is a bit closer to what we were expecting this off-season. Pitching would be upgraded (both starting and the BP - hopefully not giving up too much in the way of a prospect).

I think I like it. Not sold on Turnbow, but he did shut us down when we saw him last year. Garcia is the main ingredient. Mench is an upgrade, as well, and should pretty much solidify that Burrell sticks around in left, I'd assume. Go get 'em Pat G.

for some reason i agree with gillick about floyd. i have no idea why but i don't want to give up on him just yet. i'd rather move madson.

Put me in the camp that would rather move Floyd. Madson has at least proven to be valuable at some point.

I like this series of trades and I hope they aren't just the typical rumors.

Latest Stark column on ESPN says this deal probably won't happen, and if it does, it's not happening any time soon.

If you have to move Madson you do it.

I think Gillick's newfound affection for Floyd might be a little bit of Tom Sawyer-esque self promotion...

Tom resumed his whitewashing, and answered carelessly:

“Well, maybe it is, and maybe it ain’t. All I know, is, it suits Tom Sawyer.”

“Oh come, now, you don’t mean to let on that you like it?”

The brush continued to move.

“Like it? Well, I don’t see why I oughtn’t to like it. Does a boy get a chance to whitewash a fence every day?”

I like it and I like Weitzel's take. I was thinking Trot as well as a platoon situation.

As much as I liked Lieber two years ago and think he could be better than last year, I'm uncomfortable with him. You have to field your postion at least a little bit! Garcia really helps this team. One question...didn't stink two years ago?

That question is about Garcia - I thought he fell off the map for a few years.

Chalk me up for rather trading Floyd.

Floyd's numbers this season in the AZ league aren't good enough to think that he still has major league SP value. Isn't that what the front office sent him there to find out? The value of his signed ball has greatly decreased.

I'd again have to agree with ae in his whitewash theory. Making it look like the Phils are interested in keeping him might give cause to some other GM a greater interest in wanting him.

If they DO decide to keep him, then this is the year to let him pitch. Either he can cut it in the bigs, even as a reliever, or have him take up tennis. We're tired of discussing his trade/team value.

I would trade either Floyd or Madsen, no big deal.

I know it's a psychological change as much as a pithcing style change, but why not try to make Floyd into a closer? Just a thought.

bb - it might have something to do with his complete lack of confidence and inability to rebound from a poor performance. sorry for being a smart ass.

i was reading some of the milwaukee gm quotes today. he seems pretty mad. apparently 3 teams have him on the backburner on deals he wants to make but those teams are waiting for something else. i think we're one of those teams.

I don't care of they trade Madson and Floyd ... just do something ! This team isnt going to win without some turnover.

Mench would be a great addition, and Turnbow would make a very good setup guy (with a chance to close if Gordon gets hurt).

Just make the deal !!!

The now-superfluous OF that I would target, instead of Mench, is Wily Mo Pena. The baseball world seems pretty much resigned to the fact that Theo is a world-class tease and Manny isn't going anywhere (if the reports earlier this week are true that they turned down LaRoche and Broxton, then Manny was never going to be traded in the first place).

Anyway, that makes Pena expendable. Of course, unlike the Brewers deal we can't turn Lieber into Pena, but since Pena still hasn't seen even one year as a full-time player we might have some leverage.

From the BCCT:

"Multiple teams have inquired about disappointing pitching prospect Gavin Floyd, who is available but won't be given away."

Paint that fence, Pat!

Additional points: This would open the door for Bourn to see regular playing time, spelling Victorino and Mench. Also, by adding Garcia, the Phillies may want to take a harder look at getting a second catcher with experience to handle all these arms. They've reportedly talked with Rod Barajas' people.

Another name has surfaced with regard to a potential trade:

Ryan Church has found his way onto the Phillies' radar screen, and the club approached the Nationals about him. Gillick suggested that the Phillies could acquire a part-time outfield replacement to replace Dellucci, and the left-handed-hitting Church would fit that bill. ... Teams have expressed interest in Floyd. While the Phillies would consider moving him, Gillick hasn't given up on the 23-year-old former first-round pick. "I don't think he needs a fresh start," Gillick said. "I don't think there's any problem here. Some guys just take longer than others."

Pena is an interesting seems like the Reds did a terrible job developing him, and I am personally not real confident that he'll turn into a legitimate major leaguer - but one thing I trust Manuel with is coaching young hitters. he could be a good risk, unless the Red Sox are demanding a lot in return.

I don't get this really...I would have much rather not signed Eaton and just traded Rowand for Garcia to fill the 5th spot. While going from Lieber => Garcia is an upgrade, going from Lieber => Eaton is a downgrade.

Additionally, Rowand is a far more valuable player than Mench, and we would lose in the OF swap:

Mench - 6 years, 799 OPS
Rowand - 6 years, 780 OPS

I think even if Rowand played RF, he defensive value would make up for the small difference in hitting ability. There has to be a better package out there for Lieber than Mench and Turnbow.

Church is a nice idea.

Church is a freakin' awesome idea! C'mon Bowden, after that steal you got from the Reds, you're due to do something incredibly stupid.

Any idea what it would take? Floyd?

I like Church - living in DC, I've seen him play a lot, and he looks like he's for real.

WaPo says Nats want a pitching prospect, and I've seen Floyd's name dropped. I'd pull the trigger on that in a second.

I think Gillick is just talking up Floyd so he doesnt have to negotiate from a weakness standpoint.

Me too. Church reminds me a lot of Dellucci. I'd couldn't pull the trigger fast enough on Floyd for Church straight up.

* I, not I'd.

kdon - i tend to agree that lieber might be able to get more than turnbull/ mench.

that might be another one of the hold ups. if gillick makes it be known lieber is available (especially after lilly, mench, etc all sign) teams like the cubs and seattle will come crawling.

I'm going to have to hesitate before joining the Ryan Church lovefest. Interesting player, but do we really think that .526 slugging holds up over a full season? Or maybe it's the whole Jews will burn in hell thing.

An article in Sunday's paper about Baseball Chapel quoted Church as saying that he had turned to Moeller for advice about his former girlfriend, who was Jewish. "I said, like, Jewish people, they don't believe in Jesus. Does that mean they're doomed? Jon nodded, like, that's what it meant. My ex-girlfriend! I was like, man, if they only knew. Other religions don't know any better. It's up to us to spread the word," Church said.

I love the Tom Sawyer analogy on Floyd by ae. I've given up on Floyd as a major leaguer. I think Madson is a major leaguer that needs to be given one role as starter or reliever and he needs to be given some time to mentally adjust to his role. Both guys are head cases to some degree.

I think Madson does a lot of thinking about what he does. He needs to get to the point that pitching in his role is natural, instead of thinking about it all the time.

Floyd's head head problems are subconscious. Unless the Phillies have a supershrink that can hypnotize away Floyd's problems, I think Floyd has a long road to recovery to regain his major league promise. Let some other team undertake the Floyd problem. I'd trade him for any bonafide major league player.

Maverick, I detest Church for that same reason. If Amaro's going to burn in hell, it will be for his future sins as GM, not because of his mother's (and my) faith.

Otherwise, I don't see this happening, but I wish it would. Garcia's a great fit for the Phils, and the Brewers piece of it is okay by me--and even better if, per one variant of the rumor, we get Jose Capellan rather than Turnbow. In fact, I'm not certain I wouldn't do that deal (Lieber for Mench/Capellan) anyway, and figure out the OF surplus and add another starter later on in the winter.

Or maybe it's the whole Jews will burn in hell thing.


Oh goodie, Chrurch is a RWChirstian Nut. Yippee. That'll go over well.

Oh, I see. Yikes.

Vazquez replacing Lieber is a big upgrade.

Rowand and Mench are essentially washes, but Rowand is the better player. But in the Brewers talk we would be getting bullpen help too, so it's worth it.

I have no interest in Gavin Floyd as a Phillie and gave up on him long ago...and so should Gillick. If a team offers us anything worthwhile for Floyd we should jump on the opportunity.

ouch. never read that about Church before. I'm not one for letting off-the-field stuff influence my opinion of a guy, but that's a little much.

madsen is decent and will continue to get better as a reliever. keep him.
floyd? let him go if it means getting Freddie G.

Chris and willard: Are you familiar with Mench? Are you aware of how feeble he is vs. RHP? The comparison with Rowand on offense is apt except Rowand is a far better fielder and has more speed. So Mench is an upgrade over who? Kevin Roberson?

Super. Well, I know at least one Jew who isn't ticketed for hell anytime soon. Mike Lieberthal underwent a physical exam on Tuesday, but the Dodgers are holding off announcing his signing as the backup catcher while they continue attempts to trade Toby Hall.

I'm happy for Lieberthal. His career can live on closer to home.

I guess some people would consider Los Angeles hell on earth, Axl Rose being one of them.

In the jungle (Los Angeles implied) ...
Welcome to the jungle!
Watch it bring you to your shun-n-n-n-n-n-n-knees, knees!
I wanna watch you bleed!

I've been blogging for almost three years. It's hard to believe it's taken this long to work Axl into a conversation.

With all the baggage a lot of ballplayers carry, I doubt that the belief that someone goes to hell because they belong to the wrong religion would affect a player's playing ability. It's not like wife beating, alcoholism, drug abuse, criminal records or steroids.

A quote by Axel Rose in the same thread with a Mark Twain analogy. Jason is a hard rocker! I once quoted a Jagger-Richards lyric in a college term paper, so Axl Rose is appropriate. I believe the Jagger-Richards lyric would describe Gillick's offseason dealing strategy:

You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes
You get what you need

i think all the 'mench as a replacement' talk is as part of a platoon. at least i hope that's what it is. he'd then be an upgrade over conine i imagine.

If we're looking at first bat off the bench, Mench is better than Rowand; if we're considering complete players and potential starters, Rowand is the choice.

Put me in the trade Floyd, keep Madson camp. A trade to DC would make sense for the Baltimore native; maybe he'd feel more comfortable there.

Church is a decent player; his views, unfortunately, wouldn't surprise anyone familiar with the more rabid strain of fundamentalist Christianity. I'm not saying such people all think that way -- they certainly don't -- but for a kid growing up in that environment such a view isn't particularly surprising.

we know church's faith is a problem if he starts singing an Axl tune of his own:

i used to love her

but i had to kill her

i had to put six feet under

and i can still hear her complain

Kind of true, that last line.

(I kid! I kid my people).

nothing says great offseason baseball talk like fundamental christianity, guns and roses and a lame, predictable peter gammons red sox tidbit.

How 'bout this then: Dodgers close to 3/47 for Schmidt:

I find people who are blindly religous to be ignorant and it can't be good for the clubhouse. If it is up to him to spread the word, he is going to be harrassing our young players every day about "accepting Jesus." That is a very uncomfortable situation to be in.

I prefer people who think for themselves and are not brainwashed. It doesn't matter what religion you are, keep it to yourself.

If you blindly believe that a virgin concieved a baby and Noah built an arc and put 2 of every animal on it, then so be it. Just don't try to make me believe that stuff.

Nats can keep him. Lets go get the UD grad who preferrs lap dances.

and the mets won't go more than 5/70 for zito?!? good luck with that ny.

Per Rosenthal:

The addition of Schmidt likely will increase the chances of the Dodgers trading right-hander Brad Penny for a hitter, even though the Dodgers lost free-agent right-hander Greg Maddux to the Padres on Tuesday.

Oy Vey! Gillick better pick up the phone.

Holy open ended italics, Batman!

ok, fixed.

I'm torn about the viability of these proposed trades. I would make the one with the White Sox - and for God's sake, Pat, if you're not going to trade Floyd, why even show up at the damn meetings? - but the one with Milwaukee doesn't excite me in the least. I don't like either Mench or Turnbow, and as others here have cited, Mench is actually a downgrade from Rowand. You would think that with so many OF candidates that it wouldn't be such a giant mess, but it is. I don't think Freddy Garcia is *enough* of an upgrade over Lieber to justify weakening the team in another area. If Gillick wants to trade Lieber, my feeling is that he could do better than Turnbow if he wants a reliever in return.

Meanwhile, I would not be inclined towards getting the erratic Pena, or Preston Wilson, who looks like he's hit a wall. Rondell White is a serviceable guy, but can he play RF? And Ryan Church...good bat, but I think Scott Palmer would quit on the spot if they traded for him.

Not sure how we missed this one (Rocky Mountain News:

• Texas has talked with Philadelphia about a trade that would send right-handed reliever Akinori Otsuka to the Phillies for outfielder Aaron Rowand and right- hander Gavin Floyd.

Otsuka is a solid set-up guy, but is he worth giving up that much? I'd have to think the Phillies would need something else in that deal.

i agree

RSB, Otsuka is a Proven Veteran Closer(tm). We're lucky they're not asking for Hamels.

I saw on Yahoo:

"The Houston Astros could go after Chicago White Sox starter Freddy Garcia.

Astros' GM Tim Purpura spent quite a bit of his time discussing with his top lieutenants the merit of making an inquiry for Garcia.

As of early Tuesday evening, Purpura had not asked White Sox GM Kenny Williams what it would take to land Garcia, but those talks may start soon."

Gillick better get the Garcia trade moving.

I hope it's not lost on Gillick, incidentally, that this Church could never co-exist in the locker room with a Mensch.

David Lee Roth would say about the Phillies offseason...
Mean Streets..
"as I walk these stinkin' streets..
Watch the crazies on my block...
I see the same ol' faces...
and I hear that same ol' talk...
yeah, I'm, searching for the latest thing..
a break in this routine...."

If we're all going to cite appropriate soundtracks to the winter meetings, I nominate Peggy Lee's "Is That All There Is", as performed on the hotel atrium by a despondent, cold medicine-hopped-up Pat Gillick:

"Is that all there is?
Is that all there is?
Because if that's all there is, my friends..."

[Gillick grabs Doug Melvin and leads him into a tango]

"...then let's keep dancing."

Pat Burrell was seen lifting weights in Clearwater with this Tim McGraw song blasting in the gym:

"For my next thirty years I'm gonna watch my weight.
Eat a few more salads and not stay up so late.
Drink a little lemonade and not so many beers.
Maybe I'll remember my next thirty years."

I guess the Dallas green speech paid off.

Maybe we could flip Burrell to LA for Penny? Would he wave his no-trade to the Dodgers? Interesting.

Church sounds like he could be out there. Another route might be better, although he seems like a decent enough ballplayer.

I still am not sold on Turnbow, plus it sounds like Milwaukee doesn't want to part with him. Let them keep him. The last thing I want is a late inning reliever who cannot throw strikes. Gillick needs to hold out for Capellan and Jenkins or Mensch. I actually think Jenkins vs. righties and Conine vs. lefties would be pretty damn productive, more so than watching Mensch flail against right handed pitching if he were to play everyday. Jenkins has some pop. I'd like to see what he could do at Citizen's Bank Park.

If Rowand goes to cf for White Sox, maybe Gillick could get them to throw in Brian Anderson, a young outfieler who had a disappointing year in 06, but has a plenty of potential.

Axl Rose, religion, and Pat Burrell in the Gym. One truly believable thread.

Sure hope Santa and the Tooth Fairy come this year!

"Maybe we could flip Burrell to LA for Penny? Would he wave his no-trade to the Dodgers?"

Sounds like an opportunity to use one of my all-time favorite attributions:

"Sources familiar with Burrell's thinking said ..."

The comedy possibilities are endless.

Hey-Big Phils Fan who lives in Chicago. I got to watch Vaquez all of 06. He is just too inconsistent. For the one spectactular start he has, he will blow the next five. Id much rather have freddy garcia. If we take vaquez, once again we will be pandering to the white sox, and taking their refuse in return for a quality player.

Anderson is virtually untouchable for the White Sox. even if he's not their CF of today, they're planning on using him in the near future.

speaking of the White Sox's POV, let me strongly recommend lurking on a couple of their message boards to get their opinion of the proposed trades. I'll spoil it for you: pure, unadultered hate. even funnier are their counterproposals to "even" out the trade: Phillies include Jimmy Rollins, Phillies include Cole Hamels, etc. very entertaining.

Sources familiar with Burrell's thinking said: "Fastball, inside. No - slider, definitely slider. Away. No, wait - that was the last pitch. Okay, fastball. Get ready. Or is it a slider? Or...oh, &%*^$! well, I'll get 'im next time."

You would think Burrell would be plenty hip to LA. But why would they want him?

Penny is another problem child, by the way - firmly in the 'great arm, small head' category.

The Dodgers have really been an active team the past two off-seasons. I don't see anyone beating them in the NL West.

burrell would look great in la. he could even play first when nomar goes down.

What if Gillick could do all three deals? Floyd+Rowand to the Chisox for Garcia, and Lieber to the Brew-crew(how fitting :P) for Turnbow+Mench. Maybe we could package Segovia or JA Happ or another of the Phils arms (Mathieson?) to the Nats for Ryan Church.

PG won't pull the trigger until he sees Church in action and is 100% sure that he's a bona-fide MLB player.

That would relegate Mench to pinch-hitting and the occasional start against Lefties, and give us an OF of Burrell-Victorino-Church.

Not half bad, but how likely of a situation is it given Pat Gillick's recent history?

I like the idea of pulling off all three, but it would never happen. I like the Church trade, but if we had to trade floyd to pick up garcia, I'm all for it.

I'd like to keep madson. I think he's finally settled the idea that he is a reliever and i think he will prove to be one of the better middle/long relievers in the game.

A bullpen of Madson, Turnbow, Gordon and Geary would be solid.

At this point all of the Phils rumors have started to make me feel "Comfortably Numb."

Huh? Happ for Church? Maybe it's just me, but I think Happ is really good.

Throw in Smith, Brito, and Castro; and you gots yerself a strong bullpen.

oh, and ryan franklin. we need him back :-)

yeah i'm a little bored with these rumors too. we can't trade every young arm we have to ryan church. he's nothing special.

Rowand + Floyd is a lot for Otsuka... but he'd immediately become the best reliever we've got, by far. Peace of mind for a guy who shouldn't be getting playing time and a bust? I'd consider it.

Forget about that White Sox deal. No way the Sox settle for Rowand and a minor league pitcher for Garcia. Rowand is a great guy and Sox fans love him, but he's average in the field and at the plate. They already have Anderson in CF and he's MUCH better defensively than AAron. If they give up any of their 5 starters for an OF, they are going to want more than Rowand.

Ken Rosenthal reports: "The Indians have signed their third free-agent reliever of the off-season, reaching an agreement with right-hander Joe Borowski.

Borowski, 35, converted 36 of 43 save chances with the Marlins last season. He was close to signing a two-year contract with the Phillies last week, but the deal never materialized, reportedly due to concerns the team had about the pitcher's right shoulder.
Borowski underwent a physical for the Indians on Tuesday."

We can scratch him off the list.

mike -

the rumors out of chicago are that rowand is such a positive influence on the team, that they *must* have him in the locker room, and that their willing to overpay.

the only place he doesnt seem to be valued is on blogs like these, and WIP.

FWIW, as I said above, White Sox blogs aren't any higher on Rowand than we are. most of them look at him as a fourth OF.

Wonder if Gillick will get so deseperate for bullpen help that he will attempt to bring back Steve "Bedrock" Bedrosian.

I'm a Cy Young Winner. Of coure they want me.

I'd take Otsuka for Rowand & Floyd in a heartbeat.

Rowand is a bad fit in the Phils lineup, is overrated defensively, and is the only position player with an available replacement.

Floyd? Does he really have a future in Philly?

Turnbow as a set-up guy? We might be waxing nostalgic for Arthur Rhodes by June!

Drew signs with Red Sox and already fans hate him. Schilling is publicly telling the Red Sox fans to not boo Drew. Are we playing them in Philly this year. I hope so, maybe I can make it up there to boo both of them. (By the way best nickname for Drew I've heard. "D.L. Drew"
And I think the Brewers would be absolutely idiotic to get rid of Turnbow. If we could get him for any of the guys previously mentioned that would be a steal. The guy was lights out the year before last. So he lost his control last season, who cares. Lots of players have down years. He has electric stuff and as long as we dont let him anywhere near Floyd he should be able to regain his poise.

Embree has signed with the A's. I'm sure Gillick has a secret plan to staff the bullpen.

Lieber-Wolf to Garcia-Eaton is definitely an upgrade for our pitching staff.

I also think Turnbow would be good for our bullpen, especially out of the closer role that Gordon maintains. I'd like more help there, too.

Moving Victorino into center and putting a Mench/? platoon in right might be an upgrade, but I'm not sure. I was never in love with Rowand although I obviously appreciate his toughness. Victorino is at least as good defensively.

How's Mench defensively and who would he platoon with? Burrell is a stiff in RF and Victorino can only cover so much ground.

Mench has a strong resume vs. lefties, but we'd need a platoon compliment in the lineup.

Piazza signs with A's. So much for that. Although I'm not sure that this is what we needed.

parker.. another great name for drew.. "Nancy Drew". I can't believe these 2 deals are being held up by Gillick's unwillingness to deal Floyd..I think the trades are no-brainers. I think Ken Williams sees that he can raise the price because the Phils have put the cart before the horse by getting basic agreement with the Brewers.

>Mench has a strong resume vs. lefties, but
>we'd need a platoon compliment in the lineup.

If only we had a Rightie-killer noodle-armed RF named Dellucci.

The Mariners are exploring a trade of Rafael Soriano for Horacio Ramirez. If teams are that desperate for SP, maybe there is a market for Lieber after all (beyond dumping Mench on us).

How about making both trades and signing Trot Nixon? Unless Nixon feels platooning is undesirable....We could then bide our time while we see what Burrell can bring us when the frenzy dies down

Soriano is awesome. It would be nice to see him somehow land here in Philly instead of Atlanta.

Yeah Rob, I sure hope it is not people in the Phillies office that is leaking the information. That really is hurting our chances to make good deals. It seems like all we hear is Phillies are desperate to trade this guy or Phillies are desperate to trade that guy. Why dont we leak some information that Pat Burrell is the reincarnation of Mickey Mantle or something. Not that anybody would believe it, but its better than us looking like we just broke up with our girlfirend and will take anything that gets us out of a funk. We had no leverage with the Thome trade, everybody knew we had to get rid of him, but it seems like they could put a positive spin on some of our castoffs if for nothing else that to bump up their value.

dont see these Garcia/lieber * Mench/ROwand deals going through after reading so much about it on the net. TO be honest with u guys, how many times do you see an internet / newspaper rumor actually come to fruition. Not very often. I would guess that some of this rumor could be true but very unlikely the whole scenario has been accurately leaked to the media.

I still see Gillick making some moves for bench, starting OF, pen help which are totally off the radar and offline :(

Hey did anyone see that one of our fellow posters from this summer has joined the phils as a minor league coach>>>Kevin Jordan...he (i'm assuming it was actually him) posted a few comments this summer making comments about wanting to join the organization and helping them out. Hey KJ congrats and maybe you can help the young guys down on the farm be future phils as yourself...lata playa hata's...

"Not that anybody would believe it, but its better than us looking like we just broke up with our girlfirend and will take anything that gets us out of a funk."

Hahaha. Nice analogy.

Anyways, Pitty Pat hasn't done much of anything to renew or restore the hope that the Phils faithful have to put in him (he IS our GM, after all). I have a feeling that he doesn't WANT this team to be a playoff team that can contend until at least 2008...

I won't be devestated if these trades don't go through. I'm pretty pleased with the team we have now. Rowand is still a very valuable player - better than both Pierre and Matthews Jr., who are getting $9M and $10M respectively, and if the Sox want to start next year with Anderson and Pods in the outfield (and McCarthy in the pen), let 'em.

I've railed against having Vic in RF for a while but if the team still has Howard, Utley, Burrell, and Rollins, they can put up with him and Rowand in the lineup as long as Helms and the catcher position hit around league average.

C'mon Ace, that is just stupid. That is the same media-driven idiocy that causes Eagles fans to think that Andy Reid is a lousy coach. Yeah, Gillick wants to fail after being successful in Toronto and Seattle - that's why he left his cushy life in Toronto. The Philly sports media is so lousy it is hard for anyone to look good - I think they want the team to fail - when Gillick said it, he lit a fire under this team that made them a joy to watch the last couple month's of the season. I am a fan of Gillick and he deserves twice as much time as Wade got. Keep plugging away Trader Pat....

i was going to ignore Ace since that was lame. "Pity Pat"? the guys only turned over half the roster. if i felt that way i wouldn't watch and certainly wouldn't go.

i am disappointed that borowski only signed a one year deal after all. i wonder if he didn't want to come here or if we didn't want to give the 4 mil after all? who knows? i'm remaining patient.

2 guys
Oliver and Dotel. Nuff said. This lineup is just fine, even with Burrell. If Burrell stays I can deal with it, but a defensive replacement in the late innings. Get those 2 guys and they are pretty much set with what they can do. A left-handed OF is going to have to be signed. Nixon would do just fine. Can fill in as the defensive replacement which in the late innings might be the best defensive OF in the league. Just get the damn relief pitchers.

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