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Monday, December 04, 2006


That's awesome. Welcome back Sarge! Too bad we couldn't have gotten your son, too...

And no more Scott Graham? Put this one in the win column for the Fightin' Phils!

God, Scott Graham's voice was terrible.

So, Weathers has re-signed with Cincy and Borowski is close to a deal with the Indians. What's on the plate for the Phightin' Phils?

I know it's still early in the off-season and the next round of Winter Meetings is upon us, but as it stands right now, the best off-season acquisition this team has made will be doing color commentary from the Press Box.

So does anyone know what happened to Graham? Also, have the Phillies even talked to Hawkins yet?

i imagine graham will find work somewhere. i personally enjoyed him, especially when he would describe the catcher going to the mound after the ump got hit by a foul as 'professional courtesy'. that always cracked me up for some reason. i also like how excited he got when the phil's did something great.

hawkins is about to sign with colorado.

When Joe Buck, Joe Morgan and Tim McCarver are handed their walking papers I will rejoice. Graham's was a canned voice to be sure, but the bloodless play-by-play of Buck, barely intelligible "insider's" perspective of Morgan and HOF-caliber pretensions of McCarver are much worse.

Graham fan here... definitely bummed by this announcement. I know he's a company man, but why oh why can't they find some other role for Wheels to play instead of subjecting us to his awful commentary night after night? L.A. just sounds like he's perpetually stoned. Franzke -- well, I'm ambivalent. Maybe with an expanded role he could start to show a little more personality.

I was on a cross-country road trip all summer long and listened to a lot of baseball on the radio, and I know there's a big contingent of Graham detractors on this blog, but man, compared to some of the awful voice "talent" in other markets, we could do a LOT worse than Scott Graham. I hope he finds a good spot somewhere else.

I am also disappointed in the Phils letting go Graham.

Just glad he cost less than his son.

Unfortunately, I don't get to hear Phillies announcers very often down here in Leezy-anna. With, I get to hear Harry's sweet pipes only occasionally.

I'm not that sorry to see Graham go. Didn't hate him or anything like that, he just brought no personality to the table. One listen to one of those Graham Slam ice cream commercials told you all you needed to know about Graham's charisma (or lack thereof).

How is the schedule going to shake out for TV and radio? Since they replaced a play-by-play guy with an analyst, I think the days of Kalas and Wheels together may be at an end, though not necessarily. They could give Wheels the PBP on the middle three on TV, with Harry working 1-3 and 7-9. I guess Wheels could move over to analyst for 7-9, which would give Franzke more radio time, but do they give him eight innings on the radio?

Ideally, I'd like to see Franzke get some TV work out of all of this. Franzke is good, not great, but I did like what I was hearing last year with Franzke and LA, which is odd because I don't think LA and Kalas aren't great together, but Franzke and LA seem to have a really good chemistry on the air - flowing discussions, cutting each other up, busting chops etc. I liked 5th innings on the radio when I couldn't watch the games.

i liked scottie, in modest doses. a little too modulated but you could hear he was having fun in the box, especially when egging LA on. put this one in the loss column for the phightin phils. however, if matthews is even half decent, imagine how awesome it will be to hear harry, when he returns in the 7th from radio to tv, say "ALLRIGHT, THANKS SARGE."

anybody looking at the 'winter meetings' post on what a bunch of worthless nonsense. their is the typical peter gammons quote on some lame red sox rumor, a rumbling that so and so might be available for left handed relief and talk that padilla will be deciding soon on a three or four year deal.

i don't know what's worse, that they write it or i read it?

oh btw - the royals are interested in ryan franklin. hehe

I enjoy the Graham Slam ice cream that Graham himself promoted..

gr, what a terrific thought! I could hear Harry saying "Allright, thanks Sarge" right as I read those words on the screen. Can't wait! Minus Graham, the Phils have their strongest crew since the Classic Quartet of Kalas-Ashburn-Musser-Wheeler.

i could hear harry also! "watch this baby..."

I'm just glad Kalas is back. We don't know have what we have with this guy. I hate to say it but just like we always do we won't notice what we had til he's gone. Appreciate him now.

Scott Graham is the broadcasting equivalent of elevator music.

padilla for 3 years/11.3 mil each. that'll work out well. see you (him) at the bar!

clout - is that a compliment?

I didn't think that Graham was that bad. Why couldn't they have gotten rid of the ever-annoying Chris Wheeler instead? I can't STAND that guy! He must have some incriminating pictures of Monty or something.

I'm looking forward to listening to 'the Sarge'.

I wonder how the opinion of Graham changes depending on whether the person you're asking is a TV watcher who occasionally listens to the game on the radio vs. a radio fan who catches the occasional TV broadcast. I'm definitely in the latter category and I feel that Graham was particularly good at calling the game from that perspective. I didn't miss watching the televised game at all, except in REALLY exciting moments (and there certainly were a lot of those down the stretch this year). I wouldn't want to see Graham on TV, but for me, as an out-of-market fan, he did a great job.

Wheels is truly one of the worst we'll ever have to endure. I can't wait to see him move up in the ranks to something less public.

Has anyone actually heard Sarge do a game? I am really curious to see what he sounds like and what he adds next season.

I'm an out-of-market fan as well, and I've had to listen to that egghead plenty. Graham called a decent game, but his personality was horribly grating to me. He struck me as the anti-Kalas, no matter how loud he would scream: soulless and insincere. He was a polished voice-and-diction guy, a generic game show host; there was something just implacably *artificial* about his delivery. I was always expecting a canned laugh track to follow when he tried to yuk it up with Andersen. I'm thrilled that he's gone, because it seemed they were grooming him to be the next multi-generational icon, only to abruptly and mercifully pull the plug.

But needless to say, this is purely a matter of personal preference. I can understand why people might be irked by Wheeler, Morgan, and McCarver, but I have no problem with any of them.

Perhaps the one thing we can all agree on is that Harry Kalas is the best there ever was in Philly - maybe anywhere.

Few weeks ago I heard Graham announcing a Bucknell basketball game, so he is still working.

Graham was the worst, absolutely charmless, I can't believe anyone liked him...he was exactly the kind of talking head that broadcast schools churn out everyday. Almost like a charicature of a broadcaster. I like the new guy and I agree with RSB that this should be a good lineup (though I've never heard Sarge before)

RSB hit the nail on the head with this: "He was a polished voice-and-diction guy, a generic game show host; there was something just implacably *artificial* about his delivery. I was always expecting a canned laugh track to follow when he tried to yuk it up with Andersen."

But some people like elevator music.

Graham has other coals in the fire. He's done voice work for regional basketball, including St. Joe's. He could also latch on with Fox for their regional baseball coverage; he's better than many of the roving play-by-play guys already in place. That would be an ideal situation. Didn't he do a game with Piniella last season? I've also heard him on NFL-related commercials.

imo joe morgan and rick sutcliff are the absolute worse. if i were in hell they would be doing the color commentary on my torture.

the answer to my question would be 'no it's not a compliment'

You bring up a good point. I actually think Rick Sutcliff is the one person that might be worse than wheels.

I didn't mind Graham, but the generic game show host metaphor is a good one. His excitement was canned but I didn't mind his conversation.

Back to Wheels - you would think that the amount of negativity they hear about this guy would get him canned. Do you think that's why they keep him because he's so widly discussed?

i heard scott graham on sunday doing Westwood One Radio.

maybe Harry felt sorry for him and helped him out?

Wow - kdon and clout referred to me in agreement on the same thread. They're breaking out the overcoats in hell this morning!

I recall hearing Matthews fill in as a guest commentator years ago. He's really pleasant, articulate, and soft-spoken, not unlike his former teammate Garry Maddox. I think he'll be a really good addition.

So I see 'Big D' is on the loose, breaking out his patented 'look in the mirror' line for Pat Burrell. (Although, according to Billy Wagner, he already spends too much time looking in mirrors.) Translation: if we're really stuck with this guy, he'd better have a good year. And who knows, maybe he will and the Phillies will look smart for not trading him. What else is there to hope for?...I also loved the part about Green saying he sent 'little notes' to Burrell and other players in the clubhouse. I can just imagine their reaction. The Hall of Fame and I alike would kill to get ahold of one of them, but I'm sure they were crumpled into oblivion within seconds of being received. He should have just sent down pocket mirrors instead.

i actually mute espn when sutcliff is on. he brings absolutely nothing to the broadcast. i didn't mute him during the wbc though... torture.

Couple of rumors coming out of the Winter Meetings: Phils looking to deal Rowand and prospects to the White Sox for a starter (Garcia?) then Lieber to the Yanks for Farnsworth to help the 'pen or to Milwaukee for OF Kevin Mench. I don't think much of Mench, would prefer the Farnsworth deal, although that would leave the Phils with a starting OF of Burrell/Vic/Conine-Bourn, which would be the league's worst.

i like the different deals being rumored - rowand and floyd or madson for garcia then lieber to milwaukee for mench/turnbow.

i don't know if either deal is realistic on our end though. maybe chisox still like floyd and maybe brewcrew are really done with turnbow. who knows?

i do both deals together in a heartbeat, although i might not want garcia if he can't be signed to an extension and mench sure looked terrible after leaving texas last year.

Larry Anderson and Squirrel Wig Wheels need to go.

Garcia could be dominant in the NL. It would be tough to beat the Phillies rotation if they added him. Very tough. But I wouldn't just give away Lieber, especially for some hasty package topped by Mench. The Phillies still need a backup plan in the rotation. Force Lieber to the bullpen. Good control, good mix of pitches. Would it work?

I'm not thrilled about Mench. As far as I can tell he's a walk-allergic, impatient hitter whose power numbers were inflated by Arlington. I also think we would be better served stockpiling bullpen arms (Turnbow, Farnsworth, although the latter is horribly overpaid) than borderline starting OF (Conine, Mench, Vic, Bourn, etc.).

jason - i agree 100% about garcia in the nl. and that post season experience...!

i don't like lieber in the pen, but also wouldn't give him away. i wouldn't trade him straight up for farnsworth or menche but would do the turnbow/mench thing or would do farnsworth/ and try to pry melky cabrera from the yanks. (maybe asking for too much but who knows about the health of johnson and pavano, and they have no place to play cabrera)

i've been saying all along lieber and that contract have serious trade value.

Lieber can land us A-Rod....

just kidding. we don't need A-Rod already have a 3rd baseman in Helms and Nunez, ha


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lieber, rollins, burrell, gio gonzalez and $15 mil MIGHT get you at the table for arod. lol

The Phillies need to get away from hitters like Mench. Someone mentioned Melky Cabrera. He would be desirable. Switch hitter, doesn't strike out a lot, can do some things on the bases and in the field.

Lieber who never go the pen but I would give up his rotation to Garcia in a heartbeat.

Kdon, clout and RSB all agreeing. Living in Louisiana, I don't hear Harry Kalas except on commercials and the occasional radio football game. I can remember Chris Wheeler, as a radio booth assistant thast rarely got air time except during spring training games. I grew up with By Saam and Whitey. I think I'll get a XM radio this spring, so I can hear all the games.

After looking at the latest from the winter meetings, this is the only situation worth monitoring. From Stark:

The Mets and Barry Zito's agent, Scott Boras, haven't talked money yet. But they clearly have a major philosophical difference about the potential length of Zito's contract, according to a source who spoke with both Boras and Mets GM Omar Minaya. Boras has told teams that Zito's deal needs to be at least six years. But the Mets don't want to go beyond four years. And it's nearly impossible to envision them extending past five years.

The Mets are still considerted the frontrunner for Zito, but if they can't get him, the division is wide open.

if the mets want to play with the big boys like the yankees and bosox they will do whatever it takes to land zito. i'm surprised it's taken this long.

I missed this: In Salisbury's piece on the possibility of trading Lieber and Rowand for more pitching, Gillick said Lieber as reliever was not an option because of his fielding.

between that and the 'moyer showed us all how to bunt' comment i don't think PG is a huge fan of lieber's.

I like Mench if he's part of a platoon - his career line against lefties is .303/.366/.564 with 32 HR, 52 BB, and only 43 SO in 609 PA. even last season, he had an .877 OPS against lefties.

platoon him with Trot Nixon (if healthy) - .292/.379/.513 against RHP - and I like us in RF.

Fred: Don't need to spend that much. For $14.95 you can get unlimited mlb games broadcast on the Internet all season, including the Phils local announcers.

Robothal sez the Royals have 3/24 on the table for Batista. Woulda been a nice long man, but certainly not at those prices.

Lake Fred:

Like Clout said, you can get the package, but I would suggest going all te way and getting the all-access pass.

It was fun re-watching the pedro vs. cole game over, and over :-)

I like the prospect of dumping Lieber, but I'm not sure how I feel about giving up a top prospect to get someone like Freddy Garcia.

We STILL haven't done anything about the 'pen. Good, solid, FA relievers are dropping off the table like flies.

wait, Floyd and Madson are top prospects?

Garcia would be a great fit, I'll believe it when I see it though.

Lieber for Mench and Turnbow? Meh, I don't know much about Mench, and Turnbow can't throw strikes. The Mench-Nixon platoon sounds good but I don't know if Trot would do that and wouldn't that be an expensive platoon?

Mench made $2.8M last year and is arb. eligible. Nixon made $6M last year, but I can't see him getting that even in this FA market. but even at $9M, that looks like a very productive and cost-effective platoon. (assuming Nixon is healthy and can stay healthy for ~350 for if he'd be willing to platoon, I think it's in his best interests given his injury history and his pretty severe splits.)

i'll agree with ae that floyd/madson shouldn't stop a garcia trade (especially if you can get a reasonable extension) and that the platoon would be a good one (and probably cost less than 9 mil). the platoon also allows for conine to be traded.

i'd take a shot on turnbow because he could be the heir apparent for gordon. i can see gordon going down in july and turnbow being lights out as his replacement. gordon could return in the set up roll and turnbow would establish himself as the phil's closer for the next few years. (end dreamsequence, return to reality)

While we're dreaming. A Burrell-Vic-Mench/Nixon OF with Garcia in the rotation would get this team in the payoffs.

Then I'd sign Dotel to back up Gordon.



Ok, I'm done dreaming.

Not a lot of lefties in that staff I posted, but I could live with it .

who has more trade value madson or floyd? has to be madson right?

There is a report in something calle dthe Chicago South Daily that says Rowand and either Madson/Floyd to Chi-town for Garcia.

ThatDude: Yep, it reads, "Phillies GM Pat Gillick is reportedly willing to send Aaron Rowand and either Ryan Madson or Gavin Floyd to the White Sox for Freddy Garcia."

Although I like Buehrle better than Garcia (Jason we can debate who would do better in the NL) Buehrle is a lefty and the Phils are better off with a righty. I would do that deal in a heartbeat, then move Lieber for bullpen help, either a lefty to go with Matt Smith or a righty with setup/closer experience (I like Tony's idea of Dotel).
Get a cheap bat to challenge Bourn/Conine in right (Nixon?) and that's a team that could win the division.

Well, here's hoping it's Floyd who is sent packing. I'm convinced that, absent being yanked around role-wise, Madson could be an integral part of next year's bullpen. Floyd, on the other hand, I'm pretty sure will join the Wayne Gomes All-Stars.

To clout and Joe, doesn't XM cost about the same monthly once you get the hardware? My wife doesn't like me hunched all over a computer console all the time. I could get a little XM receiver with discreet use of some earbuds and appear to be part of the family while catching the latest Philly action. I could also tune into a blues station when they lose. I could also drag the XM into the garage or the garden or the car when I'm out of the house.

Clout: I like Buehrle, too, and I'm a little surprised the White Sox are reportedly willing to deal him. Garcia seems more attainable, otherwise I'd prefer Buehrle. I'm a little confused why they're pushing so hard to get McCarthy in the rotation. It seems to be their entire strategy for next season, besides getting Rowand back. Meanwhile, the Twins, Tigers and Indians have either gained ground or have left them in the dust completely. The White Sox are a good team, but a fading team, IMO, and I can't picture them getting to the playoffs in that division.

I really liked Graham... Wheels is just horrendous.

One could quite easily make the case that Buehrle is heading for a cliff. He's had a very heavy workload ever since 2001, his first full year. Last year his homers spiked and his K's plummeted, contributing to a career high in ERA. Kenny might be trying to maximize his value while his star is high, and I can't say that I'd blame him.

Don't forget, contracts for both Buerle and Garcia are up after 2007, just like Lieber. I interpret PG's Inky remarks as "if we can swap out Lieber for Garcia, that's an improvement." And I agree with him on that.

Graham was OK, but talked too much, especially compared with HK's increasingly minimalist style.

Long time lurker...first time gentle.

On my long commute home tonight Randy Smith of the Bucks County Courier Times was on 950 with J. Mac...he confirmed that the Phils had a trade "in place" with the Brewers that gave them Lieber and got Turnbow and Mench (the Delawarian, with an Eagles tattoo nonetheless) in return.

But the hang up was the Phils desire to have a starter already in place to replace Lieber. Smith mentioned the Rowand to ChiSox for Garcia, but didn't "confirm" that it was happening.

He also talked that the Phils would probably wait until most of the free agents are off of the market, then they would see what kind of market there was for Pat...

I am sure he mentioned other rumors, but my old age prevents me from remembering it all...and taking notes while driving is discouraged by the Police.

Thanks for the site and commentary...back to lurking now.

Turnbow may just need a change of scenery.. the monute he had 2 straight bad games Yost would use someone else to close.. then come back to Turnbow when the other choice(s) failed.. Kevin Mench is a 20-25 HR guy (at CBP). He's probably Burrell with better feet, way less walks AND strikeouts

If mench is less of a headcase that Burrell, its worth the gamble to see if Uncle Cholly can work his magic on his bat.

of course, can Mench play RF?

I would love for the Phils to make the rumored deals:

Lieber for Mench/Turnbow, Rowand/Floyd for Garcia.

I'd make those in a heartbeat. I agree with Rob (above)-Turnbow is a prime candidate for a change of scenery. He gives the bullpen another arm with closing experience. And just think, those deals don't even include Pat the Bat. I'm not sure what he even can bring back, but with the other sluggers off the market, he's got some value.

"Gillick confirmed the Phillies could make an offer to free-agent righthanded reliever Octavio Dotel. "We have some interest," the general manager confirmed. Dotel, 33, pitched only 14 games for the Yankees last season because of arm problems, but has a 3.75 career earned run average."

Mench vs. LHP, career:
.303/.366/.564, 548 AB

Conine vs. LHP, career:
.303/.375/.487, 1,673 AB

Even if the plan is to go with a dedicated RF platoon (a stretch for old-timey Gillick) we already have the vs. LHP component. So, I don't really get this at all.

I would tell the Brewers to keep Mench and throw in Jose Capellan.

The problem with that is that those are career stats for the 40+ year old Conine, and Mench is a considerably younger hitter in his prime. Conine's days of pounding lefthanded pitching are well behind him.

The ChiSox are pushing to get McCarthy into the rotation because he's publically mentioned that his heart isn't in the game as much when he's in as a reliever. The Sox have a glaring need in center, seeing as Brian Anderson was nothing short of horrible last year.

The trade really DOES make sense for both teams. We'd get to see Victorino's lightning arm in center and his wing-tipped feet on the basepaths (assuming Lopes can teach him how to steal). Aaron Rowand was terrible last year -- if he hadn't crashed into a wall, he'd be largely overlooked. However, they love him in Chicago.

We'd get a very good number three starter (or even ace material in the NL) and would have a three-ace staff with Myers, Hamels, and Garcia. Not only that but Floyd desperately needs a change of scenery. Williams wants young pitching prospects.

I'm definately not in favor of moving Madson. He's way too good to move, and doing so would further deplete the 'pen.

Hypothetically, if the Phils do acquire Garcia, they could then flip Lieber to Milwaukee for Turnbow (I'd be happy with JUST him) and Mench.

Mench's numbers might have indeed been inflated by Arlington, but those numbers translate very well to The Bank. An OF of Burrell-Victorino-Mench/Conine/Bourn wouldn't be so bad in my opinion...

But this all seems to be wishful thinking. The Phils contingent hasn't done much at the Winter Meetings other than taking in some rays.

I won't argue that Conine is dead weight on this team (at $2 million, no less) but acquiring Mench seems to eliminate his sole utility. Well, except for delivering clutch-late-inning-veteran-presence-hits. And ponies.

Anyone who views Mench as a legitimate RF is setting themselves up for disappointment.

PS - here's your Hot Stove update:

Drew, Red Sox reach preliminary agreement
Associated Press
Posted: 15 minutes ago

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (AP) - J.D. Drew and the Boston Red Sox culminated weeks of negotiations by reaching a preliminary agreement Tuesday on a $70 million, five-year contract.

Drew will receive $14 million annually in the deal, which is subject to a physical...

Wow - talk about an inflated market. Drew's not THAT spectacular. He's definately a $50 million man, but is he a $70 million man? I'm gonna put my money on "no."

Mav - I'm not saying he's a legitimate RF, but he certainly is a bit better than a long-on-the-decline Conine and still-unproven Bourn. Mench at least gives us let's say a .270-.280 avg with 15-20 HR. His defense is a little better than Conine's as well.

If he's the piece we have to take in order to get Turnbow (whom the Phils cut a while back I believe), then so be it. That just gives us another outfielder in the mix. Let them all compete for jobs when Spring Training rolls around.

Word is the Phils and the Brew Crew have verbally agreed to that trade (Lieber for Mench and Turnbow) as long as the Phils get Garcia. Anyone confirm this? Looks like this one might actually happen.

"The Brewers and Phillies were at the center of one of the more lively rumors in the lobby at the Dolphin Hotel on Tuesday. Talk circulated earlier in the day that the teams were closing on a trade that would have included Phillies veteran starter Jon Lieber and Brewers outfielders Kevin Mench or Geoff Jenkins and possibly relievers Derrick Turnbow or Jose Capellan.

Melvin and assistant GM Gord Ash did chat with Phillies officials, including GM Pat Gillick, but Melvin dismissed talk of the deal as "an Internet rumor."

Melvin asked the Phillies if they had interest in Jenkins and/or Mench, and "Pat Gillick says no," Melvin said.

Another Hot Stove update:

Four-time Cy Young winner Greg Maddux is on the verge of signing a one-year, $10 million contract with the Padres with a $6 million player option for 2008, has learned.

Tony - where did you obtain your quote?

I just saw this linked through the following web address:

Blue Jays Get:
P Jon Lieber
P Gavin Floyd
P Gio Gonzalez
3B Mike Costanzo

Phillies Get:
CF Vernon Wells
Player to be named.

Phillies agree to 7 yr Contract Extension worth 114m with CF Vernon Wells

Could it be true??

The Phils have to hold out for Capellan and Mench. I like Jenkins too, but he is another left-handed stick. He could be a nice platoon in right with Conine though.

The Phils need to get Garcia here. They should be all over that Rowand-Floyd combo heading to the ChiSox for him!

Dotel is an interesting name. Foulke, Embree, and Villone are interesting names who could help fill bullpen voids too.


Probably would have been good to include the link. It links you to another web site.

It could be garbage, though very intriguing.

The link looks a little shady, but you never know. I will believe it when I see it from the Phils. Interesting idea that hopefully will come to fruition.

Ricciardi must have lost his mind if that deal is true.

youd think theyd ask for Rowand....

My God, it's been so long since we've seen baseball on television that we've all gone insane.

Do you all exist, or are you just a mass hallucination on my part?

That Wells deal I can't even buy a little bit. At the deadline that could probably be a package worthy of netting Wells but not before ST.

I would rather have Cappellan then Turnbow personally. Either is probably the best one could hope to acquire with Lieber/Floyd/Rowand as the trading chip. Mench you have to like him a little bit but would rather have both bullpen arms then Mench. But that would basically leave RF barren. Mench should be DH-ing and most say Pat should also so I think having them both man the corners will give Shane a heart attack by mid may.

Geoff Jenkins is an interesting name. His production has plummeted, of course, but if he would consent to less playing time, he'd be a hell of an asset on the bench. Much moreso than Mench, I think.

How do 'internet' rumors get started, exactly? Speculation has centred on every team *but* the Brewers until yesterday. It's got to come from somewhere. That said - I'm not buying that absurd Vernon Wells fiction.

Will Gillick be able to push the right levers, or will he come away empty-handed again?

"Bedrosian's Beard" is the best handle I've seen in a while, by the way...

as much as I like the proposed Brewers trade (and if it goes Floyd from us and Capellan from them, I think it's a fantastic trade), I think there's two extremely important question marks:

1. does this mean Gillick thinks he can still trade Burrell?
2. is Mench going to play full-time?

because if the answer to either of those questions is yes, you're taking one step forward and two steps back.

RSB - the problems I see with Jenkins are two: one, his platoon split is as bad as Mench's, and I think Jenkins would be less likely to accept a part-time job. and two, Jenkins is owed $7M next year, while Mench is still under arbitration (made under $3M in 2006). which is another reason Jenkins would almost certainly be a full-time RF. (and of course, Jenkins is going to be 32 while Mench is still under 30.)

I agree. The link looks shaky. Some of the other deals described are not so far fetched (e.g., Indians and P Joe Borowski Agree to Terms on a One year Deal worth 3.5m, Giants agree to Terms With C Bengie Molina and 3B Rich Aurillia, etc.). This one seems so out of character – not just with PG, but with baseball in general. Deals like this aren’t made anymore. Large contacts, over-priced free agents, and no trade clauses have made it prohibitive. We will have to wait and see what happens.

I agree with the other deals discussed above. I would love to see PG shake things up. The deals make a lot of sense.

i dont think any of really buying it. discussion leads to interest, and vice versa.

ae, good point about Jenkins' salary; never mind. Basically, any proposed trade here is the Phillies' garbage for the Brewers' garbage. I guess what makes it somewhat worthwhile is that it ties together with Chicago, and they'd supposedly upgrade from Lieber to Garcia. I don't know. Some people feel that's a vast improvement, but I'm not so sure. And Turnbow, for all his stuff, is no sure thing in the 'pen - again, perhaps only a slight upgrade on the equally enignaltic Ryan Madson when all is said and done. I guess I would do these deals, but I don't think they'd make the Phillies a markedly better team. It must frustrate Gillick to the core to only be able to work around the fringes like this.

maverick has pegged it: Mass hallucination. Anyone who thinks the Phils could get Wells with that package is on drugs.

Not sure how Capellan's name got into the mix with the Brewers but there is NO, as in ZERO, chance that the Brew Crew would trade Capellan for anything remotely like what's being offered. He is one of their handful of foundation blocks.

Here's Mench in a nutshell: Well-below league-average vs. RHP, above league-average vs. LHP. OK defender. The poster above who compared him to Burrell is delusional. I'll take Mench in a platoon with a lefty, but even Conine would be better vs. RHP.

The Red Sox have been busy tonight….

The Red Sox, stalled in their efforts to trade left fielder Manny Ramirez, are closing in on their second major off-season acquisition, nearing agreement with free-agent shortstop Julio Lugo on a four-year, $36 million contract. –

I hope Theo isn’t keeping PG awake making all these deals.:)

For the record - Madson is 'enigmatic'. Must have had a hairball there.

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