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Friday, November 10, 2006


Tremendous trade for the Yanks and all made possible by the Abreu ripoff. Good teams trade vets for quality prospects. That's the Marlins model, the Indians have done it and now the Yanks following suit.
Bad teams dump trade vets for garbage or for nothing at all. Then the money they save is either misspent on more garbage or not spent at all. That's the Phillies model.

What does it take to get Detroit's pitching scouts/talent evaluators to Philadelphia? Where are they finding all of these young fireballing kids, to the point that they can now afford to trade some away? Just ridiculous.

I am very glad Sheffield was not traded to the Phillies, especially after hearing the trade terms of the extended contract and giving up pitching prospects. Gillick dodged a bullet there.

Who are the three teams Burrell is willing to go to?

NY, Boston, and SF.

NYY, to be specific.

Thanks Willard. Since those are the teams, we don't really need to be wasting anymore time talking about Burrell being traded. We just need to hope his injuries heal, so he'll be more productive hitting behind Howard next year.

I am kind of shocked that Dave Dombrowski made this trade. Dombrowksi doesn't get nearly the press that Beane, Epstein, etc. get but he is one of the sharpest GMs in the industry.

That said, I am really glad that Sheffield didn't end up on the Phils. Whether or not he would have but up numbers next year is totally debateable. Guess we have to wait for next season to prove that.

The bigger point is that Sheffield would have been a very temporary band-aid for this club. With Howard, Utley, and Hamels, this club has a window of about 3-5 years to actually put together a really good team. Granted, they need some pitching and have a few holes but alot of teams have the same problems.

What I want to see from the Phils is some kind of organizational strategy that leverages around their core (Hamels, Utley, Howard) and makes this a playoff/championship-caliber team. Wade failed here by locking up the wrong guys.

Not exactly sure what Gillick is doing though. He is trying to unwind Wade's contracts and he is just about finished (with the exception of Burrell). I don't question that Gillick wants to win, but I still think the Phils' owners view this organization as a bean-counter would. Revenue/Expense.

I still think the Phils' are blowing alot of smoke and when the offseason ends, they will have a lower payroll than they opened last season with. If anything, I think last season convinced the Phils that they can contend without adding alot to this team.

hey! JD Drew is a free agent! wouldn't he be perfect for our team!?? hahaha....kidding, obviously

Barfield and Sheffield trades in 2 days, look like things could move very quickly starting Sunday.

I'm relieved that Sheff is off the market, I didn't want the Phils to loose some of the good pitching they have in the minors.

This deal has a similar ring to the Thome trade with Chicago last season. Both the White Sox and Tigers ended the season on top of their game (although Detroit came up short). It's kind of an "if it ain't broke, break it" strategy, which often works.

Bob: Right, and the Phillies don't have anyone the same caliber as Sanchez. It would have taken Carassco, Gio and probably their next best pitcher to top that package.

this offseason might be one of the craziest in years.

Keith Foulke just declined his player option with Boston. Would the Phils have any interest in him? I know he has an injury history, but he possibly could be a valuable piece to this pen. He didn't allow a run in September while pitching in 11 games and if you go back a little further, he was only scored upon in one game since his return from the DL on August 18th. He also only walked 7 batters in 49.1 IP and had a WHIP of 1.19. I do like Speier and Borowski, but Foulke could be an interesting candidate nonetheless. If he is healthy, he is better than Borowski as a possible closer if Gordon breaks down.

"dubious" is the key word in that post.

Sheffield's attitude wouldn't have blended well with this clubhouse, and knowing his penchant for voicing his oft-maligned opinion, it would only have taken one critical quote for the fans to put him against the firing wall.

I think Cashman wins again. But then, he can make the gamble because he can spend his way out of any mistake or misfortune. Clout, you should keep in mind that the Yankees' MO for years has been to trade prospects for what they need in mid-season, something they haven't been able to do much lately because their farm system was thinned by rarely having top draft picks. Of course, it helps when someone is willing to trade you Bobby Abreu for a sack of beans. But basically I wouldn't count on seeing these young pitchers as Yankees; they have about the same chance of making the majors in July when they're traded to whomever is dangling a battle-tested starter.

I have to think Sanchez is likely to see time in pinstripes - most of the reports I've read online say he should be ML-ready next season.

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