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Sunday, October 22, 2006


Glad McCarver had to add that little anecdote about Carlton

Rogers cheating? Say it ain't so!

Players cheat in baseball?!! I'm shocked!

Either Rogers was cheating or he didn't wipe very well.

i didn't like that the broadcasters brought up rogers' "dirt spot". that should be left to the cards and the umps. "if you ain't cheatin' you ain't tryin'"

bleh.. dirt spot or not, rogers looked amazing.

the cards just dont have the pitching to keep up. verlander aint gonna have another bad outing.

Rogers pitched brilliantly, even after the dirt spot, but the photo on showing ALCS Game 3 and last night is pretty damning. Identical-size "dirt spots" of a decidedly non-dirt-like hue, magically appearing on a freezing-cold night when a junkball pitcher could really use the extra tact.

So there's no question, right? Only ... nobody questioned it, except the Cardinal players. Why didn't LaRussa press the issue, and why didn't the umpires investigate it further? Gene Wojeckowski wrote a very good summary on ESPN, and said that Jim Leyland, and the respect he generates, is one of the key reasons the situation was glossed over. I would also believe a senior player like Rogers can also get away with saying "What? This? It's dirt. Don't worry about it."

snot will get you an extra 2-3 inches of break son... and when your my age, you'll need it...

Did anyone else catch the Kevin Kennedy stat before game 1 that these two teams were 1 and 2 in the "Worst record in the last 50 games of the regular season" stat? Just proves that the April/May swoon that the Phils seem to have every year is probably one of the most damning things that can happen. Both of these teams "backed in" to the playoffs, yet one will win the World Series. If the Phils can put together a respectable April/May, maybe we won't have to find ourselves saying "Stay calm, it's a long season" over and over again.

sorry for the misquote....
Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn:
You put snot on the ball?
Eddie Harris:
I haven't got an arm like yours. I got to put anything on it I can find. Someday you will too.

i would "love" to know how many junkballers out there are throwing spitters and emory balls.

It's fairly obvious that Rogers was cheating, and his post-game lying didn't help matters. Still, I agree with Tim that the TV coverage of it was a little strange. The fact that McCarver and Buck are both obviously Cardinals homers makes it seem they were spying for their team. They were even saying stuff like, "someone in the clubhouse will certainly be watching this and say something." Personally, I can't stand either of them, along with most of the Cardinals, so I've got my own preferences working here too. On an unrelated note, John Mellencamp is single-handedly working to get me to stop watching this World Series. Worst. Song. Ever.

Guaranteed LaRussa makes a show of asking the umps to check his glove and everything in Game 6. The "Genius" will have to make up for letting it slide last night.

I see another Philadelphia pro team (Flyers)doesn't put up with losing early in the season. Heads roll.

Lake Fred;

the difference is that over half the teams in hockey make the post season... early season hockey games are a joke.

MLB still has the hardest post-season to get into.


Lefthander Jamie Moyer signed a two-year extension with the Phillies, Vice President & General Manager Pat Gillick announced today. Moyer’s contract is worth $10.5 million, plus bonuses.

Moyer went a combined 11-14 with a 4.30 ERA in 33 starts for Seattle and Philadelphia this past season. He was acquired by the Phillies on August 20 for two minor league pitchers. In eight starts for the Phillies, Moyer went 5-2 with a 4.03 ERA, including a 4-1 mark in September, which was tied for the third-most wins for the month among National League pitchers, behind only Roy Oswalt and Anibal Sanchez (five each).

“Jamie was one of our more effective pitchers down the stretch,” said Gillick. “He was an asset to our ballclub not just for his performance on the field, but also for his presence in the clubhouse.”

The 2006 season marked Moyer’s sixth straight year with at least 200.0 innings and his eighth in the last nine years. For the Phillies, he pitched at least 6.0 innings in seven of his eight starts. Overall, he pitched at least 6.0 innings in 27 of his 33 starts in 2006.

A native of Sellersville, Pa., Moyer, 43, attended St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. He and his wife, Karen, reside in Seattle with their six children.

Moyer has a career record of 216-166 with a 4.17 ERA for the Cubs (1986-88), Rangers (1989-90), Cardinals (1991), Orioles (1993-95), Red Sox (1995-96), Mariners (1996-2006) and Phillies (2006). Among active pitchers, he ranks 7th in wins, 5th in starts (518) and innings (3,351.0) and 10th in strikeouts (1,992).

Glad I'm not the only one who feels like Buck/McCarver are letting their STL-homer tendencies show through. They all but annointed Suppan as the next Cy Young winner in the NLCS and asking LaRussa outright about the pine tar made them sound like little kids "tattling." The ratings for a Cards-Tigers series are bad enough without them turning viewers off.

Moyer inked to 2 year pact.

all we need is wolfie to sign, and we can get on with attracting a 3b.

wow, two years. that's a lot more than I would have guessed/hoped.

on the other hand, a little over $5m is a pretty decent price for a 4-4.5 ERA pitcher who's basically a lock to get into the seventh every game. I'm just hoping this doesn't preclude a deal for Wolf, because I think he's going to have a great year in 2007.

Bargain deal considering that Moyer is as effective, if not more so, as a pitching "coach" to someone like Hamels. I like this move. Surprising, I thought he was headed back West.

this is a great move. $5 mil for 200 innings is a bargain. throw in what he does for cole and i'm thrilled.

a funny story - my girlfriend asked me if i wanted pajamas for christmas this year and i said "yeah, cole hamels pajamas so i can be like superman". she looked at me with a unique disgust, it was classic.

yeh, rumors that i heard were taht Moyer wanted to stay in Seattle because3 his family and foundation were there...

apparently gillick was able to convince him otherwise.

5M+Performance bonus' is a great structure, and i'm sure that jaime doesnt have a No Trade clause.

I can see a similar deal for wolf.

i'd like to think wolf would sign for 5 guarenteed and bonuses but i think it'll be more like 8. unless he takes a hometown discount.

Cole Hamels pajamas? I could see my wife making a disgusted look too! I told her about the Phillies logo casket this weekend. She thought that was 100% stupid.

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