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Friday, October 13, 2006


Not much on that list of free agents. Between now and opening day 2007 will be lots of silly stuff. Marlon Byrd certainly has taken a big fall. I looked at BA's 2002 list of prospect and he was rated higher than guys like Jake Peavy, Brett Myers, Jose Reyes and Miquel Cabrera. By 2003 his prospect status had fallen, yet still rated higher than David Wright and Chase Utley. He could smash the ball when playing at Reading. But, during silly season look at the Tigers who have Thames, Monroe and Alexis Gomez who were all unwanted just a short time ago.

My fellow blogger and I are the co-heads of the Bobby Scales fan club...damn you Pat Gillick!

nunez is starting opening day at third. you can put that down with the padilla prediction.

"Scales...was traded to the Orioles for future considerations."

Does that mean they will still consider trading for Pat Burrell in the future?

Did you get that from FoxSports fantasy too? LOL!

i see alot of guys i could be playing softball against next summer. Hee Seop Choi
will get picked up somewhere, probably.

Bristol in the heezy fosheezy: Houston Astros
3B Joe McEwing elected for free agency.

The team could use more spark plugs, unless Joey Mac used all his magic with the Mets.

Oops on the heezy fosheezy.

I meant to say Joe McEwing would make a fine addition to the Philadelphia Phillies baseball club roster.

Now can we get a movement for new uniforms and colors?


I say bring back the powder blue uni's or go with red for away. New uniforms would surely fix all of our problems...straight to the World Series!

maybe the "future consideration" is Miguel Tejada to play 3rd...that's gotta be it, Gillick is a genius!

DQ, that is awesome Scales for Tejada we'll even throw in Burrell and Nuni (despite his fan club) for free to that trade. Heck we'll even throw in the fan club for that trade!

I feel I must be in some sad shape to actually read and post about a minor league trade. At least I have company here in Phillies blog land.

Bob D- it's Phillies baseball all year round brotha!

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