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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Miguel Batista would be an ok 5th starter if we couldn't keep Wolf. However, Batista in the pen with his control issues spells disaster. I'd hope the Phils don't sign him.

Bullpen arm I want- Chad Bradford.

*About Castro- I don't understand the starting move. I'd say put him in Ottawa to start the season in their pen, or possibly let him earn a job with the Phils out of spring training. I just don't know if he has the pitching repetoire to start, much along the lines of Madson (although Madson doesn't even seem to be able to relieve effectively anymore).

Miguel Batista does not excite me. If Batista has any merit that I need to know about to make me change my mind, I'm sure the Beerleaguer pundits will tell me.

I'm not as bothered by Batista as some, assuming they don't sign him to a fat long-term contract. The starting 5 is not playoff caliber in large measure because they have no backup and odds that all 5 will last the season are slim. Batista is a guy who can slide right in if Lieber repeats his first half from last year or Wolf & Hamels get hurt. I agree with Jason that he shouldn't be used in any impotrant bullpen role.
On Castro, the kid has a live arm and they probably want to see what he can do as a starter. As far as I can tell he doesn't have enough pitches to be a starter, but I see nothing wrong with trying him out. He will NOT open the season in the majors.

If Fabio has a round-trip ticket for Reading just to refine his pitches, I'm okay with it. He's very young. Still, I love the idea of grooming him to become a Ricardo Rincon-type specialist.

another 36 year old reliever with a walk problem at the back of the pen? not if we're serious.

actually, i think the castro move is the right one. stretch him out and let him work on keeping those pitches down. his biggest problem was that he threw too many pitches up in the zone. he can always go back to relief mid-season and can always be brought up easily. he's good a insurance policy for 07. of course, we all know the other options for the pen will be neddlessly more expensive, but until we figure out how to develop that talent, its always going to be that way. sanches and yoel hernandez have to take steps forward this year. when we talk about looking for more cost-effective options, these are the guys we're talking about.

is it possible we're only looking at him in case Wolf doesn't re-sign here? Kind of a plan B?

Go for some young arms. I'm tired of the aging relievers who don't have anything left. We have Gordon already- who does have something left in his arm. Bradford would be a good sign. Good pitcher whos effective and you take him from the Mutts.

As for Castro - Manuel won't use him so put him the minors and let him do some real pitching. He will only be a phone call away.

If nothing else, Castro as starter gets him more innings.

In a thin pitching market, why not Batista? He'll bring some versatility to the staff - starter, long man, back-end. Or to borrow a take from an un-PC phrase from the '60's, when it comes to ML pitching: "Sign 'em now, sort 'em out later!"

Any thoughts on Adam Eaton? He's similar to Wolf but probably has slightly better stuff. On the downside, like Randy, he's a bullpen killer and gives up too many homers.
Might not be a good fit for CBP, but his name has been below the radar and he might be available at a relatively modest price.

He didn't have a great debut, but I still like Sanches quite a lot. He has some pretty good pop, but he looked a little nervous. I'd bring him along at a Geoff Geary pace.

Likewise Condrey. He showed some pretty good movement in several appearances. He's a middle-aged journeyman minor-leaguer, but he may be another pitcher, like Geary, who took awhile before he learned to pitch effectively. Might give an inning or two when the starter is gone after five.

VoR, I also thought the PHils might take a look at Eaton, since he's a former Paul Owens Award winner and all, but I don't know where he stands now health-wise. As for Castro, I would remind people that he was only in MLB because of the Rule 5 situation. He not only will get another year in the minors, it might be even longer before he comes back for good. Had he not been left unprotected he probably would have started last season in Single A. They will want him to start so he gets more innings, after a year of almost no use.

Jason, is Sanches another Geary or another Doug Nickle? I ask you (and other Beerleaguers) because you guys see a lot more of the minor leaguers than I get to.

Alby: He doesn't remind me of either of them. He's a little bigger and a little stronger than when I saw him in Reading. I met him at 2004 media day and twice called him by the wrong name. He's more of a power pitcher than Geary, excellent strikeout totals in Scranton. Most people don't know he's a former 2nd round pick of Kansas City. I see him taking a Geary-type path to the majors. He'll be between Scranton and Philadelphia again this season.

Sanches and Condrey both were impressive at times and should have shots at winning spots in next year's pen.

I am not crazy about Batista. As with others on here, walks scare me with regard to relievers. I would be surprised if both he and Wolf are on the team next year. Batista is someone who could be had at the trading deadline (if necessary).

It's time to say goodbye to Aaron Fultz and Rick White. It's also time to give Arthur Rhodes the boot in the ass he deserved half way through last season. We need some fresh faces in here who you don't have to second guess about when Charlie decides to make a move. They need to be able to get outs, no matter how often Charlie may go with them, cause we all know Charlie tends to get an a rut with regard to his bullpen pitchers.

Phillies intrigued by Batista? Ugh, sounds like a Rhodes redux to me. I smell late-inning trouble.

Adam Eaton is a huge injury risk. He has good stuff, but he doesn't have good #'s over his career. And remember that new park in San Diego aided him for 2 seasons.

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