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Friday, October 13, 2006


It's a sad day - I remember watching Johnny play while attending my first ever pro-baseball game-Condolances to his family.

I also remember watching #6 patrol RF for the Phils in the 60s.

He had a rocket arm and could hit the ball well. I'll always remember his game winning diner in the '64 All Star game in Detroit.

A sad day indeed.

ragtop: The '64 All-Star Game was at Shea Stadium. Callison was a little guy, with surprising power, great speed and a rifle arm. He led the league in triples twice and had three excellent seasons 1963-65, fading after that into just an average player offensively. Had Frank Thomas (the first one) not gotten hurt in early September (lost for the season), the '64 Phils likely would've won the pennant and been one of the more beloved teams in Phils' history, since they were such underdogs. Callison and Richie Allen were the heart of that lineup.

I just recently purchased a Phillies Legends book and Callison was one of the first guys I read about.

I stand corrected, guess my memory ain't what it used to be! LOL

I know we are off of Lidle here, but a nice tribute for him . . .

The following short article about Chris Coste and Cory Lidle appeared in today's Grand Forks (North Dakota)Herald, and provides some insight into how certain pitchers ended up consistently pitching to certain catchers with the Phillies this past season.
Headline: "Former Fargoan says he worried about Lidle"
Associated Press
Published Friday, October 13, 2006
FARGO - Philadelphia Phillies catcher Chris Coste says he worried when Cory Lidle told him he wanted to get a pilot's license.

Coste, a Fargo native, was Lidle's teammate with the Phillies until Lidle was traded to the Yankees in July. He credits Lidle with putting in a good word for him with the Philadelphia coaching staff.

Coste called his worries about Lidle's flying “surreal.”

“It's weird because I can remember talking with him back in spring training about getting his pilot's license and the plane he was buying and thinking that I could be sitting in front of my TV someday seeing exactly what I'm seeing today,” Coste said Wednesday, after word that Lidle's plane had crashed into a New York high-rise apartment building.

“I didn't say anything to anybody because you never want to think about something like this happening, but you had to know Cory,” Coste said. “He was a real go-getter. Once he put his eyes on something, he got after it. When he was going after something he was going to get it. It's one of those things when you're wondering if he was moving along a little too fast.”

Coste, a utility infielder for much of his professional career, said Lidle helped him get an opportunity to catch with the Phillies in the spring, and again after he was called up to the majors in May.

“I wasn't playing much and again Cory went to the coaching staff and said, 'Give this guy a chance to catch. He's a good catcher,'" Coste said. “And I caught him. I caught about every one of his starts until he was traded. The coaches would ask him who he wanted his catcher to be Sal Fasano, Mike Lieberthal or Chris Coste. And he said, 'Definitely, I want Coste.' “

Gotta love Wagner blowing up tonight!

My respects to Johnny Callison aside, I enjoyed the *hell* out of watching Wagner get lit up by the Cards - and then getting, oh yes, booed by those happy-go-lucky New York fans. Hey Billy - can't wait to read about your spin on that one tomorrow.

Say it ain't so, fans of another city besides Philly actually booed a player for not performing...woe is me.

hey davthom73 can you ever get over your love affair with Coste. Why must everything that happens in life be somehow linked to him?

I dont know COste personally but from the exterior the guy seems to like to talk ALOT maybe thats one of the reasons that he tooled in the minors and independent leagues as long as he did. The guy is very opinionated (about everything) and doesn't mind promoting himself. As self evident if you go to his personal webpage and see he's hawking his book and all the buzz about a possible movie about his life. Maybe its just me but the guy should shut up and be happy he's making the minimum salary of $300,000 per year which is probably 6 times more than most of us make a year.

oh by the way i forgot my signature to my last post -
I'm bringin sexy Back! Now come holla at me guys!


Yes, Callison deserves respect, just as Wagner does not with his inflammatory comments made during the past year. That being said, let the bashing continue!

Aww poor Billy... HAHAHAHA!!!! How many years is he under contract to hear it from the Mut fans if they fall in this series??

That had to be his worst prefermance of the year (although I think the Yankees lit him up at one point). Momentum has definitely swung to the Cardinals favor.

somebody please tell me that Fox's contract with baseball is up in the near future...the announcers they've had this season have been god awful i mean ALL season not just the postseason. If I have to listen to that bumbling moron Pinella once more i think i'll puke. The guy has been saying more BS just to get a job next season its pathetic. For all yous out there that want him as a manager, I ask you to think what has Sweet Lou ever really done as a manager other than win the '90 series because the A's were all too roid raged up to show up for the series. Plus he had a hell of a bullpen with the Nasty Boyz. I think he's so over rated! Also that other guy Lyons is terrible and tries to be funny. All i remember about him is that he pantsed the crowd one time in Chicago. All though he has a nice package he can't announce for his life. Makes me wonder why good announcers like the crew we have here in philly (yes i'm including Wheels) are never considered for the national broadcasts.

I'm bring sexy back anytime you want it!!


i want pat the bat to bring my sexy back! Pat i'm 21 white female from the North East who is ready for you!!!!

34b-26-36 - yes i have a big @$$!!!

Hey Maria, Maria, -- or whatever your regular post name is -- I have a good guess -- it *is* you pal -- uh -- "gal." Perhaps you're having a gender identity crisis. Either way, have the guts to use your real handle on this board, will ya please? So be *straight* with us -- okay?

Well, we don't kave Steve Lyons to kick around any longer...hopefully, that's the last we'll ever hear from that tool.

RSB - what happened to Lyons that we wont hear from him anymore?

somebody please tell me that Fox's contract with baseball is up in the near future...

Nope. Just renewed, in fact. FOX is doing the World Series and one LCS per year through 2013.

Oh joy.

Pinella, though, is the only FOX broadcaster I like even a little bit.

Steve Lyons was let go from his FOX contract after Friday's A's vs. Tigers game. He said some things that the network viewed as "racially insensitive". Personally, I knew he was only joking and his words weren't really malicious, so it seems to me that FOX was looking for an easy out with him.

Sweet Lou may be annoying in the booth, but not as bad as Joe Morgan. I hit mute when he speaks and do my own play by play and color commentary.

I still dislike Wheels because he's a kiss ass to the organization, but he actually was better this year. Although that might have something to do with Harry slipping.

It was heart-warming to see an all-out player like Placido Polanco win the MVP of the ALCS. It's nice that the Phillies are able to trade vets who can make a difference and get quality prospects in return....Oh, wait. That's right, they have nothing to show for that trade at all. I almost forgot.

They could have had Leyland too, but no, heaven forbid someone actually tells the Phillies like it is...

Interesting little article by Jim Salisbury. Check it out here:

Jon, I saw that article - interesting indeed. The description of Rolen's reaction to Salisbury's suggestion that he could return to the Phillies is priceless - a 'mixture of revulsion and amusement'. What shouldn't be lost on people, though, is that LaRussa is *not* the world-class manager he's often portrayed as. I still remember Ron Gant's tirade about him when he left the Cardinals, and all along I've observed that his people skills leave plenty to be desired. You'd think someone who's been around that long would have better communication skills and sense enough not to say the ridiculous crap he says to the media.

I agree RSB. It was pure joy to see Ron Gant light up St. Louis pitching only to bring an intense scowl to LaRussa's face! If you look up the definition of a pompous ass, you will see a picture of LaRussa himself.

Jon- right beside LaRussa's pic for pompous ass in the dictionary is a pic of Curt Schilling as a synonym.

What did Lyons say?

I'd still rather see the Cards in the WS instead of the Mets.

34b-26-36? those are clouts measurements also! what a coincidence!

George Will has a nice column in the NY Post about baseball and the Yankees. He mentions the 1950 Phillies in a positive light. Here's the link:

rocky mountain news is reports that jimy williams "in in line" for a job with the phil's. it doesn't say what his job will be though. i know williams was in toronto with PG, and i know his houston team played better without him. that's about it.,2777,DRMN_23924_5069555,00.html

"is reporting" - not "is reports" - sorry

Oh, gosh, Johnny Callison. One of the few Phillies players that both of my parents were big fans of, even after 1964. I'm surprised I didn't hear about it through them, I'll have to forward it on. Sad.

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