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Saturday, October 21, 2006


SS David Eckstein
DH Chris Duncan
1B Albert Pujols
CF Jim Edmonds
3B Scott Rolen
RF Juan Encarnacion
2B Ronnie Belliard
C Yadier Molina
LF So Taguchi
P Anthony Reyes

CF Curtis Granderson
LF Craig Monroe
2B Placido Polanco
RF Magglio Ordonez
1B Carlos Guillen
C Ivan Rodriguez
DH Sean Casey
3B Brandon Inge
SS Ramon Santiago
P Justin Verlander

OPS and errors of David Bell vs. Placido Polanco:
2005-Bell .671, 21 errors.
Polanco .830, 3 errors.

2006-Bell .736, 19 errors.
Polanco .693, 6 errors.

Let's compare Utley and Polanco, since they're both 2B. I don't know why you'd compare Polanco and Bell, since they play different positions.

2005- Polanco - .831, 3 errors
Utley - .915, 15 errors

2006- Polanco - .693, 6 errors
Utley - .906, 18 errors

17 of reyes' 20 outs were fly balls.

Will: Wrong! Polanco plays 3B every bit as well as 2B. In fact he has played 322 games at 3B, most of them with the Phillies. I'm surprised you don't remember that the debate within the organization when Utley blossomed was whether to keep Polly or keep Bell.

right, but you can't compare Bell's errors from 3rd and then Polanco's from 2nd. And since they don't break them out into fielding and throwing errors (do they somewhere), we have no idea how their play would compare at 3rd. And the tigers have played him almost never at 3rd, and he hasn't played significant time at 3rd in Philly since 2003.

I'll concede the OPS comparisons. But that would mean the Phils have offensive problems.

You're right about comparing Es between 2B and 3B. A better comparison might be vs. the league. Using that comp, Bell is one of the worst in the NL over the past 2 seasons.

Looking at the 3B-only comparison, Polly has made 26 errors in 322 games. Bell has made 48 errors in his last 298 games. If there was a way to add the previous 24 games (instead of the whole prior season) to make the games played identical, I'm guessing Bell would be over 50 errors since 2004 was was a 24-error season for him.

Polanco is a better overall offensive and defensive player than Bell, although he lacks Bell's power, and the Phillies would've been better off keeping him and dealing Bell. Polly is a great 2 hole hitter and could even slip in at #3 (as he did in St. Louis), freeing Utley to bat behind Howard.

Thanks for giving me my daily reminder on our 4 year suffering of David Bell. Quite honestly was my least favortie Phillie of all-time, disgusted me!

...the Phillies would've been better off keeping him (Polanco) and dealing Bell.

Easier said than done. Bell was an expensive, error-prone, weak-hitting 3rd baseman. Polanco had value, Bell had little, if any.

another thing is whether Polanco wants to play 3B?

V.O.R.- must correct this statement above "Bell was an expensive, error-prone, weak-hitting 3rd baseman"...I think you meant to say is, was suggests past tense and Bell obviously still sucks the big one! You know I'm just messin' with ya though.

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