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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


either way detroit is a lock to win it all. i can't wait for the series and free agency.

It's been a passable series, certainly the only one so far in the postseason which has extended well beyond the requisite number of games. But it doesn't hold the same kind of drama there would be if two excellent and/or compelling teams were going at each other. This is a war of attrition.

Ultimately, even as I am beyond sick of the Cardinals and Tony LaRussa, I hope New York goes down tonight. I look forward to the silence of impending doom toward the end of the game, the shrill cockiness at last removed from the collective throat of Flushing. Make it happen, Chris Carpenter.

"the Cards have retired all 31 batters to step to the plate with runners in scoring position and two outs during the 2006 post-season."

not to split hairs, but isn't that what good pitching does? granted, its being done in the short term by a mediocre staff, but it can't be all defense and luck outside the margins. especially against the mets' strong point, their lineup.

It's true that pitching is coming through in that situation, but there have been just an incredible number of big plays by the Cardinals' defense this series.

I'm ready for the playoffs to be over...I want the offseason with all the wheeling and dealing to begin! Hell, I got excited when the Phillies anounced firings/hirings of coaches, and the minor league trade of Bobby Scales. That will only suffice for so long, need bigger and better things soon!

Both NY teams eliminated from the playoffs would be almost too much to ask for!

I pray for it to happen.

Then after Detroit wins the World Series, let the wheeling and dealing begin!

I am actually thinking that PG is gonna go hard for Soriano--talk about something completely different.

The Cardinals' on-the-doorstep-of-the-World-Series run thru the playoffs is precisely why the '06 version of the Phillies annual close-but-no-cigar finish is perhaps the most painful of all their recent failures. Namely, I firmly believed they had as good a shot as any to win the NL pennant. Sure, they probably would've been smoked in the Series, but I could live with that.

If you're in search of a little entertainment, tune in WFAN tonite (or tomorrow nite) when (if) the Mets lose the LCS. It will be pure pleasure to hear Mets' fans whine, bitch and moan.

If the Mets lose the NLCS, here's the best part: the series turned on Wagner's lousy performance in Game 2. For those who hoped he'd implode sometime in the post-season, it was a moment of tremendous satifaction. Who's boing you now, Billy?

i'm gonna get my sexy back tonite does anyone to join me????

I completely forgot that the Phillies missed the playoffs with 85 wins and the Cardinals are in with 83 wins. My roomate is a Mets fan. Someone kill me.

last year, san diego got in with 81 wins to the phils' 87. its the beginning of a disturbing trend.

*Have no fear the Phils are taking the division next season.

*said the absolutely clueless diehard Phils fan.

Let's go Cards! Go So!

Damn. Billy tried to blow that one too.

My theory is the Mets are motivated to win because Ron Belliard keeps sticking his tongue out all the time and they think it's directed at them.

RSB- funny you should mention Belliard's constant tounge wife finds it disgusting, and I see it as annoying. He must have some sort of acne or skin condition there because of the constant moisture.

could say the same thing about Giambi's waggle

I can't stand Spiezio's red turd on his chin, yet my Mets hatred trumps the red gravy catcher. I don't like LaRussa either. Despite that....Go Cards!

I didn't want a game seven. I respect Maine. He did a job on the Phillies this year. I'm glad Billy gave up those hits and runs. Serves his loud mouth right.

As much as the good pitching "Law of the Postseason" seems to be missing from this series, I'd love it if we could bet on Hamels looking as confident as Maine did last night, in the same situation.

i think hamels would be fine there. if floyd would look like that... then maybe we would win the division

It will be interesting to see if Gillick (or, more realistically, ownership) really does go "all in" as Jason alludes to in his post. A Soriano, Ramirez or Sheffield signing would pobably mean Burrell would have to be traded. Of course, there is nothing stopping the Phillies from signing any of these players AND keeping Burrell, except for thrift.

One question: Is Soriano resigned to playing outfield now? He seemed pretty intent on playing second last year and now that he has choices, I can't imagine he won't choose to play for a team where he can return to the infield. Wierd idea, but could Soriano play third? He obviously has a strong arm and came up as a SS.

Ah, I agree with DQ, I want the wheeling and dealing to begin so we can start to answer these this point, there is nothing new to talk about.

"The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated"....the NY Mets

It's truly coming to "put up or shut up" time with Gillick. We'll truly see whether he was brought in improve this team or just to slash payroll and put some butts in some seats. If he's serious about Soriano/Ramirez/Sheffield we can build on last year and expectations should be Playoffs or Bust. If that's just post season rumor to keep fans interested and sell some more season tix before a $50 million payroll next year, we can probably assume that Monty and his cronies are running this show with the almighty $ at the forefront of their thinking.

do you guys honestly believe Sheff is the missing piece to this lineup? I mean honestly? He'd be a free agent and would demand a 3 year deal of at least $30mill.

We shouldn't want Sheffield in Philly. This resounds of aging veteran past his prime that the phillies pay way too much for. None of this points to a deal Gillick would make, thankfully.

Will is right. We don't want Sheffield. He's old and injury prone. He's high priced and his downside potential is HUGE!

I'm not so much excited about any talk of Sheffield, but more so about the fact that legitimate big name players are even being discussed. Again, I'll believe a "big signing/trade" when I see it. I remain skeptical.

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