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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Comments shows that the plane that crashed in NYC was owned by Cory Lidle.

ESPN radio confirmed that Cory Lidle was flying the plane and has died in the crash.

Here is the headline from Drudge:

'No reason to believe at this point that it is terrorist related': NYPD...
NORAD activated, fighter jets scrambled over major U.S. cities...

Wow. Hope it isn't true, but wow.

Espn has confirmed that he has died. My prayers and thoughts are with his family...what a tragedy.

This is too crazy.

dudes, once drudge says it it's legit.

i always err on the side on confirmation, thanks.

This is as confirmed as you can get: NYT, CNN, etc. They apparently found his passport at the scene fo the crash.

That said, I'm still having trouble believing this. It's freakin surreal.

my condolences to lidle's fans and family. thought I'd leave a little something on a philly website, and this is the only one I know. I'm really sorry to hear, even though he's not technically a philly anymore, I still kinda see him as one.

Surreal is the word, definitely.

Apparently there were emergency calls about a fuel problem of some kind before it crashed. So the good news is, if that's true, he wasn't suicidal or homicidal or anything.

This is just nuts. When I read about it this afternoon I got scared. The last thing I expected to see was Cory Lidle's name attached to it.

I'm glad I came here and saw the people commenting are being serious about the situation, as I it a sad and serious thing. Those self-righteous bastards at PhilliesPhans were cracking jokes about this...disgusting. They truly only do care about the #'s, to heck with emotions.

I wonder if Arthur Rhodes will give the eulogy.

(Sorry if it's too soon for a little humor; it's how I cope.)

Just saw the news on Drudge. It's just terrible. It sure puts things in perspective. It's a sad sad day.

Maybe you could just move these comments to the Lidle thread, JW.

I love humor as much as everyone else, but not now. His wife didn't even know yet!

"This is as confirmed as you can get: NYT, CNN, etc." cmon now

I believe the Phillies will trade Floyd. Happ, Segovia and Bisenius have passed him by and are more important right now. In another year, there will most likely be two more pitchers that pass him by.

I agree Walter, but when? I think they'll have to give him at least one more chance in the majors, just so they don't end up kicking themselves. With the kind of potential he has. Unless, of course, they get a sweet offer.

I think Happ and Segovia still need a little time in AAA to round out.

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