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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


This is the start Carpenter should have made in '04, before he got hurt. It's nice to finally see a proven ace pitcher in a big game, even if Carpenter has only been an ace for 3 years.

Obviously Glavine is a stud, but there has been a real dearth of big name pitchers this postseason...when is the last time there was no Pedro, Schilling, Clemens, Unit, or Maddux in the World Series (well, I guess it was '02, but you get the point)

Test. Just ignore.

kdon- names don't get any bigger than Anthony Reyes...ha!

from ESPN "Crede will seek a second opinion this month about the two herniated discs in his lower back, and then make a decision on possibly having surgery."

didn't we just get rid of a 3rd baseman with a chronic back ailment? don't need another one.

kdon, you must've missed the Zito-Santana matchup in Game 1 of the ALDS. Oh wait that was because it was played at 1pm EST and 11am local (Minn.)on a weekday.

The MLB was so concerned about getting the Yankees or Mets into primetime that they completely glossed over this premier matchup. Well at least we got to watch a NY team play every night of the week, that's what really matters.

Sorry, bout that, it's really frustrating. Especially now that MLB's running those adds saying that even if your team isn't in it, you should still watch cause you're a fan of baseball, meanwhile the best matchup of the postseason got relegated due to its own bias.

OK, I'm done.

Will, you are right about the Zito-Santana match up and the NY bias. Being from the Philly area, the NY bias is not too evident, since NY is so close to Philly. But now I live in the South and realize just how poorly middle America is treated and the west coast nearly ignored if its not L.A. The only area that runs counter to this trend is college football where the whole northeast gets disrespect.

"... college football where the whole northeast gets disrespect"

Maybe this explains my adversion to the sport. I just don't get it. As far as NY/LA getting the spotlight, I think it's simply a matter of numbers.

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