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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


The Big Hurt is the 2007 AL MVP!

Varsho, Bombard and Dancy justy got the ax. Milt and Dubee get one year extensions. I guess Uncle Idiot is hanging around.

lets say a fair and warm goodbye as well to longtime Phils organist, Paul Richardson. He passed away on Monday.

That Dude: What's your source on that. I'd love to see the news...

Story on Varsho, Dancy, and Bombard is now on

Very surprised to hear that Varsho was fired. I wonder what prompted that. The base coaches were just loyal flunkies, but Varsho seemed to be a good anchor for Manuel in that dugout.

That is sad to hear about Richardson. He made the Vet a fun place with his organ. I still miss "The Tarantella" during rallies.

Is there a radio station in the Warminster, PA area that is actually broadcasting any of the playoff games? I can't get MLB radio thru my computer here at work, it gets blocked out.

The firing of coaching assistants is a "throwing a bone" to dissatisfied fans mechanism, while the head coach or manager gets to keep his job. Normally the assistant coaches that get let go are ones coaching in areas where the fans are not satisfied.

The Phils hit pretty good, so the hitting coach gets kept. The Phils score a lot of runs, so the basepath coaches get fired. Duh! The pitching sucks, so the pitching and bullpen coaches are retained. Duh! The dugout management sucks, so the dugout coach gets canned. Some of this makes sense, some of it does not. Look to see a tactician get the dugout job. I don't understand the basepath coaches firings. Help me understand all of this!

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