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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Congrats on being recognized Weitzel! I aspire to be of your level some day.

The Beerleaguer man makes the big time, quoted as an expert. That's great! We saw it first on Beerleaguer!

Stat maven? What's a maven? It doesn't sound manly.

Conlin has a nasty streak. He wasn't very nice about the trainer that retired. Ouch! Remind me to be nice to Conlin if I ever bump into him, but I doubt I ever will.

I'm just happy to see that Conlin is finally reading someone else's work other than his own.

Has anything been mentioned about Billy Wagner writing for the NY Post during the playoffs? His first entry:

"AM I excited to be in New York on a winner? Does a one-legged duck swim in circles?

This town is the greatest. Media day yesterday at Shea proved that the writers and the fans care about the game and the city. It's a different atmosphere than Philadelphia. There, the atmosphere screamed out failure, where the fans were waiting to boo me. Here, the fans have a genuine love for the game, win or lose, and the love for them on my part is mutual."

I was considering bargaining with the devil for a Nomar HR off Wagner in the 9th!
Oh, the missed oppurtunities!

But why couldn't Conlin bring himself to mention the Beerleaguer weblog by name and/or url?

Great to get a mention, but I thought that was pretty lame on Conlin's part.

FWIW, and not to detract from Jason (kudos for the name-drop), I think that stat is potentially misleading. like any counting stat (as opposed to rate stat), it doesn't account for the quantity of close-and-late situations (i.e., if the Phils also led the league in qualifying innings, the fact that they led in ER is not really surprising). I'm not necessarily saying that the Phils' bullpen was good in those situations, but that close-and-late ERA would be a better indicator than close-and-late ERA.

er, that last sentence should read:

...a better indicator than close-and-late ER.

The Phils pitched in 113 close-and-late, situations, which ties for second in the league with four other teams. That means a team like the Cubs registers so few close-and-late numbers because they're out of so many games.

However, the Phils are still way, way ahead of any other team in allowing late runs. They're tied with the Padres with 113 C&L situations, but allowed about 50 more runs.

All this was included in an e-mail to Conlin to consider, along with some of your comments from the original post.

Close and late ERA was 4.43, highest since 2003 Colorado, which registered 4.71.

awesome JW!!!!! great work and nice to be recognized for it!!

that proves and I think might even better state your point - it's very easy to look at that 4.43 and realize that's not a number you want to be associated with the key parts of your bullpen.

that it's the highest since the 2003 Rockies is pretty depressing too. makes you wonder how we managed to hold on to as many games as we did...

I don't think the fans ever looked forward to booing Wagner. We cheered each time he hit 100, and cheered even louder when he notched a save for the club. When he blew a save, we booed just as much as the NY fans did/do, maybe just a bit louder. We needed to make sure he heard us of course, with the smaller attendance.

I just hate it when players fans rooted for trash a city once they leave it - Philly or someplace else.

this is more relevant to the last thread, but make sure you read Marcus Hayes' column today - - "Gillick: The players like Manuel and play hard for him."

it's a little more of an expression of confidence in Manuel by Gillick than his comments over the weekend, although Pat doesn't sound exactly thrilled. it seems unlikely that they would fire Manuel, given this column, but Gillick doesn't give the impression that he's negotiating a contract extension either.

Count me as one who thinks One Chair is one of the most knowledgable baseball columists in the country. And no, I am not saying that just becuase I am hoping he may use a quote from Beerleaguer know to use something like "Frequent Beerleaguer commentator That Dude accurately noted that the Midnight Mayor of Center City batted .365 with RISP, ONLY when the left field ballgirl was cute AND he had not as of yet had relations with said girl ina biblical context."

And the back end of the bullpen which surrendered those late and close runs was assembled entirely by Gillick. 7th inning -- Franklin ($2.6M). 8th inning - Rhodes ($3.7M) 9th inning -- Gordon ($4.5M). That's nearly $11M. Can't blame Wade here or whoever they chose to scapegoat this year (eg Varsho). Compare this to the Mets who completely revamped their bullpen this year through free agent signings and trades.

... and he didn't vote for Nolan Ryan to get into the Hall.

Tim: You need to complete the story. Conlin didn't say Ryan didn't belong in the Hall of Fame. What he said was his 324-292 record was not worthy of the HOF on the FIRST BALLOT when compared to other first ballot winners. Conlin's position is debatable, but you intentionally mislead when you claim Conlin didn't think Ryan was a Hall of Famer. Not that Conlin needs a defense against someone who posts the stuff you do.

To Lake Fred and RSB's potential dismay, I don't think this helps the cause to jettison Myers:

Willard I'm ambivalent about Myers. I like his pitching ability. I dislike his off the field spousal abuse. I don't think he's a pitching "Ace". I think Hamels will fill that role. I think Myers could be a competent no. 2 pitcher on the Phillies staff. I don't want the Phillies to unload him like they did with Padilla or Abreu.

Like I say, I am ambivalent. They can keep him, or trade him. I really don't care. See more in my post in the next thread about Myers.

Hey Weitzel - Nice press. Glad to see that Conlin gave you proper attributation for you piece on the Phils bullpen and didn't wrip off your idea.

Really nice Jason. This is an excellent blog, makes the nights at work go by quicker during the season. I also always have been a Bill Conlin fan.

When the Mets were in the playoffs against Atlanta a couple of years ago I got tix and went up. I am first and foremost a Phillies fan, but I must say the atmosphere in NY at playoff time is awesome. Those fans are really into their baseball and know the game pretty well, so I think I can see where Wagner is coming from.

Let's face it, after so many years of having a losing franchise here we ARE all kind of negative and waiting for the first rotten thing to happen because we all believe it's inevitable. Hopefully, this young nucleus that we have in place will do their damndest to get rid of that perception and will start a new tradition of winning!

Also, I'm not thrilled with retaining CM, but I must admit the team did not quit on him at all over the last two years, so I can understand where Pat Gillick is coming from.

Ragtop, Do you believe out of all of the good baseball people out there, Charlie Manuel is one of the top 30 in his profession ? If not, you are settling (or trying to save some money) if he is not fired. Gillick can't be blamed for the hire decision, since it wasn't his, but I find it hard to believe that with Gillick's reputation and contacts in baseball, he doesn't know 10 baseball men off the top off the top of his head who are more qualified to manage this team.

Congrats Weitzel! First Coste, now Conlin. Who's next? Nicely done.

Great way to look at it Billy Mac. I doubt Manuel would be in the Top 50, let alone the Top 30, or gasp, the Top 10. I can see the Phils end up firing Manuel sometime next May, ending up with a lesser expensive alternative then shelling out for a Pinella or Girardi this off-season. I hope I am proved wrong, but then again these are the Phillies we are talking about...

Wagner is a dumb hick. I was at his first home game, the one he was quoted as saying "they booed when I didn't hit 100 mph." The moron! What we were saying to each other was "oooh, he hit 99, he almost got there!" Jeezus, he must be either dumb or coddled by the fans in Hicksville to mistake that for booing.

Oh, and I love the Conlin take on keeping Nunez at 3b next year:
"Face it, Gillick is not going to throw $70 million at a free-agent third baseman. I'd rather have the superb defense Nunez represents than some oaf with 25-homer power and the range of a manhole cover..."

BillyMac, I agree that CM is certainly not in the top 30 category. I totally disagree with the way he handles the bullpen and he has lousy gamesmanship. I think in a close game where managing strategy counts he will be out maneuvered most of the time.

However, that having been said, even you must admit that the players did not quit on him in the past two years, unlike when Bowa ran the team and they rebelled and ultimately packed it in the final year he was in charge.

Let's face it, the ownership of this club is NEVER gonna spend the big bucks for a marquee manager like Lou Piniella (who I would LOVE to see here). Jon made an very true statement in this regard.

So we have to live with Elmer for another year, like it or not.

Don't be surprised to see John Russell added to the coaching staff as a hedge to when Gillick decides to dump CM. I'm sure that he will come relatively cheap, which is a key word to this ownership.

That is one of the pervasive problems with this franchise, the ownership and their pinch-penny tendencies when it comes to managers.

As far as Nunez at 3b, I truly hope for an upgrade (A. Ramirez?) so that he can go back to being a utility player. That would be his true position on a strong contending team. Little Papi really needs protection and that has to be #1 priority for the GM.

John Russell was one of the parade of people interviewed for Manuel's pre-ordained job back in '04; if he's added to the coaching staff, would that not be a threatening and ominous sign for CM?

Gillick's reasoning for bringing Manuel back is unsatisfactory. There's any number of managers who can keep players happy. I thought the idea was to strive for excellence. The sight of a dumpy old man with layers of flab hanging over his belt and a ruddy, bemused face does not exactly summon a concept of excellence. I mean, it's just silly. Is merely keeping the players content the way to get the very best out of his team? I don't feel like this team has achieved to its capabilities in the past two years. Close, but they have had more in them than they've shown.

Wagner has some kind of fixation on Philadelphia, whereby he cannot simply state his enjoyment of New York without having a need to contrast it to the rotten mean people of Philadelphia (does anyone remember Wagner ever being booed? Is he making this up?). Believe me, Billy Boy, if we actually *made* the playoffs, people would be whooping it up. We expect failure because that's what we keep getting. I cannot *wait* until that love affair inevitably goes sour and Wagner starts sniping at New Yorkers. I'd wager it starts next year.

Wagner was booed maybe after the Biggio homer, but that is about it. It's also a load of BS that the fans were always on him. The fans went wild when the Metallica started to blare. Does he want the fans to do nothing if he breaks the 100 MPH barrier? Excuse us for acknowledging that he did something that doesn't happen all too often in baseball. What an ass. He was a favorite in this town. Quickly how he forgets it.

Anyway, RSB you are dead on with your comments concerning Manuel's retention. I almost posted something similar last night. It's pathetic to bring someone back based on the team playing hard. Does anyone think that this team would play hard for anybody? I do. I cannot see a Chase Utley or a Shane Victorino playing without any fire, at any time. I have lost some respect for Gillick over his handling of this matter. First it was his half-assed backing of the manager last week (which would have been fine if he was let go), and now it is for his reasons for keeping him around. Pathetic...

Ragtop, I recall Bowa's Phillies playing .600 ball in September also the year he was fired. The Phils have always played better when chasing. This is not new under Manuel. How well has this team been prepared out of spring training ? Name one thing Manuel did to turn things around in June when the team lost 8 straight series and went from 5 games above 500 to 8 games below. No team meetings, no benchings, no lineup changes. He held no one accountable for some sloppy baseball and kept trotting out the same lineup every day.

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