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Monday, September 18, 2006


V-good jason. way to elegantly nail your chosen metaphor. Particularly liked the lines about white and simon.

Simon was picked up from the San Juan Dirty 'stutes...crazy stuff goes on down there!

I want playoffs so very bad. Us real fans are getting stir-crazy and starting to do weird, but hillarious posts to show how fanatical we are. Nice work Weitzel!

Great stuff.

Great piece Jason, lol for the Simon line!

For those who continue to view the Phillies (both former and current) as a bunch of passive chokers or losers or whatever, there is a great stat in the Inky:

"The Phillies are 48-27 (.640) in September/October over the last three seasons. Only the Yankees have a better winning percentage in that time..."

Whatever the Phils problems have been in recent years (usually pitching and managing), it hasn't been an inability to play well down the stretch.

kdon- you're right, they actually play wonderfully down the stretch. this year's start killed us, and without looking at numbers, i think the beginning of the season has given us fits for the past couple seasons.

Absolutely wonderful piece, Jason, from someone who knows the pictured vehicle first hand.

Somehow I knew, Goodman.

awesome metaphor, I hope that stat holds up!

13 left. 9-4 should do it.

It's strange to look at the Phillies last 13 games and be thankful that the last six are on the road where they play better.

In honor of this 'wild' piece, I've changed my nickname for a day. It brings to mind another nickname, for the 2006 Phillies: The Big Mystery Machine.

Anyone else worried about this series with the Cubs? If I know my Phils, we're looking at a letdown. Cubs have won four in a row and aren't going to lie down.

RWB - Not worried about the cubs losing to the cubs exactly - rather I'm hoping the Phils can sustain their hitting over the final 13 games. It's not about the other teams any more - its all about us. If we go down in 13 epic fights, I'm happy. If we revert to .500, I won't gnash my teeth in despair - we won't have been good enough. But it will suck mightily.

I checked WGN to see if they'll show any Phillies games on cable, no dice. They are part of the new CW network and they'll be showing CW programming every night this week. No ESPN games either. It looks like computer look-up or bottom of screen scrawls to satisfy my Phillies up to date score habit.

I worry that every series for the phils will be a letdown. With 10 of 13 game against the East, the phils need to win this series and almost need to sweep.

We'd all better hope that the pirates continue their surge as they play LA and SD this season still.

And, yes, rest assured that if they fail again this year, all proper blame should fall on the second 10-14 April that the phils had two years in a row now. Yes, April wins matter.

AWB stood for the Average White Band. RWB stands for Rick White's Beard! Nice tribute RSB.

I believe the game tonight is on InHD, for anyone who subscribes to hi-def cable packages.

the pitching matchups for this series are ridiculous - you really can't set it up any better for a sweep. which makes me very, very worried.

All the home games are in HD, including the games on WPSG. Comcast just added WPSG to its HD lineup.

What? You didn't think I'd watch Phillies baseball on an analog set, would you? I'm not Tom Goodman.

Very entertaining read. Thanks Jason. I, too, love the Randall Simon line. They obviously picked him up after a lengthy stay at an All-You-Can-Eat somewhere along the line, but your guess is as good as mine (any truth to the rumor that he ate one of the Milwaukee sausages as retaliation?).

Following closely behind the van was Drama Queen, randomly speeding up, beeping his horn, and linking his blog to the weary Phils...

John, I don't know why you came on BeerLeaguer to do this is not my affliation.

Glad to know I represent the analog world. Excuse me, but I think my 8-track tape just jammed. Be right back.

I the back end of the cassette tape and then compact disc era...I so not into the "new" mp3's...getting old and stubborn I guess.

"Shotgun passenger Rich Dubee had the map turned upside-down in D.C"

since when is it a good idea to be guided by dubees?? i always end up lost

BenJah- come along, and take a hit from the blog!

Jason, I was referring to the channel "InHD." I get it on Comcast in DC...they show a (seemingly) random assortment of baseball games from time to time, and I think the Phils are up tonight.

ae: Right, right. My mistake. It is a random assortment of games, isn't it? I see a share of Toronto games, Twins games, etc. Very strange, but a nice bonus.

So what can we expect from Lieber tonight?

You forgot about leaving the Rhodes-kill behind the bus.

excellet Joe...excellent!

Speaking of Arthur, I had an *actual* baseball nightmare the other night, no which the Phils were playing the Blue Jays at the Skydome (hmm) and Rhodes was called into the game and I went berserk..."I thought he was done for the year! How can he be back? You gotta be kidding me!", etc.

I am afflicted, yes.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has strange dreams about the Phightin' Phils. I did like the one I had about David Wright in the bloodstripes, though!

In all seriousness, the day after the trade deadline did anyone seriously believe that we'd be talking about any potential playoff scenario? I won't lie and say that I was ready to pack it in and get ready to move on to football season. I think Penn State and the Eagles can wait a few more weeks for me and I couldn't be happier.

the weitzels' have an HD tv? that actually does surprise me.

Does anyone know how late you can get a walk-up ticket? I have a class in Center City until 7:30 and I'm tempted to head down to the game right after it.

ooo... word is that monday and tuesday were very close to "sold out". it may be difficult to get a seat.

i dont know if they're sellng the standing room tix again, but you may be able to grab one.

Loved the story. Very realistic, I could actuually imagine it all happening.

You gotta believe!!!!

Mike, I doubt the ticket windows are open much past 7:00p, but I've never tried. Scalpers normally stick around past game time though. You should be able to pick one up very cheap then. You shouldn't have to pay for parking. Good luck.

Funny stuff.

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