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Sunday, September 10, 2006


Lineups (Thanks, Billy Mac)

Today's lineups

J. Rollins ss
S. Victorino cf
C. Utley 2b
R. Howard 1b
J. Conine rf
P. Burrell lf
C. Coste c
A. Nunez 3b
C. Hamels p

H. Ramirez ss
D. Uggla 2b
M. Cabrera 3b
J. Willingham lf
W. Helms 1b
C. Ross rf
A. Amezaga cf
M. Treanor c
D. Willis p

FSN on MLB TV. Bah.

FSN on MLB TV. Bah.

Seriuosly, what is up with PtB...if he is hurt, he shouldn't be in the lineup, if he's healthy, he should hit 5th against LHP

Hamels seems to be having trouble with his change up. Not good.

oh, man, this is not nice to look at. He's missing everything.

Cole looks to be having trouble locating stuff on the outside of the plate, and isn't using his change up too much. I wonder how much the humidity will interfere with the movement on his pitches, and whether that is throwing him off.

Also, not one curve in the first. Probably part of a game plan, but its tough to get good hitters out with only two looked like Cabrera was looking for the change on his base hit.

I trust he's sharp enough to realise when he's relying on it too much, but it can't be easy to use the curve when his change has had such a devestating effect on hitters.

What a joke! PtB may be struggling, but those were two terrible calls on inside pitches.

good to see everyone's working trelle and making him throw.

It may seem early to have premonitions of doom, but I'm feeling this game slipping away from us already. Hamels is having to work too hard and already looks knackered.

52 pitches in two innings. that does not inspire confidence with our bullepen and manager.


I agree Oisin, but the Fish are being really patient today and Cole can usually throw his curve for a first pitch strike whenever he wants (BTW, he finally threw a curve to start Uggala 0-1)

3 walks already not good.
Time for some offense. They have hit him the last 4 times.

The Howard shift has really hurt the fish...he's hit two weak groundballs that went for hits.

second groundball, definitely. Which is good to see - there's no way to defend against him right now.


His first hit was a little harder but would have been right at the 2B in a normal defense. If they just shaded him like a normal pull hitter, Howard is 0-2.

And I guess it hasn't hurt them since Conine/Burell aren't doing jack.
This looks bet will be to get into the bullpen and hope Cole can give us a few more good innings.

Hey, Schmidt is in the booth!!!

Here's some unconstructive criticism...the Phillies offense sucks!

It doesn't help when you've got Ray Charles umpiring at first base.

Terrible call on 3-0, Phils get REAL lucky...this umpre is's amazing how a bad ump can affect game flow. In comparison to this, I would take Joe West's large but consistent zone from the CLemens/Hamels game over this.

By the way, before I get bashed about that last comment, I'm just venting frustration. I don't very well believe Howard and Utley suck...but without help, this team ain't going nowhere but home in October.

Agreed Alby, would have been nice to see Manuel at least argue, but I guess it's too hot.

Sandoval!?!?! This is kind of an important game Charlie! Hernandez maybe?

DQ - I'm hoping Pat Gillick is looking hard at hitting options in the offseason. 3B and a RF/CF whose name is not Rowand.

Ulp. Mad-dog. Holding down the vomit of fear.

Since last night Burrell is 0 for 6, and, if I've counted correctly, 1 for his last 21. Why in the world is he still starting every day?

Queen: The Phillies lead the NL in runs scored since 7/26.

Top of the order, time to do something.

Fletch, Who do want to start instead of Burrell against a lefty ? -- Dellucci, Bourne, Roberson, Thurston. There are not better options right now and Burrell has always been a streaky hitter. They need him in these last 20 games.

How many pitches has D-Train thrown today? Maybe 13 or 14...17 tops...C'mon already!!!

I just keep clinging to the memory of Willis pitching a 2-0 shutout against the Phils last September, until the ninth inning when it became 10-2 Phillies.

They're going to get one more shot before this is over. Let's hope they'll have the right hitter or hitters at the plate when it counts.

The problem with the offense is they need a consistent, right-handed threat. Here against Willis, and even in the game against Olsen, they can't get it going. The only reason they did anything against Olsen was Howard's 3 RBIs.

Billy Mac, they don't need Burrell just to fill a slot on the lineup card. That's all he's done so far this month. Give Burrell a couple of days off and give anyone else a chance to do better than he's done.

Not only that Clout, but they lead the league in RS for the SEASON...although, you wouldn't know that from today.

Billy Mac: Sometimes you can sit a guy for 1 game and it breaks the slump. Sitting Burrell against a tough lefty like Willis would not have been a bad idea. You could start Hernandez in LF and Conine in RF. Both are proven lefty killers. Obviously you don't want Dellucci, Thurston, Roberson or Bourn.

Nice catch by conine. Cheers also, RSB, for reminding me how giddy I was when we won that game last year. The wife was shouting at me to calm down as I did mini circuits of the living room.

Damn, that was fun.

I've posted like 4 times and haven't been able to see anything for the past half hour...what's going on here?

Would it be some kind of unspoken infraction for Manuel or Thompson to pull Burrell aside and say, hey, Pat - you're pulling your head way the hell off the ball, you are doing everything totally wrong at the plate right now. It appears as if veterans are just left to figure it out for themselves, when you see the same terrible habits and poor approach game after game.

I don't have a problem playing Hernandez, but
Burrell has had success against Willis. He has an off-day tomorrow (to regroup, decompress, rest, or whatever). Coste is coming back to earth. Phils are getting nothing from 6 - 9 in their current lineup. That is why I called for Cholly to shake things up a bit today at least with regards to lineup construction.

The problem today hasn't been so much Howard's protection but the lineup in front, 0-9, Howard has led off for all three of his ABs

RSB, I'd wondered about that. Burell doesn't look like he's looking at the ball at all. (Kinda like my softball swing)

Saturday nights must be just as happening as Friday nights in Miami.

Against Willis, there's very little you can do. Maybe what Billy Mac said - shuffling guys around. That's about it.

PTB knows all the best spots in Miami from his college days.

Well RSB, you are right about Burrell, he gets a 2-0 fastball and does f'ing nothing with it. Ugh!

Doesn't look too good, esp. with the bottom of the order up in the 8th. Marlins have been beatable in all four of these games - they didn't win so much as the Phillies lost. Willis is dealing today, the first time the Phils have seen him this year with good command - but you'd think they could've manage to scratch out a run or two off him. Outside of the 14-run explosion on Thursday, the offense has been largely lifeless for about a week.

With Burrell and the RF platoon stuggling, this team is nowhere near as good offensively as they were earlier in the year...Howard's explosion has masked what has otherwise been a struggle...seriously, if Jeff Conine is your #5 hitter, you have problems.

While complaining about the Phillies is a wonderful pastime, allow me to posit the radical idea that Willis is one helluva pitcher and no team in the league can do much with him when he's on his game.

They've faced a tough stretch of pitchers, too: Rocket, Pettitte, Johnson, Olsen, now Willis.

Correct, other than Thursday's game, entire offense since game 1 last Sunday has been homeruns by Howard or Utley.

Well, let's see 'em get out of *this* one. Evidently, everyone else in the bullpen is out getting flu shots or something.

They've faced a tough stretch of pitchers, too: Rocket, Pettitte, Johnson, Olsen, now Willis.

Well, let's see 'em get out of *this* one. Evidently, everyone else in the bullpen is out getting flu shots or something.

I have absolutely no faith in Madson anymore. He's good for at least a run every time he pitches. Good point, Clout. Willis is great, but they still could have done more in several spots.

Madson looks tired. Wonder how many innings he's pitched in the past 6 games or so.

True they have faced tough pitching. However, they only managed 2 runs last night against Moeller. comes Aaron 'Nobody's Fultz But Mine' to the rescue.

Madson needs his odometer reset to 2007.

I'm still bitter about last week's game against Lance Cormier.

Yeah, maybe way back in the second . . .

Prior to today, Madson threw 12 pitches (1/3 of an inning) in the Florida series. Face it, he has not been effective all year except for a nice 2 week stretch in the pen in early August. Otherwise, he's been a hit machine.

Wow. remember when utley was having trouble fielding second? When was that again?

B-Mac, Madson was fine for two innings, but why does Manuel push him back out for a third?

I love how Harry completely ignores Wheeler and gives no response when he's carrying on about something.

This game is turning into a joke. This shouldn't happen. Nobody does anything about it. There have been brutal, brutal calls all series by this crew, and nothing is done about it.

Well, I guess this isn't one of those days when we hit Willis... hopefully the Padres won't win and put us back 2.5 again.

RSB, Cholly only has confidence in Geary and Madson right now. The other 9 guys in the bullpen don't even have a good seat to watch the game.

My complaint about the offense isn't necessarily dismissed my the fact that the Phils lead the league in runs. We can all admit they ballastic some game 7+ runs and such, but then crap the bed like last night and today. Terribly inconsistent. Howard and Utley can only do so much. Hey, at least Manuel can't be blamed for today's loss...that's new.

Oh well, a split it is. Today doesn't bother you so much, but last night will haunt them. My feeling is they'll split the games on the remainder of the road trip as well.

Exactly, Charlie always keeps Madson in UNTIL he gives up a run.

Clout, I agree that Willis is pitching well, but considering that Nunez sucks, Coste is returning from orbit, Conine is Conine, Burrell is really hurting, the bench blows, the top two guys in the order are very streaky, well, I think changing up the order might be a good idea:


kdon: Against a RHP, I wouldn't mind running that lineup out there. In looking at it, isn't it amazing that we'd all agree Bell would be better there than Nunez?

Or he takes Madson out after pitching to 1 batter like last night when he knows his relief options are limited, so he has to go with Sanches with the game on the line.

Clout, ff there was any indication that the PHillies were giving up on their season, it was the trade of Bell, not so much because of his talent, but because they just handed over the everyday 3B position to an old player having one of the worst seasons in baseball. At least with Abreu, there was depth in the outfield.

Also, that lineup is only vs. RH. Against lefties I would use something like todays lineup only with Conine and Burrell flipped.

I never know how to take marlins fans. They're being loud, they're into it, fair enough. But I always wonder did these folk just rock up to see the game for the first time ever? or are the small crowds genuine die-hards.

credit to willis. there was talk about how he was prepared to deal with the heat because he'd been feeling dodgy the last couple of days. he came through in fine form, against an umpire's strikezone which seemed to be moving all over the shop.

Diaz is one of the worst HP umpires.

I agree, today's loss wasn't nearly as bad as last night's. D-Train was dominant. Last night there were runners on base to be scored, they just blew it! I'm not happy with a split though, because it should have been 3-1 for the Phils not 2-2.

Sorry, just testing.

DQ says it better than I could. D-Train was just too much. Three hits, two for Howard and one for...Nunez!? It's a shame to waste a quality Hamels start against a shutout. I hate losing to the Fish!

It's official: Rhodes is out for the season with a strained elbow tendon. He's a free agent and will certainly not be re-signed.

This means we can close the book on the trade of J Mike, who's hitting .307 off lefties but miscast as an everyday player by Cleveland, for Rhodes. Gillick's grade on this trade: F.

Agreed in premise on trading Michaels for a setup man or veteran reliever of some sort, but the deal couldn't have turned out much worse for the Phils. F it is.

Rhodes' best moment was off the field after the Abreu trade when he bad mouthed Lidle for not being a team player, for eating ice cream, and for being always on the internet surfing (probably porn, not Beerleaguer comments).

One if only one positive to take from this game: Hamels was in the pressure cooker several times and came away unscathed. If he contintues his rise to stardom over the next few years, I'd say this is one game that he remembers as a milestone of sorts. True he had at least one lucky bad call by the ump, but he pitched well when needed. Certainly his share of bad pitching, but he didn't let it bother him.

It may be more of Manuel's fault the way things turned out with Rhodes, and the situations he continued to put him in, therefore he, like Rhodes, should not be back next year.

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