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Friday, September 08, 2006

Comments is reporting that the Rangers are going to blow things up and all their young guys are on the market. Would Hank Blalock look good manning 3rd next year?

I would prefer the right-handed bat in Atkins, but beggars can't be chosers. They must to do something.

blalock would make us even more left-hand heavy, but i would prefer too many lefty over too many righties. and besides, at this point we just need something at the hot corner. light-hitting speedy outfielders are fine, but at 3b it's killing us.

My 1st choice of those 3Bman would be Atkins, but would Rockies part with him?? 2nd choice Blalock, but does that mean Phils have to reaguire his brother Jake? Teahen was quite a surprise this year. I believe he is currently injured. Is he good?

i think Blalock would be SICK in this lineup. i completely disregard the lefty heavy things because 1. lefty relievers stick and 2. utley and howard already hit lefties (i don't know what Blalock does). i wouldn't bother with blalock unless we knew the same players couldn't get us a piece for the rotation. gillick is all about pitching - as he should be. as for the outfied, he clearly likes center fielders at all three spots. once burrell is healthy enough to move, he's gone.

Teahen is hitting .290, 18 homers, .518 SLG. Horrible team. He's a left-handed bat. He last played Sept. 5. Don't know the details. Not too connected to KC comings-and-goings.

Also, JaxMike has an outstanding scouting report from last night's game. Check it out at the way bottom of the last thread. Thanks, JaxMike!

jason: why do you think gio is vastly overhyped? he's 20, a little wild, but seems like a keeper to me. a solid 2008 rotation candidate. moyer and lieber won't be here by then, perhaps myers won't and matheson's status makes things tricky. we have some ncie arms at the A level, but that's pinning things on them way too early. i'm not sure we really have a surplus of major league-possible talent in the minors.

Teahen is out with a labrum problem, meaning his throwing arm might be gone. I don't think he's an option right now, as I'm sure KC will find a way to work him into their plans somehow even though they have Gordon and Butler on the way.

You'd have to be criminally insane to want Blalock over Atkins. Blalock is more expensive, a lefty, strikes out a bunch, and has been VASTLY inferior to Atkins--Tim, have you bothered to check his line lately? It's .278/.337/.417, and he plays in an even stronger hitters park than CBP. Not only that, but that OPS isn't a freak occurrence, as he hit just about the same in 2005 (.263/.318/.431). Those are practically David Bell numbers, with more Ks, worse OBP, and a worse glove.

All that said, there ain't no way we're getting Atkins. We'd have to blow them away, because there's NOTHING more valuable in baseball than a young stud who doesn't have the service time to be paid over the minimum. I just hope that we don't get fooled into losing good arms for someone who will perform worse than Bell.

I think the current line-up would be better served with Victorino batting leadoff and Rollins batting 2nd. Rollins has more power, and Victorino more speed. Victorino basically can't steal in his current spot with 2 lefties behind him, since they have to keep the hole open.

Blalock can't hit lefty pitching. His splits this year look like this (avg / OPS):

VS. LEFT: .208 / .575 VS. RIGHT: .305 / .823

I'd still like to see what Coste can do at third defensively. We know what he's capable of at the plate, and he's clearly a well-liked player. Give Ruiz the starts behind the plate and let's see what Coste can do in the field.

gr: I'm not sure the Phillies crop of minor league pitchers are future major-leaguers either, which is why I think they can afford to deal some of them. It's one thing to produce at Class-A Lakewood, but less than half will pan out in Reading. That's my guess. They need to figure out which pitchers were one-hit wonders.

Gonzalez' stock dropped this season. There's nothing I've read or heard about him that makes me believe he's a major league pitcher. He's very, very young, can strike guys out, but I'd make the sacrifice if it meant 3B to go with Howard, Utley and Rollins for this current team. Gio had a pretty rocky debut this season. He needs time to mature, but I still wonder about this kind of pitcher at CBP.

Coste needs a shot in the spring at becoming the third baseman. Ruiz can be the catcher, sign Lieby to a one year deal to back up if possible (and cheap). Coste can't be that bad out there if he was the starting third baseman in the IL All-Star game.

The nice thing about speed is, it doesn't slump. Of course, you have to be able to get on base to use it...But why are we even talking about this, we have a great right handed bat with speed in Pat Burrell.

This site needs a moratorium on Burrell discussion.

Lieberthal is too broken down, even in a backup situation.

Why does everyone want to push Coste to third base?

We were discussing this on Swing and a Miss. Starting pitching has been downright bullish with Coster behind the plate. Lieber's late-season turnaround all but coincides with making Coste his personal catcher. Most impressive is the Coste-Hamels combo.

These are two very fast workers, and deserve most of the credit, but Coste must be doing something right, even if it’s unintentional. When alleged pitching guru Sal Fasano was back there, the difference was night and day. Six run games, seven run games.

Haven't seen too many of those with Coste handling the staff. With both Hamels and Lieber part of the picture next year, would anyone even think of breaking up a good thing?

Just a suggestion for an in-house solution at third. I'd be fine with Coste as the starting catcher every day too, as long as the Nunez is long gone.

If we could pull a respectable 3b man down, I'd be more than happy to keep Coste behind the plate for the next two years, or have him trade time with Ruiz. I think its worth gambling on Coste and Ruiz next year and focusing on a 3b man, simply because we have no other options at 3rd, and the hole that remains in our line-up will NOT go away.

Keeping Coste and Ruiz allows us to take a chance on Coste not being a one-season wonder (DaveThom73 - I'm not saying he is a one season wonder, but just like any 'rookie' you have to worry about pitchers working him out) and whether Ruiz can hack it up here.

Jason you know the minors better than most - so I'll take your word on the young kids - but with Mathieson possibly looking at Tommy John, I would be antsy of trading gonzalez just yet. I'd hate for us to get left short, and unlike the marlins we don't have a great record with young pitchers who can swim in the majors when we throw 'em in the deep end.

Coste needs to stay behind the plate. It's obvious the starting pitchers are better with him back there, and I wouldn't be surprised if the relievers get better after a spring training of working with him.

However I do think Lieby is a servicable back-up C. Probably not in Philly though. Ruiz needs to be the back-up next year, and if he doesn't work out, they can sign another C later in the year. As old as Coste is, Phils need to be trying to find his replacement constantly.

If anybody needs help figuring out the value of a good catcher behind the plate, they need look no further than the pitching stats of the Boston Red Sox before, during, and now after the Varitek injury. This guy meant nothing to their line-up but the rotation fell apart without him behind the plate.

Oisin - the phils are pretty loaded with arms in the minors right now, so as long as the phils get rid of gio and just gio, it shouldn't affect them much at all. Zack Segovia, JA Happ and even Germano would be servicable replacements to Mathieson.

With Howard, Utley, Myers and Rollins all reaching prime, Gillick will go for it. I don't believe for a second he will deny this group a chance to win next season. Howard and Utley weren't built to sit at home in October, and I don't think Hamels was, either. Gillick will shop long-term pitching prospects.

I can't see Colorado moving Atkins for pitching prospects. They are looking to build around him.

JW, What gives you any indication that Gillick will go for it next season ? He said they likely will not contend until 2008 and has hinted the payroll will be lower next season. If Charlie Manual and his bargain basement minor league coaching staff is fired and the payroll is at least $95 Million that will be my indication that Gillick is "going for it." Right now, I am not optimistic, but I agree Phils management is wasting Howard and Utley's primes.

What about Mike Costanzo, how is he doing? He was our first round pick last year playing 3B. I dont know how he is doing right now though.

After I read Beerleaguer I always need to go back and check the standings. On Beerleaguer the Phillies are driving toward 95 wins. In the newspaper they're driving toward 82 wins.

One reason, Mac: The emergence of Cole Hamels.

On Beerleaguer the Phillies are driving toward 95 wins...

Clout's absolutely right. The standings simply do not agree with the statements he pretends we're all making.

Strange how a real discussion was going on, then clout comes in and throws out some meaningless insult just to get attention on himself.

Dear God, I can only pray you are 12.

Hey we are one-eyed Phillies fans! You gotta be allowed to talk them up. This site is dedicated to talking about them. There will always be bias.

Just doing my part to balance out the site, gentlemen.

Greg: Do you know the difference between "real" and fantasy? I think I know who's 12.

Your obviously doing a great job J. We are always back for more.

With this offense you'd think we were gonna win 95. Its the bloody pitching that has held them back. At least now the rotation is steady. The newspapers are wrong anyway. I'm gunning towards 86.

Well yesterdays argument is settled. Conine AND Burrell to start today.

I was surprised to see Burrell in the lineup too, but at least he is hitting 6th, and not 5th. I am thinking we will see this OF tomorrow as well since we are playing another lefty in Dontrelle.

Blalock would be better than Nunez at 3rd, but he would cost the Phils too much in a trade, and wouldn't be worth the salary. Somebody above said Blalock is basically David Bell...I know it's hard to believe, but it's true, Blalock isn't that great the past few seasons.

Atkins is staying in Colorado, although he'd look great in Philly.

I'm holding out hope that Aramis Ramirez opts out of his Cubbie contract and takes the Phils money.

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