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Sunday, September 03, 2006


If i aint starting then i aint departin

Wow, dig that play by "Scoop" Howard!

Hey does anybody know if TBS is broadcasting the second game today? I read on another board that they were but it isn't in any listings.

Jimmy Rollins' fielding: overly aggressive or necessary to protect Dellucci?


.300, 50 HRs, 130 RBI. On September 3. If the Phils make the playoffs, this guy's the MVP.

Who thinks Victorino is a weak CF, again?

The Phils may have finally started to miss Gordon, but they aren't exactly missing Rowand, are they? Victorino's been sensational, all-around.

sweet. first phillies game I've watched in a month and a half, and I get a great double play by V-fer-Victorino and a howitzer homerun. The baseball gods are being kind.

All my childhood dreams of Richie Allen are coming true with MR. Howard.

umm. obviously I'm not suggesting the baseball gods are being kind in that they are guaranteeting a phillies win. no sir.

Anyone have the +/- on how many runs the Phils score with Victorino in the starting lineup? He's scoring runs with his bat, his speed, and creating outs with his glove. He doesn't sit when Rowand comes back. No way. He's got a better arm, better speed, and he's a much, much better fit in this lineup. If Rowand must play, then he plays right.


What is this thing they call Ryan Howard?

Wow - no doubt about that one!

Anyone see the Howitzer sign in the stands? Yes!

Ryan Howard is *ungodly*. Bow down. It's a good day to be a Phils fan.

Howard is incredible! However, the fans need to support the Howitzer section and get rid of Ryan's Lions. That is beyond weak...


good jayses, as we say back home.

What kind of baseball twilight zone is this?

Amazing!! What else can one say??

This is truly an honor to watch this as it unfolds.

And he's only 26!!!

The only thing left to say is get him up there again, let's go for four!

They need to sign him long term now. His value increases with each swing of the bat!

How many HRs could he hit in one day?

Holy sh#t.

fun fact: only two players in the history of baseball have hit 60 HR and knocked in 160 RBI - Sammy Sosa in 2001 and Babe Ruth in 1927. neither one of them won the MVP (Sosa finished second to Bonds' 73 HR; Gehrig won the MVP in '27 as Ruth didn't receive a single vote).

Not taking anything away from The Howitzer, but how bout that Jamie Moyer?? He is pitching a much needed gem today in the first game of two!!

Jon, absolutely. Gillick's recent pickups have all been performing well. Too bad the round he got in the offseason were such duds, but he's had much better luck as the year's gone on.

Uh oh, the game's within the Braves' reach now and he just pulled Moyer. Let's see if he goes to Rhodes again..

hoping for insurance runs. It would be nice if the first game I see in ages is a win.

Even his singles are line drives! 4 for 4 with 3 homers! Not a bad start to the DH!

madson in the 9th. nice surprise.

Someone mentioned how Burrell's wrist problem was affecting his bat speed. Boy, no kidding. His power is not going to be there in the last month...which makes the addition of Conine all the more crucial.

I have to say that Burrell has been admirably game through the whole season, playing with a bad foor and now a bad wrist. He doesn't complain, and he plays through it.

I assume they're saving Gordon in case there's a save situation in game 2, not wanting to use him in both ends...or is he kust not available, period?

Well, I see they have Castro up, so how about that? I guess we may get to see him in a tight spot just as everyone's been clamoring for.

Pat Burrell will not be outdone by Ryan Howard! Nobody strikes out more than Burrell, and he'll prove it!

Castro is warming up to face a potential left handed bat. It's 6-3, why not?

Nunez needs to make that play!

oh, I'm not liking this. not at all.

Now I don't know about Castro coming in here with the bases loaded and no outs...

Why is someone else not up?????????

Hope castro took his daily dose of moxie this morning. He'll need it.

Well, here we go, Fabio Fan Club. Here's your big moment.

And not Rhodes...

Geary or Fultz should have been up with Castro. If this game is lost, it is again pinned on Manuel!

Here's where I either look like a prophet or a complete moron. Go commies!

Bring him on! FABIO! FABIO! FABIO!

Let's see what the Little Dictator can do!

So Madson's given up hits to the first 3 guys he's faced. Who says Madson is a "damn good reliever"?

That was me, Tray!

I do, you saw Madson shut the door in the 8th. Maybe if Manuel brought Geary or Fultz or Castro in to finish the 8th and Madson in to start the 9th you wouldn't be making that statement.

I don't like this Diaz-Castro matchup...



Well crap. So much for that experiment in communism.

Bun of a sitch!!!

Why must socialist reform fail every time? WHY?

so, with nunez coming up, think charlie puts ruiz or lieberthal in for nunez and shifts coste to third? we need this win, and we can't be relying on nunez batting.

Hell, put Wolf in for Nunez if you have to.

Unfortunate. Couple of ground balls from Madson, and the pitch frrom Fabio wasn't a bad pitch. Like a nightmare.

My confidence is not shaken. Madson/Castro is still a better move than Rhodes.

I don't get it, if Gordon was activated, why is he still not available? What's going on there?

They don't get any tougher than that. Assuming they'll lose. They seem to have a knack for ruining Howard's big games. What a shame.

There is no excuse for Castro to face the right-handed bat of Diaz there! I have no problem with Castro getting a shot against the left-handed LaRoche, but be glad he got the him out and go bring in Geary (whom should have been warming up all along!). I am so tired of Manuel's ineptness! I didn't like him before, but thought he should keep his job if the team makes the playoffs. Now I don't even care. I want him gone. He has cost this team so many games the years that he has been here. What a disgrace... He doesn't have a freaking clue...

RSB- I said I would admit when I'm wrong...well there you have it. My personal apologies to you. I understand if you don't care about an apology or not from me, but I have been humbled. It took a lot for me to just post that.

Castro has only two pitches, and his fast ball generally tops out at 94 mph. He's been effective against lefthanded batters, and in non-close situations, but good right-handed hitters are still going to take him deep when he gets behind in the count. That's why the hesitation in using thus far in using Castro in these situations. Castro is certainly no panacea in a closing role. Hopefully Gordon is physically ok and can be back very shortly.

How good a move can Madson be, since he became a reliever opposing hitters are still hitting .290 off of him. Anyeone can get a couple outs here and there, but over time he's probably going to burn your team.

DQ, I'm sure it did. But just because Castro gave it up doesn't mean you were wrong. Note that he did get the LH hitter out (LaRoche). What I think it does underscore, however, is that whether you put Madson, Rhodes, Castro, or Geary out there in the ninth, there isn't a good option among them. It's more likely to go wrong than right with any of those miscast pitchers in that situation.

Don't discount the guy, though. He was catapulted from mop up to inherited-bases-loaded-no-outs save situation. Though I was excited, even I didn't think that was an apporpriate move. Fabio needs some time in close 7th-8th innings before critical 9th innings. Geary was the appropriate choice once Madson gave up his second base hit.

Jon, if he brings in Geary earlier, either Ward or McCann pinch hits. It's not all that much better a matchup.

Teams are hitting .333 against Rhodes at home this year. He also has a WHIP of 2.08 and an ERA of 7.32 at home. I will take my chances with Madson.

The bottom line is Manuel's horrible handling of a pitching staff. I would have brought in a Geary-Fultz-or-Castro into the 8th and had Madson start the 9th. It may have been a different outcome then.

Although there is no sure thing in the PHils bullpen, Manuel still mixes-n-matches with little success...but I have no leg to stand on right now.

Basically, w/o Gordon, our bullpen is as bad as the Royals'. We might as well be throwing Ambriorix Burgos out there.

What about having Fultz up then? Manuel and Dubee need to be doing a better job than they have been lately.

BTW, since Gordon pitched again last night while on rehab, they said he was not available today. Why even bother activating him then? Seems pointless...

J-Roll, come on and be a hero!

boy, he's loading up the bases with fast runners. nice ab by simon - and J-ROLL HITS! YUSH!

He had success doing in the ten days prior to the last game vs. Washington. It's not always going to work out, and it's not always Manuel's fault if it doesn't.


Thank God. Signs of life.

Take that you #%@#ers.

Victorino leads the Phils to a VICTORY!! Man, we are lucky to have survived that one!! Let's take two!!

Lovin' it. sweet, sweet win.

Wow, I don't believe it! I don't believe they won that game! I cannot believe it!

Wickman was bound to blow one!! Nice comeback, Phils!!!

that was awesome...I must be bipolar with the ups and downs i experience gamely.

YES YES YES!!! JIMMY! Great slide by Coste! Great AB by Simon! And SHANE!!!!! YES!!!!

Vicorino named player of the game in a game when Howard hits three bombs!

The Phillies aren't supposed to win these games!

Blown save by Wickman of all people...


My contention is that the bullpen is being used suboptimally. Charlie puts the wrong guys in and pulls them too early/late. I realize the closer situation sucks, but Manuel isn't doing a good enough job with it. I expect to lose games but not in the way they're being lost.

I admit Madson is not an ideal closer.
I admit Castro is not ready.
I stand by Rhodes is worse than the above two.

Big win, though.

I love to see this from our team for once.

Its been a joy watching victorino grab every chance thrown his way. Same for coste. here's hoping that's a demoralising kick in the teeth for the braves and we take two no bother.

anyone else shocked at how much simon let whelke throw in that AB? usually a phillie lets rip at a dumb pitch at some point in that situation and blows it.

Howard only needs two in the next game to tie record for HR in DH.

Sheesh, what a rollercoaster. Unreal. Everything was important in that ninth inning. Coste's miracle dash, Nunez's bunt, Simon's patience, Rollins' ultra-clutch hit, and Victorino getting the winning knock after he almost had to come out of the game with an injury. Teamwork! That was a game for the ages, right there. Harry Kalas sounded like he was choking up when Diaz hit the homer, and then back to rapturous hollering fifteen minutes later.

Did I mention I can't believe they won that game?

Great win

Any out of towners know if TBS is carrying the second game? The Braves site says yes but I think it's chick flick day on TBS and it looks like they're starting a second movie.

I had a bad feeling about this game the moment Todd Pratt stepped to the plate in the 8th inning, even before his home run. Don't know why, but it's one of those gut feelings a Phillies fan gets. Ex-player burns 'em, current bullpen struggles, and the fact that they're still the Atlanta Braves.

Isn't the HR record for a double header held by Nate Colbert, then of the San Diego Padres, in a DH in Atlanta against these same Braves sometime back in the mid-1970's? It would be great for Howard to do it to the Braves again.

Krub: I watched the Atlanta broadcast of the game today and the guys said that there was no Atlanta TV coverage for the second game. Puzzling that the Braves site says that the game will be televised. Start time is 5:05, wouldn't hurt to check back.

Isn't it funny how that works, Jason? I had the same inclination. Must have been something in Pratt's swagger that made me think it would be better to walk him when he stepped up to the plate. On the last pitch, even though textbook says to aim down and in, I didn't think Moyer could get away with it again--and he couldn't.

The team picked up their manager today. Nothing like easing Castro into progressively more difficult situations. Bases loaded, nobody out in the 9th of a critical game. That's mitake #1. #2 (which is inexcusable) is leaving him out there for the righthander with Geary up in the pen. Absolutely no excuse for that. He gets the lefty out, and you move on, Gomer.

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