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Friday, September 15, 2006


Here we go...stupid Clemens!

I'm thinking Howard goes deep against Rocket tonight.

Phils doing a nice job making Clemens work -- especially coming off the groin strain.



Yeah, hoping for a RH HR tonight. He hasn't gone this many games without one since July.

- Greg

That was huge. Very patient AB by Burrell. Got to 3-2 and waited for pitch over the middle of the plate and made Clemens pay.

burrell plates FOUR!!! after three walks!

!!!!! GRAND SALAMI BURRELL !!!!! Hit 'em where they can't throw you out Pat!

Nice Pat. Hero for a night!

Pat Burrell just can't hit good pitchers.

didn't see that coming

Salmon- shut the hell up! Leave it alone


I repeat, it's been demonstrated on this site that PB sucks-how did he ever hit a homer off HOF'er Roger Clemens?

Come on Myers. No time for bad first inning. Tavares with another infield single.

I'd think, DQ, that you'd be HAPPY Burrell came through.

I never said he sucked. I even admitted to being a fan of his. We simply pointed out his struggles of the past month or so.

I am excited Burrell hit a homerun. I'm excited when any Phillie goes long, even Nuni. But you don't have to throw Weitzel's statement back in his face again, leave it alone.

Who was even talking to you in the first place? Did I address the comment to you?

And the criticism of Burrell was that he can't hit good pitchers, never gets an important hit, etc. Not just that he's had a rough month-which everybody knows already.

Thanks for the gesture, DQ. No need to defend me. I stand by my statement.

Clemens is struggling.

Salmon- you didn't address me, I took it upon myself to tell you to shut shut up! I have no problem discussing meaning thoughts on here or having fun, but the stuff you were slinging the other day was just pitiful, especially at the author of this blog.

Nuni can't even buy a bunt hit...this is one of the worst offensive seasons EVER by a man with this many at bats.

DQ, that was a good bunt by Nunez. Caught them off guard -- just great play by Ensberg.

Easy. Up 4-0 on Clemens in the first. Let's even it out here.

clemens *is* struggling. he seems a bit hurt, actually.

Pat had a pretty good night last night, too.

clemens will not make 5, and it might only be 3.

Billy Mac- never said it wasn't a good bunt by Nunez. Indeed it was, and it was a good idea too. I was simply pointing out that he can't even get hits that way and that he is having one of the worst offensive seasons ever.

Love how Victorino busts it on routine grounders. That was close.

DQ, Gotcha. No argument here about Nunez being bad of historic proportions.

I didn't read the "statement" (The Bloggers' Manifesto?), but if you run a sports or politics website, and allow comments, you have to accept that some comments are critical.

Especially when you criticize a player in personal terms. Burrell's numbers are ABOVE his career norms (OBP/SLG). A fact to note in all the silly criticiam.

Let Vic play an entire season as a starter and he will make the defense make many errors due to his hustle...great stuff.

Salmon- it's over, I'm sorry I opened my mouth.

Now, let's get back to Phils baseball.

Fine, DramaQueen. I usually agree with you anyway!

I like the way they're running on Clemens. It's easy to over-rate SB's but it's a nice tool to have in your arsenal.

Salmon- we normally agree?

I know we didn't the other day, but I don't remember much beyond that.

Clemens has a decent move to first, but he can be run on. Slow to the plate and throws a lot of splits now.

Even Garner won't walk Howard now! we can't agree on whether we agree!

I think we can agree to disagree when necessary, and vice versa. Or something.

Howard is in a mini-funk...was bound to happen. Still the MVP. Destreda on Baseball Tonight was saying it's Pujols because of postseason...bullcrap!

It's gotta be Howard. And Frank Thomas in the AL.

Salmon- honestly you really ticked me off the other day when I was saying baseball is a combo of stats and observation and you didn't want to hear any of that, rather stats stats stats, but I need to let go of that and not be petty. I know I've pissed people off on here before too, so whatever. We're good to go brotha!

p.s. Frank Thomas in the AL? Great season, but he's a DH only and Morneau, Jeter (yuck), Ortiz, and Dye are having just as good of seasons.

Orestes Destrade is biased toward Latin players.

Always trying to keep the White man down...wait, Howard is black.

Okay to get ticked off.

Thomas, because the A's have so little hitting. Don't think they'd be there without him. Even the Twins have Mourneau and Mauer.

I'd only vote for Jeter under torture.

Nuni needs to do something positive here...even a productive out would be nice.

Really- there's only been a few Phillies I've ever hated: Rob Deucy, Mike Williams, Jose Mesa, David Bell, and Abe Nunez.

Just turned the game on...CLemens has terrible body language...I think he'd rather be watching Kody play

The Mendoza Line was .200 in the 70's, when there was a lot less hitting. The newly named Nunez Line should be about .240.

Salmon- Frank Thomas has been one of the biggest suprises and bargains all season ($500,000)

So where was the pitch Burrell hit? Must have been a mistake.

Bullcrap. Horrible inning. I hate it when the Phils do this. Guys on 2nd and 3rd with no outs...end of inning and no runs...chumps!

kdon, Burrell's Slam was tailing fastball that was middle in. Burrell did a nice job working the count to 3-2.

kdon- we've already been through the whole "mistake"/"good pitching" thing

seriously though- it was about damn time Burrell went long. he's considered a power hitter after all, isn't he supposed to hit homeruns?

Biggio really has lost it. He's a shadow of his former self. He should retire if not for his pursuit of 3000 hits.

See, even Morgan Ensberg went deep tonight.

By the way, why are the Phils throwing Wolf Sunday with 3 days rest -- 9 starts off of TJ surgery ?

Thanks BM.

Sorry DQ, I know my second comment was somewhat sarcastic but I really was curious. If Clemens didn't groove one on 3-2 w/ the bases loaded, there may be room for optimism.

Arg...J-Roll grounds into a DP on 3-1 and now this! WTF!

Things I hate seeing replayed on tv: Billy Wagner surrendering homeruns to the Astros last season, Joe Carter's walk-off homerun in '93...oh and Myers letting the game slip away.

This is Phillies baseball by the book. They strand very scoreable runners then pitcher starts coughing up runs...this pattern needs to end soon!

Dammit Myers!

Quick -- Who's given up more HRs this year, Brett Myers or Eric Milton ?

Wolf only threw 52 pitches in his last start, so CM in his infinite wisdom thinks, "Hey! That means he can go on three days' rest! Who was Tommy John again?"

One of the things that's hilarious about this site is posters who say something and then claim they never held that position when it's proven wrong. There's 2 or 3 that do this consistently.

On another subject, Jason I really like when you post info about the prospects (i.e. the Blue Claws). Info from the team can't be trusted (all their prospects are future stars) so to the extent that independent analysis is possible, it's a great resource for the fans.

Myers is a fine pitcher who still needs to mature a bit. If you watch him closely, all of his trouble usually follows when some small thing goes wrong: an error, a bad call, a lucky hit. He seems to have trouble getting past that. It weighs on his mind and he makes mistakes.

And Wolf only gives you 4 or 5 when he is fully rested. Phils want to get their $9 Million worth I guess. Tell Brito to be ready.

Clout, I agree on your Myers assessment. But I am not sure his temperament will ever change. This is his 5th year in the majors.

Re: The Burrell HR. The Phillies announcers said it was the same pitch (inside fastball)that Pat has been pulling off of. They said the fact he stayed with it could be a sign he's fixing his swing. I'm still skeptical but I also know veteran players usually wind up close to their career averages at season's end.

Billy Mac: You may be right. At age 26, some maturity ought to kick in. But as we saw with that incident in Boston, it hasn't happened yet.

I keep holding out hope that Myers will learn to control himself soon.

So where is RSB everyone? Burrell hits a grand slam off the greatest pitcher of our time, a guy who's only given up 7 all year, and... he's worse than a 50-year-old Jeff Conine, right? Sorry, I'm already drunk.

DQ: To me that's key. He certainly has the talent. His curve is a knee buckler and he's got the 93 mph heat to set it up. just needs to get his head straight. Like Nook LaLoush!

Where's Crash Davis when you need him?

Tray: C'mon, no teasing. Pat might fan with the sacks full next time up. Besides, RSB's opinions are set in stone. That's why he can argue seriously, as he did earlier this year, that an out is better than a walk.

Where's our Crash Davis?

see Salmon there we are agreeing again already.

Chris "Crash" Coste.

He spent enough time in the minors to earn a cool nickname.

It's more fun when everybody's arguing, DQ.

Just kidding-I think.

I came up with these two nicknames Chris "East -vs- West" Coste and Christ "Coste-to" Coste

no you're right, arguing is fun sometimes.

Oh Clout, you know outs are better than walks. Because... at least a ground out is a productive out. Yes, doesn't that make sense?

the "Christ" was a mistake above...although Davthom might think he's the 2nd coming of the man.

Davthorn and I are EXTREMELY close...

just the man to lead off the inning...

Salmon- what does that mean? Are you the same guy? If so, then I know where we've agreed many times in the past.

I'd rather Nunez leadoff an inning then kill a rally in the middle of it. Every passing at bat amazes me he's still a starting 3rd baseman in the Majors for a contending team no less!

Oh, davthorn thinks I "polluted" the site by making a political joke once. Directed at RSB, who didn't really take offense. But our buddy davthorn did!

Tray: I grew up under Earl Weaver. Outs, he said, are like gold. There's only 27 of them and you NEVER give one away.
That went against "the book" and virtually every other manager in the game.
All he did was go to the World Series four times and league championship 6 times in 10 years.

davthom will be back when Coste starts hitting again.

Why does it seem like we're losing this game even though we're ahead? What happened to the offense?

I'm signing off, I've spent too many hours on blogs on a Friday night...I'm pathetic.

I want the Phils to win this game, but the Met's hater in me wouldn't mind spoiling their on field NL East Division celebration.

Gee, DQ, you start talking like that, we'll all log off.

I'd like them to get 1 more run for the bullpen. I just don't have confidence that this 'pen can hold a 1 run lead for 2 innings.

Thanks, Clout.

The Phils are showing incredible faith in Matt Smith. I have to believe some of this confidence comes from the front office, because it's not Manuel's style to trust a newbie in the eighth inning of a 4-3 game.

I'm embarrassed for Bourn.

Another point on Smith: I wonder how much of this trust is earned just from wearing a Yankees uniform, the MLB mark of quality.

JW, And how much of the trust is your other lefty options are Fultz and Castro ?

This always seems to happen when you squander earlier opportunities.

This reminds me way too much of last season.

Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes. Somewhere DQ just threw a shoe through his TV screen.

Maybe the karma is back.

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