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Saturday, September 16, 2006


Scott Graham + Lou Piniella = audio torture

After 2 innings, Hirsch is lookin' like Cy Young.

Its like deja vu all over again!

Hopefully, they'll get better ABs the 2nd time around.

At least Graham got the "Chris Coste, Great Story" out of the way.

Is that Fox's combo? Truly bizarre. I was going to rant about how the stupid network is causing out-of-towners to miss out on the telecast, because they black it out on as well...but if it means a day off from Graham, it might be worth it.

Piniella (presumably the spit to Graham's intolerable polish) is on one of those broadcast intervals that ESPN and Fox seem to provide as a service for veteran managers between gigs.

Both teams again locked in a war of attrition. The Phillies look like they're hoping for a second all-star break to kick in any day now.

VOR: It is a "Great Story", and doesn't become less so with its telling by opposing radio and TV broadcast teams. If you're listening on XM Radio, I know that you have no choice but to listen to Phillies' games on the home (this time the Astros') radio cast, but if you are listening on your computer, you can access the Phillies' audio, if you're tired of listening to this "Great Story."

Pinella is full of praise for the Phils...interesting...very interesting indeed.

Really wish the offense would wake the hell up and support our young ace. Bloody hell, C'mon!

I'm really contemplating getting XM Radio for myself for Christmas. Anybody out there have it? If so please contact me and let me know if it's worth it...thanks!

DQ: I have XM Radio, and I think it is excellent. Actually, my wife is the subscriber to XM radio, while I subscribe to Sirius, but since Sirius does not carry Major League Baseball, we switch the XM and the Sirius during baseball season. After the baseball season is over, we'll, switch back, because Sirius has NFL football, NBA basketball NBDL, and NHL Hockey. I think the NHL is also on XM Radio, but a real drawback to Sirius is its failure to carry MLB. The quality of reception for both Sirius and XM Radio is excellent, and the price is reasonable.

When I say Ryan's slumping, I mean he hasn't hit a HR in a WHOLE Week! It feels like an eternity.

So, do the Phillies more closely resemble to you a) a team playing out the string in September, or b) a team desperately trying to make the playoffs?

That was more in reference to John Marzano during last night's post-game. He was acting like Howard was in a slump.

RSB: They look like a team that's playing as hard as they possibly can at this point in the season.

Off-topic: Two Phillies related articles in the latest ESPN Magazine: A so-so article on Ryan Howard, and a very good short article on Bobby Abreu in New York, including an interview with Larry Bowa.

I guess it's wrong to imply that it's any kind of lack of effort. Yet I also can't believe it's purely a shortcoming of talent. To me, they aren't responding physically or mentally to the grind of it all, and they're damn lucky that they aren't getting suitably buried by their opponents, weak as they may be themselves. The wins last night and in game 1 of the Atlanta doubleheader were gifts. Like Manuel, I'm just perplexed that the Phils can't find it in them to keep the jets turned on, that the energy and incentive of the chase doesn't really elevate their performance the way you'd think it should.

The "Great Story" just got the first hit of the game for the Phillies in the top of the fifth.

Looks like a pitcher's duel, one hit (Coste) for both teams through 4 innings.

Dumb FSN feels that New Orleans is better served by seeing the Marshall-Kansas State game, two teams that no one around here cares about, instead of showing the Astros game. Boo to FSN!

There’s no more deplorable single aspect of Phillies baseball than bunting. Did everyone see Lieber the other night? Totally ridiculous.

My mistake, Coste's hit in the 5th...then Nunez gets a hit! Obviously the wheels are falling off Hirsh's no-hitter, but not his shutout.

Agree JW on bunting. But who is being held accountable ? Greg Gross and Richie Hebner were fired because of poor situational hitting and hitting fundamentals. Seems Milt Thompson gets a free ride.

Davthom: Just having a little fun with the ongoing joke from a previous post, not taking it too seriously. Agreed, Coste is a great story.

DQ: If you are wireless, another baseball only option is Gameday Audio at I tote my laptop around the house while listening to the radio broadcasts. Home & away feeds are broadcast, even Espanol for those teams that air Spanish broadcasts.
A few added bonuses:
1. Only $14.95/year
2. Spring Training feeds are carried (WPHT has cut back on their spring broadcasts over the last few years but many opposing team feeds were broadcast this past spring.)
3. All games are archived, even for previous seasons. Even the pre-game shows are saved which could make listening to previous "Ask the GM" shows interesting.

You're selling them short. They're 5-3 on this road trip. Considering how many times pitching has betrayed them, the whole season must feel like a grind for the offense. Physically, I can't remember the last game Rollins, Ultey or Howard got a blow. Mentally, a lot of great efforts have been squandered by the bullpen. Lately, they're leaving runners on base, but overall I'm very happy with the bats, and especially pleased with the efforts of Lieber and Hamels.

I don't think you can blame the hitting coach for poor bunting. I'm sure he's not telling them how to bunt wrong. It simply seems that no one on this team can execute a proper bunt.

Mike, I go to at least 40 games a year and I am there early to see batting practice. I've never seen a pitcher work on bunting. Who's responsible for that ?

I don't know what that kid was crying about. That was like a reverse Bartman. He must know that a Howard homer ball is special and shouldn't be dropped.

ok i'll be the first to say it just like i did on labor day...NO HITTER! For da King...Cole come on over to my club on Del. Avenue and i'll put you on my web talk show next week!

As a new member of the Pat the Bat Fan Club, I am very disappointed that Pat failed to drive in Ryan Howard from second base as he hit into the final out to end the inning.

Billy Mac, if that's the case, then you're right. I've never been there for batting practice. Eventually, though, they should figure out that you need to get on top of the ball to bunt it down. High school physics or something.

Bravo Dellucci. He's been way overdue.

finally a good swing from Dellucci..first one in a MONTH

VOR: I hear you. When RSB said a while back that Coste's story was essentially no different from that of any other "journeyman career minor leaguer" (my best memory of RSB's terminology), I didn't respond at the time, but Coste's story is a whole lot more than that. Much of the information that sets Coste's story apart is found in Coste's book "Hey - I'm Only the Catcher." After all, how many "journeyman career minor leaguers" have gotten married at home plate before at an independent minor league game, leaving the field with his new wife under a tunnel of bats raised by Coste's Fargo Red Hawks' teammates? There is actually a photo of this spectacle in the book. And that is just one example of what the game of baseball has meant to Coste in his life, and it provides real insight into how and why Coste stuck it out through 11 minor league seasons.

Yo Cuz, Thanks for jinxing it.

That crying idiot kid!!!! S.O.B! think "That Kid" could go down in folk lore if we miss the WC by 1 game and end up losing this game somehow?

I was at a game on August 15, 1990 in which Terry Mulholland did absolutely nothing special. Much the same way Hamels is doing nothing special in this game.

At that game in 1990, my brother predicted after the 2nd inning that Terry would do absolutely nothing special.

THanks Billy - if you think that Hamels ability to throw a no hitter is in someway prohibited by me making a statement on the internet then you are an absolute moron! Get a woman dude if this is what you worry about

A good omen for next year, as far as Hamels facing the same team twice and just as dominating in *both* games. I actually wasn't aware of just how dominant until the Cuz just blurted it out.

Can they add on? Can they hang on? It would be a big, big win, especially considering they miss Pettitte tomorrow. Breaks like that are starting to stack in their favor.

The "Great Story" just scored the first run of the game.

Davthom, Did you miss Dellucci's bomb ?

This team needs to find a way to get Hamels into an October series. He's a winner.

Dellucci's homer got the ball rolling, suddenly they're getting the hits!

Cuz, I was 15 when he pitched that game too, but much less lucky than you...I watched it at home and tried not to make too much noise when it was over so as not to wake my mother up. Ah well, still a great memory all the same...

What happened with Howard and a crying kid? The game is blacked out on as a "national broadcast", but isn't on TV on the west coast.

Howard hit what appeared to be a homer into the first row. The kid dropped the ball back into play and they called it a double.

Ah, I see your little story has been ommitted, Cuz...never mind...

Billy Mac: My lapse. Thanks for the correction.

I really hope this long inning doesn't ruin King Cole's rhythm.

Terry's game. I was sixteen and as I mentioned at the Vet. Sitting to towards the third base side in pretty good seats. Maybe 200 level, I think. That may have also been the game I saw Charles Barkley in the stands. - just regular old seats, nothing special.

Good inning, getting runs one hit at a time. 4-0! Good deal. Go Phillies!

And I hope Cole can get his pitch count per inning down a tad. I don't want to see him throwing 130 today...

Manuel will pull him for Geary at 100 pitches.

Greg, I went to the game *before* Mulholland's night off! At least I got to see the Phils set a team record that night for most runners left on base in one game - 20. Some things never change.

Hey, Harry just mentioned the no-hit bid on radio...if he can do it, we all can do it.

And look what happened! :)

Okay, I'd pull Cole right now before he gets hit hard again.

The first hit was on Hamels' pitch number 100.

As a new member of the Pat the Bat Fan Club, I am very disappointed that Pat failed to drive in Victorino from second base and Utley from first as he struck out to end the inning.

I'd love to have seen a no-no, and it's too bad he lost the shutout, but that hit was a blessing in disguise. He's pitched a great game, and now he can sit and rest his arm when it's time.

No-hit bid and shutout over after an Adam Everett gapper. 7 2-3 no hit innings, on top of what I've seen from his 21 previous starts, leaves little doubt he can go toe-to-toe with any pitcher.

Fred, I think being a member of the Pat the Bat Fan Club means never saying a thing about all those stranded runners and called third strikes.

Casey, agreed. I'm more than happy with how he kept the score even all that time. He'll get his no-no soon enough...and hopefully in a game which Fox doesn't forbid me to watch.

If the Phils hold on to win this game, it will all but quash Houston's Wild Card hopes. Talk about paybacks.

Tough to lose a no-hitter and a shutout on a single pitch.

LOL, RSB. You must surely sense my tongue in cheek sarcasm about all those stranded runners and called third strikes.

Man, Lidge is Mitchy-poo-esque.

Abe triples?!?

Houston play-by-play: "Perfectly executed hit and run, and perfect day, by Coste - he had a long time to learn his craft in the minors, and he did."

And NUNEZ, triple scoring Bourne and Coste!

D'oh. It's sad to hear Harry making mistakes during the broadcast. He just cited the score as 6-0 when Coste crossed the plate. Sure, it might have been an honest mistake, but the frequency of those types of errors is definitely up this year.

Hamels hitting for himself ????

Dear Cholly,

Why are you keeping Cole in the game?

O.K. So I'm not the only who is wondering?

I remember the last time Cholly kept Cole in the game for one additional inning when game was over and he was greeted with line drive off his shin.

I want to see a complete game. Take the training wheels off and let him do it.

3 more runs. Let's keep it at 7-1.

I agree with Jason. He's cruising and it's still a one-hitter.

I was glad to see Bourn put in as a pinch runner and able to score. Why isn't this game on FSN for me? I like these kind of games.

JW, They are only in the 8th. Do you really want to see Cole throw 135 pitches today ? For who, for what ?

Jesus, this manager is as bad as I thought. We're up 7-1, and not only is Hamels still pitching, but apparently Geary is up in the pen. Why not warm up Gordon, too, while you're at it?

If he is going to make a change, it should be for one of those AAA characters.

While Hamels pitches and lets Cholly rest our bullpen, Houston has really wrecked their bullpen in this game, using five relievers so far.

Fred, Astros need to play every game like there is no tomorrow. They needed to take at least 2 in this series to even think of having a chance for WC or Division. Today ends their season.

I guess the extra pitches saved will benefit Hamels long-term, but it's senseless noodling to bring in Geary. Hamels is probably wondering how much more he needed to show against Houston to earn the right to work out of his own jam.

Geary keeps the game out of hand so Gordon gets a break.

Now if Cholly has Gordon getting loose...

[VOR]...he's an idiot. $100 says Madson comes in, instead of Castro or anyone else that has been resting for 785124 years.

Billy Mac, you're right. Payback is sweet, ending the Astro's WC hopes. I'm short sighted looking at tomorrow's game. I want a worn out Houston bullpen for tomorrow. We need a sweep.

Someone needs to give me $100. Why in the hell is Madson in there? I swear if the Phillies make the playoffs, Geary & Madson will not be available because they're so overused.

Maria wins $100. It's politics. They're grooming Madson to replace Flash Gordon as the closer.

Go Dodgers!!!

Excellent win. It took a while, but the offense finally took care of business. Houston must be crushed. Time for Wolf to step up and finish them off. Nothing less than six innings, Randy.

Phillies win. Way to go. Now I can watch the LSU-Auburn football game. Go tigers! (LSU Tigers) Auburn just missed a Field Goal by hitting the upright. Atill no score.

Wolfy doesn't inspire much confidence. I'd love to see him go at least 6 with a reasonable pitch count. We'll see. In the meantime we should warm up Brito.

Except for his last outing, Wolf has been okay. Brito is the guy who scares me.

Regarding pitch counts; I'm with Weitzel, time to take off the training wheels. It's a personal issue with me, I dont see why 100 pitches is a magic number, and particularly with Cole, he's throwing mostly changeups.

I dont think that its saving pitchers arms, look at Liriano and Matthieson. Keeping them to strict pitch limits didnt help.

In particular, I found the following article about Nolan Ryan, and found this factoid in the piece.

Nolan Ryan averaged 150 pitches, and as threw as many as 245 in nine innings.

100 pitches is BS.

Well we all know that Dubee & Manuel aren't going to let him throw more than 110 pitches even if he's going well. They seem to believe 100 pitches & a pitcher can't go on.

I don't have a problem with taking Hamels out when they did. He was starting to get hit a little, and a fresh arm was probably a better idea than letting him start to labor with a big lead. He's one guy they're going to be very reluctant for a long time to take any kind of chances with due to the history of arm/shoulder injuries he's had. It's understandable.

arm injuries? i thought those were mostly from youthful indiscretions that crash davis would not have approved of.

bringing in someone fresh?...Geoff Geary. This guy's worked like a dog.

I should say, back injuries. And the tender shoulder earlier this year.

Workhorse or not, Geary's arm was a lot fresher than Hamels' by the eighth inning today.

Agreed. I just believe that Geary shouldn't be used every night, especially when they had a 7-1 lead. Save him & rest him for more important situations.

The phillies won by 5. Duh, let's blame Burrell because they didn't win by more.

No reason to stretch Hamels out...Nolan Ryan? Are you kiddning me, you're going to argue that pitchers can throw 150 pitches because the most durable pitcher of all time could do it?

It is a shame the both Geary and Madson had to work in a blowout game...these are the type of subtle moves that Manuel does that costs the team a couple games a season.

Ah, but a W! Can't wait to put Vin Scully on MLB.TV and root for the Dodgers. RSB, are you going to listen so you can find out all sorts of random anecdotes about the Pads?

Look out Mets here we come!!. Were only down by 14.5, I smell a division win. Seriously, the Mets are not looking good. THey may win the division but they are limping into the playoffs. I hope we get there becasue the Mets look like ducks on water.

Sean, no one at least not me, is blaming Burrell for today's game. But I swear if he strikes out looking one more time...

Vin Scully and Scott Graham would be the ideal broadcast team for my baseball nightmare - the one in which Pat Burrell is the only batter and takes fastballs on the inside corner for 27 straight third strikes while the Phanatic races around the field in his scooter. The umpire is Joe West, and the only fan is Clout, up in the stands laughing maniacally.

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