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Monday, September 25, 2006


yup. most likeable team in years.

I tend to think people like teams that win, but there is no denying that guys like Rollins/Vic/Nunez/Howard/ are just fun to watch because they seem to really enjoy the game.

I remember early in the season when both Alex Gonzalez and Nunez were struggling, and I couldn't get myself to pull for the former. He just looked sullen, whereas Nunez really seemed to care. Even on Beerleaguer, I think there was far more "dislike" of Gonzalez than Nunez, even though they were both awful.

I'm not sure things like this (likeability) help a team win, but they are quite enjoyable supurfluities.

They are really starting to have some swagger. This is the kind of team who can come out of nowhere to make some noise in the post season. We just need them to keep up this torrid pace for 7 more games ... Then make some magic in October.

Good stuff.

As a long time Philly fan-my first game was at Connie Mack Stadium-I applaud and agree whole-heartedly with your sentiments. I have never cheered this hard nor respected my team this much.

As a first time poster and long time blog lurker... All I have to say is GO PHILS!!

P.S. Have to agree with the other posters regarding the wife's annoyance with the constant baseball watching.

As a girlie phan stuck in boston while all this is going on (sorry Papi, I really don't care about #52) I haven't been so excited about baseball since i scrawled 'Darren Daulton is cool' in my Phils hat when I was 9. Now I just need to get cable for a month so I can watch the games....

On wife annoyance, I was engaged to my wife in 1983 when the Phillies went to the World Series. After the World Series, she said she was glad baseball season was over. When 1984 rolled around, we were married and she was relieved that the Phillies didn't make the playoffs, because that ended the season on time for her. I kept telling her how rare Phillies post season participation was and that it was an event that needed to be savored.

When 1993 rolled around, she did not complain. I guess by then, she had lived through years and years of me telling her that the Phillies lost, that she realized this would not be an every year occurance. I hope she'll be understanding this year.

I've just recently joined, and I must say I enjoy BeerLeaguer way more! They are flat-out malicious on there. Here we have people get ticked off and say some things, but you can't even have an opinion of your own over there, you must agree with them solely.

Players - without question. The manager and his staff - no way. Hopefully the players' achievements during the second half of the season won't result in having Manual return again in 2007.

philliesphan is the howard eskin of the blog world. its *awful*.

"Now I just need to get cable for a month so I can watch the games...."

There are people without cable? Crazy

It's fricken horrible (philliesphan). They think their the leaders of the free world over there. I have a greater respect for places like BeerLeaguer now...thanks Weitzel!

I work a block from the Superdome and went for a walk around there at lunchtime. This place is hopping. Outside my building the local NBC affiliate, WDSU channel 6, was interviewing Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu. The station has set up a bandstand for music starting at 2:30 PM. I saw two other bigger bandstands (one for the Goo Goo Dolls) on the Superdome parking deck, but the gendarmes wouldn't let me go up there. Coors had their Silver Bullet Train parked on the street. No free beer! Boo!

"stuck in boston while all this is going on (sorry Papi, I really don't care about #52)"

Amen, sister! I'm in New England as well and a friend of mine went to the game where Big Papi hit #52. My friend was so excited (which was okay). But when I told him that someone on my team had 58 he didn't care. Come on baseball nation - give some respect to our boy and our team, please!

As far as character goes, nothing will beat '93 for me. But this is good. This is real good.

Want a little break from the butt-kissing? I have give you an elbow for this line: "Dear Phillies: We love everything about you."

Not to take a page from my man Clout, but that had me laughing to myself pretty good!

I'd give Burrell a hug on a morning like this. Share the love, man. DQ is sharing the love this morning.

Weitzel- I've been much better recently. I'm starting to mature I believe.

Hey - if the Phils win it all, I'll come back to Philly and plant a kiss right on Burrell's ass.

Of course, I'll have to ask him to pay my plane fare afterwards.

I have love for this team, unconditional love, but it's tough love. And with a week still to go, I can't let it out just yet - no way. This is all a bit premature!

I watched the dodgers game the other night (Saturday night) and got the LA home broadcast. They were already selling playoff tickets! Karma's a you-know-what and then they lost.

RSB- I've fighting my better judgement, but if I'm going to believe, I'm going all out! Go the Wild Card then to the World Series.

DQ, no slight to your site, but I agree with you that Beerleaguer is the best. I think we generally have quality commentors with a bit of humor, folks like RSB, Willard Preacher, Tom Goodman, kdon, and even clout, make for mostly enjoyable reading and opinion. Most of these other Phillies sites are hard on the eyes and hard to use.

My wife peered over my shoulder last night and asked what are you doing at some "Beer" site. I guess she'd prefer a name like "Coca-ColaLeaguer."

philliesphan is the worst. I'd rather talk about the Phillies at

I can honestly say that right now there is not a team in the National League that scares me. That includes the Metropolitans.


Sometimes its all about peaking at the right time.

The Mets starting pitching is in a shambles, and the Padres have no offense.

The phils look to be in the driver's seat, an odd position to be in.

Lake Fred- my site doesn't even compare to this sites commenting section, which is why BeerLeaguer is so damn good! So, no offense taken.

So who's our DH - Conine, Hernandez, Burrell? A rotation of catchers? Personally, I say Conine, tho I think Mr. the Bat will have a surprising NLCS.

Everybody in, optimism is at an all-time high on Beerleaguer!!!
Kind of scary, though.

Don't contrarians rake in the cash by selling when market sentiment is at or near the top?

RSB: What makes beerleaguer hilarious isn't the unabashed hero worship when the team is going good. It's knowing that the very same posters will revile the players as lower than dogs if they blow it. We've seen both this season from the exact same posters!

This bunch is a very likeable team indeed, but to be honest, I'd just as soon head into the playoffs with Rose, McBride, Maddox, Schmidt, Luzinski, Boone, Trillo & Bowa with Greg Gross & Lonnie Smith on the bench, Carlton starting and Tugger closing.

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