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Monday, September 25, 2006


...rookie right-hander Matt Albers (0-2, 6.00)

I am actually salivating.

We're going to need a lot of runs off Albers tonight because Wolf is pitching. Hey Randy, feel free to step up and shut me up!

Any predictions on how many times they walk Ryno tonight?

I say 3 times. And he will see nothing to hit from this rookie. I guess Dellucci will be hitting behind Howard tonight. Does anybody know for sure on this. I think I like Conine and Delluci in left and right respectively. Although I think Pat the Bat might be due against a rookie. But I like Conine for the clutch hits. Also it would be great if we could go aahead and clinch this thing and give Bourne "Identity" some playing time to see what he's got.

I think Foghorn starts Burrell tonight because

1) Last home game. Perhaps Burrell's last ever. Foghorn loves that kind of stuff.

2) He's starting to hit some.

Unfortunately I think Foghorn cares more about 1 than 2.

The Astros scare me.


Good thing is their game ended last, and the got into town real late last night.

Plus they are only in for one game (while it is a game the Astros MUST win).

Still, no reason the phils should lose.

This game could easily go either way, despite the rookie pitcher. Houston is hot, knows they're technically still in it, wants to avenge sweep last weekend. This will not be an easy game.

We also don't have to worry about Wagner throwing meatballs to his good buddy Biggio.

Still, the 'Stros are really good this time of year and a loss here would hurt us almost as bad as it would them. I'll have the beer ready tonight...

I don't know ... rookie pitcher, ERA above 5.00; time was, this is exactly when the Phils bats would go quiet.

I am guessing Dellucci and Conine start tonight against the righty Albers. is listing a new starter for the 'Stros -- Sampson. also listing Sampson. Foxsports and Yahoosports still show Albers.

The Phils are just as hot as anyone right now. Hot or otherwise, with a rookie right-handed pitcher with an ERA over 5.00 and that lineup, the Astros should by all rights be counting this as a loss already. Yeah, it's Wolf, but if the numbers are any indication he's at least better than this kid. With our lineup that should be enough.

I know, should be seems to have hurt the Phillies this year, but I feel like things will be different for the last games of this season.

Sampson, Albers, it doesn't matter.

Matters to me! Sampson has had some success in the bigs, while Albers hasn't. No matter how limited that success may be, this isn't a positive development.

Although I do wonder why he wasn't announced as the starter in the first place.

Hopefully the Phils are so locked in they won't even notice.

Not to be a wet blanket, but everyone on here is all ready to buy playoff tix. Let's clinch many times has some no name pitcher f'd us up this year? HOld on, it's gonna be a bumpy last week of the season.

I agree, there's an unwarranted overconfidence taking hold here. It's okay to be excited, but the postseason is harly a foregone conclusion. I can't believe Paul Hagen said flat-out today that they'd be in. You can't possibly tell from here. You can look at matchups, stats, road records all you want - no one has any idea what will go into determining the outcomes of the next seven games.


1. J Rollins, SS
2. S Victorino, CF
3. C Utley, 2B
4. R Howard, 1B
5. D Dellucci, RF
6. P Burrell, LF
7. M Lieberthal, C
8. A Nunez, 3B
9. R Wolf, P

1. W Taveras, CF
2. M Ensberg, 3B
3. L Berkman, 1B
4. L Scott, LF
5. C Burke, 2B
6. J Lane, RF
7. E Bruntlett, SS
8. H Quintero, C
9. C Sampson, P

Interesting lineup for the Astros, definitely offense oriented. No Biggio, no everett, no ausmus.

I don't think anyone except Paul Hagan (if he) took that seriously. If you know the Phils you know there's a good chance they'll still come up short. I just think there's a better chance they won't, and am reasonably confident about the game tonight (even though it's Sampson now and not Albers).

I agree it won't be smooth sailing but I expect the turbulence to come against the fish and gnats, not so much tonight.

Burrell is my favorite! I love when he visits me on Del. Avenue. Hopefully tonite is not his last home game in this town :(

He's the hottest guy in this town since Daulton.

Houston should not scare anyone right now.
They got very lucky to sweep the Cardinals this past weekend, for two reasons:

1. Houston counted on lots of 9th inning runs to win, against a terrible, injury plagued Cardinal bullpen.
2. The Cardinals are not good on the road this year (34-47), worst in their last 9 years.

The Astros are not playing well right now, they're just lucky.

Beerleaguer, there's a little hiccup in this post. The Dodgers beat the Diamondbacks last night, not the Pirates.

FWIW, Albers is a decent young prospect, not yet big league ready. Sampson is organization filler, 28, a middle reliever at best.

Remember, that guy from the Cubs Whalrond, or whalrus, or Narwhal? Either way that guy was a minors lifer and he did pretty good against us. Or wait was that the Yu guy. I dunno, but lets knock this guy early so we can get to Brad "I'm about ready to jump of the" Lidge.

Wolf just got a workout.

And again.

Does randy just want to get everyone out himself tonight? greedy fella.

Wolfie looking good so far.


This guy is dangerous.

fine k right there. shame about his location with berkman, but he was working hard to keep it tight in on lance. I don't think the bb's are going to go away for a while yet - but I'm really hoping gillick takes a chance on him next year.

I still like Conine instead of Burrell.

so much for matt albers. surprised they went with a right hander against us tho'. no way howard gets a pitch tonight.

That was uugly Utley.

doh. of course this was posted in the line-up earlier on.

This guy is looking like the lovechild of Nolan Ryan and Roger Clemens.

it drives me nuts that we only saw 7 pitches in the first.

Rollins and Utley had over-anxious at-bats. Understandably, everyone's amped, but tone it down a little and let the guy show everyone what his pitches are before swingling wildly at everything.

yeah, guy like this, you want to be as patient as. Still, if yesterday is anything to go by, they'll have relaxed by the 3rd. Hope randy holds the 'stros till then.

I like Wolf's moxie in big games.

was that three straight fastballs by wolf there? Wolf is not messing about!

Jason Lane looks like he has Pat Burrell syndrome. Guy just took 3-1 & 3-2 fastballs right down the pipe.

I love having three fast-working pitchers in Wolf, Lieber, and Hamels. None of this walking around the mound between pitches crap. That's why I hated Millwood. Well, that and he sucked.

THese next three batters is where this guy is going to earn his big league paycheck.

Wolf seems like he is thrilled for a chance to pitch in a game this big. Making the most of it so far.

Howard walk, Delluci single, Burrell homer. Bank it.

that sir, is some confidence. my god. They're pitching to the howitzer!


Nothing to hit, eh? Let's hope they keep pitching to him.

hey 1 out of 3 aint bad, right?

Cmon Liebs.

rejuvenated resting every third day lieby is a joy to watch. makes me nostalgiac for the old days. sniff.

parker :
1. Wrong
2. Wrong
3. Again Wrong
So you're like nunez 0-3!


erm, obviously not when he pops up . . .

Yeah, But nunez might go 3 for 3 and that wouldnt be so bad right. Hey after all we got Wolf following him tonight so he has some protection.

No more stupid predictions. God didn't you learn your lesson from yesterday when that other guy ripped you a new a-hole for making stupid comments?

Im with Oisin give them 2 looks at this guy and they will figure it out.

Dude you sound a lot like that guy. (Alias?)

Allright no more predictions.

Just to be clear, dude is NOT That Dude.

We need to get Ensberg.

who is this guy david Eckstein?

ensberg is doing the astros a favour here. I hope wolf's stamina is improving game on game because this is not good.

ah crap, now the walk. not good.

50 pitches for wolf. he's not going 7 tonight.

I dont know about you guys but there is nobody in this lineup that I have more faith in during a pressure situation than Jeff Conine.

so quick question to anyone reading. ye got a bottle of somthin' nice in the event of a win tonight? seeing as how its the phils last home game and everything.

Wolf just demonstrated why he isn't going deeper into games. He messed around with a flopping breaking ball ahead in the count 0-2 to Quintero, who mashed it for a double. he tore ahead of Ensberg 0-2 and then nibbled around with junk for five minutes until he finally walked him. Contrast that to the first and second when he was coming right at hitters, mostly with fastballs. Wolfie, keep it simple, will ya?

Pitching around Wolfie?

Parker, I agree. With Conine in the 5 hole, you might think twice about walking Howard. With Dellucci, "percentages" or not, you just don't. Dellucci is not having quality at-bats and has been a surprisingly easy out for about 5-6 weeks.

Wow that was a nice play.

I liked LA's point that wolfie gets worried that people are working out his fastball too quickly. makes sense to me that a returning pitcher who has a lot of experience doesn't want to rely to much on one pitch, but doesn't quite trust his location yet.

Great catch there. nice.

J-Roll would have made it look easier though.

This is a huge inning.

dammit. I thought it was only against left handed rookies that we sucked.

book on the astro's tonight - fastball tight and inside . . .

just checked wolfies strikes to bbs tonight and despite the high pitch count, he's running an okay 46-22.

then again, the other guy is managing 23-6.

my headphones just popped from that foul hit!

That's crappy. He's pitching well and the pull him out 2/3 way through the fourth? Hope we make garner pay for that needless tinkering.

Is Springer a righty or Lefty?

If he is a lefty then Garner needs to check his medication.

Burrell's splits would favor im leaving the righty in.

Good move Garner.

c'mon lieby. one of your lasers from back in the day. that'd be sweet.

God, that was pathetic.

crap. lieby's hot hand positively lukewarm this evening.

Those are the situations that put you in the playoffs if you execute.

J-Roll just looks like a machine out there.

Yes Parker, getting a hit with the bases loaded is important.

Parker, I think that's unfair - with two outs it takes a hit to score a run. You talk about 'executing' - getting the run home by putting the ball in play - when there's a runner on third with no outs or one out. The people who booed there are also being very unfair. Lieberthal's been big for the Phils when he's played this month. Lay off.

Randy's fastball is working because its about 3 years since anyone's seen it ...

Freakin Jimmerson.

freakin' high curve, more like.

I know it is unfair, I'm just saying. Oh my god Wolf.

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