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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Well LA plays three at Colorado. Maddux vs Jennings who is probably Col. best SP. Good chance for the Phils to get that 1 game up.

Especially with Ortiz pitching these guys may just tee off on him early. Like to see Burrell and Delluci have a strong finish this week going into the playoffs. And hopefully Myers will give the pen a break and we'll see Castro pitching the 8th and 9th with a 12 run lead.

When they are winning day after day, everything is wonderful. When they lose, like last night, all the horrible ghosts of Phillies Past get unleashed and a corpse-like pallor is evident on all long suffering Phillies fans. Our knees get weak, our stomachs turn and our demeanor is not good. Only a Phillies victory tonight will make us well.

Maybe I'll have a J-Roll, Chase it down with a mixed drink of 100 proof Ryan and Conine to ease the pain. The hurting head pain will stay away unless the Foghorn blows tonight.

Not excuse not to win this game. None. Phils have played better on the road this season in general. Plus, they are facing Ortiz. Since I don't have anything nice to say about Ortiz, I won't.

The only way the Phils don't chase him early is if they become overly aggressive and start hacking. I could see this happen to a few players, especially Victorino.

Funny thing is that if the Phils do make the playoffs, I am almost glad they will start on the road. This team just seems to play looser and have less mental lapses on the road.

I'm actually worried about the Nats getting home so late. It seems like good teams react well to adversity. Not that I think that the Nats are a good team, but I'm sure they want to knock us out of the playoffs. Also, I've heard and witnessed teams have even more focus when they have less sleep or somehting similar to that. Maybe there is less expectations and the pressure doesnt affect them. However I am strugling to figure out what, if any pressure there is on the Nats. So either I see this Nats team totally not caring, or being so loose that they are dangerous.

If any team doesn't worry me through this whole stretch of pennant-chase baseball, it's the Natoinals, who are pretty well demoralized by now. RFK is almost certain to be rife with loud Phillies fans, for one thing; and for another, whatever motivation the Nationals can possibly have to be a spoiler is trumped tenfold by the Phillies' motivation not only to make the playoffs, but to sock it to Ramon Ortiz, who played a little beanball the last time he faced the Phillies.

Yeah I just get a feeling that the Phils are tight and the Nats are loose, but I sure as hell hope they prove me wrong.

Fellow watchers, time to suck it up and listen to opponent boroadcasters the rest of the way. Doesn't make it any easier to watch these anxious games in the last week.

By the way, have you all figured out by now that the scrambled name is Esteban Loaiza? Oh, sorry to give it away...

Be nice if we stole a base.

Does Ortiz really suck this much?

Way to attack!

He almost no-hit the Cards about 2 weeks ago.

Took it into the ninth.

THen gave up a jack to Albert.

Every dog has his day.

Alright, only problem is he's gonna be gone soon.

It is *really* heartening to see them come out smokin' like this.

You know what I think of when I see Pat Burrell?


Big Man napping.

Maximum of three innings for this guy unless we do some majorly stupid batting.

Anybody flipping to ESPN during commercial to see who won the Phillies hometown hero voting?

You know what I see when I see Pat Burrell?

One stupid, stubborn baseball player.

Four singles and two outs that traveled about 760 feet. I hope Frank's slow with the hook tonight.

Hope that doesnt piss Brett off.

I'm still in my 30 day free trial membership in the Pat the Bat Fan Club and, again, I am disappointed that he struck out with ducks on the pond.

The series isn't even an inning old, and I'm beyond sick of Tom Paciorek (Nationals' color man). Three Uh-oh!s and a Hello! already. Control yourself, please.

Yeah, the whole I wish I were a Brett Myers winner bit made me not even want to eat the bratwursts I prepared for watching the game.

That guy just said J-ROll can hit 40 home runs in the Bank. THese guys are idiots.


The Nats color man.

Didn't that look like it hit the post? (That's what the WHAT was for.)

That 3-run homer would have been nice to have on the scoreboard. C'mon umps!!

Yeah, I liked that one too. Never mind that his previous career high was 14. All of a sudden 25 becomes 40.

Great it should be 5-1.Nice missed call.

The radio guys seemed to think it hit the pole.

Rollins really has found a power stroke that works this year, but 40 is pretty ridiculous. One great development has been his consistency following homers. It used to seem like a homer meant a week full of pop-outs to follow.

Nice to know the Phillies just lost 3 runs thanks to an umpire's mistake - and no one even argued.

The nats broadcast on just replayed it a few times. There's no question it hit the pole.

Yeah you could see the green mark on the pole.

Agreed that the total lack of an argument is madness. Where are Bombard and the other umps on that? It pretty much drilled the post.

That's just like that Home run in atlanta last year that they gave atlanta. It actually missed the pole.

come on manuel- argue THAT!

And, now, the radio guys are saying that Bombard is arguing with the umpire. Too little, too late.

Holy crap Beerleaguer is on fire tonight!

God dammit. They should have way more than 2 runs. Get it togther.

This already has the feel of a game that if they dont make it I will be talking about next year.

I've got a bad feeling about this.

Dudes, they're still winning, and Lopez is still in the game. I'll reserve my terror for later.

Myers needs to calm down..he's trying to throw the ball through Lieberthal's glove..


was that '50 pitch the spilt finger??

Well, now they're not winning. How do we feel now?

That's the Phillies.

Myers is trying to strike everyone out. So much for that quick start, it's an ancient memory now.

Ugh, I have a colossally bad feeling about this one.

Should have 6 Runs and now were down. Cant take another one like last night.

Now the Phillies will get tight. We wont see anything till the 7th.

How's that confidence doing people? C'mon, it was only two days ago they were going to the World Series, remember?

Never embraced it.

Bad things thus far:

1. That indeed was a homerun. Should have had 3 more runs there.

2. Lieberthal strikes out with man on 3rd with 1 out...should have 1 more run there.

3. Myers is walking people that don't deserved to be walked, one less run.

Score should be 6-2 or 6-1 Phillies...instead we're losing 2-3...un-f'n-believable!

That was a BS call.

Great to see these idiot Nat announcers know their history...

RSB, you were just as enthusiastic not too long ago. Read your early posts on this thread. As for me, I still believe in this team, and I'll be back when the game is over. The defeatism in here is getting a little stifling.

Yeah DC (Baseball USA) HA!

God, Ramon ORtiz is actually doing it now. THis is what happens. Do you see what happens donnie!

Read my posts before yesterday's thread. At no time did I say they were assured of going to the postseason. Just because I recommend caution does not mean I'm being defeatist. I just don't understand how people can lose perspective and get carried away with this team. There's *no* sure thing with the Phillies, ever, ever, ever.

Long way to go in this game, but momentum has definetely swung the Nats way. I'm out for the night, hopefully when I'm back tomorrow morning the Phils are sitting tied for the Wild Card at worse.

If they can just tie it I will get some confidence back. I just hate going into the ninth down.

THis is the type of game that playoff teams win and lookers on dont. THey can either give up becasue they got ripped on the HR or they can say lets beat the crap out of this Ortiz and win it . I like the latter.

OK Phillies let's go. As the Thing in the Fantastic Four used to say..."It's Clobbering Time!"

THis is where Conine is big at 5.

I want to get this out of the way , but they will walk Conine and then Burrell win hit into DP.

Nevermind, now DP is on cue.

That is the best contact he has had that bouncer to third, foul.

Did anybody not expect that.

Burrell is just f-ing pathetic. Like a f-ing pitcher. How many times can he possibly fail? I'm so sick of his weak, weak effort.

Jesus Christ. I can't believe this. I can't believe how angry I am watching this game. What the hell!

Somehow, I think that Howard is going to hit a go-ahead HR in the 9th and everything will be okay again.

Perhaps I need to get back on my meds.

How about another stat to complement LIPS, something like Late Season Pressure Situations? I'd hate to see how we would stack up there...

Runner on 3rd with less than 2 outs twice so far, no runs across either time.

I suppose I didn't need to mention the obvious.

Dongers up 2-0 in the first.

Dodgers I mean, no out.

This week they're the Dongers.

I'll repeat the text of an earlier post because it applies again. I'm still in my 30 day free trial membership in the Pat the Bat Fan Club and, again, I am disappointed that he struck out with ducks on the pond.

Attention RickShuBlues:
In the beginning of the year, i came down on your for labeling Burrell a choker, a non-clutch player. And though I still think your assessment was unfair, considering his entire career to that point, I want to publicly apologize to you. You were correct. I was wrong. st

How much more can Ryan & Chase do? All you need to do is get a flyball! Make contact...Jesus it's so difficult for Conine, Pat, & anyone else on the Phillies roster to make a productive out.

This is disgusting. I hate the Phils sometimes. And by the way, I thought Nunez was "fast"...I would have beat that ball out for a hit!

Dont blame Conine he made contact, it just went right to Zimmerman

RSB- don't worry about being so angry, as I'm about to attempt to run through a cement wall, hoping the impact will dull the pain of this game!

*they dont' call me drama queen for nothing!

3-0 bases loaded no out for LA.

phils lose one game and are down one run, and the burrell bashing intensifies. Lieberthal is just as bad if not worse the last two games.

glad to see we hit it out of the infield against some schmuck of a pitcher...oh wait, they were all groundouts...pathetic. this sucks, literally watching the season slip away.

Sean- I never defend Lieberthal, and really don't like him at all. Although, you're right people on here have this uncanny like of him, that's why I don't bother bad mouthing him. I'm glad he won't be back next year.

Atlanta had a 7-0 lead on the Rockies the other day and lost. Dodgers had better keep on scoring. As we see here, a big first inning doesn't guarantee you anything.

I'm sorry, but this team still does not know how to win. And it doesn't help that they're getting no breaks at all all of a sudden.

Once again, starter pitching well enough, but offense sucking ass!

3-0 Colorado got out of it.

Sean - get real, will you? Lieberthal's been bad the last *two games*. Okay. And Burrell's been horrible - HORRIBLE - the last two months. Does that connection really escape you?

These Nats announcers are literally painful to listen to (watching on You'd think this team was the f'n Yankees the way they talk. Absoutley horrible – it doesn't help either that the Phillies are playing pretty uninspired ball at the moment. I truly can not wait to see Burrell leave Philly.

Why is Delluchi not starting this game against a righty? A righty that has got nothing?

Great Ortiz is out. F-in A.

Ughh & since when did the Nationals get a Left Handed Pitcher?

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