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Saturday, September 30, 2006


It's been fun. I should be sad, but I'm not. I'll use a Cajun term to describe the second half of the season. It was "Lagniappe",w hich means a little something extra. The Phillies were sellers, because all was lost. Instead we had a nice second half that hit some bad calls and bad breaks during the last week, but it has been fun...and Beerleaguer made it more fun. Thank you.

PHAILURE. Yet again.

Go Bobby Abreu and Cory Lide! I hate your team, but show this city what a winner looks like. Go Yanks! Bring home the rings.

Thanks a lot for showing up, Phillies. Looking forward to further regression in 2007.

Phuck them. Seriously. Everytime I let myself believe, they come up short. Pat Burrell hit two home runs last night? Thanks for showing up, finally. They lost two out of three against the f*cking Nationals. Grow a set and win.

I'm so f*cking sick of them almost making it. Close doesn't count in horseshoes and, well, you know.


Another comment: I used to be pretty indifferent about the NL west, but now I hate all of those teams. I hate the Padres and the Dodgers because they eliminated the Phillies and I hate the Giants and the D-backs, because they refused to beat the Dodgers and the Padres. I hate the whole division.

I hate the NL Central division because their winner will have a worse record than the Phillies.

Wow, where is all of this coming from? Either you haven't been following Philly sports for the last 20 years and your expectations are a little excessive or you have forgotten that this team was supposed to be sub-.500 after they dumped a bunch of salary and got exactly 0 major league players in return.

This season, close ABSOLUTELY counts because this team wasn't even supposed to get anywhere close. Gillick now has a foundation to build on and I'd say almost certainly that this team will compete for the NL East crown. No regression to speak of.

I just hope the Phillies themselves aren't going to throw out that feel-good party line of "Well, we weren't supposed to be here in the first place!" I just don't want to hear it. I can't believe anyone is trying to console themselves with it.

Red Means The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same. That's Philly-ball.

I'm with Fred and Willard. When they failed to sign another pitcher for this season I was expecting regression. Instead they tore up the team -- RF, 3B and C all changed during the season -- and still managed to play 161 meaningful games. Is there a lot of offseason work to be done? Absolutely. And I still wish they had either gotten more for Abreu or just held onto him. Maybe when some of you fans get older you won't pin everything on winning. Winning is the only thing? I wonder if that old jackass said the same with his last breath. I seriously doubt it. If you don't enjoy the game for its own sake, you're following the wrong sport.

And thanks, Jason, for all the effort you put in on a great site.

Excellent run by our Phillies.
Wanted to see them play into October, but an excellent season. They showed guts and determination which will likely continue into next season.

Next year we will have to stomp those Giants as they can't hold a 9th inning lead with a wild pitch of all things.

Hey Lake Fred, if you are going to start hating teams because they eliminated the Phillies, I don't think there is anyone left for you NOT to hate.

Willard Preacher, I have and been a Phils fan since 1977. Close doesn't matter because there is NEVER any progress the next season. Name one season since 1975 where they came "close" one year and then improved the next and got over the top. Hasn't happened, and it won't happen next year. This is a team that occupies the largest unshared metropolitan statistical market in baseball (or largest unshared media market, if you prefer), and they act like they are the Milawaukee Brewers. "We can't compete," (Gillick speaking of 2007); "We had too many injuries" (Ed Wade every year); "We are small market" (Bill Giles most years).

Too many BS excuses for the *constant* phailure. Throughout the 1970s and first few years of the 1980s, the Phils had owners who CARED (unlike for the past 24 years), and they had an excellent GM (unlike the past 8+ years, this year possibly excluded, but the jury is still out). As a result, they had winning records and post-season appearances, and as a result of that, they had high attendance, which resulted in revenues and the Phils being able to sign top free agents or give good contracts to quality platyers, keeping them on top. Then the current "brain" trust came in, and except for 1983 (holdover players from the championship team, plus a few key free agents) and 1993 (a total, albeit wonderful, fluke), this team has, frankly, sucked. It's been continually made up of whining losers, and owenrship has accepted that attitude because they are making nice money. (Thanks for the nice new stadium, taxpayers!)

I have no doubt that will continue into the future. And by 2008 or 2009, some reason will have been drummed up why Chase Utley or Ryan Howard or Cole Hamels or whoever is a "cancer" on the team and needs to be removed, and the fans, like sheep, will buy it, hook, line and sinker (see Schilling, Curt; Rolen, Scott; Abreu, Bobby). And so we will give up another player who will promptly go to the World Series as a starter for another team.

After 30 seasons, I am getting close to quiting on them. The A's look pretty good yet again (on 50% of the Phillies payroll!). They used to be in Philly. Maybe I will follow them. I gave up my Phils season tickets in 1995, but I still get to at least 10 games a year. I am almost ready to quit on that as well.

Phailures! Put that into your marketing campaign, Phillies.

Jason, sorry I didn;t say it, but this IS a great site.

Alby, sorry to have to disagree, but for me, winning IS everything. Maybe you like getting the free rally towel, but I would rather a W.

Bob D., maybe we WILL stomp the Giants next year. But we'll still lose two out of three to the Marlins or Astros or Nationals or whoever when our backs are against the wall. When HAVEN'T we done that? And then the Phightins will be making golf plans yet again for early October.

Close simply is not close enough.

I did enjoy a lot about this season. When a team finishes over .500 and contends through the final days, there's fun to be had. But ultimately it is not satisfying to lose out on the postseason prize in the same frustrating fashion as always. There's a certain point where it feels hollow to try to shrug and say, well it was great, wait 'til next year. Because you realized you felt the exact same way and said the exact same thing the year before. It may be said that I lack perspective here, that I could never have expected them to have a chance on July 29, but their position at that point was the result of severe underachievement (unless 46-54 is what you honestly expected from a team with this kind of payroll), and the usual mad scramble to get back to contention was the kind of play everyone expected out of this team at the end of spring training. (The archives are here. Go check for yourselves.)

And then there's the fact that they were there, they were actually in the lead with a week to go and a more favorable schedule. How do you get past that just by reasoning that the run they made was unlikely? They got there, as they always get there, and they CHOKED. They choked! Does anyone see it another way? You want to tell me they just weren't good enough? Well, are they a better team than the friggin' Nationals? They barely won one stinking game in that series. They CHOKED it away. Just the same way they CHOKE it away every single year. I know some may disagree and think I am seeing it too simplistically. But in my mind they're *clearly* the same disappointing chokers thay have always been. The continuum is unbroken. The team has the same oh-so-bright future with its bountiful new nucleus of young talent that it had at the end of last year. How can I continue to be blindly optimistic? What evidence do any of us ever get that this is going to change?

I know this just sounds like my frustration talking, but it's my objectively considered assessment of this team and this season. I do not share most fans' willingness to uphold what they perceive as a silver lining. I did enjoy watching Rollins, Utley, Howard, Victorino, Hamels, Coste, Gordon, Geary. I enjoyed all of those 85 wins, some of them a great deal. I can't say the entire season and experience of following the Phillies is invalidated because they didn't make the postseason. But in the final analysis, none of this is good enough because there was a chance, and a *good* chance, for so much more, and they blew it and let us all down. *Again*.

No guts, no glory.

A few thoughts...

The fact that the last two months the Phillies played inspired baseball, went 36-21, when they were already considered flops, amazing.

I don't think I've had as much fun watching a Phillies team as the one that took the field post-Moyer acquisition.

The fact that this season didn't end in the postseason, yeah it stinks. But the future couldn't be brighter for this team. Look around at the other teams in NL. Besides the Mets, what other team has the a nucleus of young talent that the Phils possess? (The Marlins don't count - they'll trade them in all in a year or two)

I can't wait to see what a full year of leadership under Dirtball and John Coffey will do to this team.

Didn't the Phillies do the exact same thing last year? Didn't they play uninspired baseball for four months and then suddenly look like a different team when August hit? And wasn't it ultimately too late for them by then?

Is a mad underdog scramble what everyone wants to see, or a playoff team? The Phillies have had a playoff-caliber team for the past four seasons and can't be bothered to demonstrate it until after it's too damn late. Then they get everyone back on their side by suddenly playing to their capabilities. You know what is fun and rewarding? A season like the Mets have had. Taking the competition by the throat and leading from day one and never relinquishing. Then there's no need for any of this feel-ggod rah-rah go-team bullsh*t.

I don't want to call anyone here a sucker, know?

Couldn't agree more with you, RSB.

The Baseball fan in me is looking forward to the next month. I just wish the Phillies fan in me could experience that too.

Has any team disappointed more people more thoroughly and more consistently than the Phils this century? Maybe the Eagles...

I don't really feel like reflecting on the season at the moment but I would like to say this is a great site and Jason's done an amazing job. And even the posters, though I disagree with some of them at times, are remarkably articulate and thoughtful.

If nothing else, I hope that finishing a game or two short of the postseason means that Manuel is fired on Monday.

If we're evaluating Beerleaguer in this thread as well, I have an altogether different assessment where that is concerned. Beerleaguer is easily the best thing that's happened to this out-of-area Phils fan since There are a number of others who host very worthy blog sites, but Beerleaguer stands alone for up-to-the-minute gratification, often with new subject posts and updates multiple times a day. You stay on top of this extremely well, JW, and I think you're really onto something here. I think the word is out that Beerleaguer is *the* place to come online during a game, much less before or after. It's like a virtual sports bar, where Phillies fans from around the globe can hang out and argue and high-five; in some ways it even makes me feel like I'm part of the crowd at the game. It's been a blast spending this 2006 season with everyone here - the quality and the intelligence of the people who post are a good part of the reason I was drawn to use this site in the first place - and there is more consolation in being a Phillies fan than ever, now that we can live it live with other diehards. Beerleaguer has become part of Philies baseball for me, and that is the ultimate tribute I am able to extend.

Amen to your thoughts on Beerleaguer, RSB. I've got a lot out of the phlogging community in general these past two years, but Beerleaguer is the main place I go to pull up a stool and jaw about the phillies during a game.

and although we differ on some things, RSB, ultimately you're right when you say that it's better to win like the mets then the phils. But the team that was put together at the start of this year (more to the point, the team rotation) was not going to dominate like they did.

Take a look at our expected win-loss column today, folks. its down for 86-75. We score the fourth most number of runs in MLB, the most in the NL - even with gimpy leftfielders, at best adequate hitting 3b-men, and a centrefielder who can run into a wall but can't really swing a bat.

But then you look at the Runs Scored Against of teams that won through to the postseason: mets 729, Padres 748, Dodgers 673, Yankees 760, minnesota 682, detroit 665, A's 717. Ours was a much more ordinary 809. If you take the difference from the nearest of one of the posteason teams, that's 49 runs allowed. That's more than one or two ballgames lost right there. that's not just losing 5-4 to a team.

We can and should make the offence better in the offseason, maybe through free agency if A-Ram tries it out, or maybe a trade. But if we expect to compete next year, we will need a rotation. Not a bullpen. Not a closer. 5 pitchers.

Biggest mistake of the year? Vincente Padilla.

Phils made a valiant run and came up short. The phils are 8-3 in the last 11, the padres and dodgers are better. This is not choking, this is simply not playing great enough.

The phillies are the 2nd best road team in the NL, but were only 1 game above .500 at home. The team stats are pretty much the same home vs. road, but the phils had winning records at home every month except April and June which were abyssmal (5-10 and 2-7 respectively), and in June the phils road record was poor as well (7-11). The phillies didn't choke, they simply were horrible in the first three months of the season, aside from one long winning streak in May, and unable to recover.

The phillies were also horrible in interleague play going 4-11 (SD was 7-8 and the dodgers 4-11).

There are positives to this late- season surge this year. PG now knows that any team with Utley and Howard and a decent starting rotation will be in contention, no matter what you think. There's also the possibility that the management won't cut payroll (at all or as much) thanks to proof that it takes money to make money (record attendance, etc.). If they don't cut payroll, Gillick has a good core of guys and money to play with.

Oisin is right, we can sit here and speculate on the OF, 3B, and C, but we go nowhere next year without a good starting 5.

I just hope the late season hot streak doesn't fool management the way it has fooled Benny and some other posters here. This is NOT a playoff caliber team.

They have some tough decisions to make on whether to re-sign Wolf and exercise their option on Moyer (and since it's a mutual option, Moyer can opt out). The free agent pool is shallow, which means they will have to overpay whoever they sign.

CF is interesting because if Shane Victorino is truly a .290 hitter, then he can be an everyday player and they can trade Rowand. If Shane is a .270 hitter, then he is a liability because of his failure to walk, high strikeouts, lack of power and inability to steal bases. Gillick will have to decide.

To contend next year: They need an everyday 3B and a power-hitting corner OF, at least 2 more reliable bullpen arms and definitely 1 and likely 2 more starting pitchers. I think they can get by with a Ruiz/Coste platoon behind home plate, although Gillick has said he wants to upgrade that position.

The Mets are going to need pitching help for next year and the Marlins, who I believe will dominate the NL East for the next decade, are still a couple years away from peaking. If ownership is willing to spend money this team can contend next year. If they don't, or if they stand pat, this team won't win more than 83 games.

Just wanted to second (third?) the sentiment with regards to Beerleaguer. I, too, am an out-of-area Phillies fan, stuck in down here in Braves country. Beerleaguer has really allowed me to finally feel connected to other Phillies fans, and has given me a place to go to read & discuss the Philllies – something I've really never had before. So, to make a long story short, thanks for the site JW; it's greatly appreciated.

As far as the Phillies go for next year, I think we need the following, in no particular order:

1. Bullpen help. The bullpen was really a major problem going down the stretch this year, as leads just weren't safe.

2. Clutch hitting. The Phils have *got* to stop leaving massive amounts of RISP. When evaluating FA talent or trade prospects, please pay attention to batting with RISP stats.

3. Related to number 2, help in the OF. I really like what I saw out of Victorino down the stretch, and would be inclined to give him a shot at the starting position next year. But, to my mind, we still need help in RF & LF. I think that it's clear that Burrell is never going to be the clutch, big-time guy in LF that he's being paid to be, and Rowand, while aggressive, just isn't that fantastic with the bat.

4. Management. Charlie Manuel ain't getting it done, period. Please find someone who won't get out-managed on a regular basis.

Believe it or not, I'm pretty much at the point where I don't think that our starting pitching is that big an issue. It's certainly better than anyone else in the NL East, for the moment, and I think the money would be better spent on the above items. I'm not saying that I'd mind picking up a top-of-the-line SP, but I think that the bullpen & OF are much bigger problems right now, and the fact of the matter is that money is not limitless in Philadelphia as it is in NY.

Also, I'd like to see Coste & Ruiz split time at catcher next year. Let's give Coste the chance to see if this year was the real deal or not, and let's see if Ruiz is all that he's supposed to be. In the same vein, I'd like to see Nunez at 3B again, considering how well he played after David Bell's departure (basically when he bacame a full-time player). Some guys need to play every day to be effective; it would seem, from this year's experience, that he's one of those guys. And his defense is impeccible – he saves quite a few runs with it.

As frustrated and dejected as I feel about yet another Octoberless Phillies season, I am strangely optimisitic about this offseason. So many scenarios to be played'll be interesting and I will be following it every step of the way.

I'm happy this team made baseball meaningful in Septemeber. Yes it sucks we "came close" without actually getting the job done, but I have more hope for next season now because of it...and these are the words of your appointed Drama Queen.

Let's talk about how many votes Chris Coste receives for Rookie of the Year!!!

I'm hoping the best for the offseason. This Phils team out of any of the last five years was my favorite with all the young talent and great characters. I'd also like to thank Jason for this website. I never feel that I am in Pirates country when I check in at this web site. Now, the offseson comes and I'm very much looking forward to it.

Unfortunately, due to Ryan Zimmerman and Hanley Ramirez's full seasons up, I think that one of them will get the nod over Coste. If Coste had been able to play a full season, starting, I think he would've had a shot at it, but given Zimmerman Ramirez's success, I doubt it.

RSB, you and I have disagreed on a number of occasions this year, but I cannot imagine a more articulate or insightful post (than yours way above in this string) about the role and meaning which Beerleaguer has had for those of us who have participated on this site this year.

And Jason, I have read many fine baseball blogs, but to me, Beerleaguer stands above and apart from all of the rest (regardless of subject team) because of the intelligence and long-term baseball knowledge of so many of those posting here. Obviously, the high level of the discussion on Beerleaguer is fostered and always guided by your consistently profound reporting and opinion on Phillies baseball, as your posts have led off each string. Also, your leadership in punctuating, and even "reigning in" commentary (where necessary), has been universally respected on this board. I have never seen a negative comment about Beerleaguer itself.

Finally, thank you to all on this board for my incredibly enjoyable baseball experience on Beerleaguer this season, notwithstanding the disappointing ending to the Phillies' postseason hopes yesterday. I'm in LA on business, and will be attempting to escape yesterday's Phillies elimination by getting my final baseball fix for the season by sitting up in Section V518 at Anaheim Stadium to watch the standings-meaningless Angels-A's game.

Other Kevin: You think Coste would knock in 110 RBI over a full season like Zimmerman did? Or hit .294 with 46 doubles, 51 steals and a .354 OB like Ramirez? I know we're all Phillies fans here, but get a grip.

WHy in the F would anyone say Go Abreu and Go Lidle? That's stupid. F THEM.

clout: I never said anything of the sort. I merely said that if he had had a full year to play, with stats similar to those he has now (but extrapolated across the full season), he might have a shot at ROY. He'd have good numbers plus the feel-good story of a 33-year old rookie-made-good, but in all fairness, those are big "ifs". I did point out, if you'll re-read my comments, that both Zimmerman and Ramirez are superior candidates. If I were voting, I'd vote for Zimmerman, FYI.

I'm definitely a Phillies fan, but I'm anything but a homer. Hell, I don't even this Ryan Howard deserves the MVP over Pujols, and I'm sure that'd get me drawn and quartered by some.

whats up g's??? My $ on the phils winnning today and Pads and Dod's losing...hopefully we can have that one game playoff tomorrow since i took the day off to go see um.

Uh, you do realize that the Phillies have been eliminated, don't you?

If anyone's interested, Dontrelle's out of the game. He looked fine to my eye, but apparently the trainer didn't like something and they pulled him.

Top of the 2nd, 1 out, bases loaded, Ruiz batting.

I know loyal readers would probably expect me of all people to be bitter and full of spite today...nope. I'm here to spread love. I love these Phillies and I'm ready for the offseason. Let's win this last one fellas!

This Jose Garcia, who replaced Willis, is very impressive. He's got a really nice, sharp breaking curve.

the stadium robbed howard of a homer...i hate that field in miami!

Hey, it also robbed Uggla yesterday.

RSB- scary but true...almost the entire Marlins staff are impressive! Doesn't bode well for the rest of the NL East for years to come.

RSB- how funny is it that you and me are the only two posting right now? We may disagree a lot, but we love OUR Phillies!

I can never miss the last game of the season. I'll miss these guys.

I try to never miss any games. The last day of the season is always depressing, as I don't really care about other sports. People talk about shortening the fricken way!

The only good news about the Marlins staff is that invariably, after winning with them, Florida will dump them all and/or lose them to free agency for salary reasons. But at least NY/Boston/Whomever with more money than sense will be reloaded.

And I agree – can't miss the last game of the season. It's (unfortunately) my last chance to see the Phils until March.

I already started saving up money for spring training.

Damn think the Marlins got him for nothing...amazing. His season has been almost as good as Utley's.

Dan Uggla with a solo HR.

Ugh! (gla) <--- I crack me up :)

DQ: Don't despair, post-season starts Tuesday!!!

Anyone see the Lasorda/Cleveland fans commercial? Hilarious!!!

Other than an occasional NFL playoff or college bowl game, my interest in sports will be on the back burner until March, time to get caught up on all the chores that have been piling up over the summer.

For me, it's the day after the final WS game that brings on the melancholy.
It's a strange feeling - no box scores or standings to check, no gametime threads, baseball sites slow down, etc.

It's the baseball fans "empty nest syndrome".

c'mon pat get a hit and we still got a chance at dat wc

No Pat Burrell to rag on.

Trolls are hilarious. (Yep, I'm still watching them today, too).

News straight out of ESPN. New rules for the playoffs have been decided today.

houston is gonna choke and we gonna make the playoffs over them as long as St. Louis loses cause i read that the commissioner decided to take the 3 teams from each league with the best record.

With Pedro out we've got a chance for the Series with Hamels going game 1 against Dodgers on Tuesday.

VOR, I used to feel that way after the last game of the World Series, but since they added that third playoff series, the end always seems like an overdue relief. The playoffs are too damn long.

I wish they use someone other than Sanches...with the game on the line why use him over someone better....we need this win to make the playoffs

Who do we all want to win in the playoffs? I'm going for anyone-but-the-Mets.

But without the divisional series, our season would've been dead by mid-summer.

RSB- I tend to disagree, I think the Wild Card has made the playoffs just right.

I know this game doesn't technicaly matter, but the umps are being ass-hats today.

saw on that the phils are not looking towards any free agent 3rd basemen. From what they say Gillick has ties to a few 3rd basemen that he possibily might want to bring here. One of them is Beltre but from what i heard about him he seems like his one good year may have been a product of the 'roids. Not sure if this is the way to go.

The other guy is David Newhan from Baltimore. He would be a scrappy player but not sure if he'd provide much hitting to this team. He was a clutch hitter with runners in scoring position and maybe gillick wants to get away from the 3run hr reliance and play more small ball. Especially if they get rid of Burrell and OF includes likes of Victorino, Bourne/Roberson, and Rowand. Damn dey be fast as hell but what kind of offensive pressure would that put on our infield?

I personally would go get soriano and put him at 3rd. Who cares if he butchers a play a game. The guy would be unstopable behind the Big Man

I don't want anyone from the NL in the series, but here's my prediction: A's over Dodgers in 6.

That's just Joe West being Joe West.

I think San Diego goes deep in the postseason, and NY finds a way to hang on 'til late in the NLCS. Yankees vs. Padres, Yanks sweep again. Of course I'd much prefer it was anyone but the Yanks in the Series, but that's my prediction.

hi guys i'm t.o and i want to take some more pills after watching the phillies this past year. I gonna dance on the eagle at mid field next week hommies.

I'm going with Yanks over Dodgers in 6.

Soriano at 3rd...ha, I like it!

Newhan at, I hate it!

David Newhan? Are you serious?

I will miss pat if he leaves philadelphia. He always visits me at Show & tell when he is UP and ready for a good nite of fun.

"Bailey", don't you have a prealgebra test to study for?

Weitzel- there's your teenager posing as a stripper...never ends.

RSB - go to the girls section and you'll see who i am! You'll understand why pat is a friend of mine.

I'd really like a win today regardless of not making the postseason. I hate the Marlins as they're our new rival in my opinion. A sweep would be sweet...shut their asses right on up!

If Clemens and Pettitte are determined to use steroids do the phillies get awarded with last year's wild card berth. And if thats the case then we should be given the WS appearance rather than the astros. So technically our run of futility might be up based on the 'roids!

drama - sorry i dont consider the marlins a rival cause we dominated them all year. In my opinion the friggin nats were our demise this year. If they get some pitching to go along with that lineup they could easily pass the phillies next year. Everyone should watch out for them as a dark horse of '07

lets go for 100 posts today on a meaningless final day of the season guys!

Hell of a play by Ruiz there. Nice to see him play well on the last day, with two sharp hits in addition.

Jason, thanks for your website and all you've done. As a fan who lives in another market and isn't even in that market all that much, it's been a great way of staying connected to the team and the faithful.

As for the 2006 Figtin's, I enjoyed the ride. I was able to get to my first opening day game in Philadelphia, drive up at the last minute and watch the fans go after Bonds, share Yuenglings with my father as we sat and watch the Red Sox game, wave my Chase Utley bobblehead along with 40,000 fellow fans, sit in the visiting team's family seats on Memorial Day, see my last S/WB game while they're the Phils AAA affiliate with a friend from college, see the future Phils play down in Clearwater, and then see 48 and 58 hit and got to meet Harry. My "Fall Ball" was last week, making all three games, getting yelled at for pacing during the 11th inning on Wednesday night, rush towards the pack of fans around midnight and yell for Jimmy after his hit and then wait out thunderstorms and sit 5 rows behind the dugout on Thursday night/Friday morning. Needless to say, I've got countless memories from this year.

I didn't know what to expect from the Fightin's this year, especially when Thome and Abreu were dealt, but you know what? It was all classical Philadelphia. Fustrating, exciting, gut-wrenching and awesome the whole way. Memories that I'll be talking about for years to come.

Thanks Jason. Your website helped me feel connected to the team and the phans, even when I was sitting in a hotel room hundreds of miles away from the Broad and Pattison exit of I-95.

C'mon Vic...inside the park homerun...that'd be awesome!

I don't put much faith in the baseball rumor sites, only a small percentage of the rumors ever pan out. Besides, I doubt any GM would reveal his cards.

Nevertheless, after this season, Gillick's grace period is over. If Newhan is his solution for 3rd base, the O's need to toss in a flak jacket for the GM.

And Boras is his agent!

Boras- I love that guy...wait, what the hell am I saying?!

Jason i also want to thank you for this site. Its really helped out on alot of miserable nights to see there are other phanatics like me out there. Its really weird to see you get hits from all over the world to this site, much probs to you!!!!
Go phils in '07!

Pedro is out the entire postseason. Is having surgery will miss 7 months. ouch!

Just in case anyone gets the wrong idea - that would be a virtual flak jacket.

newhan at 3rd??? OMG that would be worse than Nunez!

Manuel has actually gotten 4.2% of 10,000+ votes on for manager of the year...yuck.

I am hot with my red sunglasses!

Ultimately I blame the Phillies' failure to get in the postseason more on Gillick than Manuel. I think the team started playing better toward the end thanks to some of the moves he made, but I also think he was much too conservative going into the season, and especially once the team was floundering in the first half; between the Dellucci trade and the signing of Rick White toward the end of June, Gillick did absolutely nothing. It can be argued that with a little better leadership from Manuel - not to mention a little better gamesmanship and a lot less stubbornness - this team possibly could have gotten over the hump; but basically the poor first half, which cost this team more, I feel is largely the result of a failure by management to acknowledge and respond to previous errors of judgment. They just kept sending the likes of Franklin, Fasano, Floyd, and Madson out there to get overmatched and did nothing to try to improve or correct these obvious inadequacies for too long of a period.

AL - I'd like to see either Oakland or Minnesota
NL - Dodgers, I guess.

With my luck it'll be another damned subway series, though. Of course I'm sure that'll thrill the national media, as they seem to only think baseball exists in NY & Boston.

i think a pressing question for next year should be whether or not you guys want harry kalas back next year? He has really lost alot as an announcer and the radio tandum of Graham and ??? are really good. Maybe its time for Harry the K to hang em up and open the door for the next generation. Wheels was actually really objective this year and didn't piss me off with any whinning. When the team went down the hill to start the season and in june he was very critical and demanded that those games could mean something come October. And they did. Howard is a great player but was exposed this final 3 weeks as being tired.

RSB: He did get Adam Bernero!

pats final ab as a phillie? We can only wonder

freaking marlins!

he was such a stud when called up years ago. Anyone remember the infamous "Burrell's Girls" and their banishment from the Vet's 700 level because of some public indenciency on the JumboTron? That was funny.

Oh come on, Brian. Any Phillies fan will tell you that even if Harry Kalas had full-scale dementia, they'd rather hear him on the air than Scott Graham. And as I said yesterday, no one calls a better game on the radio than Harry, even now. Anyone who actually would rather hear Scott Graham, the "next generation", take over just has bad taste, pure and simple.

DQ: Really, it's worse than that for Pedro. They're saying that he'll be out 7-8 months for the surgery, but that's until he begins throwing off a mound. There's really no telling how soon after that he'll be game-ready. The Mets will be lucky to have him back by the break, in my opinion

The good news: the season has been extended. The bad news: it's like spring training six months early.

just throwing it out there not against harry personally. I have grown up with him for 29 years but Graham gets the nod on national games over Harry for a reason.

Fox generally wants younger guys in the booth; McCarver is the lone exception.

I know this is wrong to say...but Pedro being out can only help the Phils.

can anyone explain to me why Castro did not pitch in any games except when the phillies had no other options? What was the point of even having him on the roster if charlie wasn't going to use him. Maybe if he had some experience he wouldn't have blown that game 1 of the doubleheader against the Astros on July 4th.

tigers chocked like the phillie but made it because they started out hot

Yep, the magic of Charlie Manual. Hopefully next season will be less magical, if you catch my drift.

I love Thee Model Dictator...really wish we would have seen some more of him over the past 2 months instead of Rhodes and Madson.

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