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Thursday, September 28, 2006


One game at a time. Gotta win tonight and then worry about tomorrow.

Awright people...603 comments or bust!

Is the game going to be played?

i am guessing they wait a LONG time to get this one in -- there ain't no days left to make it up. and, i have $105 tickets to the game and won't be getting out of work until at least 10. come on, mother nature, help me out. my friend at the game says its comin' down hard and the tarp's still on.

by the way, that light-hitting houston team has won 9 in a row.

They cant just cancel the game and not make it up right?

Your television options tonight include such choices as the season premiere of "Smallville" on the CW Network, or the Emmy-winning comedies "My Name is Earl" and "The Office" on NBC. Tonight at 9, find out what happens between Meredith and Shepherd on ABC's "Grey's Anatomy."

I think "Survivor" is a much better option.

I missed the opening - what's the estimate for starting the game, or is there one?

still raining down here. no word from the stadium yet.

How about them Astros? Wow. Truly one of the worst organizations in all of sports, about to uncork a miracle comeback.

I hope they get to within half a game with a win on Sunday, then have to sit in the clubhouse and watch the last hour of the Cardinals' comeback win over the Brew crew in the bottom of the 9th.

Lord do I ever hate the Astros.

yeah, really pouring here in the district. can't see this one being played tonight, but then I'm not a meteorologist...

Not looking good, I guess it depends how fast it moves through:

It won't be a normal night in my house if I can't yell at the TV. "Dammitt Meredith!" "C'mon McDreamy!" just aren't the same.

just saw flash of lightening at 8:05. still no call from the stadium.

laramie, why so much hate for the Astros? They've actually been one of baseball's best organizations over the past ten years, making trips to the playoffs in seven of them. They play the game the right way and always have had a very professional air to them. To me, they're the kind of team you don't mind seeing succeed.

For what it's worth, is showing a 70-90% chance of rain through early AM. Not looking good for getting in a game tonight. I guess they'd have to make it up on Monday and hope that there's not a tie-breaker game that needs to be played?

Listening to Scott Graham on the fill-in is its own form of Chinese Water Torture. He just asserted that the scenario of this season was "completely different" from the end of last season, and how can anyone lump in this team with those from of '01, '03, '04, and '05.

How is it different? Okay - they appeared to be out of it at the trade deadline this year. But coming down the stretch, it feels exactly the same as it's felt in any of those years - squandered opportunities, desperate scrambles to hang in, always a game, a game and a half, two games behind. Sorry, Scott, spin it any way you want - it's the same damn thing, over and over.

from bad to worse...ESPN radio was saying this evening that the Giants arent going to give a full effort and they have already announced that Bonds wont play.

I went on to Intellicast and ranthe regional radar loop over DC. It appears that the weather should imoprove. The line of storms is moving northeast. The last of the major rain is over DC right now. I bet they try to plai the game in normal rain in about an hour.

If that's true, I've lost even more respect for the Giants as an organization. How can any self-respecting franchise flat-out say that they're not going to give a total effort on the field? Are they going to refund part of the ticket price that the fans have paid? What a load of BS.

Of course, I'd say that I've also lost respect for Bonds, but that would imply that I have any left. I know he's an egotistical jerk who's in it for himself and himself only, so it really doesn't surprise me that he won't play.

I'm sure the Giants didn't exactly didn't issue a press release reporting that they weren't going to play hard. That sounds like one person's suggestion which is being carelessly circulated around. L.A. will be facing some good pitching in that series - I think it's fair to say they've had their last 19-run game of the season.

lake fred, you're killing me. i need the start time to wait until at least 10:30.

Okay, GR, two to three hours. It's all up to Mother Nature. The rain gods aren't in the Phillies corner. A cold wet tired Phillies team will limp into Florida and lay an egg on ESPN this Friday night, then they'll be on Fox Saturday afternoon to play horribly. Actually, I don't believe any of this stuff I just wrote. The Phils need to win every remaining game.

Jason is a practical joker. He has four ads to the right, three for Pat Burrell autographed items, and one for Pat Burrell jerseys. LOL!

This site is haunted! As soon as I posted the last post, all the Pat Burrell ads disappeared and were replaced with more normal stuff. Weird.

RSB, relax man, Graham's a commentator and more entertainer than reporter. Separating this eventually futile effort from the past ones extends the entertainment value. If you want to hear analysis and reporting tune in to phillies post game live or 610 or ESPN (sometimes).

Am I right in assuming that the phils will either play a really late game tonight or play on Monday? And that if they are to play on Monday, they won't if the phils are out by more than 1/2 game?

Will, I know, of course he's a company man, but he's such a grating and obvious one. His tone is so adamant and petulant, he just sounds like the bratty ivy-leaguer that he is.

If it's going to continue to rain, what are they waiting for here? Anyone ever seen a game that was started in the rain, any kind of rain, after a delay?

What's wrong with being an Ivy Leaguer?

Will: If tonight's game is rained out and the Phillies are within 1/2 game of the Wild Card after Sunday's action, this game will be played on Monday. If, after that, another playoff game is required, it will be on Tuesday night in Philadelphia. The first divisional playoff will be Wednesday night on the West Coast.

Tray: Nothing, unless you sound like one.

Does anyone know of a way to listen to Phils games over the internets for free?

hey, Doug Glanville was an Ivy Leaguer...although it was Penn, I don't know if we pretentious New England Ivy Leaguers count that.

In case anyone's bored, Orioles Daniel Cabrera is taking a no-hitter into the 9th vs. the Yankees.

You can't listen or watch for free.

Well, Graham's a Penn guy, too. I'm just kidding about Ivy Leaguers, anyway.

Robinson Cano just inside-outted a fastball the opposite way to break up the no-hitter with 1 out in the 9th.

ESPN says Pedro Martinez will not pitch again this year.

This year, Pedro ; Next year, Wagner. Death to the Mets.

I can't see the Mets or the Cards doing much in the playoffs. Nice set up for whoever wins the Wild Card.

Padres up four nil.

it sucks that the field is so weak in the NL, that if we could just get in we'd have alegit shot at getting to the WS. Alas, it is not to be.

Clout, if you think there are some idiots who post on this site, you ought to hear the callers to Graham and Franzke in this rain delay. I haven't heard dialogue this vapid since the Home Run Derby telecast.

Tonight's game still appears to be on the board, listed as "rain delayed." No postponment yet?

(Yawn) No postponement. No nothing.

next update on the game should be at 11pm. the NL has no curfew regarding game starts (unlike the AL), so if they really want to play this tonight (and not next Monday), we could be looking at a midnight or later game start. better drink that cup o' coffee...

Franzke is OK but after 5 minutes of Graham I run screaming from the room so I don't really hear many of the callers.

Thanks for the update, guys. I'm tired even being on Central Time, missing the "e" in "postponement."

my bad. no more curfews once the AL & NL league offices merged in 1999. oh and.. the tarp is off the field.

Well, it's only 7:50 where I am so finally I get a normal starting time!

Graham is busy melodramatically grandstanding that playing the game tonight is "ludicrous". Someone throw a bucket of oven grease on this guy. All these callers keep fawning over him, telling him how wonderful he is. I don't get it.

Maybe the Graham callers are confusing him with that delicious Graham Slam ice cream from Turkey Hill -- wouldn't be the first time.

Will, it's the only logical explanation.

Can you imagine what this game is going to be like with 100 Phillies fans in the stands? This has a chance to be all-time bizarre. just hopped over to the live feed for some reason; didn't say anything, but the tarp does appear to be off the field. Maybe we're gonna start soon?

The weather radar shows the bulk of the rain has passed. Unlike westcoast RSB, I stayed up late last night and have work tomorrow, so I'll just have to toss and turn all night and scramble for the score in the morning. If the Phils make the WC, they will have earned it.

radio says: tarp off field, start at 11:30!

icky field. needs work.

whould be like the navy: an adventure!

All I can say is that it is completely assinine to play this game tonight. The Phils are being screwed yet again. A day game on Saturday will not help things either, after a flight tonight and night game tomorrow. MLB messed this one up! Maybe they can apologize to the Phillies like the umpiring crew the other night...

Just imagine if there is a rain delay during the game at some point. Ridiculous...

Why should the Nationals benefit from the delay any more than us? I just don't see things turning out too well, if the Giants aren't going to honor the integrity of the race and the Marlins will, how are we going to pick up a game? We'd need a sweep, realistically.

I wholeheartedly endorse all Graham bashing. The first three innings with Harry and LA are infinitely more enjoyable than those middle three with Graham and Wheeler, neither of whom can let ANYTHING go without commentary.

Is the game going to be played?

I think the Phils are better off for getting this in now. If they played Monday, you get a different starting time, a different pitcher - and a teamful of pissed-off Nationals, who have long since made travel plans to go home after Sunday.

What is the official word.

Yes, Parker. 20 minutes.


Anyone else see that Graham did the Mets game on FOX last Sat. What was that all about? It was weird.

Sorry for the boring poast - I'm just killing time here till the game begins (5:30 will come early)

is it on MLB TV?

Should be on MLB TV. Right now they're showing the commercial break screen, but that's normal for a delayed game. At any rate, they were scheduled to show it tonight, so I assume they still will.

You may be right RSB, but what about the Phils not getting in until breakfast time tomorrow morning, or if there are any delays, maybe they won't even get in until lunch? Maybe that is a common thing on some road trips, I really don't know.

Maybe I am overreacting, but it just doesn't seem fair with having a day game on Saturday. Four and a half hours seems to be too long of a wait. Speaking of that, is there a time limit MLB is supposed to wait to cancel a game? Original game time will only be four and a half hours ago come 11:30 EST.

Hopefully Jamie Moyer is already enroute to Miami.

In DC...on my way to game..look for the bearded guy with red hooded sweatshirt and 5 others going nuts all game.


Rumor has it that Moyer (pitching tomorow) is already in FL.

I mean on MLB Extra Innings?

I know I'm in the deep minority on this one, and maybe it's because I'm not a "native" or something, but I don't really mind Graham that much. I actually like some of his "big" calls, like the Pratt HR against the Red Sox in 2003 (which they still replay all the time on the intros, etc.). And as cloying as "put this one in the win column for the fightin' Phils" may seem at first, I live for hearing every night.
On the other hand:
a) Those ice cream ads are really, really annoying, and
b) In the middle of Howard's 3HR game against the Braves, he and LA did a 20-minute, WTF riff on McDonald's coffee that may have turned my 11-year-son, who was in the car with me, off to baseball for good.

gettin off work. on my way to the game!!!

It is patently ridiculous that they are going to make the phillies play this game starting at 1130PM and the go ont he road tomorrow morning.

Oh no, Will! "Put this one in the win column" is probably the most cringe-inducing thing ever.

Will, he just sounds like Wink Martindale to me. Too polished, too forced, not convincing no matter how loud he screams.

First pitch at 11:31. Unbelievable...

is MLBTV working for anybody else?

I kinda like this, but I dont know how it will work for the Phils. this is adversity.

Conine v. Nats, round 2. LA just said he was on the suicide watch last night.

Conine needs this.

MLB TV is working for me at the moment. A tad choppy, but working.

Conine seems to be pressing harder than anyone. Not a good sign.

Conine's hard luck continues. Really need him to hit behind Howard tonight.

Lieber's gotta be the question mark in this game. I hope he wasn't slamming the buffet table throughout the delay.

I feel good about Lieber tonight.

Pat the BAt!

Burrell is truly snakebitten.

Dang he caught that.

I said about seven hours ago that Burrell was going to homer tonight. I should have said, he was going to hit one over the fence.

And it starts. I hate R-Zimm

The Nats announcers are some of the worst homer-announcers I've ever had to bear. I'm personally rooting for some sort of flesh-eating bacteria to infect the pressbox.

My bad. Damn Church.

Utley is only the 4th second baseman to have 100 runs, 100 rbis, 200 hits, and 30 homers in a season.

I really miss the phillies broadcasters, including Graham.
I wish xm had both home and away availability for each game.
Charlie Slowes makes me effin' sick.
It is torture listening to this.

How was Victorino that far out on a slow breaking ball?

Don't worry duder, the tables will turn.

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