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Thursday, September 07, 2006


Jason: I tip my hat to you, whatever the color.

Is that a fire engine red hat with a white "P" on front? I have one of those. I don't own a green cap. I guess I'll be wearing the red one.

I'm wearing the red cap, with the red t-shirts as well.


I like the lineup with Conine protecting Howard. Nunez gets another start. Maybe Jose will start tommorrow. Nuni's woeful bat is causing problems. I hope Coste can go yard tonight.

How about a red hat with the green shirt? LOL

I don't know what this fixation with Nunez is all about. Why not start Hernandez for a couple of games.

If I'm pitching, I'd still rather pitch to Conine rather that Little Papi.

Way to serve it up there, Jon.

At least football start in an hour..

start == starts

What's truly galling - and this is the same thing that I was saying in 2003 - is that the 'fans' of Florida don't deserve this. Look at that empty place. A disgrace. And no town wants a winner like Philadelphia, and we get the Champions of Choke year after year. No justice.

This is not a very good beginning. Digging a hole in the first right off the bat.

RSB, I agree with you. They really don't care about baseball down there, it's obvious.

nice clutch hitting by coste.

Conine and Coste! I like it.

Nunez and the hit to SS is like a magnet on the fridge.

Way to come back. Now if Lieber can hold them.........

Not enough ABs, but how about Coste for Rookie of the Year?

You have to like the way they just answered back like that. The clutch hitting returns away from home. Rollins has been getting it done almost every time in big spots lately.

Just need Leiber to settle in now.


Think the Phillies would be ballsy enough to honor Howard as the single season home run champion if he hits 62?

He ought to be honored even if he falls short. As record holder for a century plus old club he deserves praise.

Howard's honor should be having NL MVP bestowed upon controversy, he flat out is the best and deserves. Besides, I'd hate to see where the Phils would be without him.

He hit the ball real hard his first AB as well. Do they pitch around him to lead off the 5th?

I can't imagine he is going to see a good pitch to hit.

Gotta agree with you, DQ. I was holding back until a week or two ago, but as Jason pointed out, nobody wants to pitch to him and he STILL goes yard. Hate to sound like a typical Phillies fan, but how is he ever going to top this season?

Gotta agree with you, DQ. I was holding back until a week or two ago, but as Jason pointed out, nobody wants to pitch to him and he STILL goes yard. Hate to sound like a typical Phillies fan, but how is he ever going to top this season?

No arguments here DQ. MVP for the Big Man! That will be honorable enough.

9 in a row for Leiber. After a shaky 1st he is right on now.

The Marlins need to move to a real city. Their crowd is embarassing.

The scary thing, Howard *could* get even better as he cuts down his strikeouts. To hit over .300 while striking out 150-plus times is a feat in itself, but I feel he'll get better as he learns more discipline. He's shown signs of improving that even since this year began.

2nd night in a row with bases loaded and no outs...they need to get at least 2 in this time.

the problem is that howard has to swing at crap and bury himself in the count before pitchers will pitch to him.

Holy cow, Nunez almost did it again.

Uhh... Deja Vu or what. How many runs tonight with 0 outs and the bases loaded?

Hopefully more than 1, bt not lookign that way.

Nunez and his damn hits to the SS are killing me. Lucky to score 1.

Nunez should be hitting 9th when wolf or lieber is pitching.

Let's go Jimmy, bust it open!

I got one of my questions answered by Zolecki today and he is going with The Natural as Howard's nickname.

I like it, the way, the "natural" HR record in the National League is 56, Hack Wilson, right?

Natural Ryano. Cool Dude!

Nah, I'll stick with Little Papi because of the resemblance to Ortiz and his clutch hitting ability.

Seems like Lieber is getting it together for the last inning or so.

has there ever been a pticher to pitch back-to-back no hitters?

Man, Lieber's got that slider working tonight. Cross your fingers he can go 8.

Never mind that, he's not even going 6. That's an *awfully* quick hook.

We now enter the vunerable part of the Phillies game. When Charlie starts to manage.

This is what I don't like about Manuel trying to patch together 3 and 1/3 innings from the bullpen. It's going to take at least three pitchers to get it done. Odds that all three are effective? They can't be all that great. Lieber looked fine to me.

First dumb call of the night. If the ever-elusive Flash doesn't get in there tonight ahead of Madson and whoever else I'll scream.

Yes. I believe it was Johnny Vandermeer. Before I was born.

speaking of deja vu; i think i saw this show last night.

that was a really quick hook.

it goes geary->madson->rhodes, and we get smacked around.

If we could avoid Rhodes and Madson I'd be thrilled. Let's see Castro come in to actually start an inning. Then White, then Gordon.

One too many breaking balls from Geary.

Yeah - that was a bad move. It isn't going to get any easier as the game goes on.

Yes! Lets see Castro start an inning.

is brito still up? he filled in nicely after mathieson broke down.

Wow, what a play by Rollins. What instincts he has. That angle on that ball will eat most shortstops alive.

Yeah, Lieber should have had a chance at one more batter.

What is the point of pinch-hitting Sandoval here?

it gets delluci from butchering the outfield.

RSB, PtB instead? Just wondering. Really, I'm glad he's not eating up this board tonight.

so he can use 3 bench players in 5 minutes.

coste, player of the game.

Chris COSTE!


Alright. Sandoval gets a hit. A few times each game, one of Cholly's moves works.

Yes Chris Coste! Thankyou! Takes the pressure of No hit Nuni.

Durn slow internet. Three posts here about Coste. My dumb slow screen still shows Coste batting. Beerleaguer is the best!

Sportsline baby, hit refresh

Come ON 5, do something here!

Love Coste. His RISP numbers are higher than his regular numbers. And his RISP w 2out is even better. That is unusual, right?




Fred: You have to buy MLB TV. Its the best.

Fan favorite Pat the Bat is up here. With a big lead, the pressure is off. He'll probably homer.

why anyone pitches to coste with RISP, when he's backed by nunez and the pitcher, is nuts.

coste to protect howard?

Greg, I'm the sole support of a wife and three teenage daughters. I'm lucky to have the internet. In fact I'm lucky to be on the internet as they are all at the shopping mall!

Maybe next year they can play the whole season on the road. Great job, Chase.

P.S. I'd like to get Chris Wheeler "middle-in" with a sledgehammer.

Nice Utley. What 8,9 pitches, than homers! Nice!

Breathing room at last! The presence of Howard on deck gets Utley another juicy fastball on a full count. I'm tempted to say they look like a completely different team away from home, but I know the weak Marlin pitching tonight has a lot to do with it as well.

I guess we'll probably win this game. On the sunny side of things, the Padres start a 10-game road trip tomorrow, and of their next (and last) 22 games, only six are at home. Among those 16 road games, four at the dodgers, three at the cardinals, three at the giants, three at the reds.

I think this is a big enough run cushion for our beleagured bullpen.

Sweet swing by Chase!

Look out SD the Phils are comin'!

This game is not over yet. I have the Utmost confidence that White will give up a HR here.

Am I good or what...

Sadly impressive, Greg. These kids don't quit.

I was about to ask you if you've ever considered sports gambling for a living.

What kind of piece of crap pitch was that?

This guy White has had his run, time to show him the door!

White = massive poo


Wow, it just can never be easy. Manuel should have known better, really, with this bullpen the way it is.

White had a .311 BAA coming into the game. Any (minimal) success he's had has been pure luck. The luck has ended, and so should his Phillies' career.

Ah, the comforting sight of Rhodes warming up in the pen...

Smith = good

Now this guy Smith seems to pitch ok. At least we got one decnt player in the Abreu deal.

Hope I didn't speak too soon!

A very good point, John. One should never look at ERA when evaluating a reliever (unless he's a long reliever), it's completely meaningless because many of the runs they allow to score are inherited and don't count against their ERA. Now Matt Smith, on the other hand, looks to be pretty good.

I cringed when the Marlins announcers said "Rhodes is warming up for the Phillies". Then I realized that I probabaly would have cringed at any sentence that ended that way.

Thank God they're still generating runs.

What happened to Coste? Assuming he's the real deal, how did he learn how to hit at such an advanced age? If he stays this good it's an amazing story.

At least with this line up, you can look forward to the 6-7-8 baters, instead of dreading it.

why not leave smith in? He threw about 10 pitches.

Fletch-At this point, even "Isle of Rhodes" or "Rhodes Scholarship" makes me cringe.

Fletch-At this point, even "Isle of Rhodes" or "Rhodes Scholarship" makes me cringe.

Makes me cringe twice.

Charlie's answer to that question would go something like, "Smeeeth is a rookie so I didn't want him to throw too many peeeeeeetches."

Nunez reached! In other news, Cindy Crawford will be at my place tonight.

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