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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


When it comes to wins, we'll take whatever we can get. I don't care if we really deserved to lose and only won based on be it at this point in the season! Winning the 2nd game is crucial, as it's something the Phils just haven't been able to do. It's a statement game, and they usually shell up...time to see if this Wild Card thing is for real. Game on!

Padres 7 , Reds 0 in 3rd

Burrell on bench for both games of dbl header.

unreal we came away with nothing in that inning. Dancy has YET... to figure out 3rd base. It's unreal. Absolutely unreal. Why are you running on Francouer EVER. EVER. Let alone a hard hit ball...

Alright J-Roll.

Allright Nunez for being in the unusual situation of being on base.

Wait how did he get there? Maybe a slide of bat trick.

How does he ever get there? He didn't hit the ball hard enough for anyone to get to it in time.

Will I jinx things if I talk about a 2 game winning streak this early into the game?

Ruiz, if you please! And looky - even Nunez gets it to the outfield. It's almost as if Hudson focused on Howard before the start and forgot about the rest of the lineup.

NUNEZ!!! 2 in a row, Freaking Ruiz!

All of our runs have come with 2 out. I could be completely wrong, but I don't think we've been good in that situation recently.

Can't say enough about how Lieber has consistently given the Phils quality starts down the stretch, again. Makes you wonder, just what was the problem the whole rest of the year?

Remember how great a center fielder Aaron Rowand was supposed to be? Who knew the Phillies already had a better one in Victorino?

Much skepticism was expressed, including from myself, about how Victorino would do when 'exposed' on a regular basis. Well, now we know: this guy's a *ballplayer*. He can hit, run, field, and throw. I'm sold. His talent has been one of the most positive developments of the season.

christ, fultz doing double duty? i don't care if this works; the guy named Matt Smith should be used here.

Oh well Pat, at least it wasn't a journeyman minor leaguer pinch-hitting for you this time - just a guy who was out of baseball for two years.

Awright Abe! That one was for RickSchuBlues, I saw you point.

RSB - Since it's 7-2 now, whose pitching the 9th?


hopefully, _anyone_ except flash.

They'll probably have to use Gordon anyway after Madson gets done giving up his usual two hits and a walk.

Feel free to make me eat that, too, Ryan.

Here's Nunez' line for tonight's game:
3AB - 1R - 3H - 2RBI - 2BB - 0SO

That's gotta be his best offensive game all season.

Still very much alive! Nice doubleheader sweep! Let's go for the series sweep tomorrow!

The Giants and Rockies are scoreless in the bottom of the 2nd. Also, the Pads are only one game behind the Dodgers for the lead in the NL West.

Madson does it! A sweep of the Braves!!! Are the Mets still beating FLA?

Zowee! A doubleheader sweep. It all looked so bleak, down 5-0 in the second inning of the first game. I'll try not to get discouraged like that again, even when they lose 2 of 3 at home to the Cubs.

I have tickets to the 9/20 Cubs and the 9/23 Marlins games - perhaps these might mean something after all? One can hope - GO PHILS!

After that doubleheader sweep, I propose that "Foggy Mountain Breakdown" be the Phillies theme song and played before every game -- by 500 massed banjos, if possible.

Chevy Player of the Game: Carlos Ruiz, who's starting to look comfortable at the plate. He's hit the ball hard since his latest callup.

Ruiz, Brito, Conine, Nunez ... couple of unexpected heroes tonight.

My player of the game is Lieber. Ruiz did his share, but this win was all about the pitching.

RSB - I agree! Hopefully, Lieber is baaaaaack to his September form! If so, couldn't come at a better time. Marlins finally lost two games in a row - When was the last time that happened? That team still scares me a little.

i am starting to like Closer!Madson

Not to get greedy but.....LET's GO ROCKIES!

Rockies just blew it open with 7 in the 5th. You'll noticed the Phillies' turnaround immediately followed my R.I.P. in the comments for the last post. I knew if I decided they were dead they'd bounce back again.

What a night! Who'd'a thunk it! Whee!

(No stats in this post. All heart, no mind.)

And the Padres answered back with 4. I'll keep my mouth shut.

Nice work by the Phils tonight. Always tough to take 2. Phils had absolutely no business winning game one but the Braves were nice enough to finally cut the Phils a break. Most diasppointing thing was Wolf. I know he is coming back from a major injury but he really hasn't shown much of anything this season. If Phils are going to catch the Padres, they need Wolf to give them a shot at winning. He just didn't do that tonight.

Madson is a decent setup man but I really hope the Phils' don't start using him there with any regularity.

Funny thing about Wolf since returning...he hasn't pitched that well in many of the games, but he has yet to lose.

I'm really liking Ruiz. I followed him in the minors since last season, and the man could hit and I think he'll show that in the Majors...future starter.

I too speculated Victorino as an everyday player. Well, he's proving that he produces better when starting rather than being a 4th outfielder...great development on the season, yet another positive. That allows the Phils to trade Rowand to address others areas.

I'm very glad Conine is on this team, and I'll be happy to have him back next season. He's not flashy, he's not even that much above average, but there's something about him that I like, just can't put my finger on it.

Interesting comment above about Fultz by "joe". He's been regulated to rest over the past week, then Manuel pitches him in both games of the twin bill...c'mon! Don't make his arm fall off too, especially when Matt "Generic Name" Smith could have been used. But I'm done complaining...we won both games...still alive and kicking!

Really starting to like Ruiz, just hope he's not juicing again.

1.5 back with 17 to play, not too bad, big games the rest of the way, every one matters. The phils need to gain another game by the end of this weekend.

Unless I missed something, I think you're referring to Randy Ruiz, the Reading first basemen who tested positive twice last season.

Will, I think it was randy ruiz who tested positive for a banned substance, not chooch.

oh yeah, sorry, my bad.

All this time I had the wrong guy in my head. I like carlos a lot more now.

Just checked WTBS schedule. The Phillies game will be broadcast tonight on the cable superstation (with Atlanta announcers). I hate the Braves...and the Mets...and the Marlins...and now the Padres.

Lake Fred- basically hate everyone but the's safer that way!

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