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Sunday, September 17, 2006


It's well-documented that the Phillies have been unable to complete sweeps when they get a team down in the first two games of series. If they can beat Wandy - and even though he's a lefty, he's not Pettitte, thank god - it'd be a huge step forward for this team and its chances of extending the season. They've separated the other contenders (FLA, SF) by two full games now. Keep winning and it will be only them and LA/SD to compete with.

Off topic- but maybe you guys can help me figure this out...How does Derek Jeter still have a 25 game hit streak when on August 12th he went hitless, but was walked 3 times? I was under the impression regardless of the type of plate appearance, if you fail to get a hit in a game the streak is therefore over. Is this Yankee favoritism?

Go Phils!

RSB- I'm with ya, if the Phils take care of their own business (winning) then they won't have to worry so much about the competitors.

Since I'm not one for generalizations without data, I looked up the Phillies record for completing sweeps. In 3 game series, they are 4-3 after winning the first 2 games. If you count 4 game series, they are 4-5 after winning the first 3 games.

I'd say that that's not exactly documentation that the Phillies are unable to complete sweeps.

regarding a hit streak: you do not lose a hit streak if you're only at bats were walks, hits batsmen, or sac bunts.

sac flies do not count, and will stop the streak.

I'm thinking more in terms of this month, Jeremy, but thanks.

Runners second & third, two outs, left-hander pitching, and they go right after Burrell. Tell you anything?

If the Phils manage a win today they'll gain at least half a game on the wild card lead, regardless the outcome of the Padres/Dodgers game. (If the Padres lose the Phils will gain a full game, and if the Padres win they'll take over first in the west and the Phils will be a game behind the Dodgers in the wild card.)

By the way, the comment CAPTCHA here can be damn hard to read. It took me 4 tries to post this comment.

Utley looks like he's just guessing up there right now. He's really struggling against lefties in particular, and is getting terrible swings at breaking and offspeed pitches.

why can't we do this to unknown lefthanders every time?!? four longballs is very nice to see.

Phils are getting some big-time breaks: they miss Oswalt and Pettitte in this series, and missed Smoltz in the last one. And lo and behold, they're actually taking advantage.

1 hit thru 4 innings good job by Wolf.
And a double to boot. He should go to the Arizona Fall League with Floyd and try out a 3B glove to replace Nunez

RSB: And they will miss Zambrano against the Cubs. He's pitching today.

...not to mention missing Zambrano and Rich Hill in the Cubs series.

Every time I've ever seen Wolf pitch well, he gets a ton of outs with his fastball. When he doesn't get ahead, he generally doesn't use the fastball - so when he's getting his other stuff over decently, it makes all the difference to him.

Same thought, same time :)

FSN lied to me during the Friday night broadcast when they put up on the screen that the Houston Astros game would be shown today. I tuned in and what do I get?....College women's SEC volleyball, Kentucky vs. LSU. Who cares? It's probably a match played some other day on tape.

So, I'm forced to have my back to have my back to the Packers-Saints game while I wait for slow dial-up updates. At least Wolf is doing fine through five innings with a 4-0 score.

It was nice to see ex-Saint Dante Stallworth score a TD for the Eagles.

Burrell baserunning blunder...idiot. Burrell scores on a wild pitch...shame on the catcher/pitcher. Go Burrell!

Wolf has impressed me today on 3 days rest and bouncing back from a horrible start.

RSB - I was wondering whether it was just me or whether there was something about Wolfie's fastball - two of the k's he came on fastballs.

I feel we're better taking a risk on him next year, and I'm fretting that Gillick batted away any questions about him during the q and a. I think he will come back better next year as his control gets better and he can mix up his other pitches with his great curve.

Pirates are trying to keep the Phils alive in the "hunt" for the NL East crown...go Buccos! Screw the Mets!

We have 3 ground rule doubles today...I wonder what the record for a gmae is?

Thanks Burrell, we needed that throw out at 2nd...Wolf looked like he is about to implode. Nice pitched game, but warm up the bullpen.

I was reading where nobody deserves the NL Cy Young this year. Zambrano is a guy that deserves it as much as any of those other stiffs. I'm glad we'll miss him.

...and as I was saying "Wolf looks about ready to implode, better warm up the bullpen"...I didn't want to be right in this occasion...dammit!

Time for the hook.

Rick White's numbers may be pretty bad, but he does have his moments.

I hated the Rick White pickup at the time, but he's been helpful. He's nothing spectacular, but he's been serviceable nonetheless.

I agree. White is ugly to look at and pitches ugly some times, but pitches nicely some times, too!

White has been pleasantly good the last 4 weeks or so.

Embrace the Beard!

For the most part, White has been one of the Phil's most effective relievers.

Give Gillick credit for this one - although mid-to-late-season acquisitions of journeynan middle-relievers is often just a matter of luck and is just as likely to make a GM look like an idiot as a genius.

you can tell it's football season as some of the "regulars" are probably busy doing some Phillies and NFL watching today.

The Beard!!!!

Can a fan club be in the making?

V.O.R.- I've been using the phrase "Embrace the Beard" for about a month and a half now on my blog...but that would make a great fan club up in the stands.

Speaking of bad reliever acquistions...anybody remember Mike Williams? ugh

Unfortanately I remember Williams and about 5 straight years of picking up dead pitchers as such

I do not like Mike Lieberthal, but I will always give credit where and when it's due...thank you Lieberthal for that 2nd homerun of the game...we needed that!

Damn, Lieby!!!

Maybe I should start working every other day!!!

Lieby has hit all 9 of his homers in the 2nd half of the year. Not bad

Your right DQ. I'm watching a good game at Lambeau Field on the tube. Saints lead 34-27 with 4 minutes to go.

Eagles are making this game interesting...damn Giants!

Wow, Eagles and Giants now tied at 24 with 10 seconds left in the 4th...Eagles are doing their best Phillies impersonation of giving up runs/points late...ouch!

My bad, enough football talk, I'm not even that big a fan...back to baseball and more importantly Phillies. C'mon Geary!

Hasn't Geary appeared in 175 games this year?

I never thought Geoff "Gas Can" Geary would become so valuable to the Phillies...glad to have him!

The most underrated pitcher the Phils have.

Odd...a 6-4 game with 7 homeruns.

What the hell Manuel? How many times is he going to allow Berkman to kill the Phis? He had Matt Smith ready in the bullpen to make Berkman go right-handed (weaker side), but no...Manuel is dumb!

I hope RSb has taken due note of the fact that Pat the Bat has a 2-game hitting streak going. Let's not talk about it too much and jinx him. Meanwhile, Lance Berkman strikes again... if not for our Howard, he'd be a viable MVP candidate (41 HR, 122 RBI, great September).

Looks like the Mets will have to wait yet another day

Saints held on to win 34-27. The first time in Franchise history that they won their first two games of the season on the road. Katrina Land will be happy.

I'm extra happy because the Phils are winning and hitting homers! Let's hold 'em Geary!

Tray- sorry to burst your bubble, but I believe Burrell went hitless yesterday.

Howard Time coming up

I hope Gordon has some bullets to fire in the 9th rather than shuttlecocks.

by the way, I deserve mad props for using "shuttlecocks"...that's awesome!

Time to make them pay AGAIN for walking the Howitzer

Randal Simon is a fun it!

Tray, hopefully Burrell starts heating up over these last few weeks

Bravos knock off the Fish - score 5 in the bottom of the 10th after FLA plates 4 in the top of the inning.

Probably hasn't happened more than a handful of times in MLB history.


wow, 3-3 Marlins and Braves going into the 10th, Fish score 4 to take 7-3 lead, then Braves come back and win it 8-7...craziness!

Check it out...Marlins scored 4 in the 10th, Braves answered with 5 and win 8-7! That one might just do them li'l Fishies in...swimmin' upstream now.

Looks like bullets today DQ

Again, I'm a minute late with my commentary...

wow! V.O.R., RSB, and myself all posted the same thing about the Marlins/Braves game at nearly the same time...we're all on the same page today fellas!

One of the few times that I'm happy Atlanta won. I hate the Fish. I always will.

anyone else surprised by just how vocal the astro's crowd is tonight? You'd swear it was a post-season playoff game. Plus on there is a complete bampot screaming himself hoarse at the ump and the phillies. mental.

Flash's fastball looks awesome today!

Wheeler must say "middle-in" in reference to pitches about 4,288 times a game! ugh

Can't make it look easy can we?

what the hell is Gordon doing? this isn't funny...

Nice. way to shut up the crowd.

hey it's a win...thank God!

Let's go Dodgers!

Moving within 1 game of WC at the least. Awesome

3-0 green light? WTF?

Man, if I'm some .220 scrub hitter like Ausmus, I've got *no* business swinging 3-0 with Biggio on deck...

Oh well. A sweep it is! An absolutely huge sweep on the Astros on the road, and now home for seven. Zow!

But I'll take the gift anytime!!!

Great road trip.

Gordon wants to give us high blood pressure. I'm glad we won, very happy. Payback is sweet to sweep the 'Stros after what they did to us last year.

Go Dodgers.

Payback is a b*tch! Love stickin' it to the 'stros...they screwed up last season.

Does Ryan Franklin play for the Eagles??

Eagles lose. Atleast my favorite team (Phils) win

Phillies winning and Eagles losing is a perfect day in my book.

Eagles lose...can't the city of Philly ever have a perfect day?

I hate the NY Giants.

DQ, I don't think so. I'm so mad that the Eagles blew that game. -sigh- The Phillies swept the Astros in long has it been since that was said?

I watched mostly the Giants game today because I had a bad feeling about the Phils game and wanted to just fastforward to the end boxscore.

Eagles deserved to lose, because they're stupid. I've never seen a game like that. I can't get over Reid going for it on 4th down mid-field like it's Madden football, holding a huge lead in the second half. That's not how you do it, especially with a defense that was shutting them down all afternoon.

Whatever, forget the Eagles for today...the Phils are riding high! Gotta live it up while we can...our games still mean something.

Forgotten. Believe me. Phils got it done today. Time to take care of the Cubbies.

Does anyone else find it hysterical what's happened to Cincinnati? It's not a stretch at all to say dealing Franklin and Cormier there helped the Phillies chances significantly. It was a joke at first, but now there's actual truth in it.

Dont forget ex-Phillie Milton.

its absolutely hillarious that the reds have imploded since taking on cormier and franklin.

cormier had the worlds most deceptive ERA, he never met an inhereted runner that he didnt let score.

and franklin, just sucked, and didnt take instruction.

Maria, the last time the Phils swept the Astros was May of 2002. The last time they did it in Houston? May 1995 at the Astrodome.

they were due. No better time than now.

"...Eagles losing is a perfect day in my book."

What kind of human being are you?

That Dude, for one thing, I'm a much bigger Phillies and baseball fan than football fan. The attention the Eagles steal from the Phillies is obnoxious. When the Phillies are in the chase for the playoffs and the lead story on Daily News Live is that Brian Westbrook didn't practice, something's wrong. And I find nothing more absurd than the geniuses that wear their Eagles gear to Phillies games and start Eagles chants. If you don't hate me yet, let's just say my favorite football team is playing tonight, at home.

Mike you are my new best took the words straight from my mouth. Football is ok, the Eagles are alright, but BASEBALL is my life, and I hate the Eagles chant at Phils games and the attention they steal from what is turning out to be an exciting Phillies team.

There would not be Eagles chants at Phillies games if the Phils hadn't been so dreadful these last 100 years...

The Pads won, so now we're one game behind the Dodgers for the WC. Is that good or bad? Who has the better schedule for the rest of the season?

I looked at them all. I like the Phils best. LA and the Pads have similar schedules except the Pads play the Cards and LA plays the Giants. Nothing would make the Giants more happy than to knock LA out of the playoffs.

The Phils don't play anyone like that. We play all demoralized teams, the Cubs, the gNats, the Fish and the oddball single 'Stros makeup game.

I'll try not tobe a complete ahole here, but I decree you CANNOT be a Phillies AND a Cowboys fan. It's wrong on so many levels I cant even begin to decipher.

What San Diego has done down the stretch is damned impressive. They've smelled blood and they've gotten after it. L.A. is as flawed and inconsistent as the Phillies and frankly, now that the Padres have finally caught them, they're not unlikely to also be caught by...oh, I won't say it. But I can think of a team with which we're all familiar that is playing better baseball right now, or at least getting better pitching, than the Dodgers.

I have to agree with Schu.

That Dude, you'll have to take it up with my dad. He started liking the Cowboys because of Bullet Bob Hayes and the Phillies because of Johnny Callison. I inherited both. So unlike the more obnoxious brand of bandwagon Cowboys fan, I liked them before their first 90s Super Bowl (which I still have on a VHS somewhere - Michael Jackson halftime show and all).

"So unlike the more obnoxious brand of bandwagon Cowboys fan, I liked them before their first 90s Super Bowl"

So instead of being an obnoxious 90's cowboys fan you're an obnoxious 70's cowboys fan. Oh now I see the difference (sarcasm mode off)

Padres and Dodgers face off tommorow as well. This could put both the Padres and Phils in control. You have to like the entire match up with the Cubs for the 3 games.

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