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Saturday, September 09, 2006


Use this thread to discuss all the action today, including Penn State's showdown with the Irish in South Bend.


ND Alumni here..I can't wait for the slaughter to begin!

Jason, you have 'Flutz' instead of 'Fultz' at the end of the post.


For what it's worth, Baseball Prospectus gives us only a 19% shot at winning the wild card.

20 - 0. Domination. Glory.

Coolstandings likes the Phils much more, @ 33.4%.

hey homes on my internet radio show i get people likes yous always thinkin negatively. Man some dude on the post this afternoon mentions Howard to the yankees or even the Cards...jesus he's not free agent eligible for like 4 more years! Think positively and realize that this type of performance from an athlete is rare and unbelievable!

BTW - Wouldn't the Cards look good in about 5 years when Rolen retires and Pujols goes to 3rd and Howard at 1st. LOL Gotta love us philly fans always Negadelphia!

Whazzup G's give a holla out to my girls at Cheerleaders tonite if you're visiting. I'll be over at McFadden's tonite gettin my G on till da boyz tap da MAC and we gets our laps on at some strip club for da nite!

30 minutes till my fav hommie Brett "THe Hitman" Myers does his favorite beatdown on the Marlins and gets us to within .5 game of the WC...Man Doesn't Brett look like Ernie from Sesame Street wid dem crazy ass white boy eyebrows??? Maybe i just crazy or somethin

If there was a Beerleaguer Hall of Fame, that post would be in it!

SF 4 - SD 0 top 5

This is going to be a glorious day!

Myers needs to turn it on again. There ought to be plenty of run support though.

thanks Greg.. don't you agree he looks like Ernie but hits like Rocky!

LOL "da hitman" is gonna beat the hell outta Cabera if he gets outta line tonite! Remember he's a golden gloves winner in HS and from Florida and always steps it up down there for his homies.

Jason, is that a picture of the hi def TV you have been bragging about? I'm not impressed.

Glorious Day - its a glorious weekend...i got my Rocky soundtrack out and playin' Eye of the Tiger for da Phils and Eagles tommorow.

Greg, Schmidt fell apart here in San Francisco. It's 4-4 after 8.

Since Abe can't seem to find the Mendoza Line, I'm trying to figure out what the Nunez Line is. Does .197 sound about right?

The Nunez line is definetely below .200, .197 sounds good.

Wow. Two at bats for Utley, two home runs. I guess it's gonna be his turn today.

Can we say he is out of his slump yet?

Giants beat the Padres in 11!

I think it was RSB who said we were better off with Nunez than Bell because Bell had a somber personality and was inhibiting Howard and Utley's happy-go-luckiness.

It is getting to be I expect this situation in every game. Let me guess, we will get one run from a fielder's choice.

I don't know who it was that called Burrell the Phillie killer recently, but they could not have been more right. He's been worthless tonight, and that pop out to shallow center w/ 1 out and the bases loaded is completely par for the course with him lately.

Thank You Pat Burrell.
The isolated swing they just showed didn't look sound to me.

I think Dan Uggla is destined to be a Phillies-killer... and why did we take out Delucci for Conine?

We're in trouble if we don't get a run here.

Utley just missed for another homer. Good AB. Chase is back.

I almost expect him to homer here.

they are going to make someone else on the HowardUtley's beat them tonight. I hope someone steps up here.

When you have three catchers, why should you ever start the worst one?

..and Pat Burrell does it again. 0 for 4 so far tonight leaving 9 on base.

Next inning dosent count, so its down to the ninth with the top of the order. I would just pitch around Utley and Howard again.

Their pen is all out of lefties.

Wow, before you know it, RSB's gonna say Bobby and Cory for Matt Smith is a great move.

Another 100 scorless innings and i'll say it.

This game is unbelievably bad. Maybe Utley and Howard could alternate at-bats and use ghost runners.

I'm sorry but the Phillies deserve to lose this game. There is absolutely no excuse for getting zero runs out of a bases loaded situation & not scoring a lead off triple. Pathetic.

Neither team deserves to win this. Mike, great line about ghost runners.

3 embarrassing strikeouts in the eighth. 0 for 12 with RISP. The Rollins one is particularly galling... you know Borowski is going to throw 3-2 change. Randall Simon is two notches below major league level with hand-eye coordination. Hernandez has been around too long to let that happen. Ridiculous.

Another chance. Cmon Phils!

Maria, the Phils may deserve to lose, but the Marlins may gift wrap a win, mitre the corners, and put a big red bow on it. Borowski has little control and relying on guile.

Howard needs a double here or we're done. I bet he walks though...

Simon was very close though. he almost did it.

Unintentional intentional walk here?

Intentional walk here? Who's coaching the Marlins, Roy Turner?

Flyin' Hawaiian had missiles under his engines! Yeah!!! Show the muscle!

We better go out and find Howard some protection now that he's going to be treated like Barry Bonds.

Wow great hit great play.

Tom Gordon NOT warming in the pen according to radio...

Clutch Conine!!!

Thats why he's a good pick up. We have all seen him do it before. Now he's ours.

Geary's starting to resemble a decent reliever.

Yeah, I'll promote him to decent. Would have been decent plus if he got Cabrera.

Vic, Utley, we go again.

Love to hear the mixture of boos for walking Howard again. So they'll let Conine beat them again. Priceless.

Frustrating game. 14 LOB. Bad at bats all around. Where's Jimmy at tonight?

Should I turn it off right now?

Arthur Rhodes should get the lead role in Scary Movie 5.

In the last 10 games the Phils have played only 2 have been clunkers. The other 7 including tonight have been close, exciting and fun to watch.

It's fun to watch them absolutely suck in clutch situations and fail to score guys from third with less than two outs?

Why is Arthur Rhodes once again allowed in a close game?
He cannot throw strikes.

Why not leave Geary in? This is a PENNANT RACE.

Thank God I have compentent management in Charlie Weis. I couldn't handle this BS in two teams...

Maybe there's still hope.

So we'll bring in a minor leaguer.

Little. I doubt Florida will be as anemic with a runner on 3rd and less than 2 outs.

That Rhodes injury looks very serious. His arm was just dangling and he was in a lot of pain.

Clout: Yeah. I think he may have broke something.

It looks like he's going to unallow himself in this game. Wouldn't surprise me if a small injury just turned into a big one.

Rollins looks confused at the plate tonight, or just plain cold. As we know, he's hot or cold. Perhaps the Phils need him to get it going in the last three weeks.

0 for 17 with RISP is more incompetent execution of that management. But I'm just picking nits.

I cannot understand why, with the game on the line, you can't use Gordon. Why use a young guy in this situation? Can't use Gordon unless it's a save situation? If they don't get out of this jam, the game is over...

Gordon probably is not available because Cholley needlessly used him last night.

Gillick should fire Manuel tomorrow and let Utley manage the rest of the season.

What a disgrace.

What happened to Rhodes' arm?

Watch that wildcard slip, slip, slip away.

Rhodes is completely useless. He single-handedly has cost the Phils 3 or 4 games down the stretch.

I cannot understand using Rhodes either. I just don't get it.

Jason: I guess the alternative would've been White. He couldn't use Gordon and Sanches shouldn't be an option. Fultz has been hurt. Castro?

Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. 17 men left on base. Can someone explain why Sanches is used with game on the line and he hasn't pitched since August 24th ?

Charlie is stupid?

Fresh inning of an extra inning game, I'd have no problem going with Castro.

Rhodes -- last 4 outings : 2 blown saves and 1 loss.

Opportunity lost. There's no excuse for mangerial stupidity.

Did Rhodes get injured in this game. Clout and Greg mentioned it earlier in this thread. Any update?

Manuel's problem for two seasons is his loyalty to struggling veterans. I think he's done a nice job with what he has in the bullpen, because overall, the group isn't all that talented. But right now they're suffering in two ways: The veterans are getting hurt, and Manuel is sticking by Rhodes.

Being 1.5 out in the WC is the Phils favourite spot. What do reckon? A 10 run bounce back win tommorrow. SD will probably win too and we can stay 1.5 out.

Rhodes uncorked a wild pitch over Ruiz's head and clutched his arm. He walked off the field with his arm dangling by his side.

It had all the makings to turn out like this. They never score for Myers, they won the first two games, and Friday night in Miami + baseball players = hangover on Saturday.

Could that be why Pat had 9 LOB?

When your key pitching acquisitions in the offseason are a 38 year old closer and a 36 year old setup man -- both with an injury history, is it a surprise when they can't last the entire season ?

At Rhodes' age, he's probably finished in baseball. It sounds like a bad injury.

I guess they drink in Miami on Saturday nights, too. They'll be hungover and weary in the daytime sunlight for a day getaway game.

Not all is lost. The Phils may have broke a record of some sort. 34 runners LOB. We gotta be close to a club record or something. Worst in 50 years at least. I want a record.

Bloodstripes -- actually there was 17 LOB. Since many of the LOBs were with 0 or 1 outs, the total LOB of each player adds to 34. Actually a lousy game for both teams. Hard to believe the way the game was played, that these are teams competing for a playoff spot.

Hang on a minute. I think we murdered the record. According to this we did.

Well done Phils. At least we achieved something.

Oh O.K. Sorry....ignore my poke at fun. I'll just go stand in the corner for a while. Stupid me.

Why can't we ever take advantage of a team losing (the Padres) and gain some momentum? AAARRRGGGGHHH!!!!!! However, I'm not giving up just yet and will continue to root for them (especially that the Howitzer breaks the record...:-) Sounds like there was No excuse for tonight's loss. However, since the All Star break, I do sense a different attitude with them. I like the drive that Utley, Howard, Hamels and Rollins bring to the Phils. We better get them tomorrow!

Still they were 1 away from a tie for best ever LOB performance.

Never give up! Will always love the Phils.

Tomorrow's game is big. Phils have hit Willis in previous starts.

When you get bored with reading about the Phillies loss tonight, you can go to to read about a 69 year old New Orleans area sportscaster, Vince Marinello, accused of donning a disguise and murdering his wife in a parking lot last week.

Before Katrina, I used to work in the same building as Vince Marinello. The radio station was on a floor below my office. One night I was leaving work late and the elevator stopped on his floor and Vince got in. It was just the two of us. I told him a joke that Payton Manning had said earlier in the day at a motivational conference in the New Orleans Arena. Little did I know that day that I was alone in an elevator talking to a future murderer!

This may be an assine thing to say but at least Rhodes' injury today will prevent Chuckles from using him anytime soon. Only bullpen option worse than Rhodes at this point is White.

The good news: Arthur Rhodes' Phillies career is over. The bad news: he killed them one last time.

Well, I shouldn't say he did it all by his lonesome. He had a little company, namely everyone in the entire lineup not named Victorino, Utley, or Howard. Whatever positive effect Manuel may have had before the series is already by the boards, and the team is tighter than a floozy's skirt all over again.

(I got that line from 'Police Squad'.)

One day they have you believing, the next day they have you giving up. I'll keep believing, but I really ought to know better, and in fact I even do. The only things that gives one any semblance of hope are a) the starting rotation, and b) that potentially neutralizing three-way shootout between the three West Division teams. I would say c) Howard, but now that they've done everything but intentionally walk him with the bases loaded, I'd say that party's about over.

One other thing, even though I shouldn't bring up the man's name. Well, how about I don't say his name, but talk about him anyway.

I know other players failed pretty badly all around tonight. But our man is just a disgrace. Number one - if you're hurt, you're hurt, just say so and sit down. Number two - if you're hurt or not - when you've got a one-run game and the bases loaded and a 3-1 pitch to hit, why are you swinging for a 500-foot homer? Can we get a single on a nice easy swing? Even if you disregard the results as 'bad luck', you have to be disgusted by the terrible approach in the first place.

If I am Charlie Manual, I would consider shaking up the lineup order for today's game to try to spark this offense. Perhaps Howard 3rd, Utley 4th. You need you second best hitter behind Howard if they will continue to walk him. Leadoff Victorino. Bench Nunez and start Hernandez.
He should also consider using Randy Wolf if needed in today's game with off day tomorrow.

Simply put- completely pitiful!

RSB - your comment about rhodes is disgusting. I think Rhodes has pitched poorly, but I don't applaud injuries to players in any circumstances.

Your continued obsession with burrell especially in what was a "team loss" is bizarre. This is especially so when you ignore the failings of the players you support, which have been many in recent losses. Your belief that a power hitter like burrell should be looking for a single on a 3-1 count is not even a valid critique.


Pat went 0-for-4 with nine LOB. While others certainly struggled, a basehit by Pat changes the game and knocks at least one LOB off of that nine.

I don't understand the Burrell backers, both for their stance of the guy (I like him, but he's hurt -- sit him down) and their continued obliviousness to his faults, which winds up bringing down every discussion because of the petty bickering which ensues.

So certain opinions shouldn't be expressed? Goodness.
My position is this: Burrell is horrible right now. Maybe it's a slump, maybe it's injury, but he's not helping the team. That said, it's obvious that RSB is biased against certain players (Abreu & Burrell among others) and will always harp on them while ignoring other miscreants or giving a free ride to those he likes. But while I may favor the posters here who are capable of objectivity, RSB's emotional fan mindset is just as welcome.
RSB: You have stated repeatedly that I was wrong in saying that the team's post-July 26 performance, during which they've played .614 baseball, is a winning streak. You have said it is a true indication of the team's ability. In other words, they are a plus-.600 baseball team. That being the case, how can you say "the party's about over"? Have you changed your mind about the winning streak?

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm sticking with RSB from here on out. Anyone who can quote "Police Squad" is a genius in my book.

Today's lineups

J. Rollins ss
S. Victorino cf
C. Utley 2b
R. Howard 1b
J. Conine rf
P. Burrell lf
C. Coste c
A. Nunez 3b
C. Hamels p

H. Ramirez ss
D. Uggla 2b
M. Cabrera 3b
J. Willingham lf
W. Helms 1b
C. Ross rf
A. Amezaga cf
M. Treanor c
D. Willis p

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