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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Dare I ask if a benching would make sense? or do you think he's just so fatigued that it wouldn't matter anyway?

I know it would be next to impossible to sit your best player when your 1.5 out with 12 left, but if he's not playing like your best player than why not remind him of that?

Terrific synopsis from Chuck Bausman at

"Raise your hand if you knew - *knew* - the Phillies would come home and lose last night to the Cubs, the NL's worst team. This is not - *not* - the behavior of a playoff team."

Dear Chase Utley, Choke up, or pick a lighter bat. Hit the top half of the ball and make things happen for the big man behind you. Sincerely, The City of Philadelphia.

I love Chase Utley, he and Howard are my favorite Phillies. But his late season swoon is really hurting the offense. His cuts against lefties are disgusting, he might as well just try to work the walk, because he looks like he has no chance at hitting a left-hander pitcher lately.

It says something when I go around the Phillies blogsphere today and all I see are a bunch of "uninspired" posts. I did it, you did, Swing and Miss did was a sad day yesterday indeed...disheartening.

12 games left, 1.5 back. Not only are the moments "precious", they are also a roller coaster ride full of emotions for Phillies fans. Yes, I am happy the games still mean something. Yes, I'm trying to "believe" in this team and rooting my ass off for them. Yes, it has been fun watching them since August, but I have a feeling that we're going to be left down again...and that just sucks!

Nary a mention in the papers of Victorino losing grip of the bat last night because his wrist was so hurt from the catch he made in the first inning. That could be a big deal.

Utley needs to sit against the next left-handed starter. He isn't getting it done. Hernandez has started there before, I'm pretty sure. (*not* Sandoval, who makes Nunez look like Tony Gwynn).

Based on your comment RSB- I'm inclined to think you don't have much confidence in Danny Sandoval...why ever not? He's won a minor league batting crown...that should mean everything!

*sarcasm intended

Yeah. He sure looks like a batting champion to me. Whenever they announce him to pinch-hit, I feel like the pitcher he's batting for would've had just as good a chance.

No mention of the strike outs in big at-bats by the Howitzer last night. I was starting to feel like this was one of those "magical" seasons like '93 or the Red Sox in '05 (the Hernandez Slam reminded me much of Mariano Duncan on Mother's Day). When Ryno struck out in those big at-bats where he could have done some real damage, I had to kick myself and remember that these are the Phillies I'm pulling for. I agree that Utley is obviously worn out (as well he should be after the WBC and the ups and downs of this season and his streak), but I guess I figured someone else would pick up his slack. That's the way it's been for the past few months, anyway.

Sandoval and Roberson inspire zero hope in me when they come to the faith in their skills. Not to say they can't be useful, but for now, it surely isn't with the bat.

that's why we need a complete lineup from top to bottom, for the occasions when one of the big dogs are barking/biting enough. our deadzone at 3rd hurts. i'm not blaming all the offense's faults on nuni, but he is a huge chunk of the problem.

Howard still clearly tries to do too much at times, and who can blame him - no one around him is getting it done. I think all the talk about the homers has finally gotten in his head a little - I'm seeing some big hacks that make him look homer-conscious - not staying on the ball as much - trying to hit pitches he knows he can't do anything with. He hasn't been as patient or relaxed at the plate since the Florida series.

other things playoff teams don't do:

- blow a four-run ninth inning lead by surrendering four consecutive HR to one of the most power-deficient teams in the NL
- give up 20 runs to a team 11 games under .500
- commit two errors in one inning after taking a four-run lead in the top half

point being that there is no team in the NL, including the just-swept-by-the-Pirates Mets, who is really "playing like a playoff team" right now. the Phils were due for a letdown, and while we all wish it would have happened differently (or not at all), we've still got a better-than-decent shot at the WC.

I agree with you RSB, but be careful someone will be quick to argue with you and point out that your "observation" can't be justified, it's only your perception.

ae, true, they have a shot, I can't say they don't - but you know, I'll believe it when I see it and I cannot believe until I do see it.

ae- your above comment was perfect. it's so true. thanks for a bit of perspective.

we can't expect them to win the last 13 games, that's for sure. But last night's loss was probably harder than any future ones, since we knew for certain we'd gain ground if we won.

Once again, the phils had a chance at the share of the lead or 0.5 game back and KNEW IT and they choked. How many times is that so far? 3? 4? This doesn't inspire confidence.

Being on the east coast, the rest of the season will be spent winning, then waiting till morning to find out if we gained ground or losing and hoping we didn't lose any. Not to say that LA and SD won't try to win every game, but the fact that they will know what the Phils did before their game starts makes it easier to maintain the lead.

Will- that is an excellent point you made about the East-vs-West coast factor of this NL Wild Card. Phils just need to win, screw everything else!

Moyer pitched well in his start against the Cubs on 8/22. But he won't have the advantage this time of the Cubs hitters haven't batted against him before. Ramirez is red hot right now. With Derek Lee out, he is their only real threat offensively and you cannot let him beat you. Need Moyer to give you at least 6 innings and keep you in the game. I think Dellucci has a big game tonight -- for no particular reason. Hopefully no rain and we can get this one in.

Billy Mac, I'm with ya...David "Dude I'm Getting A" Dell-ucci is going deep tonight...twice! Hey, I like to fantasize sometimes.

Last night's loss belongs on Lieber. He just didn't give his team a realistic shot to win. Lieber has had a really decent month but his overall season has been a real diasspointment. Nice job of coming up clutch Donut Eater.

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