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Friday, September 08, 2006


In Moyer's 20 year career, the Marlins are the only team he has never faced. Olsen beat the Phils back in April. He's a tough lefty with good fastball with late movement and nasty slider. Cholly should go with his righty lineup tonight : Burrell, Conine, and Hernandez.

It would be nice to see Burrell get out of this slump for this last month. Hopefully we are now seeing Utley turn things around. Getting these two guys on track will help greatly.
Phils have a good opportunity tonight. San Diego has an unfavorable matchup with the Giants and Matt Cain. A win may put them 1.5 out.

Tonight's lineup

1. J Rollins, SS
2. S Victorino, CF
3. C Utley, 2B
4. R Howard, 1B
5. J Conine, RF
6. P Burrell, LF
7. C Coste, C
8. J Hernandez, 3B
9. J Moyer, P


1. H Ramirez, SS
2. D Uggla, 2B
3. M Cabrera, 3B
4. J Willingham, LF
5. W Helms, 1B
6. J Borchard, RF
7. M Olivo, C
8. A Amezaga, CF
9. S Olsen, P

ugh. The Phils need someone at 3B that can hit behind Howard.

Hooray! Elmer finally took Abe out of the lineup!

I think we're gonna need a bunch of runs again tonight.

Let's go Phils, have a fish fry!

wow, Phils really made the kid Olsen work hard the first inning...ouch

Pat Gillick sent me an email after I didn't respond to my pager, that he has the inside track on Aramis Ramirez...honest truth!

ragtop- I think you meant Phish Phry my man

Anyone else having problems with the feed on MLB.TV?

I had problems with the radio feed. Took a while to get WPHT going. Could only get Marlins radio for a while there.

Olsen is looking like Cy Young and the Phils offense is taking a nap...typical.

Wow, Javy Lopez's star has quickly dimmed...released today by the BoSox.

Hey G's whatz up in Negadelphia tonite?

I'm thinking its going to take 85 wins to get a tie for the WC and 86 wins to win it outright. With the phils being 71-69 that means they have to go 15-7 in the final 22 games...which would be an incredible .682 run down the stretch...i really don't see it happening for us unless the Padres and Reds fall off the map (not likely) and we take care of the Fish in these 9 remaining games.

Wanna know why Lopez's died in recent years? Its only two words...STEROID TESTING! He's the classic example of a guy who only had one talent - power and when the 'roids were gone he's nothing. Unlike Pudge who obviously was on the 'roids he played small ball so he's still able to be a very good player without the 30lbs of roid muscle.

I'd really like the offense to wake up anytime now!

Work the count boys. Get through the starter and into their weakness. The bullpen.

You know, Moyer is doing exactly what we expect of him...actually a bit better. The Offense needs to put up some support. Come on now!!!

Exactly DQ.

The time is NOW! Lets go Phils!

Sorry for the emote, but....

Let's go HowardUtley's!!!!

Unbelievable. He is trying to will this team into the playoffs.

It's going to suck when he's a Yankee.

Now thats what we're talik'n about! Good lead-off by Victory. Had Olsen worried about the steal and BIG MAN mashes him.

Wwooooo Hoooooo!!!

Call loud enough and they will listen.


What is up with Ryan Howard?!? When has a player been so young and SO locked in? I can't stand it!! That was beautiful.

mpomy: unfortunately hes not really that young..

The Howitzer blasts another one yard. Hack Wilson is next.

Greg- your comment about Howard becoming a Yankee made me almost spit up my ice cream and jerk a tear...please don't ever utter those words again, even if it is true.

moyer is pitching his ass off. 70 pitches through 6

Already the bullpen is getting a nice break. Let's hope he can hang for another inning or two.

I hope howard is loyal. A Phillie Phorever!

Homer per AB ratio = 9.4


I hope howard is loyal. A Phillie Phorever!

Homer per AB ratio = 9.4


how much is he making, and when is he arbitration eligible?

As terrible as Gillick's trades & signings have been, the recent additions of Moyer, Hernandez & Conine have paid dividends at little cost.

Is Gordon available tonight?

I agree, clout. Moyer has pitched way beyond reasonable expectations and Conine has done well.


Look to your right. Blog merchandise. A beer leaguer coffe mug! How long they been on sale?

Does anyone know the answer to Dbf's question. Please help.



He's hitting about .500 against the MArlins this year.

We may have Mr Marlin but we also got Marlin killer!

Gordon's available if:

1) He can start the inning.

2) The Fish agree not to use any lefties against him.

3) The temperature is between 76 and 78 degrees.

4) He's allowed at least ome mulligan-borderline pitch called a strike-per AB.

are you fricken serious...I've never witnessed anything like this as a Phillies fan before in my entire life...heck no Phillies fan has.

Tied with Hack Wilson for unjuiced NL single season HR record!

If Ryan Howard can hit 56 HR without steroids, Barry Bonds in his prime can hit 73, with or without 'roids.


If Howard played in NY or LA he'd be on the cover of every magazine in the country. Because he plays here, the national media have ignored him. He might have to hit 65 to begin to get notice.

I really like the addition of Conine. I hope the Phils keep him around for next season...great bench guy. Can play corner outfield and corner infield.

The 1st half Gordon is gone...the Gordon we have now is damaged goods, which means he's not that good at all. Better him closing than Rhodes though!

Howard has more pop than Orville Redenbacher, New Kids on the Block, and bubblegum combined!

If you look at these 2 teams though, the Phillies bullpen is better even with the hurt guys. The Marlins 'pen sucks, which may be why they left Olsen in so long.

Let's say the Phils make the playoffs-who closes? Myers?

I know I'm getting ahead of myself. But Moyer and his option look very nice next season. I know he's old, but he's a soft-tosser...doesn't matter if he's 85 or 25 in that aspect.

Moyer had better be at the plate this inning.....

I'm a Conine fan too. Another good game so far for him today. Great pick up. His experience is needed.

90 pitches after 8 for Moyer. Go the CG.

Dbf: Moyer's ass just fell off. He is just solid tonight!

Myers closing? I understand where you're coming from, but I doubt it happens. Myers would be in the rotation before Wolf or Lieber I think.

By the way, this is an example of a bad move I'm always complaining about...Moyer could easily go the Whole 9...but Manuel is dying to get Gordon a save...ridiculous!

I can't believe he isnt leaving Moyer in. If the Phils lose this game Manuel should be fired immediately.

I was just throwing a name out there-but if you go Moyer, Hamels, Wolf, Lieber (my prefered playoff rotation) you could use Myers in the pen.

Obviously Gordon won't cut it.

Salmon- I like you reasonig and ingenuity, but I think Myers would be better as the 3rd starter in a playoff series. This is what I'd do- Hamels, Moyer, Myers, and probalby Lieber. I just don't trust Wolf yet. I'm not saying he's bad, just doesn't give me much confidence.

John: you are asking a level of creativity that Charlie is not capable of. He can't even let Moyer finish this game!!

if (Phils runs - Opponent runs) < 4 then Gordon

Flash might end up pitching great tonight and shut down the Marlins for the save. But he didn't need to be used after he was used last night too, and now this makes him unavailable for tomorrow's game. Manuel doesn't think things through enough.

As I'm typing, the wheels are falling off.

It's comforting to know there are others out there that see the errors of Manuel's "thinking".

I also hope people read my posts close enough to see that I said why pitching Gordon was a bad move regardless of the outcome.

A white knuckle ride!

How good is Vic!



Drama: Agree. The outcome is not relevant. It was the wrong move.

Hopefully it dosen't become obvious to the world tomorrow...

Moyer's making up for all of Gillick's screwups.

Well, Gordon got the job done. Maybe he's feeling some of the same adrenaline that's got us (and the Phils) all pumped. What a HUGE win!!

If we make the playoffs this year, is there any chance that Manuel will not be back?

i hate to say cholly was right, but it is good for Flash's cofiden to get a legit close game save.

Unfortunately that is a negative trade-off us Phillies fans will have to suffer for the ultimate goal of making the playoffs. if the Phils get the Wild Card, Charlie "I Need A Coach's" Manuel will be back yet again. I want the playoffs so bad at this point that I don't care! I'll bitch in the offseason.

That Dude- it's ok to think that was the right move, but consider that Flash has pitched 2 days in a row when he was absolutely needed. What happens if the Phillies are in dire straights tomorrow and need Flash to close? Doubt they let him go 3 days straight...see what I'm saying.

Correction: That Dude- it's ok to think that was the right move, but consider that Flash has now pitched 2 days in a row when he wasn't absolutely needed. What happens if the Phillies are in dire straights tomorrow and need Flash to close? Doubt they let him go 3 days straight...see what I'm saying.

no argument, trust me I HATE MANUEL.

Managers are easy targets- but none easier than Manuel. He fuels my fire nearly every game. But you know what...we WON...Howard went Blaster Master twice, and I'm happy. Good Night to all!

Obviously Gordon won't cut it as the closer, the bum only made the all-star team this year. Sure, pull your top right-handed starter from the rotation after 162 games and give him a role he's never had in his professional career. I'm not trying to start anything, Salmon, but that suggestion has me wondering.

Two straight gut-check wins over Florida. The pressure is on the Marlins now, big-time. You don't want to lose the first three of four at home. I'm not entirely surprised the Phils have rebounded, but I didn't feel they'd win the first two, especially tight ones. Moyer has been *brilliant*. I don't hear anyone pining for Cory Lidle tonight. JW, you may have picked up on something with Coste's handling of some of these vet pitchers. What a find he's been, truly a difference-maker.

As long as we all live, we might never again see any Phillie have as amazing a season as Howard is having.

Victorino has played great since Rowand got injured. He is better both offensively and defensively, and his speed is amazing. No need to bring Rowand back next year, especially at $5 million option price.

you know we're all dorks if we're on here on a friday nite watching baseball and posting on a webpage! Hey between the 3rd and 7th innings I had to feel manly and ran over to Cheerleaders to get my grove on!

Three guys who have played their way into next year are Victorino, Moyer, and Conine. Not to look too far ahead, but the outfield situation in the offseason will be very interesting.

We all know the Howitzer is the MVP. Statistically, with win shares and value over replacement player, he is catching up to the very top of the NL. What I am most impressed with is that he's now at .311. Triple crown winner? Unbelievable! (Freddy Sanchez is at .344)

Nice comment, RSB, on Gordon and especially on Cory Lidle.

I'm still sticking to 85 wins will tie and 86 will win the card. I fear a tie with San Diego, though.

Gordon still doesn't look good. I'm happy he's back, but you can't deny the fact that the past 2 games he's hasn't pitched "closer" worthy. I'm not trying to start anything either. Because if we went to the post season as of today, Gordon is my closer. What I think Salmon was trying to discus is...what happens if Gordon goes down again? In that event, I do not want Rhodes closing, but his solution of Myers beings pulled from the rotation doesn't work either because he's our 3rd best starter.

Rowand will not be needed next season. I thought this regardless of Vic playing well or not. I think Rowand's style of play is inspiring and I love his heart, but all other aspects of his game are greatly over hyped!

so, as of this morning in the Daily News, Gordon nearly pitched his arm off, but two weeks makes it alright. Apparently. And he definitely won't need surgery. Anyone got a more definitive account of why his arm is hurting and why we should be sceptical? Account reads:

"he was feeling a sharp pain in the front of his shoulder with his arm bent and extended in front of him, and with it raised above his head while lying down."

I am no physiologist, but the simple answer screaming out to me is rotator cuff. Especially with the note about it hurting when he raised his arm over his head whilst lying down.

It may just be a simple fray in the rotator cuff which I believe could fixed in the offseason with rest or noninvasive surgery....ok, that was my best shot at Doctor jargon, I'm done now.

Too early to tell about Gordon , let him get a few more games in and we'll see.

All praise due to Howard! I'm going to church on Sunday just to do an official "thank you" to Hey-Zeus...I mean Jesus. My bad, sometimes my Hispanic alter-ego comes out and takes over my's really annoying too because I start rolling my r's.

You usually give a pitcher coming back from rehab at least 2 starts, so I'm willing to give Gordon a couple more innings, Charlie just has to hope the phils don't manage to get into a one run lead in the ninth till then.

Out last night, so I'm late with this, but I have to take exception to Salmon's insistence that "If Ryan Howard can hit 56 HR without steroids, Barry Bonds in his prime can hit 73, with or without 'roids." Where do you live, in an alternate universe? Barry Bonds in his prime never got close to 73 HRs. Starting in 1990, when he was 26 -- same age as Howard -- here are his HR totals through what, for most players, are the prime years:

1990 - 33
1991 - 25
1992 - 34
1993 - 46
1994 - 37
1995 - 33
1996 - 42
1997 - 40
1998 - 37

That takes him through his age 34 season, and is supposedly when he started taking steroids. But then, just for fun, here are his HR totals the rest of his career, until the injuries caught up with him:

1999 - 34
2000 - 49
2001 - 73
2002 - 46
2003 - 45
2004 - 45

Not to sound like Sesame Street, but which of these numbers is not like the others? All by way of pointint out to John Salmon that, in all his great seasons -- and they were great, because Bonds was a four-tool player (arm was nothing special) with A-level power, whereas Howard is mainly a power hitter with a good enough eye to draw walks and hit for average -- Barry Bonds topped 49 home runs exactly once, same as Ryan Howard.

Greg - No way of knowing, but I imagine that, as a St. Louis native, Howard would be much more interested in becoming a Cardinal than a Yankee.

Alby, I think there may be a (ahem) solid 1B already in STL, one who is, amazingly, YOUNGER than Howard.

And a better fielder besides. But if players are going to go where they're most comfortable instead of best paid, Pujols, as a Dominican, would probably prefer New York to St. Louis, while the reverse is true of Howard. And Pujols goes to free agency first. Also, Pujols had a history of playing other positions, including the outfield, while Howard could not make such a switch.

hey homes on my internet radio show i get people likes yous always thinkin negatively. Man why you have to bring up Howard to the yankees or even the Cards...jesus he's not free agent eligible for like 4 more years! Think positively and realize that this type of performance from an athlete is rare and unbelievable!

BTW - Wouldn't the Cards look good in about 5 years when Rolen retires and Pujols goes to 3rd and Howard at 1st. LOL Gotta love us philly fans always Negadelphia!

Whazzup G's give a holla out to my girls at Cheerleaders tonite if you're visiting. I'll be over at McFadden's tonite gettin my G on till da boyz tap da MAC and we gets our laps on at some strip club for da nite!

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