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Thursday, September 28, 2006


4-3 Dodgers. Some no-name call up in the eight hole just hit a grand slam. Give me a break...

Kim sucks, 4-3 Dodgers on a grand slam by the 8-hole hitter.

but they took out Penny

Anyone know why Penny was yanked? Injury?

Don't forget, the true "wild card" in all this may be the Padres; the Dodgers are only 1 game behind them. It could all work out to them both tying for the division *and* with the Phillies - then what?

Dodgers are really starting to play with urgency in Colorado, coming back and getting big hits. The game out ther today might turn into one of those 13-12 Coors Field shootouts with Penny already gone.

RSB: then LA & SD have a one-game for the division, followed by a one-game between the loser and us for the WC.

8-3 already, this is ugly. a crazy slugfest is our only shot now.

Today will tell me a lot. Since it looks like the Phillies will go into their game knowing the Dodgers have won, they have to knuckle down and get it done. Winners do that...

If that happens, I think the game can be made up this weekend when the Giants, hopefully, play to knock out the hated Dodgers. It'll be interesting, to say the least, to have it come down to the final game again, with Myers having a shot at some form of redemption against Willis.

Brian, not so 8-3 lead in that ballpark is easily fallible.

Duly acknowledged...

... but it plays out doubly so for me if the Dodgers lose. We need to capitalize on the knowledge of the outcome of this game.

I suppose I could have just said, the Phillies can't lose here on out.

I think the Phillies can afford one more loss. It had better not come tonight. Expecting to sweep the Marlins again is not reasonable.

2-3-4 due up for the Rocks in the bottom of the 4th. C'mon, guys, let's get something started here.

No way can the phillies afford another loss.. that means the dodgers would need to go 2 - 2 to TIE the phils, and they are already way up in this game.

Dodgers will probably go 3 - 1. Phils need to win out from here to hope to tie.

assuming LA will go 3-1 is pretty pessimistic...the Giants have their best pitchers up at home against their most hated rivals in baseball. and LA is just not that good of a team. (not that anybody else in the NL, including us, is that good of a team either.) they certainly could go 3-1, but I think there's a pretty good chance that they lose 2 in SF.

oh, and go Rockies! 8-5, now.

also worth noting that LA is going to use a lot of bullpen arms tonight, which means tired relievers for this weekend's series.

...and the Rockies cut the lead to one.

8-7 Vinny Castilla rbi...

Wow, we're live blogging the Phils game and the Dodgers.... awesome...

I can't believe I'm wasting time at work following the online gamecast of a Dodgers-Rockies game. I swear to god, the Phils better win and make this all worthwhile.

let's see if I can close that tag...

I see I bunch of us have the body and mind have become obsessed with this thing we call the Wild Card. Dear baseball gods save me!

Did I tell you? Anything can happen in that place. (Say, why are we all italicized here?)

(looks like go rox left an italics tag open, I can't remember what the code is for them.)

how about a run-scoring infield single? if I didn't know better, I would think the Phils were playing...

someone put in a bad tag. I fix.

9-8. Too bad they had a runner picked off at 2nd earlier. It would have been 10-8 with still only 1 out.

10-8! Don't tell the Phillies!

err.. whoops, it IS 10-8. Two runs scored on that play. It'd be 11-8.

This is great! 10 - 8!

Keep scoring them boys! This is going to be a crazy one!

Holy crap, 10-8 Rocks. This game is going to get ugly.

I thought that was gone..Damn!!

Atkins, Holliday, Helton is a pretty nasty heart of the order. Too bad they'll never win anything while they play in helium-land.

Ehh, the Dodgers are coming right back for more. I'll just withhold comment until this slugfest is over.

And here come the Dodgers right back . . .

Ugh, I thought Nomar was gonna pull it out of his ass there again.

That's what Mia Hamm said...

Amazing how Victorino (and I guess Rowand to some extent) have made me forget that we had Lofton out there last year. That's how you know you made a good move (or non-move in this case), when you forget about the guy being replaced.

Back-to-back HR's followed by a walk. Time for a pitching change?

Look out -- the Rocks just brought Joe Table into the game.

and mesa promptly gives up back-to-back doubles (and two runs score)

Add a home run to that total for Mesa.

mesa messes with us from beyond the figurative grave.

go giants, starting tomorrow!

James Loney 9 RBI. Incredible!

Jose Stinkin' Mesa. Gimme a break.

Willard Preacher: I don't mean to wake you up from your dream but compare the stats of Lofton and Victorino.

17-10, still only 1 out in the top of the 6th.

And Marlon Anderson grounds into the inning-ending double play. Thanks for letting the Philly-side of you come out, Marlon.

Hey, how about that Rockies' pitching staff? That has to be the worst pitching performance in the league this year, or darn close to it. Just Terrible! 17-10 LA in the 6th inning.

73 degrees and "rain" in D.C. at this time, about an hour before game time, as the game hasn't been scrubbed by the umps yet. Tonight's Phillies lineup/batting order: Rollins, Victorino, Utley, Howard, Conine, Burrell, Coste, Nunez & Lieber.

I'm in DC right now ... there's no way they're playing the game tonight. DC's under a "severe thunderstorm warning".

Dodgers are making this more and more difficult for the Phillies. Although, Monday and Tuesday sucked in the loss column, let's not be hasty and forget the horrendous beginning to the season and a crappy June/July too. Phils should have this thing wrapped up by now, instead looks like we'll fall short.

RSB on fire with today's barn-burner prediction, in addition to the Phils latest struggles against seemingly weaker teams. What's tonight's call?

this thing ain't over yet! wtf! don't give on the phils now! neither san diego nor los angeles has anything wrapped up yet.

Tonight Lieber's going to (have to) go eight, Phils get an early lead off O'Connor but squeak by when the Nationals rally late. Gordon comes through this time. 6-4 Phils, homers from Burrell and Coste.


1. J Rollins, SS
2. S Victorino, CF
3. C Utley, 2B
4. R Howard, 1B
5. J Conine, RF
6. P Burrell, LF
7. C Coste, C
8. A Nunez, 3B
9. J Lieber, P

1. B Castro, 2B
2. F Lopez, SS
3. A Soriano, LF
4. R Zimmerman, 3B
5. J Vidro, 1B
6. B Schneider, C
7. N Logan, CF
8. R Church, RF
9. M O'Connor, P

Rockies have used *nine* pitchers today in eight innings. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Is it still too late for me to fly to Denver and throw an inning for the Rockies??

Probably, Tom, but there's always spring training. I heard the Rockies signed their charter pilot and the clubhouse vending machine repairman to pitching contracts earlier in the year.

A rainout could be bad for Phils. O'Connor is a Triple-A lefty junkballer and should be easy to beat. If they have a makeup game on Monday we may face a tougher pitcher.

I'm heading to Denver anyway. The way things are going they'll still be playing when I arrive. And I've got a much better fastball than that charter pilot. Adios.

Can we all agree that if Cholly walks Soriano to load the bases for Zimmerman again tonight that he should be fired?

Any update in the status of the game. hasnt said anyhting

Any update in the status of the game. hasnt said anyhting

RSB wrote - "It could all work out to them both tying for the division *and* with the Phillies - then what?"

I don't think the Phils would get the wildcard in that scenario, but I may be wrong.
I think the Padres and Dodgers would play a tie breaker on Monday Oct 2 for the Division title. And on Tuesday Oct 3, the loser would play the Phils for the Wild Card.

Let's just win the remaining 4, so we don't have to worry about this.

19-11 Dodgers win.

We may be chasing the Padres pretty soon.

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