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Saturday, September 09, 2006


SF has Schimdt going and we have Myers. Phils need to win today and hopefully they'll be .5 out.

words can't explain how exciting it is to watch ryan howard hit. every time up i hold my breath because of what he is capable of doing.

Everytime he comes up to bat I think he's going to hit a HR & he usually proves me right. He's exciting & he's the toast of the town.

If the Wall Street Journal is smart they'll do a story on how much more national attention and endorsements Howard would be getting if he played in LA or NYC. Does he even have an endorsement deal yet?

Fantasy vs. Reality.
RSB says Moyer is pitching great because Coste calls such a good game.
Last night on the Phillies broadcast they said Moyer called his own game. Coste didn't even give signals, simply moved his hand inside or outside.

Yeah, but could Lieby follow along as well as Coste did?

The point about Coste isn't how he's calling a game, it's how the pitchers are doing with him behind the plate - even if its unintentional. This was yet another 8-inning start. Lieber has been great ever since Coste took over his starts. Hamels has been sensational. I don't know if there's a concrete explaination for it, but something good is happening. Clearly.

I watched ESPN Baseball Tonight last night and the three guys talked about Howard as the MVP. They didn't mention Pujols or Cabrera.

Just for grins I checked out Pujols' career record as he and Ryan Howard are the same age. Pujols record year after year is great and consistent for all his career starting at age 21. I would think that Pujols is the greatest threat to Hank Aaron's career HR record.

Sadly enough, Barry Bonds is the greatest threat to Aaron's record.

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