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Friday, September 22, 2006


Ooo, Gerardi is (99%) OUT in FL!

Pergaps we can get him to replace ole cholly?

99 would also seem to be the percent chance Girardi winds up in the Windy City.

If you'd have told me in April that potential playoff hopes rested on the late season arms of Hamels/Lieber/Moyer, I probably would have placed a call to Wernersville to make a pick up.

Now, GO PHILS!!!!

My biggest complaint over the past few years (besides Uncle Cholly) is that the Phils wilt under pressure, that they are not money players. This series more than any the rest of the year ironically will test their mettle.

Obviously, Manuel's not the best manager around, but I wouldn't want Girardi either. The hard-ass approach failed with Bowa already.

Talk of next year's manager is a little premature. Let's see if the Phils can get to their first postseason in 13 years, then let's talk.

I can't stand Manuel, but I'm the first to admit unless the Phils next manager is John Kruk or the ghost of Richie Ashburn, and I still think we'd complain, and I include myself in the we because I'm being honest. With that said, Manuel is horrible. I disagreed with Bowa, but nearly as much as I disagree every game almost with Oh Charlie.

The hard-ass approach failed with Bowa already.
I think it failed becasue we had mentally soft players who werent/arent self starters. I thnk Bowa was/is unfairly maligned for that. If he had this team of scrapers (and I mean this team as constructed right now) he would've been ALOT less volatile.

Luck continues: Clemens' start has been moved up to Sunday, according to

I agree with the Dude. Bowa managed like Utley plays, and thats a good, tough, (philly) mix. Plus, didnt he have all winning seasons, or one of the highest winning percentages, or something along those lines? Help?

Cholly needs to have an assistant coach to be in charge of (assist Cholly) in game management. He can trot out all the numericals and have Cholly make the calls. (Lately, I find that I have stopped using the Foghorn moniker in favor of Cholly!)

If Cholly takes this stripped down team to the playoffs, he stays. Not that he should, but manangement has instructed Gillick to cut payroll and he has. Lucky for Monty & Co. they're still in it and attendance is up (good article on about the projected attendance through the weekend). That mentality doesn't lend itself to buying out Manual after he takes Mgmt's dream team to the playoffs, only to replace him with another high dollar guy.

I'd LOVE to see Kruk in that spot. Don't even know if he'd be interested. It will not happen as long as they can get away with trotting out a cheap, competitive team. This regime will only make a change when revenues start to suffer. Sad, but true.

via PhillesPhans, reports that we will NOT face Clemens on Monday - he's pitching on Sunday on short rest in Houston. reports that the most likely starter will be RHP Matt Albers (0-2, 6.00), who has allowed 10 ER in two starts. apparently, Garner likes Albers' sinker, which is "late and deceptive."

While Gerardi is rough, he's also cut from the Yankees/Torre mold.

Patience. Discipline. Execution, etc. It worked for Willie Randolph, it works for Girardi.

It also helps that you have talent who sticks to the master plan, but having a manager who doesn't sound/manage like... well, I'll keep it positive.

It's nice to see the Phillies driving their playoff push. Hopefully, they'll gut the Marlins this weekend.

Get it? Because gut and they're fish...

Exiting time for the Phils and fans. I hope for some well played games. I would like to see some PH appearances from Int'l League All-stars Thurston and Ruiz instead of Sandoval and Roberson.

Willard, what's Wernersville? Is that the location of a mental hospital? When I was in South Jersey we had Ancora.

On the rotation. It's the best since the season started. If I was to rank them in my confidence of chance of win when they pitch, they'd rank like this:

1. Hamels - He's the next Phillies Superstar.

2. Myers - Good stuff, bad moral character.

3. Moyers - Smoke & mirrors stuff, good head.

4. Wolf - They seem to win when he pitches.

5. Lieber - Never know which Lieber shows up.

JZ, LOL! Gut them Fish!

Lake Fred - Wernersville is a big state mental institution outside of Reading, yes. Where you're liable to find me in another decade or so if every season is as up and down as this one has been. I must say, though, for being .5 out of the WC right now, I'm surprised at the amount of optimism both here on Beerleaguer and in the quotes I've read from the Philly players. Does everyone suspend disbelief temporarily and forget that these are the PHILLIES we're talking about? Haha.

10 games, that's it 10 games. Some of us have been coming here nearly daily for this entire season and we're left with 10 games. 10 fun, exciting, axiety-ridden game are ahead of us...what will come of it?


I think its wolf to the 'pen as backup starter. The only reason he's winning is luck, not particularly good pitching.

I also like him out of the pen because it gives you an offensive boost, and when yer using him, you probably need it.

I like the option of having Wolf in there for long relief, if need be, over Madson.

Exciting...not exiting. must be too excited

Martin- thanks for the correction, as I hope it's exciting rather than "exiting"...that would be bad. I guess all blame can be put on me now if the Phils fall short for my untimely typo...dammit!

If the Phils miss Clemens that makes it 4 teams in a row that they've missed the other team's best starter, including no D Train this weekend.

DQ, thanks for assigning yourself scapegoat status if the Phils come up short. Lord knows we'll need to blame someone.

I have conjurred the spirit of Marie Laveau, She has instructed me on the correct Gris Gris, Voodoo Spells, and Potions needed to stricken the Pads, the Dodgers, the Fish, the gNats and the 'stros over the next ten games. I'll be working on it over the weekend, except on Saturday, when the family will be in Death Valley in Baton Rouge. Some of us will be in the Tulane section and the rest will be in the LSU crowd.

Roll Wave! Go Phillies!

unfortunately looks like the dodgers are missing brandon webb next week tho!!!


Braves have picked up John Smoltz's $8 million option for 2007. No-brainer. That's still a bargain.

The baseball simulator sites at coolstandings and Baseball Prospectus give the Phils a substantial edge over LA & SD to win the WC, they must really discount the Marlins won-loss record!!!

>Braves have picked up John Smoltz's $8
>million option for 2007. No-brainer. That's
>still a bargain.

What would you resign Wolf for? He aint worth as much as Smoltz, no effing way.

I'm in the 3-4M range, with another 2ish in performance based bonuses.

Joe Thurston? Yeah, we haven't heard a peep from him since that failed bunt attempt when he hit for Burrell...has he even had an at-bat since then?

I know no one wants to hear this, but I'll offer my perspective: I don't believe in the Phillies. They are teasers and they let you down time after time. I refuse to hold out hope, instead I will allow myself to be pleasantly surprised if they manage to keep winning. But I fully expect this to come down to the last two days and I fully expect the Phillies to come up short yet again. Despite the good fortune they have had in missing top pitchers, I am moreover influenced by the telltale signs of inability to rise to the occasion by the offense through the course of this month. I hope I am dead wrong, but you can't blame me for expecting the worst. It's what the Phillies do.

Has anyone else looked at the tentative 2007 schedule posted on ?

The big news is the ChiSox and Thome will make his Philly return.

However, they are not playing the BoSox this year (weren't they supposed to our natural AL rival ?)

And they will play the Cardinals 9 times -- 6 on the road. They will also play the Giants 8 times.

Blue Jays and Tigers also play in Philly. Road AL teams are Royals and Indians.

They open at home against Atlanta and close at home with 6 game homestand with Braves and Nationals.

$8 M for Smoltz is a real bargain. 4 year arbitration eligible pitchers get that. Wolf will command way more than $3-4 M guaranteed. This is middle reiever money.

West coast Kool-Aid shortage, RSB?

FWIW, WHYY-FM had an interview show this morning with Marcus Hayes & Jayson Stark. Both said the trade of Abreu had nothing to do with the hot streak. The Abreu deal was all about a money dump. Hayes said, however, the clubhouse mood did lighten up and improve, not because Abreu was gone -- but when Bell left.

Both writers attributed the change in fortunes to improved pitching, specifically Leiber. When Leiber got good again, it lifted the pressure off Myers and Hamels, who immediately started to improve. I forget whether it was Hayes or Stark who said that, but they agreed that it was no coinicidence that Leiber's turnaround was followed by better results from Hamels & Myers.

He's putting up middle-reliever stats.


I thought Phils/Sox were supposed to be rivals to, which would've made some sense of this interleague thing. I guess the mets/yankees series won't happen next year either.

In retrospect last night's wins by LA and SD didn't do much to the phils chances as they still need to win and then win some more. Would've been nice though. Every game is crucial now.

Rick's right to think that way. We are maligned in a way no other franchise is, and cannot be blamed for thinking the bases are half-empty instead of half-loaded.

I'm rooting hard for the WC, real hard, and Rick is too i assume, but false hope is difficult to deal with.

vor: I think that's because LA and SD still have chances to win their division. Using BP's numbers, for example, the Dodgers have a 30% chance of winning the wild card. But they have a 37% chance of winning the west. So that 30% chance at the WC is actually a 48% of winning the WC given that they do not win the west. Likewise, the Pads have a 52% shot at the WC given that they do not win the west. The Phils are at 47% for the WC given that they do not win the east, which is in fact a given.

Sure, I'm rooting for them. Of course. But you have to take this one game at a time.

I'm not surprised to hear that the clubhouse atmosphere lightened when Bell went. Abreu was never a problem in the clubhouse, and I'm sure neither was Bell - but what a miserable SOB that guy is. I've never seen a player smile less - even Schmidt, Rolen, even Charlie Hayes managed to crack a grin now and then. Bell just looked like his mood was permanently foul and dour. I wouldn't miss him even if Nunez was hitting .050.

RSB: Hayes said the same thing. Apparently Bell kept everyone uptight and criticized young players when they made mistakes.

damn, even if the Phils make the playoffs people on here will still be bitching at one another...ain't it great?!


Even if the phils lead the national league in runs scored, we will still sit around and bitch about leaving too many runners in scoring position and never seeming to get it done.

That's great 'veteran leadership' for you. Hope the Brewers have been happy with Bell's .225 contribution to their stirring playoff drive.

RSB and others: fascinating take on Bell. As I wrote at Swing, he delivered a very moving tribute to his teammates when he was traded, saying he was leaving a lot of "friends for life" and expressing regret he could not help the Phils get to the post-season. But, as RSB once said, he "probably didn't even smile at his own wedding." It's hard to know what his affect was on teammates but the "revelation" that he was always critical of them doesn't come as a surprise.

Apparently Bell kept everyone uptight and criticized young players when they made mistakes

Wasn't Bell the player Bonds stood up for after he was criticized by Jeff Kent for a misplay?

Casey: Makes perfect sense, thanks for clearing that up!

I actually should have known that, but it's been a few years. Too much rust on the brain.

Wow, I can't believe clout and RSB agree on something. Althought disliking David Bell is pretty universal.

On the scheduling thing, from what I understand the whole "natural rival" thing got screwed up when the Expos moved to D.C. The way it was before in the East was NY-NY (obviously), Blue Jays-Expo (Canadian Championship Series), Marlins-D Rays (Battle for the hearts and minds of Florida's 11 MLB fans), Phils-O's (geographic proximity), and BoSox-Braves (current and former Boston teams).

But the 'Spos moving to D.C. made them "natural" rivals with the Orioles meaning everyone else got shuffled around. They're obviously going to keep the NY-NY series going for the $$$, but I think now the "natural" rival from the AL East for the Phils rotates from year to year. That's my understanding of it, but correct me if I'm wrong.

does that mean the Marlins get to play 6 games against the Devil Rays every year?

Jeltz, If you look at the Phils schedule, there is no AL team that we play home and away in 2007. We play the Blue Jays although the AL division we play this year is the Central. And can someone explain why we play the Cardinals 9 times next year and the Giants 8 times. It seems they also reduced the number of games played inside the division. Phils are playing NL East teams 18 times. I thought it has been 19, since they went to an unbalanced schedule. Although the Sox fans were obnoxious when they are here, it does add the excitement of a big event. And I enjoyed watching the Phils play in Fenway. Yankees and BoSox this year was 6 sellouts. Phils ticket managers can't be happy with this schedule. I was also hoping we were going to get Minnesota next year. Would have liked to see Santana at CBP.

In the past they did, I don't think that's the case any longer. Good deal if you can get it. On the flipside of it, the Mets have to play the Yanks 6 times per year which sucks for them but they're the Mets so who cares.

the natural rivals thing is a stupid idea. i hope they get rid of it. we'll be getting our butts handed to us by the sox every year while the marlins whip up on the drays. mlb schedules are inconsistant enough as it is. i'm looking forward to thome's first game back. a standing O is clearly in order.

That's what I was getting at, although I may not be explaining it clearly. They've gone away from the whole "natural rival" idea with the exception of the "money matchups" of Mets-Yanks, Cubs-White Sox, and Dodgers-Angels. This, plus having two extra teams in the NL makes the interleague schedule quirky. Still, the AL Central is the division the NL East is up against in 2007, but there is also always one series against an AL East team, this time the Blue Jays.

The Phillies have been flattened by the Sox in the last couple of years, so not playing them is fine with me.

The schedule announcement is just another opportunity for me to rail against interleague play. It's soooo goddamn stupid, it adds nothing to the game and cheapens the event of the World Series (that and having two playoff rounds beforehand, which is overkill no matter how much you love baseball). Would I rather see the Phillies play more games against the Cubs and Pirates instead of the Blue Jays and Royals? In a heartbeat. Raise your hand if the grand return of Jim Thome had you scrambling for the telephone. I mean, who cares. Great, cheer him in his first AB and then the novelty is over.

I can live with the wild card, but interleague play compromises the schedule and the overall season for no good reason. You want to have a Subway Series, a Freeway Series & a Windy City Series, do it at the end of spring training and leave everyone else out of the charade.

RSB, how could you not have two rounds before the World Series? You're not against the wild card are you?

Err nevermind, missed that last part of your post. I do agree that interleague play is pretty unnecessary.

I like interleague play, and I care about seeing Thome make his Philadelphia return. This is an opportunity for a Philly fan to see AL stars like A-Rod, Jeter, and Ortiz in person. If we had an AL team in town like the Athletics then it would mean less to me.

RSB, what about the chance to watch the Phillies at Fenway Park. I, like many others, got an opportunity to do see that a few years ago. What about little 8 year old Jimmy who is a HUGE Yankees fan but lives in South Philly (don't know how that would happen?) and would LOVE to get a chance to see Jeter play in person but his parents just can't afford a trip up to the Bronx? Do you put any value in something like that?


Just take the Chinatown bus to NYC. 20 bucks round-trip!

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