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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


One thing I sense about Wolf is that he tries to be overly crafty at time; he's got all kinds of pitches and tries to mix and match endlessly instead of trying to establish one good pitch and get into a rhythm with it. Consequently he doesn't develop a good feel for any of his pitches, and it's a constant battle.

What an enormous mistake by Utley. He had all kinds of time to get Diaz. You never see him make bad throws. I see the two-day layoff has really refreshed the Phillies.

well, now for the phils to make a guy with a 7+ ER look like Cy Young...

Love the fan (one of about fifty-two in the stands) who keeps bellowing "'ere y'guh-oh!" every time anything positive happens for the Braves.

oh christ, wolfie dont got it today.

R.I.P. 2006 season.

This is the most depressing game I've watched in a good long time. Kind of feels like there's no hope left.

gotta hope for rain to wash this one out before 5 :-(

c'mon wolfie, channel Steve Trachsel!

Kyle Davies' first hit of the year, and Davies first home run ever. Some excerpts from Braves' radio guy Skip Carey's description of Wolf's pitching -- "Wolf looked at (Braves' baserunner) Diaz, but didn't even attempt to hold him close to the first base bag - like looking at the baserunner but not really seeing him . . . Wolf used to have good control and a good fastball, and Wolf used to make batters hit his pitch . . now Wolf seems to be just trying to keep his pitches away from the Braves' bats." Wolf needs the hook now.

Spahn and Sain and pray for rain.

If Utley walks, I wonder if Cox will walk Howard intentionally with the bases loaded.


Huge hit by Conine, Phils back in the game. Not so depressing now!

That's awesome. That's so big.

Nice to get to the bullpen in the third of a doubleheader.

Microcosm of the season - "We're in it." "Damn, we're out of it." "Wait, we're back in it." I wonder if the heart attack/nervous breakdown occurrence in the greater-Philly area is up this year.

Just curious (and I've been behind on keeping up with the board, so I apologize if already posted) - what is the record for most double headers played in any given season?

does anyone know what's up with the strange live music cut outs during commercial breaks on mlb-tv

We could really use one of those who-the-hell-is-that-guy Brito moments today.

I believe that FCC regs, copyright law, and advertiser contract limitations are the considerations which are responsible. Sometimes that happens on audio as well.

conine's legs are OLD.

I've always like Randy Wolf. I've had a great time rooting for him over the seasons, but he's not that great of a pitcher. Why are most of us wanting him back next season? I for one, hope we make an upgrade in the starting rotation, and that means not retaining Wolf. It's ok to like a player, but also allow them to move on because it's not what's best for the team.

when wolfie is hitting spots with his changeup and curveball, and striking guys out on his 85 mph fastball--he's as good as any finesse lefty in the league. i would love to see wolfie back next year. He's only been back a couple months since a huge surgery.

PERFECT GAME ALERT: Garcia has a perfect game going into the 8th inning for the Chicago White Sox!

Didn't we want this guy earlier this year?

They have to do their homework on Wolf. If they want him, they might be able to have him fairly cheap, because no one knows more about his health than they do. There must be some loyalty between both sides. Phils oversaw his rehab and gave him a huge contract. He's been a good pitcher for them.

However, he gives up too many homers. He's not really the type of pitcher you want for CBP. Plus, he's getting a little bit older. It shouldn't be a big deal because he's not a power pitcher, but he does need some zip on the fastball to be effective.

This is still only his ninth start following Tommy John. He's looked okay at times, but I'd put him even a step below Moyer. Agreed with RSB's statement about being too tricky. L.A. has talked about that.

Head scratcher. I could go either way.

Wolf's better than what he's shown since he's come back, but not *that* much better. The whole fly-ball-pitcher-in-CBP thing makes me wonder if he'll be pursued. He's a no. 3/4 starter who doesn't go too deep into games...basically Cory Lidle with a good bat. I'd like to see him return but will understand if they elect not to.

Two outs in the 8th, Garcia gives up a hit. No No-hitter, today.

If the Phils acquire another pitcher before next season, they need to get an arm that's at least better than Moyer and Lieber. Those two would be very nice No. 4 and 5 pitchers. Even at their worst, they will still devour innings. So the question I guess becomes "Is Randy Wolf good enough to be No. 3?" I have doubts. There are no better options in the minors. Of all the starting pitchers mentioned by Gillick yesterday (Mazone, Brito, etc.) the one I like most wasn't mentioned, and that's Segovia. This is the type of pitcher that might have promise at CBP. Favorable numbers with walks and homers.

Dellucci's about as poor an option as Burrell right now. The 6, 8 & 9 spots in the lineup are more or less automatic outs, and the offense as a whole looks lifeless. I'd try inserting some different faces in that lineup before it's too late. Even Joe Thurston and Michael Bourn. Keep trying things until someone steps up.

Brito needs to audition for this psuedo mop-up job next season. He shouldn't be a starter.

It's definitely an area they lacked this season. Carrying Castro hurt them because your last guy is usually a guy like this, conditioned to go a couple innings if need be. Darren Oliver is a good example on the Mets. He's better than Brito obviously, but the Phillies need to find that type of pitcher for next season. Maybe this Mazone guy could converted into that, or Germano. Who knows? It's an important role. At the end of the season, the bullpen will thank you for it.

More than happy to temporarily take back that comment about Dellucci, although it took a total butcher job for that ball to fall in. Have they even scored that a double or error yet?

Scored error on Diaz.

Starting Joe Thurston over anybody is nuts. I wouldn't mind seeing what Bourn can do, however.
I don't think the Phils are out of it, but it's becoming more obvious every day that the July 26-Sept. 9 run was exactly what I said it was -- a hot streak -- and not the true picture of team.

Agreed on Brito, long relief is the only role in which he's been at all effective this year. If they win, he sould be Chevrolet Budweiser W. B. Mason Southwest Airlines Player of the Game.

Clout, And 10 games against Nationals and Cubbies plus Howard slugging 1.000 didn't hurt either.

Let's hold on to win this game against the Braves. Rest of the WC teams are mediocre also, so why not the Phils ?

Terrific win, but no time to admire it.

Hell of a nice win, even if was a bit gift-wrapped. The Howard-Hudson rematch should be interesting in Game 2.

The pitching has been getting it done. Even when a starter falters now, the bullpen steps up. That's great to see. If only the offense can get it going and keep the pressure on, the Phils can hopefully start winning more than every other game.

Agreed -- nice come from behind win. We had been losing all of the close ones recently.

Excellent discussion about possible usuages for Brito next season. I agree that he's probably not starter worthy and he's not a setup guy, but he could be very valuable as the long guy...they are the true staff savers.

I know I dissed the Rick White acquistion, but it has gone better than I thought it would. He's not great, but he's ready to take the ball every game if needed. He's helped more than hurt.

We were lucky to take the 1st head off the two-headed monster today...can we slay the next?

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