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Saturday, September 30, 2006


It's over Filthy fans! Enjoy watching the Mets roll in the post season.

shame the first comment on this thread had to be from a lousy Mets fan. good luck with pedro by the way!

I'm think this is Wolf's last start as the Phils need someone better than Wolf to bolster the rotation next season. I wish him well in his final start of the season, as I've always liked him and found him fun to root for.

It feels so helpless right now, but maybe today can be good and the Phils win followed by Padre and Dodger losses...if I'm going to dream, dream big!

It had to be a Mets fan because he was dumb enough to use his real email address.

I've seen the "mhayes" email on here before.

C'mon Phils, I hate this Olsen kid now...I'm hate is good sometimes (says the teacher).

Like I said, we need something better than Wolf next season. He dibble-dabbles around too much with hitters...I've never seen so many long at-bats. Just seems like he can't ever have a quick innings, as the batters hit foul after foul. Bad start today...dammit!

Wolf is not the guy you want going today, obviously. Hopefully another sudden comeback against Olsen is forthcoming.

Sure glad we have Wolf instead of Padilla or Lidle, right Mike? LOL

wow, the Phillies blogsphere is about as dead today as the Phillies playoff chances.

I would hardly want either of those two guys starting today, either.

I've got news for your, Mr. Met – it's gonna be the Dodgers or the Padres in the Series. The Mets don't have nearly enough pitching to make it. I can only hope it's Wagner that gives up the losing run.

On the game front, not looking very good so far – 2-0 hole to dig out of.

DQ: Most of the posters on here were front-runners so their disappearance was predictable. Just the die-hards left.

RSB: Well, I wish we had Johann Santana, but since we don't you can only choose among what we have and had. But maybe you have a "feeling" that Wolf has pitched better this year than Lidle & Padilla.

We're diggin' out, thanks to Lieby in his Final Moments weekend.

Abe strikes again! 3-2 Phils!

I don't think Padilla or Lidle are dependable, or guys you feel confident handing the ball to in a big game, any more than Randy Wolf.

The sudden comeback didn't take long. Olsen is an idiot for saying what he did. He's not good enough to back it up, and he should have known that.

Memo to Scott Olsen: if you can't pitch any better than this, you might want to keep your mouth closed.

Talk about looking like a jackass...

Well, here we sit on the brink of elimination. Personally, I don't see the end coming today. The Phils will probably stretch things until the last day of the season again. Even if the postseason dream comes to an end in the same manner the team is in a better, brighter scenario than last year.

The offseason last year was one of desperation. The goal was to cut through the field of excess salary cultivated by Ed Wade. Gillick worked a miracle in moving an aging, expensive, apparently broken down Jim Thome for a guy with World Series experience willing to run into walls for the team. The limited funds available were well spent in the aquistion of Tom Gordon and Abraham Nunez, but they were still limited funds and disallowed any big names to come to Philadelphia.

This offseason offers hope to the Fighten's. The trade of Abreu, Lieberthal's retirement, and the end of Wolf's contract frees up about 30 million dollars for Gillick. If he is able to make lightning strike twice and move Burrell that is another 13 million. Provided that the ownership does not tighten it's fist and pocket the money we should see some top free agents coming to Citizen's Bank Park next year.

Personally, I want to see Aramis Ramirez and Dontrelle Willis in red pinstripes next year. What a beautiful sight that would be! Ryan Howard has not seen anything to hit in these last two weeks because of the lack of a legitimate threat behind him. Aramis would provide exactly the kind of solid protection that is currently needed while filling the void at third base.

I expect Myers to be a solid ace and Hamels to become a dominant number two under the tutelage of Moyer. The aquistion of Dontrelle Willis would give the Phillies one of the best starting rotations in the league. The bolstering of the bullpen in addition to those two big names would not only get the Phils into the playoffs, it would give them a team easily capable of winning the World Series.

Nunez will make an excellent late inning defensiver replacement next season...just not the starter.

Now that we have the lead we need to go for the kill. Teach this Olsen brat a lesson.

Kevin, what would possibly make you think the Marlins would a) want to trade Willis, b) want to trade him to a divisional rival, or c) do anything other than guffaw at what the Phillies could offer them in return? It's not even the most remote of possibilities, and Ramirez is only slightly less remote.

What a catch!

Agree on that, DQ!

I like Wolfie but I don't think he'll be back. He is a bullpen killer; even when he's on, his pitch count is high. How many times do you see him get ahead 0-2 or 1-2 and the next thing you know, the count is full. He either lacks a pitch to put away batters or lacks confidence in his stuff.

He could be an effective bottom-of-rotation starter at the right price, but starters will command a premium at this winter's overvalued free agent market. I doubt he is worth resigning to pitch at CBP.

Kevin- I love your solution for next season, but it will be difficult to obtain. Willis will cost the Phillies a pretty penny in a trade (what will we trade)? Marlins will want young/cheap positional players as they're nearly set in the pitching department.

Aramis Ramirez might just be a Phillie next year. I've been saying this since mid-season, that I think he'll opt out of his Cubs contract and the Phils have good money, plus a pretty lineup for A-Ram to fit into.

Well, I'll give Olsen this – at least he's helping his own cause with the bat.

And no, the Phils ain't getting Dontrelle, as much as I'd salivate at the prospect.

Clout, LOL yourself if you'd rather see Padilla pitching today. I'm not saying Wolf has better stuff. He doesn't. I'm saying he's not a jerk and a fool and he IS a good guy to have on the team. I'm beginning to think you'd like to see the exact same bunch of guys around that failed the past three years.

dangit Wolf! he's crapping the bed today.

V.O.R.- Wolf has always been a nibbler that lacks a true "out pitch". He would make an excellent #4 or 5 starter for a contending team, but he'll be pricey. We already have Moyer and Lieber to fill #4/5 next year. Myers and Hamels are the frontrunners right now. I'd love a staff ace, but from where?

Wolf's out pitch is his fastball. Some days he realizes this, only to forget it all over again in his next start.

Is anyone bothered that Wolf wasn't skipped today for Myers?

Man, Wolf isn't doing us an favors at all today. Not the game we needed out of him.

Jason, it's looking like that's probably should have happened.

Weitzel- I'm bothered, I'm bothered by a lot of stuff from this season. Once again, you can't win the pennant in April, but you can lose it...oh so true!

Even though it's 3-3, this one is a longshot with the bullpen flunkies thay're going to be rolling out the rest of the afternoon. Madson is probably the key to the game, and that doesn't exactly make me feel confident.

Mike: I'm not talking about character. I'm talking about performance. Lidle & Padilla have performed far, far superior to Wolf this season. That they were traded away for nothing is unfortunate. I think you'll see my point as you watch the Marlins young players (acquired for veterans) develop over the next few years. But if you prefer newer, likeable guys and a losing team, then you're on the right track.

DQ - I see no chance of buying an ace on the FA market. Most of the large-market teams (Both NYs, ChiCubs, StL, maybe BoSox) are in dire need of starting pitching and the price will be long-term sky-high contracts. Phils will have to go with Myers/Hamels and Co.

Wolfie picked a bad day to do his Duckworth imitation.

Madson is bad, very bad. Look at his numbers from both the rotation and the pen this year...most pitchers with numbers like that are sent to the minors or sent packing and unemployed.

Folks, there is no need to make a trade for Dontrelle Willis. The Marlins, in some spectacular act of stupidity, only signed him to a one year deal. As far as I know, the guy is a freeee agent.

VOR: Exactly right. It is is a shallow pool for FAs this offseason and teams will have to overspend.

It's funny, sometimes when I hear Kalas on TV, he seems like he is "slipping", but when I hear him on radio, he's totally on top of it. You couldn't possibly ask for a better-called game.

I really like Myers as a pitcher, he has some character flaws, but nobody is perfect. Hamels time spent in the wild card race and majors this season will serve him well over a whole season next year. moyer is crafty and will be just fine. lieber is ok, not worth the money though. finding another starter is crucial as I do not want another floyd or madson experiment...that sucked!

I love Victorino's hustle. I know people don't believe in intangibles and all that stuff, but players on his team gotta love Vic's infectious style of hard-nosed play.

Victorino is an animal. He's come back nicely from his wrist problems.

Kevin- Willis only has a 1 year contract because he's still in his arbitration years. He won't be a free agent after this season.

Kevin: Willis is NOT a free agent. Doesn't have enough service time.

problem with Wolf is that he's a year away from full Tommy John recovery. you really can't judge his potential in the next couple years based on this season's performance.

nice play, Olsen!

Once again, love Vic's hustle!

Yes, Clout I want to love every player and I want them to lose all the time. Granted, it's never a good idea to just give up a player for nothing. But now that Padilla's gone, I don't miss him at all. I enjoyed his electric stuff when he was on his game. I didn't care as much for when he lost his mind and fell apart because something was going wrong. No one's going to argue that Wolf has the stuff Padilla has, but farther removed from Tommy John surgery, he'll put up comparable numbers.

Howard drives in a runner from second on an infield single! So much for the shift!

Ahh, good old arbitration. Thanks for the heads up DQ/clout. I missed that.

ae- I'll give you that Wolf may not be at full strength...but he wasn't all that spectacular before the surgery either.

Conine's going deep.

freaking burrell! as my 87 year old great aunt would say "he's not worth a pinch of $h*t"

...on May 11 of next year, that is

I'm sure a lot of teams believe D-Train will become available anyway. He'll earn about $7 million in arbitration. Can Florida afford it, and do they feel they need him? They have a decent, young, inexpensive staff.

I think it'll be Myers, Hamels, Lieber, Moyer and ?. Maybe Gillick will take a flyer on a low-level free agent or use one or more of the young arms. Not a bad rotation. If they can get help at 3rd, outfield corner, and firm up middle-relief they should be able to contend in '07.

So, when do pitchers and catchers report?

was Wolf a Cy Young contender? not even close. was he a solid middle-rotation pitcher? he looks like one to me - averaged 6+ innings per start from 2000 to 2003, posted a park-adjusted ERA+ over 100 every year from '00 to '05 except '03. HR allowed numbers aren't terrible either. I'm doubtful that there's a better FA we can bring to our rotation in the offseason.

Jason: Their owner is goofy so it's hard to predict, but with that collection of young talent, they are very close to a playoff spot. If they're smart, they'll spend the money.

VOR: That is a very, very optimistic assessment, especially the part about how their pitching will be playoff caliber if they just "firm up" middle relief

ae- I think we're both saying the same thing about Wolf. He's been decent but not great over the years. I'd love to have him as the 4th or 5th starter, but how much will he cost? If we traded Lieber for 3rd or catching help, then by all means keep Wolf!

DQ: To the contrary, I'd gladly take a pinch of $h*t for Burrell.

If you're watching on Fox, they mentioned the other FA lefthanders on the market with Wolf this year. After Zito, the top lefty is Ted Lilly. I disagree with you, DQ: I think it's worth re-signing him on the theory that pitchers are better the second year back after Tommy John surgery. And I disagree with J about skipping Wolf and going with Myers on three days' rest. If that move backfires, you're up the creek for both today and tomorrow. As it is, should tomorrow's game prove meaningful, Myers starts with Hamels available in the pen behind him.

I feel bad for Burrell, he looks so utterly lost!

So, Jason, if Willis is made available in trade -- world is he was being dangled all this season -- how does that help the Phillies? Knowing Florida always asks for young talent, what on Earth do we have that would top the packages other big-market teams will put together?

the big question on Wolf that I see is - can we sign him to a relatively cheap, incentivized contract? I feel like we probably can - we've been waiting for him thru the TJ surgery, we drafted him back in '97, and his inconsistency this year will hopefully drive down his value on the FA market. if we're shelling out #1/#2 money for Wolf, he's not worth it...

I understand people's want to keep Wolf. He's a likeable player, as I like him too. I just foresee Gillick not keeping him. If Wolf is brought back then I'm cool with that, because he is a decent pitcher when the rest of the staff is solid too.

Just woke up. Why did they yank Wolf? Was it an injury or did he look that bad?

Also, why the hell does Fox block games from if they don't show em on the west coast? That's the whole point of!

Jesus- ha, that was fun to type. Wolf looked REAL bad today, and we don't have margain for error.

He looked that bad.

Good point about Fox. I never get their Saturday telecasts in Pacific Time, yet they universally black out coverage. Pretty evil.

Yikes. I guess it's pretty obvious who'd get squeezed out of the rotation in the playoffs. (I still got faith).

This is not what this bullpen needs, especially if it stays close and we get to see Geoff Geary literally throw his arm off his body.

Clout: A lot depends on the off-season in the NL. Myers & Hamels are a more than competent #1 and #2. Lieber is a question mark but it is not unreasonable to expect him to bounce back to his '05 form, and with Moyer -what you see is what you get.
Middle relief kept them from going completely under before the starters turned it around, I've got to believe most of their recent failure stemmed from overuse (add: "...and if CM is shown the door" to the '07 assessment).

Manuel uses his chosen few out of the bullpen like they have replaceable Lego arms.

I'm not on the Pinella bandwagon, although I wouldn't mind, but Manuel must go. I thought this regardless of postseason outcome. Why can't we just all donate DNA (because we think we have the answers) and combine it to make a spawn for an ultimate BeerLeaguer manager...we'd name him Fearless Leader, and we'd never miss the postseason again.

DQ- I'm picturing a little Lego guy in Phillies pinstripes with his right arm missing. HA!

Kidding aside, it'll be intersting to see what Gillick does with the bullpen this offseason. They're going to need a bunch of new arms, along with the other holes he has to fill.

So long, Mike the catcher.

Jesus: If Geary's arm literally falls off, who comes in first, the trainer or the grounds crew?

Whoa, changing catchers? What happened there?

Sorry for all the questions. Blame Fox.

Offseason is a mystery-

1. trade burrell?
2. trade rowand?
3. trade lieber?
4. go with coste/ruiz at catcher or look for help?
5. starting 3rd basemen
6. resign wolf?
7. frontline starter
8. dellucci?
9. bullpen...long to-do list. I'd gladly do it since I believe I should be GM. I'd even do it for free.

Rick White warming up, fresh off his needless work yesterday.

My answers, respectively: yes, no, no, yes, yes, maybe, probably not, probably not, yes please.

I wouldn't mind having Girardi, personally, since Jeffery Loria is apparently stupid enough to let him go. I always appreciated the hard-nosed sort of player he was, and I like the job he's done this year with the Marlins. Unfortunately, word is that he's Chicago-bound.

VOR- that's a toughie. I'm guessing the grounds crew. Charlie won't send the trainer out. He'll just tell Geoff to pitch left handed.

Fox does it so that they gain viewers. In other words, "Not going to watch our baseball broadcast and its ads? Well, screw you, you're getting nothing else."

RSB- you know I always respect you (wink-wink)...but seriously, this offseason is going to be very interesting. Baseball is year round for me.

Good list of possible FA's for next year:

Respectively, not 'respectfully'. (heh, just kiddin')

All you Fox watchers just missed it. Wheeler was singing on the air.

DQ- that's an hell of a list. I mostly agree with RSB's answer, but I'm less certain about them being able to trade Burrell. And frankly, if he gets his foot fixed they might just do better to keep him around. This lineup is thin on power other than Numbers 6 and 26.

And RSB, for the cather question, does Yes mean keep Coste and Ruiz or look for help?

I want Coste and Ruiz getting equal time next year. I think the Phils have a future starting catcher in Ruiz wasting away on the bench. Give him some playing time, real playing time that is, and he'll be fine.

Man, if A-Ram doesn't opt out of his contract they'll need to pull off a trade to upgrade at third. I don't want any of the other guys on that list.

A team with 216 homers can afford to subtract Burrell's 29. Besides, they're likely to be adding some at the 3B position.

I think the Phils can go with Coste and Ruiz, or Ruiz and Coste.

as if you needed another reason to hate Olsen...

RSB- we disagree sometimes, but I know you're a Phillies fan so I can't stay mad at ya.

Imagine Burrell batting 7th if the circumstance were right with a 3rd baseman coming in...Burrell would look awesome out of the 7 hole.

Man, this Olsen kid is *easily* thrown off his game. He'd do well to learn to control his emotions.

Contact from Burrell would be awesome about now.

bases loaded...KILL OLSEN!

Okay, a walk is just fine there. Let's go Conine!

Conine has been absolutely brutal this week.

seriously, did that just happen yet again?

phillies with runners in scoring postion are pathetic. even more pathetic with bases loaded...sickening!

Son of a...

I'm with you guys re: the catchers. Obviously Coste and hit major league pitching, and Ruiz has shown many glimpses that he can too. I just checked, and he's 27 years old. Why have the Phillies' rookies been so old, and the Marlins' and Mets' so young?

And RSB, you're right about Burrell if the Phillies can actually bring in a good-hitting 3B, preferably right-handed. But you know they'd have to eat some of his salary, and they've been doing a lot of that recently.

Conine is having a terrible, terrible week. Signed to be the guy who takes smart, professional at bats.

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