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Friday, August 25, 2006


This game is a fine case where the Phils better not make a no-name rookie pitcher look like Cy Young. It's happened far too many times since I've been on this planet...they need to go for the throat during this series. Must pull out of NY with a sweep or 2 outta 3.

If there was ever a series to do some damage against the Mets, this one is it. No Glavine, no Pedro...

Phils' have not had a day off in over two weeks. If generally have a tough time in NY too. If they take 2 out of 3, that would be great.

You may rave about Wolf's unbeaten streak, but the number of baserunners he has allowed since his return is simply alarming. I think he's in big trouble tonight.

Jason: In the interest of full disclosure you should probably mention that in Wolf's starts this season, the Phils are averaging 9 runs per game.

MG lets try to win every game not just 2 of 3.
Clout lets not forget Wolf has improved with each start.
A good opportunity to gain some ground in the wild card.

Anyone else see the article about the phils in the ny times today.

There's not too much new in it, but it is kinda sweet that they quote Lidle talking about how the Phils have been better since he left:

"Curiously, the Phillies have been a better team without Abreu and Lidle. Gillick said the departures of Abreu and Bell, two veterans, enabled Utley, the workaholic, to feel more comfortable as a leader. Gillick said the Phillies were following him.

“It’s going to be Utley’s team,” Gillick said.

Abreu, whom Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman called “an on-base machine,” has made an already potent and patient Yankees lineup more of each. Still, the Phillies have played their best baseball since Abreu and Lidle left.

“It’s a situation where it shakes things up a bit,” Lidle said, referring to how the new-look Phillies have responded. “Sometimes that happens.”

The trade definately seems to be win-win so far, considering how well Abreu has hit for NY. The Phils do seem more comforatable now, but I think a lot of that has to do with the stability in the rotation and C and Delluci hitting better than anyone expected. It's possible that the subtraction of Abreu helped the Phillies, but this team has had better streaks WITH Abreu over the past two years, including this year's 12-1 and last season's September run.

Hopefully his performance for the preeminent team in all of sports in the middle of a pennant race erases the idea that he isn't a winner.

"Go for the throat"... "do some damage"... "Mets seeking revenge"... am I the only one thinking about how little this weekend series means to NY? The Phils are so far off their radar that they are trotting out their 6th, 7th and 8th starters. A Phils sweep would bring down the Mets division lead to 11.5 -- is that really something that worries them? They win the series they feel they need to: sweep at CBP in June, sweep the Braves at home, and a sweep the Cardinals just in case home field advantage comes down to being determined by regular-season series victories. Everything else is just gravy to them.

That being said, it should completely work to the Phillies advantage. They should go for the series sweep for no reason other than they should be trying to win every game between now and October 1st because the wild card is very attainable for any one of the log-jam of teams that are 4 GB or less.

Forgot to put this in:

Abreu w/ Yankees, .376/.487/.538 = 1.024 OPS

anyone out there tonight...2-0 start is good for me!

Wow, I can't believe they're allowing Thurston to play this much already...why not, as long as he produces.

Good start. Lets go Wolfy!

Mets fans singing MVP for Beltran. No way muts you got it all wrong......Howard for MVP

Honestly, Howard is the MVP. If the Phils finish with a respectable record, considering how things looked a month ago, Howard will deserve the award. He's most likely going to hit 50 homers and knock in a hefty amount of runners.

agreed but i believe the phils need to make the playoffs or finish maybe one or two games out. i believe team's record is important when looking at a player's qualifications

Hey we were right about Utley. 2 for 2 so far. Well done oracle DramaQueen, Dane and if I may say so Blood.

O.K 2 for 3 aint bad

Joe Thurston has looked HORRIBLE today - although I should say that I didn't see him play before. But man, his swing looks weak, and he can't handle that breaking ball down and in.

Cant believe we did'nt score Vic after his lead-off triple. Bloody hell!!!

we're hanging in there. Both starters nearing 100 pitches. C'mon good, be good!!

BloodStripes- we dominate!

sandoval has looked very bad at the plate since his call up.

Don't understand why Wolfie got lifted there. Sandoval is under the Mendoza line, whereas Wolfie usually swings good wood. And while he has thrown 94 pitches, he's got the bottom of the order coming up.

Mate....i sure hope we can dominate.

Only us 3 here toady? I'm moving around the 3 blogs too.

I mean toadies.

go manuel

Fire 'em up Charlie!!!

C'mon Phils!

watching on gamecast - why did Cholly get tossed?

argued that chavez bunted a ball and it hit him outside the box

I'm listening, missed the reason! Dane do you know? its fired up our boys to hang tough and win this game.

if he was out of the box, he should have been called out. if the ball hits you and youre still in the box it a foul ball but if youre out of the box then your out

Jose 'K'

that nickname may stick

That 8th was good Arthur...well done.

At least Madson gets the bottom end of the lineup. Green, Woodward, Chavez.

Hey Dane, forgive my ignorance i'm in Australia. Can you give me a run-down on your blog one day about how the college baseball system works? Is that easy? I been checking out the Winthrop site and trying to work out what level some of the teams are at. All the different schools and conferences, neutral games. Hows it work?

I'm gunning for ya bro, hope you win!

thanks. i'll give a run down of college baseball. winthrop is a D-1 school. i've been considering doing some blogging about our team's daily activities like lifting and practices.

Yeah, that would be cool.

D-1? see thats part of what I dont get. Is that division one or is division 1 and A. Sorry man, i'm very interested but have no idea.

C'mon Madson, close it dude!

ill work on a blog entry and get it up in the next day or two. lets go mad dog

On-ya Dane, that would be great.

Here's the scary part, mut baserunner. yikes!

great win. way to shut down madson

Woooo hooooo....."PT1ITWCFTFP"

Another save for Madson

Wolfman continues the streak. Howlin'!

That's an awesome save by Madson. He goofs up Reyes on an 0-1 change, then makes him wait to really screw up his timing by throwing to first, and then throwing on the afterburner. I love it. Way to pitch, dude.

its always nice to get the first one in a series especially against the talented mets

Yeah great start. Hopefully Perez (2-10, 6.63 ERA) pitches for NY tommorrow. The Philly offense ought to be able to mash him up.

Not a great start by Wolf but but the bullpen really picked him up. If there has an "unsung" player on this team, it has to be Geary. Geary has been the only constant in this bullpen all season long and he is on to appear in 75-80 G and pitch 90+ innings.

That is a awful heavy load for a bullpen guy. I just hope he holds up but he clearly is the a big key in the Phils' drive for a WC spot.

Today's game scares me because Glavine will probably be pitching "inspired". Inspired because he's not done for his career and/or the season.

Glavine? He's not pitching until next week. We have the magical Olivier Perez.

This should be a win for us.

About Coste's Cold Pizza appearance, from

Coste the star: Chris Coste's scheduled live appearance on ESPN's "Cold Pizza" was scrapped when he arrived at the studio late because of a transportation mishap. Instead, he taped the segment, and it's scheduled to air on Monday.

"I just have to hope there's no earth-shattering sports story that happens over the weekend and I get bumped," he said.

Coste said the interview consisted of many of the topics for which he's become known, such as living his dream as a 33-year-old rookie. He brought his A-game.

"My coffee hadn't kicked in yet, so I might not have been as articulate, but I was as long-winded as ever," he said.

The FoxSports site has Glavine pitching. This was checked 9:30 AM Saturday morning, 8-26-06.

At 9:54 the MLB site says O. Perez

glavine doesnt pitch until next week

I don't care if Sid Fernandez is pitching tonight...we're winning!

Yep, it's definitely Oliver "I've walked 51 batters in 76 innings and have an ERA of 6.63!" Perez. If we lose tonight, shame on us. I have a feeling we'll be a half game out after tonight, Arroyo had a great first half but has thrown lots of innings and hasn't pitched as well in his last 10-12 starts.

No, no, no... Bob Ojeda is pitching tonight...

Burrell back in the lineup tonight. I'd like to see the Burrell Who Crushes the Ball in Shea Stadium come out tonight.

BP Postseason odds (with PECOTA) has the Phils at 28% likely for the wild card and has them at 34%.

MG, I'm buying what you're saying about Geary. Here's a guy who could have bought a commuter pass from Scranton to Philly in the last few years, who has pitched his way to be a critical cog of the bullpen.

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