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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


where is the media guide for sale?

Let's see for me it's a tie between Beer Leaguer and FoxSports for No. 1. No. 3 is the scrawl on the bottom of the screen of ESPN on TV. No. 4 is No. 5 is Basaball Almanac for old timer stats. No. 6 is for farm team stats. No.7 my local newspaper with breakfast, the Times Picayune. No. 8 is Yahoo (I'm just not in the habit to go there earlier). is in last place. Everything else is tied for next to last place.

I'll be the first to say it...on my list Beerleaguer is #1.

I also would put in an honorable mention for "The Good Phight" because they tend to have a unique perspective and a lot of original research.

Damn. I should have included Baseball Cube and Baseball Reference somewhere. Put those two tied for 7th and bump everything up. gets the boot.

I spend a lot of time on Yahoo Sports checking box scores and managing fantasy teams. The rest of my time is spent between blogs. I have my own, and of course this wonderful one.

OK, kdon, you convinced me that I was in error. I'll demote to No. 2.

Oh no! THT has fallen? What can we do to make it up?

It's not that bad, Studes. You got knocked back by a couple of newcomers. Look at it this way: Counting only the resources that made the 2005 list, THT climbed one spot.

Not one mention of Randy Miller, the best Phillies beat writer out there. Shame. st

How do you not include

Jason, is outstanding for minor league stats.

Used to be a philliesphans fan. Incredibly arbitrary moderation though.


Looks good! Very useful, good stuff. Good resources here. Thanks much!


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