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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


For all of Manuel's purported idiocy - which I perceive as being directly related to his dialect and background by Philadelphia fans who want to believe their geographical upbringing makes them superior - I can't recall the last time he made a move which was worthy of second-guessing; meanwhile, I've noticed stuff done lately by opposing managers that's highly questionable. Manuel does not hurt this baseball team. I'm not saying he helps it to any discernible length either, but he does not hurt it.

Geary has been a surprise to me. He's been a solid 6th to 8th inning guy all year. Fultz has really picked it up, and he looks as good as he was last year. Rhodes, White, and Madson remain a crapshoot, but for now the Phils have not had a game where Gordon's absence has haunted them. That tells you something.

I'd forgotten Rick White was dropped by the Reds. Man, if you are RELEASED by the Reds these days you must have violated some fine print clause on page 17 of your contract given the number of relievers Cincinnati has acquired over the last month or two.

A comment on RSB's comments about Charlie: you are absolutely correct, RSB, and no one has been more biased or cruel regarding Charlie's dialect and background than Bill Conlin, who thinks of himself as erudite and superior (god forbid he ever is King of the World) when in fact he is neither.

Praise the bullpen. They have come through most of the time. They usually come in when our starters give up a boatload of runs. The pen holds the line while our hitters try to play catch up. They are the unsung heroes of this campaign.

The only reason that the Phils' have not really missed Gordon is since they are generally getting better starting pitcing and just blowing other teams away. It is easy to save a game if you are up by 3 runs.

Case in point was the Rhodes game the other night.

We have a chance to cut it 1.5 tonight, let's hope Myers can figure it out.

To say that this season has been "funky" would be an understatement. To think that the Phils could close to gap to under 2 games by the time they go to bed tonight is downright amazing. Didn't they just trade away one of their best players in the last decade (or so the media would have you think). Look, count me all-in on the hype and the rest of the run toward the postseason, even though I've been brutally hurt in this position before (last year, for example). I'm not too naive to know that they're only a 3 or 4 game swoon away from eliminating themselves and the recent injuries don't help, but I think enough games have now passed to say that the Abreu deal was addition by subtraction. This is a completely different team.

Preach on, brutha!

back up the bandwagon and lets get it going!

Abreu obviously needed to go; despite his tremendous ability, he was bringng the team down with... something.

Joe and Willard: When did this winning streak begin? There's some revisionist history going on here. There is ZERO evidence that this team got hot because Abreu left.

But there is plenty of evidence they got hot *when* he left. That much, you can't argue.

There's also zero evidence that Abreu ever did anything to facilitate or maintain any sort of streak of this magnitude. His nonchalant attitude did nothing to keep this team on track. I'm not looking to bash the guy or say that he's lazy, however, I do think that this team seems to be playing harder since Mr. Abreu headed up the turnpike.

RSB, Willard: The current hot streak, as recounted in the newspapers, began July 26. You can fantasize all you want, but facts are facts.

I am not nor have ever been a Charlie Manuel fan. And it has nothing to do with where he comes from or how he talks or anything like that. I just don't like his gamesmanship, lots of his late inning moves earlier this year have been questionable.

That having been said, I must admit that he has been doing a better job over the past month or so and the players certainly seem to enjoy playing for him. It looks like they are willing to go the extra mile for him, so he must be doing something right.

I am certainly willing to give credit where it is due and he deserves a pat on the back for the job he has done with the entire team over their recent surge.

I am somewhat amazed that Geary's arm doesn't fall off with all the use he has gotten this year. But I guess he's one of those guys that the more he pitches, the better he gets.

Myers has GOT to get with the program tonight. We really need this game.

Charlie used Rhodes and Geary well in the 9th tonight to sure up the win. It worked and the Phils roll on.

I heard on the game last night that our bullpen has pitched the second most innings (I dont remember who they said was first) .... But I'll tell you, to have such a solid bullpen that gets that much work is a BANNER that Gillick should fly high. If Ed Wade was here he's be paying through the nose for mediocre or bad bullpen talent ... and GIllcik has assembled a great (and cheap) bullpen ... Kudos to the GM

i agree with everyone's Bullpen assesments, and the fact that its nice to see a GM not make a late season deal for an overpaid, over the hill, once was closer in 94 to blow a few games in September. lets go with the young guys. i also like Dubee's sending the young kid (name?) in his first big league game. stay aggressive, and try to win the #@#$ thing for a change.

Not Dubee, Dancy. i should preview my posts

Late last night, I wrote on TGP that Manuel does, and should, deserve consideration for Manager of the Year honors. Jason's right about his recent bullpen usage, something I was harshly critical of earlier in the season. But to me his real achievement is that so many position guys who weren't expected to do much, if anything, are contributing big-time in the team's current surge: Coste, Nunez, Dellucci, Victorino, et al.

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