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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


You have to question the validity of "win shares" when Barry Bonds and Mike Cameron this year have the same number of "win shares" as Ryan Howard. All 17. And behind players like Jose Reyes and Adam Dunn. Maybe one of the stat oriented Beerleagers can explain this to me. Otherwise, I'll look at the "regular" stats like HR, RBI, SLG, and OBP.

According to Hardball Times, Bonds and Cameron are adding more wins with their gloves.

Bonds adding wins with his glove ??? If this stat implies that Cameron (with bat and glove) is adding the same amount of wins as Howard (with bat & glove) , the stat is very questionable in my opinion.

And Bobby Abreu (and I am an Abreu guy) has contributed as much to the Phils wins as Howard. Abreu also has 17 wins shares.

You're right. It's very subjective. The difficulty of each position is considered based on their own formula, which skews the fielding numbers away from first basemen.

I checked out the new minor league stat link for Scranton-Wilkes Barre, the first time I ever ventured below the NL or AL. I saw three third baseman, Scales, King and Chavez, all hitting way above Nunez level. I'd take the best fielder of the three, call him up and sit Nunez down.

Another great column by Conlin today. You could field a pretty competitive team with all those guys the Phils traded away.

I really like OneChair's writing style and respect his baseball knowledge , but he does this "how much better the Phils would be with Curt Schilling, Carlos Silva, Elizardo Ramirez,... " piece about three times a year. He just changes it around a bit each time depending on how they are doing at the time. Bill, get some new material. At least there was no "witty anecdote" that Paul Owens told him in a Clearwater Bar in this one.

Gee, Clout, I'm surprised you didn't reprint the whole thing. The only problem with Conlin's article was that it's divorced from reality. With a roster of Abreu, Schilling, Rolen, Burrell, Wolf, Wagner, and Lieberthal you'd have to charge $100 for seats at the Money Pit, because the payroll would be Yankee-esque.

BMAC - isn't that the formula so many mags use to retain subscribers? Change the headlines, add extraneous details, but keep printing the same old stuff.

I would think you could field a pretty good All-Star team from most major league teams ex-players, probably more the rule than the exception.

JW - Thanks for the added stats. You da man!

Nicely done. Convenient to find info on Phils now.

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