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Friday, August 18, 2006


Careful with that media guide, its cheap inks and themes may cause vomiting and perhaps worse.

Chris Coste's late but heralded breakthrough season is reminiscent of the Vince Papale story, with unbelievable timing...

Can't wait for the inevitable Disney movie about Coste, since Hollywood has ZERO creativity anymore. Wonder who will play him? My money is on Toby McGuire.

Get well J. A Phillies loss + loss of your optomistic insight = long, dramatic day of doom and gloom posts about Pat Gillick and the end of this season. Funny thing is, they're still only 2.5 out.

I look for Brett Myers to turn his recent struggles around tonight, just a gut feeling.

This whole Chris Coste storyline this season is utterly amazing!

Chicken soup, Jason. Lots of it. IV if necessary. Canned stuff better than nothing.

Jason, I know the Phillies lost, but you can't get sick! The Phils should beat the gNats tonight. Maybe that will perk you up.

My next door neighbor here in Louisiana is flying to Boston today to attend the Sox-Yanks night game tonight. He's born & raised in New Orleans and he's a Yankees fan. How sick is that? It's a bad case of frontrunneritis. When I lived up north, I went to games at Shea, Yankee Stadium and Fenway. Of the three, you got to be a Sox fan, not New York. Arrgh!!

Dayn Perry's latest weekly column at ranking the MLB teams has the Phillies ranked 14th, the fourth highest NL team behind the Cards, Dodgers & Muts. Does that mean we win the WC?

I think if we can somehow plug the leak at the 5th starter slot, we have a real shot at the WC.

That Dude's Proclamations...

Bret Myers: celebrates birthday by boxing , probably not a good PR choice.

Ryan Howard: I dub thee The Reaper, fear him.

Chase Utley: I dub thee The Captain, Cap or Cappy.

Pat Burrell: Ol One Chair dubs him The Midnight Mayor of Center City.

Chris Coste: I dub thee, the wors pronunciation of a last name since Brett Favre. That said he is cool

Mike Lieby: I will only say, at least his at bat music is Iron Maiden.

Fabio Castro: I decree 2007 to be the era of Fabiomania and that most of the Beerleague board will be Fabioholics.

Cole Hamels: King Cole will take over his kingdom, which is the National League. NL hitters will flail weakly at his pitches and he will lead the NL in K's in 2007. Sadly, his record will only be 13-9 and his era wil be 3.05.

I checked the Cubs TV schedule and see that WGN will carry the Wednesday Night Game featuring Harry Kalas singing "Take Me Out To the Ball Game" and the Thursday afternoon game next week. For Phillie fans in the outlands, this will give us a chance to see the Phillies on Cable TV on superstation WGN. I may take a half day vacation next Thursday to see the Phillies.

Rest ... drink lots of fluids and eat toast.
Call the agency or home if you need anything.

Yes, do what the previous poster said. Who can resist advice like that?

Phils are 4-6 against the pesky Nats this year. Speaks for itself. No more of this "playing down to your competition" crap in the last six weeks.

Nationals aren't that bad a team. Phils really need 2 of 3, but have a way of losing series like this.

No offense to Chris Coste, but is his story really so dramatic that it would be made into a movie? How many other baseball lifers and minor-league hangers-on have there been? I'm glad for his success and I do realize that a 33-year-old rookie is unusual. But I can't see how it makes for a full-length movie. I hate to say it, but the Vicente Padilla Story would probably be a far more entertaining flick.

He needs to get involved with drugs as soon as possible. Then it could be a rise-and-fall type flick.

Coste *is* that amazing of a story. There s a lot of talk to the league "catching up to him", but i think that he may be a fixture in the ML for another 5 years.

as for Padilla; hey, can gillick get a better grade on the padilla trade? he was a drunken asshole here, and guess what, he's a drunken asshole in texas, too...

Well I would watch the Chris Coste story just to see the part where he meets up with the devil and the devil tells him about how he brouhgt Kurt Warner from obscurity to SB MVP.

2007 free agent who wants to play somewhere near Western PA: Mike Mussina.



Philadelphia is 7 hours from Western PA.

Well, yeah. He's from Williamsport, wants to pitch for a contender (so no Pirates), and wants to be a reasonable distance from home - this means he'll pitch for the Yanks, Red Sox, Indians, Reds, or Phillies.

My question is: good thing to do with that 15 million we saved on Abreu? Solid pitcher, solid guy, really old. I think he could be a great "old guy with a 4 ERA who mentors a young staff" guy, a la present-day Greg Maddux.

Plus, Mussina's in that new movie about crossword puzzles. So he and future National Book Award winner Coste could do that together.

Mussina's tempting - still got some bullets left in his gun, would benefit from the AL-to-NL stepdown, and as mentioned would be a great mentor for some of the younger guys. (maybe even manage to get Myers' head on straight.) but I would bet his price will be way too high - he is making $19M now.

Permalink, stay away from the light at the end of the tunnel. Its a train not the W.C.!

I'd take a chance on Moose. I still think he has something left in the tank, plus as mentioned, he would be a great veteran presence amongst our younger pitchers. Plug him in and resign Wolf for the right price and this rotation doesn't look too bad (Mussina, Hamels, Wolf, Myers, Lieber). I think he would be willing to do a 3 year deal too, which is all the more Gillick wants to sign players for. A nice idea that just might be a nice fit.

Mussina would be a nice fit for the Phillies. He's old but is in good health and seems to have a few decent years left in him.

The question is whether Gillick would even consider a free-agent pitcher of any kind. Another question is what kind of interest he and the Yankees will retain in one another. And a third would be, does he really want to come to a park that'll remind him of Camden Yards?

Remember that Gillick saw Mussina really get his pitching arm to be a #1 in the mid-90s with the Orioles. He is a known quantity in the management office. Therefore, he is an FA pitcher with a winning history with Gillick. Finally, he is in good physical shape, as good as one can be for someone in his mid-late 30s.

The Ace?

Holy crap, what is wrong with Myers?

I would rather see Pat Burrell spend the remainder of his major league career with the Phillies than have to watch Brett Myers pitch for them next season.

myers is getting worse with every outing. manuel needs to yank him now.

Pulling punches with his wife has really hurt Myers' game. Perhaps Dubee should stick a wig on Rick White. He's already got the boobs.

LOL. Send in Madson

Now that Bell's gone, it's good to have Rowand around to replace his magic touch for grounding in DPs.

i think that myers may be hiding an injury. his location which is usually good is terrible and his velocity seems to be down a few mph.

Stranding plenty of runners again. 21 yesterday. 9 already after 3. Bring back the Fightin's.

Is it me or do they seem very lifeless today?

Yeah not much life there. Need a spark to snap 'em out of it.

It's tough when your pitchers keep digging holes, and then the hitters can't find any holes with men on base.

Burrell walking back to the dugout after another strikeout, absorbing the can almost see the wheels turning in his head. "I want to stay here? Why?"

Did everybody give it all they've got in the Mets series and now the tank is empty? For how long?

I suppose you gotta expect a bad day now and then. We gonna have to rely on King Cole turning it around tommorrow.

Although now and then the Phils have had some great late inning rallies.

Alright. Pat the bat, Rowand and Leiberthal. We are back in it.

The bullpen is doing good. Let's see if J-Roll can get something going.

I just got home and checked the score. I was ready to blame Myers and maybe I should, but ZERO hits from Rollins, Delucci, Utley and Howard!

Lead-off walk. Nice start.


hey our bench is hitting a combined .220 this year...i can't wait for Chris Roberson to strike out tomorrow in a non critical situation. Can we please have our long haired 90's male book cover model dictator - Fabio Castro in a somewhat close game tonite? Oh yeah i hope our new pie man - roberson gets a pie when he gets his first extra base hit

Man, WTF? Looch and Utley swinging at pitches too high and K ing!

hi i saw pat yesterday at Show n Tell. He went into the booths and I gave him a bump and grind that Natalie Gulbis never gave him before...too bad he can't tip more than $5 though...:(

We still love you Pat!
Your girl - Jessica (the blonde) at

The top of the lineup let us down. Maybe Pat the Bat will get a hit to start something.

Hey Bloodstripes! What time is it in Australia? Is is pinch hit Coste time?

I guess Jessica's dance didn't help. Pat popped out!

You bet Lake Fred. Midday, East Coste time.

We get the the Braves game on TV. The home plate ump got knocked out of the game in the eighth inning when a broken bat hit him on the side of the head. They took him off the field in a stretcher. He remained conscious. Let's hope he's OK.

The Atlanta announcers were happy that the Phils are losing.

Speedy recovery ump.

Well at least Cincy lost. Last chance Phils!

Congrats to Mike Lieberthal on becoming the Phils' all-time leader in games behind the plate. Good guy, I think.

Also, did anyone catch Scott Graham talking about Soriano's future? He made like now that Soriano's been playing on the left side of the field all season he might be willing to try third base a.k.a. a huge question mark for the Phils next year. Interesting idea, and they'd have an offense to die for if it happened, but what are the chances Soriano's NOT playing second for the Mets next year?

I thought it was awesome that Lieberthal had that kind of game on the day he broke the record. It was a tremendous statement to remind people that a) he's been a very good player for the Phillies, and b) he's not finished yet. I've been critical of his leadership skills and how it affects the pitching staff, but actually I've always liked him. I know he's probably gone after the season, but part of me wants him to come back and split time with Coste again next year.

You mean the Phillies aren't going to average 7 runs per game for the rest of the season? This could spell trouble for the posters who're convinced we'll win the WC.

I caught some heat for saying the Phils won't be contenders next year, but keep in mind who agrees with me: Pat Gillick. That being the case, it makes no sense at all to sign Mussina. Soriano, on the other hand, can you imagine him sandwiched between Uts & Howard? I know it's a long shot, but we can dream.

Those who want to see Brian Mazone need to look at Brian Sanches. Don't be fooled by great minor league stats, particularly for a player old relative to the rest of the league. The Phils would be much smarter to either give a look at Justin Germano for 3-4 starts or recall Floyd, who is far too good and too young to give up on.

Last point: When the rosters expand let's start Michael Bourn in CF vs. RHP. I'm a skeptic on his bat and he clearly has no power at all, but if he can get on base he could be a real asset. His glove is far superior to Victorino and (also unlike Victorino) he knows how to steal a base. But to have any value at all, he'd have to have a .350 OB.

P.S. The utterly worthless Bobby Abreu who has been dragging the Phillies offense down for years and was wisely traded for nothing has an OPS of 1.023 for the Yankees.

Clout: What's your complaint about Victorino's glove? He looks pretty good to me.

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