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Saturday, August 12, 2006


Segovia's strong comeback this season has been one of the few worthy highlights in the Phils' minor leagues. Haven't seen him pitch personally but I would be willing to bet that he will get a long, hard look next spring.

At the very minimum, he probably get called up to T-AAA once the MLB roster expands Sept. 1 and the Phils need to backfill a few roster spots at SWB.

Throughout the organization there have been some nice pitching performances. Their records might not look good because of lack of offensive support, but check out some of the ERA's and WHIPs up and down the Phils system.

If we can make room for Rick White, why not Mota?

I think Mathieson is poised to make us forget about last Sunday night's debacle.

the Phils seem to have some good young arms in their minor league system with guys like segovia, happ, gonzalez, bisenius and i'm sure their are some others. looks like Gillick's plan of developing pitchers may work

Don't get too excited by every pitcher who posts minor league numbers at A or AA. There still aren't alot of arms in this system who are ready to help the Phils this year or even in 2007.

Second year after TJ surgery is the tell-tale and his performance this season indicates he'll be OK. Does that mean he'll be a successful major leaguer? NO. I think he should be in the Top 10 Phils prospects but despite what you read on here, the majority of prospects fail.

Clout- bro you're pretty negative about everything it seems. I understand some of the negativity because it's obviously warranted, but to be negative about a pitching prospect...come on!

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