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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Nice test of intent for gillick. Following the moyer acquisition, I'm quietly confident he'll make a sensible pickup.

Boy, Jason, you really threw some names up there. Ruben Sierra last batted .300 in 1991. He's 40, now and batted .229 for the Yankees last year. Sosa is better having last batted .300 in 2001. He's 37, now and batted .221 for the Orioles last year. Reggie Sanders? Swann is 35. We have a youth movement at the end of July, now we're going after AARP members. Go figure!?

Just names. That's all they are. What happened to Hidalgo? 16 homers last season.

The bench is poor to say the least. I think Reggie Sanders would be a nice pickup and you would think the ROyals would be motivated to take any minor leaguer for him, just for PR purposes. Depends on what the market is for Sanders at this point I would suppose.

Holy smokes... Sammy Sosa is still out there. Chalk him up under the "extremely unlikely" category. It's a big day for the organization.

Youth/Veterans; it doesnt matter, we need good baseball players right now.

What are your thoughts on last night's collision?

Official Phils news release:


Outfielder Aaron Rowand was placed on the 15-day disabled list with a fractured left ankle, Assistant General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr. announced today.

Rowand, 28, is expected to miss 4-6 weeks and will return to Philadelphia to see a foot specialist once he is medically cleared to fly. He suffered the injury in a collision with second baseman Chase Utley during the bottom of the 8th inning of last night’s game at Wrigley Field.

This is the second trip to the disabled list for Rowand this season. He missed two weeks in May with a fractured nose and non-displaced fractures around his left eye after crashing into the outfield wall at Citizens Bank Park.

The Phillies will announce roster moves at a later time to replace Rowand and righthander Tom Gordon on the 25-man roster. Gordon was placed on the 15-day disabled list following last night’s game (retroactive to August 13) with a right shoulder strain.

Rowand might not be the hitter Abreu was, nor does he have an accurate throwing arm, but, unlike Abreu, he is willing to run into walls (and other players) and slide for catches. These characteristics endear this player to the fans. I hope he gets well, soon. What a bummer!

I thought I heard on radio that Rowand did try to slow up as he heard Utley call him off. Then again, Rowand slowing down is like bringing an F-15 down from Mach 4. He'll be missed by fans for grit and production.

Reggie Sanders with a 5 million guaranteed next year? No thanks.

WOuld u rather have Reggie Sanders at 5M or Rowand at 5Mil?

I am not sure who is out there but Gillick needs to find a solution outside the organization for a bench player. Can't relieve on unproven major league players or minor league longshots. Asking price probably would be pretty low too for a bench outfielder. Maybe a long-term pitching prospect in A.

I wish they would recall Mathieson and put him in the pen instead of recalling Condrey/Linx. Phils lack a power arm out of the pen and Mathieson's heat would help this club. I would rather see Mathieson than White/Sanches at this point.

This is a tough break for the Phils. Losing Rowand is not an overwhelming defensive/offensive loss but he was starting to hit better.

Plus, this team is in a great offensive groove. I mean they scored 12 runs on Sunday and got almost no production from Howard or Utley. Speaks volumes about how well the rest of the lineup was producing.

Castilla is currently in the minors for the Rockies, with the understanding he gets called up in September and retires as a Rockie.

It'll be very interesting to see what Gillick can scrounge up.

The Rowand loss removes some of the "fire" from the team, and definitely weakens us defensively in the corners. Both Burell and DeLucci will start every game, and both are not exactly fleet of foot.

Hopefully the team takes this as a challenge, and everyone pitches in a bit harder to make up for the injury.

And on th note of pride taking over; lets hope that Brett Myers can find some pride and start pitching to his potential. We need his arm.

I think it's unlikely they pick up Sanders with that 2007 guarantee, though That Dude makes a valid point.

Would Juan Pierre be a totally insane suggestion? He's a free agent, has manageble dollars left on his 2006 deal, and you could move Jimmy down in the lineup. Another OF option out of Chicago would be Phil Nevin, who could also be counted on to give Ryan a day off or two. No idea whether either of these guys has gotten through waivers or could...

Abreu update: the slap heard ’round New England

The New York Times

August 22, 2006
Abreu Has Become a Natural Fit In a Patient and Powerful Lineup

BOSTON, Aug. 21 — About 10 seconds after hearing that Bobby Abreu had been traded from the Philadelphia Phillies to the Yankees, Curt Schilling, who is as much of a baseball analyst as a pitcher, was concerned. Schilling said he warned Boston Red Sox Manager Terry Francona that Abreu might be “the best player in baseball the last eight weeks of the season.”

So far, Schilling has been right about Abreu, his teammate for two and a half seasons in Philadelphia. Abreu has been a tremendous acquisition for the Yankees, another patient hitter to slowly, skillfully torment pitchers. Abreu has played 21 games for the Yankees, but it feels as if he has been with them a lot longer. He belongs.

Abreu’s two-out double off David Wells in the sixth inning Monday knocked in the game’s first run as the Yankees stopped the Red Sox, 2-1, at Fenway Park, and swept the five-game series. Over four long days that turned torturous for Boston, Abreu and the Yankees body-slammed the Red Sox and severely damaged their postseason chances.

“This is the right team,” Abreu said. “This is the right time.”

For the Yankees, Abreu is obviously the right player. During the series, Abreu was 10 for 20 with seven walks, five runs scored and three runs batted in, helping pound a team that wishes it had him. He is batting .395 with a .500 on-base percentage since joining the Yankees on Aug. 1.

“He’s slipped in as easily as anybody I’ve ever had,” Yankees Manager Joe Torre said.

The usually unflappable Torre said that he was emotional after the game as he thanked his players for what they had done in Boston. Torre offered his appreciative words to Abreu near a bathroom sink in the cramped, yet giddy, clubhouse.

“With Bobby,” Torre said, “I told him I couldn’t be prouder to have him here.”

Torre said Abreu smiled, shook his head and said nothing, which Torre understood as Abreu’s way of responding that he was thrilled to be with the Yankees.

“It means a lot to me,” Abreu said of the encounter with Torre. “He’s happy to have me here. He believes in me.”

When Abreu made his debut with the Yankees, they were tied for first place with the Red Sox in the American League East. Since then, the teams have taken diverging paths, with Abreu helping the Yankees construct a six-and-a-half-game lead that looks awfully imposing.

Boston General Manager Theo Epstein told reporters Sunday that Abreu symbolized the difference between the Yankees and the Red Sox. Both teams wanted Abreu, but only the Yankees were willing to absorb the nearly $22 million left on his contract with the Phillies.

“That’s not something we can do,” Epstein said. “To upgrade in right field is not worth it to us because we have to spread the money around to execute our plan and build the ’07 team.”

If the Yankees remain ahead of the Red Sox, Torre agreed that Abreu would represent the reason why. Torre said Abreu’s at-bats were so shrewd, so professional, that there were no situations that unnerved him.

“He doesn’t panic,” Torre said.

With Melky Cabrera on first base in a scoreless game in the sixth, Abreu was his calm, disciplined self against David Wells. After Cabrera stole second on the first pitch, Wells did not want to fall behind by 2-0. So he tossed an outside fastball that Abreu hit to left-center field for a double and a 1-0 lead. The Yankees’ other run scored on a wild pitch.

Derek Jeter, who bats in front of Abreu, said Abreu “seems like a perfect fit for this team” and noted that Abreu’s defense in right field had been above average, too. Johnny Damon, who belongs to the Abreu school of irking pitchers by extending at-bats, has been stunned with how Abreu never gives in.

“It’s amazing how patient he is,” Damon said. “When he’s in the batter’s box, it’s almost as if you went up and pushed on him, he’d fall down. That’s how comfortable he is.”

Reggie Jackson, a Hall of Famer who was comfortable at the plate, too, wondered aloud in the clubhouse when the Yankees last swept five games from the Red Sox. After Jackson was told that it last happened 55 years ago, he asked the question a second time to absorb the answer.

Back in 1951, Bobby Thomson’s legendary homer was called the shot heard ’round the world. On Monday, the Yankees’ sweep that Abreu helped propel was the slap heard ’round New England.

While the sweep was not as monumental or dramatic as a pennant-winning homer, it may be the reason the Red Sox evolve into spectators and the Yankees play in October.

Burrel / Victorino / Delluca is a good outfield. The bench looks bad. From within the organization Scales maybe the best option. It puts one of Scranton's better hitters in Philly. He also can play 3B giving Manuel another option other than Nunez if he wants to rest him or he slumps. This is important since Manuel wont use Coste at 3rd yet. Sandoval hasn't done much yet but maybe should be given a few atbats at 3B in a coming game.

Whatever the choice Gillick needs to have someone for playoff time that can be dependable. Yes, thats right playoffs. The Phils are hot and have a fairly easy schedule ahead especially compared to some of the other teams in it. The lineup is solid and scoring tons of runs. The starters are improving and Moyer will be more dependable. Moyer had the lowest run support which will account for the poor win/lost record. The relievers continue to be solid and in some cases surprisingly good.

I would think KC would send cash.

Bob D - As easy as the phils schedule is, I heard the Reds is even easier. The phils will need help to make the playoffs.

From what I heard of Rowands comments after the game, he basically stumbled and then when he looked up, it was too late to change course. He didn't realize Utley was gonna be there.

Will, just keep winning they will get there.

Not worried so much about the starting alignment...the Phils have shown the can win with that OF combo. The problem, of course, is the bench, but something is sure to come up on that front. The shame of it is that whatever "comes up" will cost another prospect or two. The shame of it is that the damn farm system is still so unproductive and unreliable that the team is sent scrambling and harried to try to find a solution from another organization, or beyond. Gillick probably is on the phone to Japan, Cuba, and Botswana as we speak.

We need Roberson to step it up for the Phils. He has had very few atbats. We know he can field and run, we need some hitting especially as a pinch hitter. Right now the best pinch hitter is the backup C.

Botswana has BB players? LOL

I don't think we'll lose that much by having a Burrell/Vic/Delucci outfield. My only worry is that Burrell doesn't re-injure himself. They need a guy with a hot bat to give Burrell some sort of regular days off.

Roberson has looked better as of late at the plate. I remember his first at bats, he basically swung at every pitch. It seems like he's taking more balls now. Not that he's a replacement, but in a young guy who gets maybe 1 AB every other game, I'm only looking for improvement.

Ruiz maynot be a bad choice either. Coste can move to backup 3B/LF aswell a C. He has been excellent at C for the Phils especially at throwing out runners. This will probably be an area that Gillick will not mess with. But Ruiz has been Scrantons best hitter this year.

Just trade for Soriano and sign him to a 3year extension. Problem solved

Interesting post by the Other Adam. My preseason World Series prediction had the Cards playing the Bosox. The Cards may still make it, but it could be anyone, most likely the Dodgers or whoever wins the WC. For the AL, I agree with the other Adam, Boston will watch the game on TV. Giving up a five game sweep at home to your rival, partly because you vaunted GM stood pat at the trading deadline, is like a dagger to the heart. Stick a fork in them, the Sox are done!

When Abreu is in the playoffs, because I hate the Yankees, I'll root for the other team. I like the AL Central teams the best for the playoffs.

RSB, true the farm sytem has little there. But that is only with postion players. The Phils have a ton of arms just look at who they are sending to the Arizona Fall League.

"Floyd's teammates on the Saguaros will be: right-hander Joe Bisenius, left-hander Gio Gonzalez, left-hander J.A. Happ, right-hander Kyle Kendrick, right-hander Zack Segovia and catcher Jason Jaramillo"

All of those pitchers are big time prospects. They could be pushing for a callup sometime next year. they are all that good. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Single A is stacked aswell. The Phils have a bright future over the next 2-3 years at pitching prospects.

Floyd's inclusion in the AFL speaks volumes about how far away the Phils think he is. This is a guy who opened the season in the starting rotation. Now he's in the AFL, which is really for 20-year-olds like Gio Gonzalez.

Here's an interesting take on Uncle Cholly by Ken Rosenthal,'s senior baseball writer.

"Don't look now, but Manuel could be a Manager of the Year candidate if the Phillies win the wild card.
OK, let's not plan the parade just yet.

Phillies GM Pat Gillick, who inherited Manuel, would figure to make a change if the team failed to reach the postseason.

Manuel didn't help himself by initiating a recent on-field confrontation with Phillies executive Dallas Green over Green's public criticisms of him as manager.

Lou Piniella, who managed under Gillick with the Mariners, would be an obvious candidate to replace Manuel — but only if the Phillies wanted to spend big on a manager, and only if Piniella could be persuaded that the team might win soon."

Perhaps Roberson would be able to contribute better if he had a few starts. Like Nunez, he has suffered from an unfamiliarity with pinch-hitting and irregular playing time; I don't think he's as ill-equipped to hit major league pitching as his sporadic at-bats have suggested to this point. We may get to see if this isn't the case. It would sure help if they could get some real help here from him and Bourn.

"Burrel / Victorino / Delluca is a good outfield."
Bob D, whatever you're smoking, pass it to me! LOL

I was perusing the sports news and I ran across a news item about Toronto Blue Jays Manager John Gibbons getting a bloody nose after getting into a fight with his starting pitcher Ted Lilly. Earlier this season, Gibbons wanted to fight infielder Shea Hillenbrand. When Hillenbrand refused, he was later traded.

Maybe we can trade Brett Myers to Toronto. I'm sure he and Gibbons could use each other as punching bags.

Maybe not a good outfield, but passable for now.

It will need to be passable for the next 38 games, which is close to a quarter of the season.

I was probably too flippant; losing Rowand is not to be taken lightly. Dellucci isn't 100 percent right now, and probably due to come down to earth. Regular play against LHP will probably guarantee that.

This outfield is NOT passable for the next 38 games. We need some backup. Gillick needs to beat the bushes to fill the bench. These guys can't play every day.

Fred, the Phillies surely have won its share of games with that starting combo in the past three weeks. It's not a disaster.

The key to the Phillies' offense the rest of the way is Pat Burrell. It was therefore encouraging to see the way he played last night. The double to right-center was hopefully a harbinger of continued good hitting. He's their only RH threat now - besides the switch-hitters Rollins and Victorino, and Coste to a much lesser extent (not a word said on his failure *three times* to get runners on third home with less than 2 out last night) - and they're really going to need him to step up.

Jason: They really need to see if they can land an OFer from outside the organization. Dellucci should never start vs. LHP and is not a good fielder (ideally he's a DH); Burrell we already know about. Victorino is a 4th OFer. Sanders would be an upgrade assuming he continues to work his back to his career norm after a slow start. But you'd have to eat an ugly contract. None of the other names is worth pursuing. Bourn should be recalled in any event to get another bat on the bench.

I agree, Clout.

they need to pick up a right-hand hitting OF who can at least pinch hit and play decent D. they could really use bourn as a 4th OF, to take victorino's spot. unfortunately, he's another lefthanded bat. roberson is no kind of answer.

I don't understand why Robertson is still up with the club and Bourn is being sent to play in Cuba. Maybe Bourn develops a bit more but I can't believe that Bourn is not a superior/equal-caliber talent to Robertson in almost every facet of the game at this point.

Not the most exciting choice, but what about grabbing Ricky Ledee from the Dodgers who have a surplus of outfielders in the majors and AAA? He's having a down year and you could essentially get him for almost free. A change of scenery might be good for him and defensively he can play all three OF spots. That being said, let's hope Rowand gets well soon.

Jeltzie, where ya been? Ledee was already grabbed a few weeks back by the Mets.

Lake Fred- you mentioned about the John Gibbons fight in Toronto. I did a funny piece on that on my other blog @ check it out if you have should make you laugh.

Sorry, I completely forgot the Mets picked up Ledee. I think they're waiting on Marlon Byrd to complete their collection of ex-Phils scrub outfielders.

Byrd's not a bad name to throw out there, especially next to names like Sosa and Sierra.

Sad, but true.

Another name to throw out there since the O's are out of it, how about Jeff Conine? He'd be a better PH option than anyone else they have and could spell Burrell and Howard once in awhile. Although since he's a veteran he may have some type of no-trade clause, but he's not a 10/5 guy.

Too bad about Rowand but I think the Phillies can survive. On another front can someone tell me why noone ever talks about Pat Burrell moving to 3rd base. I beleive that was his original position and then they can really go after a quality outfielder.

Because he's a statue.

Burrell will never go back to 3rd. For Christ's sake, the Phils were willing to discuss moving Thome to 3rd before Burrell.

Jeff Conine is a Phillie killer, and I think would be an excellent addition!

I really like Aramis Ramirez from the Cubs and Vernon Wells from the Jays, but I just don't see either of those two happening. I like the name Jeff Conine too. I also like the ex-Oriole B.J. Surhoff. Some other players who may be available via trade could be Frank Catalanotto from the Jays, Ryan Church and Marlon Anderson from Washington, Adrian Beltre from Seattle, and Esteban German from KC. Any of those guys could definitely help this team.

I am not sold on the likes of Reggie Sanders, Sammy Sosa, Phil Nevin, or Marlon Byrd. I would rather the Phils give some of their young minor leaguers (Bourn, Ruiz, King, and Scales) a chance before committing to any of those four.

This is what Phils fans wanted to see out of Abreu. The guy was just too cautious in the field. Instead of hurting himself repeatedly and ending up on the DL and nearly taking out one of the franchise players, Abreu cost us the occasional run. Just think how inspired the team would have been with its best player sidelined.

Oh well. He's the Yankees' problem now.

I hope Ryan Howard takes a lesson from this and starts diving into the stands and flipping over dugout railings for foul balls. Maybe he could manage to decapitate himself on the dugout roof. Just think how fired up the team would be then!


I agree, lets wrap our players in bubble wrap and have them lightly jog when they're on the field.

Also, the pitchers need to throw at 75%, so they dont blow out their arms.

And everyone needs to wear the body-armor that the kids in the little league ws wear. we cant risk anyone getting hurt, and this team gets hit by pitches more than anyone else on the team.

Who needs players that play all-out? We certainly dont, we should go back to the half assed attitude of abreu in phily.

Jai: Aren't players supposed to go all-out when they are healthy? Given their salaries, I don't think fans are being unreasonable to expect players to go all-out on every play.

Joe: Who has been the most productive offensive player on the Phillies the past 5 years? How do you think his statistics stack up against the current occupants of RF and will continue to stack up against whoever else they throw out there?

Thanks Joe, that was a perfect response. I knew it was a matter of time before someone started ranking on Rowand for getting hurt, like it's somehow his fault. Give us a break, please. If you want to watch a team with no balls, I guess you've been in your glory the past five years, Jai.


i don't care about individual performance, i care about winning. do the phils have a better winning percentage before the abreu trade, or after?

its the *only* stat that matters in my mind.

Thankfully, joe, there are more than those two options.

I used to think Philadelphia sports fans were tough but knowledgeable. That was before I watched them blame the franchise's best player for its failures while making a hero out of a sub-mediocre player with total disregard for his own personal safety -- and the safety of his All-Star franchise player teammate.

Who cares if a guy is actually good. Does he care so much that he disables himself? That's what apparently matters to Phillies fans. They're so stuck on 1993 that they have come to confuse "macho" for "talented."

Keep it tuned to WIP, buddy. Howard will tell you everything you need to think.


Invoking Eskin in a sports conversation? wow... thats got to be the equivalent of Goodwin's law and invoking Hitler....

It could be argued that Crash Rowand should start playing a bit more "under control", but without the balls-to-the-wall attitude, you have a mediocre center fielder with pedestrian numbers and a pop-gun arm.

With the attitude, you have a field general and a locker room boon.

Joe: I couldn't agree more. Winning is the bottom line. Let's see where this team stands at season end and next year's record compared to last several years. You do realize a season is 162 games not 22 games, right?

Let's look at how the two teams have performed since the Abreu trade on July 30, 2006.

On that date the Yankees were 61-41 (.598), second in the AL East, 0.5 games behind the Red Sox. New York was scoring an average of 5.59 runs per game, while giving up an average of 4.80 runs per game.

Since acquiring Abreu, the Yankees are 14-7 (.667) and are now first in the AL East, 6.5 games ahead of the Red Sox. With Abreu, New York scoring is up to 6.05 runs per game, while despite playing with a right fielder petrified of walls, opponents scoring is down to an average of just 3.67 runs per game.

Back on July 30, 2006, the Phillies were 49-54 (.476) overall and 57-49 against NL teams, sitting second in the NL East, 13.5 games behind the Mets. Philadelphia was scoring an average of 5.09 runs per game, while giving up an average of 5.19 per game.

Since giving away Abreu, the Phillies have gone 13-8 (.619), and are second in the NL East, still 13.5 games behind the Mets. Without Abreu dragging down the offense with his bad attitude, the Phillies have scored a whopping 6.62 runs per game, while the defense has been vastly improved without the Gold Glove winner, as evidenced by the identical 5.19 runs per game the Phils are still giving up without him.

All of this leads to one conclusion in the mind of the cerebral Philadelphis sports fan: Bobby Abreu is a pussy.

Well, Jai, implying that those who disagree with your position are nothing but ignorant followers who value machismo over talent isn't a great way to have your argument go over so well.

I can't get over people who come on here and presume that because they have a better appreciation for this elite offensive performer, they are more enlightened and civilized and superior. Where do you get off? Is everything so one-sided and black and white in your world?

Beeen away working.

To RSB, the current outfield is passable for a series or two, not 38 days. I did not say they were a diaster. I merely said that Gillick needs to give them some backups on the bench. That's hardly saying bad things about Burrell, Dellucci and Victorino, albeit, Burrell usually gets his deserved share of grief in this forum.

Jai, you reached the wrong conclusion in calling Abreu a vulgar slang. What you should have said as your conclusion, to back up the rest of your post, is that it was a good trade for both teams.

Actually it was a better trade for the Phils because they were a sub .500 team, that started to win, while the Yankees were a winning team that continued to win.

Lake Fred: Actually the Phillies hot streak began before Abreu was traded. But if you think they began scoring 7 runs per game simply because Abreu left, I won't spoil your delusion.

Where do I get off? If someone values recklessness in the field over consistently great performance, I'm not going to think much of their baseball acumen.

Much like if you were talking to your neighbor about grilling and he mentioned that his grill didn't work very well, but he sure loved the way it looked, you'd probably leave with a pretty low opinion of his expertise with the flame.

Read a bit further up and you'll see I'm not the one reducing this to a black-and-white, two-option universe. That would be my new friend, joe, who attempted to do that.

However, I do consider you certifiable if you think Aaron Rowand at this best adds more to this team than Bobby Abreu at his worst.

No, Jai. Here's how it is in your world: either love Bobby Abreu for his pretty stats, or revile him because he's a pussy. No in-between. Similarly, either disdain Aaron Rowand because he's "reckless" or love him because you're a boorish thug like him.

No middle ground is applicable, I know. It doesn't matter that I can objectively say that Abreu is a fine player who has unfortunate tendencies to not play hard, or that I can say Rowand isn't that great a player but I admire his effort and dedication to winning games. No, that'd throw you off too much. Has to be one or the other. And varying from the extreme means would just be too great an effort to overcome. Then we wouldn't be smart, rational Clout and Jai on one side and stupid, irrational David and Joe on the other side.

RSB: Actually I agree 100% with your analysis:
"Abreu is a fine player who has unfortunate tendencies to not play hard...Rowand isn't that great a player but I admire his effort."

Where go off the track is when you make absurd arguments like outs are better than walks and the absence of Abreu is what caused the Phillies hot streak.

Clout, it only appears to go off the track if you present these statements simplistically, devoid of the contextual arguments I have made to support them.

While I appreciate your attempt to re-construct my world -- oh wait, no I don't.

The problem here is that people like you go out of your way to trash "fine" players like
Abreu while idolizing a guy like Rowand who "isn't that great a player". Go back and count the number of positive things you've said about Abreu, and compare that to the number of negative things. Then ask yourself if you think that's a reasonable ratio for a player of his ilk.

Face it, you're so driven by this agenda of yours, you will only reluctantly say anything complimentary about a great talent like Abreu. And you've taken to labeling individual players "winners" and "losers" based on their teams' accomplishments.

Aaron Rowand was one of the weakest links in the starting lineup of a team that won the World Series last year. Prior to that, no team of his had ever won more than 86 games -- a figure Bobby Abreu's Phillies teams have managed to meet or eclipe each of the past three seasons. Kudos to Rowand for being in the right place at the right time last year, but if you think he played anything more than a supporting role in that championship, you're deluding yourself.

If the Mets win the World Series with Endy Chavez starting in right field, are you going to decree Inning-Endy a "winner" and call for the Phils to bring him back?

What about Damian Miller or Tony Womack? Shouldn't the Phils do whatever it takes to bring them and their winning spirit to Philly after they helped Arizona win the World Series in 2001?

If and when Bobby Abreu plays a leading role in winning the Yankees their first World Series of this millenium, I hope he takes time out of his busy schedule to pay a visit to Philly. Stop by the WIP studios for a chat with Eskin, then maybe cruise around the city with his World Series ring on his middle finger. If you give him your address, perhaps he'll stop by with a crisp new Aaron Rowand jersey for you.

Observers close to the White Sox, including some mebers of the team itself, said Rowand may have been their most valuable player last year. Go tell them they're deluded.

Chase Utley is a winning player. So is Jimmy Rollins. The Phillies haven't won anything since they've been on the team. So much for the correlation theory.

I've said plenty of positive things about Abreu. If you've been coming to this site for a long time, your memory is selective. Again, it's not as simple as you make it out to be.

Continue to enjoy life carrying around the perspective that you and only you can be right. Such an appealing trait.

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