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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


wolf looked much sharper in the first inning today

I like what I've seen from Wolf today. The Phils really need to concentrate on offense. Chuck James and Tim Hudson should not look this good against the 3rd best offense in the NL!

Dammit White...time to start a base-brawl I guess!

i will never understand cholly's use of the bullpen. seriously, is white te best we can do in a 6th inning jam?

Great defense Nunez, way to never hit, and make a crucial error leading to a run. I can't stand the fact that he plays daily...ridiculous.

and whhheee our defensive-minded soft hitting 3b Boots one!

nunez is up. lets watch him atone for his error with a...

single. this is something different. lieby and nunez on base

Dudes, I really hope you guys didnt buy into the whole "We are back in the wildcard" theme. Yes, the rest of the NL is flawed, but not as badly as the Phils. Just pool for The Reaper, Chase, King Cole, Mathieson, Wolf (hell, even the Wife Beater) to do well and we will be ok next yr, once we are rid of the CSM...Common Sense Menace Uncle Cholly.

Nunez seems to get the odd hit when needed.

huge double for chase on 2 strikes

There's my buddy BloodStripes...and in perfect time for Utley's bases loaded clearing double...let's win this now! Winning this game shows grit and character!

what a play by chase. scored from second on infield groundout

Chase is indeed the man.

Utley is awesome! He stole that 6th run

How did that even happen? Stupid internet.

What a great hit by Chase, with everyone showing awesome speed and base-running smarts. Beautiful inning. Wow I made it just in time.Go Phillies!

I still want White to start a brawl...have him charge in out of the clubhouse and just start going ape poop on the Braves.

Burrells doin O.K tonight as well. Lots of grit and character this inning Drama Queen. Woo hoo!

glad the other team is playing crappy defense instead of the phillies. i'll take runs anyway we get 'em!

I'm glad I got up early for this. Its 5:30am down under.

holy's the end of times coming, Nunez gets 2 hits in 1 inning...scary!

Look out, Nunez 2 hits in one inning! I think he just doubled his output for the year!

Never thought I'd see Nunez get 2 hits in one game, let alone one inning!

I'm glad I got up early for this. Its 5:30am down under. More runs. Nunez 2 hits and a RBI in 1 inning! Woo Hoo!

Everybody Hits!

holy crappolla...roberson with a hit too...i'm laughing right now, and gosh i needed this

here we go...J-Roll grand slam, now then I'd have an unerasable smile

Roberson may actually be over .200 now. Too bad we can't say that about Abe despite his 7th inning performance today.

with all these walks, bobby abreu would be so proud

2 runs walked in one inning!

Time to warm up Fabio, this ones a laugher.

I love this! Biggest inning for the Phils this year apparently.

positivity has returned...and the roller coaster ride continues!

here comes Ryan Franklin's left-handed brother Wayne...equally as bad.

*not really brothers, just having fun

Rollins walks twice in one inning. Screw the grand slam talk, I'll take that. Hell, I'd take two walks in one *game* from #11.

Cmon flying Hawaiian! Bring on Castro. I hope he's warming up for another big lead shutout inning.

One timely hit by the Amazin' Chase Utley and the mojo is back on Beerleaguer!

Now if they can keep it goin' into the weekend...

That was quick. Well done MAdson Maybe we will get the Dictator to close it.

If Madson can return to form in the bullpen, that it a huge plus. Almost like making a trade deadline acquistion.

I'd love to see Howard yack-em-jack-em right now!

madson hitting for himself.... o... k...

whatever, we're up by 8 runs, lets pitch Coste!

Madson batting. Looks like he'll pitch the ninth. No Dictator tonight then huh Charlie?

No, no ... it's "L'il Dictator," boys.

It's nice to be on the winning end of a late-game meltdown against Atlanta. Actually, the Phils have had very little trouble with them and kind of beat themselves a couple times.

Atlanta has been skimping on bullpen for years, and now its come back to hurt them so badly they won't make the playoffs. Not the best year for John Schuerholz, and aside from yesterday's start, Hudson's turned out to be a bust. It's probably time for that team to blow it up just like the Phils. I know they're getting the urge with Andruw.

have to agree about Madson Drama Queen. He's done well since goin back to the pen. I think he's a good level headed young man who can really pitch. He just needs to settle in and know his role.

Just when all hope seems to be slipping away, the Phils drag us back in and restore that glimmer of a dream.

Joe: you mean, up by 6 runs.

They like teasing us

Two of the "Big Three" of Oakland have moved on and been a bust. Hudson has not been that good, and Mulder hasn't been great either. I like Zito, but I really think a team is going to vastly overpay for him and he will falter as well. I know people on here have said they want Zito as a Phillie, and I would like that too, but not at the price it will cost.

yeh, i meant 6... stupid fingers...

You ever notice that the Braves seem to have pesky little 2nd baseman over the years that have just killed the Phillies?

examples: Mark Lemke, Marcus Giles, Mark DeRosa

agreed that Zito will make way more than he is worth. he signed with agent Scott Boras who always convinces a team to overpay

Maybe Madson is'nt goin so well. Gotta get Jones out Ryan.

I'd like to see Zito wearing the BloodStripes. He's proven. Yes DP, great paly.

Jones almost knocked Madson out, but he did get him out nonetheless.

this is a long game!

Hey i'm an inning ahead of myself. Maybe we will see L'il Dictator tonight. If we stay in front Will Madson get the win tonight? That would be 2 from the pen since moving back in.

"Dudes, I really hope you guys didnt buy into the whole "We are back in the wildcard" theme. Yes, the rest of the NL is flawed, but not as badly as the Phils."

That Dude: Although I agree with you about the rest of the NL, the difference is not great enough to discount the Phils chances.

The starting rotation is beginning to solidify. If Wolf continues to improve with each start, Lieber has one good streak in him, and Hamels/Myers remain consistent, the Phils can stay in the race.

Until today's breakout inning, it is becoming apparent how awful the Phils offense can be when Utley and Howard cool off. But as soon as things are looking bleak, Chase comes through again!

If you believe the starters can keep it going, and if you believe Utley and Howard can continue to carry the offense, then you gotta believe the Phils still have a chance.

Regardless of the outcome it will be fun to watch the remaining weeks of the season. Some teams will go cold and fade away, one or two may get hot and pull away, but as for today: The Phils are still in the race!!!!!

BTW, the Reds just picked up Hollandworth, couldn't of cost them much - the Phils could sure use the bench help.

If the Phils had a worse record than the Reds, wouldn't they have been able to claim Hollandsworth off waivers before the Reds and worked out a deal? Their bench has got to be one of most feeble in the league, especially when Dellucci starts.

It is the most feeble in the league...barnone!

Weird beard gets the win.

6 - 3 road trip. 6 - 3 for July. Nice work Phillies! Big series against the reds comin' up. Hope we mash 'em up!

H-worth doesn't have great numbers against the Phils in the last three years (9 for 42.) They can have reclamation projects like that. I think it's a sign of panic on their part.

This win reminded me of some of the ones from August and September of last year - trading zeroes and then an explosion.

The Phils are not back in the wild card until they even their record. 6-3 on the road trip is a good start. They have got to go for the sweep this weekend and expose the frauds that the Reds are.

If we had a good bench, Nunez would be sitting on it the whole game, every game, except for late inning defense, or as a pinch runner.

Thanks to Smitty for this information. Apparently the Phillies lead the league in winning games when trailing after six innings. With todays victory they have come back 11 times.

Regarding Hollandsworth, the difference between the Reds and the Phils is that the Reds are going for it this year. Krivsky has been one of the most active GMs. He made a lot of moves before the season (Hattenberg, Phillips, Ross, Arroyo) and remade their bullpen in the past few weeks including Guardado and Cormier. The Phils are not going to make any move that makes them worse next season nor will they take on any salary. I tend to agree with this philosophy. I don't think you can middle it. You are either a buyer or a seller and they clearly are a seller. It would not surprise me for the Phils to have a waiver trade perhaps with Lieber. They are trying to win games and if by some chance they were to make the wildcard great, but I don't see them making any move that only has short term benefit. And I agree with posters above their bench is weak. First time I can recall the Phils having an all rookie bench (Coste, Victorino, Sandoval, Roberson).

PLus the Reds made a most decidely bad one sided trade with the Nats a few weeks back and now one of the guys they got is hurt.

That Dude & Billy Mac: Agree 100%. Pat G should get credit for honesty when he said don't look for anything this year or next. The Nats made a great trade with the Reds, getting good young players in exchange for their vets (as opposed to the Abreu dump.) The Reds are going all-in on this season and hoping to catch a hot streak. On the Phils side, Gillick is happy the team is averaging 7 runs a game and winning, but I doubt he expects it to continue. Any further Gillick moves will be sales, not buys.

When do playoff tickets go on sale?
Let go Phillies!

When asked if he would be a buyer or seller, Gillick remained noncommital.

A trade for bench help is not out of the question as long as it has no long-term impact. Hollandsworth only has about $250,000 remaining on his contract; a player like that could probably be had for next to nothing.

If the Phils remain in the wild-card race they will need late-inning bench help other than Sandoval, Roberson, et al.

But VOC, what would Cleveland want for Hollandsworth ? Likely a minor league player. Why would the Phils trade minor leaguers when they are dumping players to get them ? This would be contrary to their strategy. If they were trying to win this year they would have kept David Bell, Cormier, and so forth. Trading for veteran bench players makes no sense. If they win perhaps 12 out of their next 13 , then perhaps this would change their direction. But they are not going to change their course because they won 2 out of 3 against the Braves.

The Phils are not going to win the WC. Why do people deceive themselves into thinking they have a legit shot. Enough already. Here is a foolish quote:

"The starting rotation is beginning to solidify. If Wolf continues to improve with each start, Lieber has one good streak in him, and Hamels/Myers remain consistent, the Phils can stay in the race."

That only leaves 4 questions marks in the starting rotation or 80% of the entire rotation. While Hamels has had 3 strong outings in a row, Wolf has been very mediocre, Lieber has been below average all year, and Mathieson is just as likely to get bombed as keep them in the game at this point. On top of all that, Myers has not been as sharp the past two or three starts.

As for the offense, it is what is basically keeping the Phils in games for the past 3 weeks. Certainly has not been the pitching for the most part. While Howard and Utley can lift this offense as shown over the past few weeks, it is unrealistic to expect them to continue their ridiculous numbers. If they cool off, so will the Phils offense.

I know the Reds haven't made the playoffs in a while, and their fans probably love all the deals, but if you ask me Krivsky's trying a bit too hard here. He's acquiring players who really aren't going to make that much of a difference and flipping minor leaguers away like they were baseball cards - all this for a thoroughly mediocre team which really has only faint hope of a wild-card and which would stand zero chance against St. Louis or New York in the playoffs. It's really not a smart plan for a team that's always going to have a lower-end budget. I prefer Gillick's approach here, regardless of whatever his budget is, even though the playoff drought is even greater in his team's case.

I heard Utley is on the cover of SI, is that true? I have to try to find a copy somewhere in this airport (Portland)...damn I love the way he plays. Who wouldn't?

MG - Wolf has had, what, three starts since coming off the DL? He was effective today for 5 innings, getting lots of groundouts and KOs, and should continue to get stronger with each start? Agreed, Lieber has had a miserable season thus far but has been either all or nothing the last two seasons and his last start was encouraging. As far as Mathieson, "just as likely to get bombed as keep them in the game" is all you can ask from a fifth starter. Myers gave up most of the runs after he was given a large lead, probably fell into a state of shock after the Phils scored all those runs in his start.Yes, there are a lot of ifs involved but the same can be said for any of the remaining contenders.

Current odds against the Phils winning the WC are about 10:1, the BEST odds for the remaining teams are about 5.5:1 and changing daily with each win or loss. Not a huge difference.

While it would be foolish to think the Phils will win the WC given those odds, it would be even more foolish to think they have no chance at all!

So MG, if not the Phils, who do you think has a legit shot at the wild card?

"The Phils are not going to win the WC. Why do people deceive themselves into thinking they have a legit shot"

I agree 100% and would only add that we should not deceive ourselves that we will even make the playoffs.

Yeah, I'm still not convinced. Hopeful, but not convinced. A week ago when they had just completed the sweep of St. Louis, they had 55 games left.

Some said they needed to go 33 and 22 to get to 85 wins and stay in contention. They've split the 6 games since then. .500 ball ain't gonna do it.

They need to win 4 of every 6 games. If they win only 3 of 6, then they need to win 5 of 6 in the next set of games. So that means they need to sweep the Reds and win 2 of the first 3 against the Mets to get back on track.

If you don't have ESPN on, The Big Unit has a perfect game thru 6.

Oops sorry. He walked 1. It's just a no-hitter.

Damn, Cincy just beat St. Louis on a walk-off 2-R homer.
Guess who got the win?

Yes, VoR, none other than Ryan Franklin vultured his way into a win -- pitched one shutout inning, got the victory when Isringhausen blew the save. Cormier also got in as a situational lefty. What can it say about the Reds bullpen when they're using two of our castoffs? I know Cormier has a low ERA, but he let a sizeable percentage of his inherited runners score. I think every trade except Abreu has counted as addition by subtraction. Cormier was fine, but there are what, three other LH relievers out there in the pen? He wasn't needed. Nunez looks lost at the plate, but his defense is one reason the pitchers have been performing better, so Bell was no loss. Yeah, Lidle has ripped off four good games in a row (five if you count his start for the Yanks), which only means that at some time soon he'll compile five lousy outings in a row.

Voice - LA, SD, and Cincy are better team than Phils. All are flawed but SD and LA both have better pitching than the Phils and Cincy's pitching is at least as good as the Phils.

I would put the Phils in the pack with Houston and Colorado and Arizona. Arizona would be better if Webb was healthy. Houston has the pitching but their offense is dreadful. Colorado has been surprising but doesn't have enough pitching or offense to contend.

I will repeat that there is no way the Phils beat all of the forementioned teams. Best outcome for Phils is to finish 2nd in a crappy NL East. I say if they .500 it was a nice wrapup to the season.

Maybe I'm deluded but I just wanna believe. The players think their still in it. So i'm gonna back them. Besides its alot of fun.

Pound 'em Phillies!

I don't want to believe - I've done the math and 31-18 against the remaining teams, even with going 3-4 against the Mets and 3-3 against Houston, is very possible, based on prior matchups, BP's Postseason Odds, and plausible pitching matchups. It's a tall order, but five of the seven teams remaining are done for this season.

31-18 is just asking too much of this team even if they go .500 against Mets/Astros.

Geez, VOR, when did you instead become the Voice of Eternal Sunshine? Not that I'm knocking it, really...there seems to be a healthy balance of optimists and naysayers about the Phils' wild-card chances this year.

I would still have to put myself in the naysayer category, but that doesn't mean I have absolutely no hope. It's worth watching to find out. If nothing else, it'll be like the tail end of last year, which was enjoyable despite missing out on the playoffs. If they are still right there and have that drive, they'll make it fun to watch - something the rest of the season sure hasn't been 'til very recently.

And then, of course, after spirits have been sufficiently renewed, we can count on another bumbling, inconsistent first half next year...

RSB- no "bumbling, inconsistent first half next year", because we're getting rid of our bumbling numbnutz manager!

Off day today...get re-energized! Huge weekend series against the Reds.

I wonder how Reds fans feel about their chances of a wild card berth? Hope we can dash 'em!

Imagine a sweep of the Reds this weekend, I think that would change some of the skeptism into optimism.

I just like watching the Phils play lately, with enthusiasm and grit. If they don't make Wild Card, that doesn't mean all is lost. This team is creating a new identity...hopefully a winning one for seasons to come.

Kyle Drabek was the DH for the Gulf Coast League Phillies yesterday and went 1-3...interesting.

My hope for the phils rests on my completely arbitrary system of gauging a team's chances. the 10:1 ratio. If there's 50 games left, the phils still have a chance if they are 5 games out or less. The phils have 49 games left and are 3.5 out (could be as much as 4 by tomorrow since they're idle).

As far as this weekend goes, they cannot lose the series, that's all.

Some of you guys are babies. Quite your whining about the Phils not being good enough and go down to the park and cheer them on. If it was up to some of you we should just forfeit the rest of our games and send the players home. Thank god the Phils have a little more pride and heart then some of you "fans". I'm surprised I haven't seen a "I hope they lose the rest of their games so we can fire Manuel" post yet.

Phils receive Stott to complete Franklin trade

The Associated Press

ATLANTA - The Philadelphia Phillies received minor league right-handed pitcher Zac Stott Wednesday as the player to be named in this week's trade that sent pitcher Ryan Franklin to Cincinnati.

Stott had a 2.53 ERA in 23 relief appearances for Class A Sarasota this season. He allowed 23 hits in 32 innings with 22 strikeouts and 10 walks.

Stott was assigned to Class A Clearwater of the Florida State League.

Franklin, sent to the Reds on Monday, was 1-5 with a 4.58 ERA in 46 relief appearances for Philadelphia.

- Not too bad for Franlin.

LOL, Franklin.

RSB - I'm not saying the Phils will win the WC, 10:1 odds are steep for even the best of optimists. All I'm saying is that as things stand right now, especially with their favourable schedule, they still have a legitimate chance.

Regardless of the outcome, like you, I have enjoyed watching the new, rejuvenated version of the team. It has been fun watching Utley, Howard, Hamels & Co.

I've been a Phils Phan since the late 60's, sitting outside on hot summer nights, listening to the games with my Dad on a transistor radio. Does anyone remember the 8x10 glossies from ARCO? I used to tape up the pictures of Deron Johnson, Tony Taylor, Larry Hisle, Larry Bowa, and the rest of the dreadful early 70's team in a tiny bedroom I shared with my brother.
What a sight that was: Phillies 8x10s on one side of the room, posters of Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles and other 60's groups on the other side.

Anyway, with the exception of the Schmidt-Carlton era, the Phils have been mostly hapless ever since, so a playoff race in mid-August involving the home team is not something to take for granted.

So, from The Land of Eternal Sunshine, as always, GO PHILS!!!

Thanks, Jon. I'll post something on it shortly.

the easiest thing in the world is to pick against one team in sports. yeah the phillies are 1 of 5 or so teams in the race. if you're playing the odds all you have to do is take the field and sound like you know something.

i'll be a fan and stick with the phil's even though the odds are against them.

I agree with VOR, any race is better than many of the hopeless years Philly fans endured. As a kid, I used to wish the Phillies could play around .500 ball, not a lofty goal.

I'll stick my neck out and make a prediction. I think 83-79 will win the wild card. To get there, the Phils only need to win 57% of their games. I think that going 28-21 for the rest of the season is not unreasonable.

Looking a little ahead, the Phils have to play our old nemesis, Houston, six times. I'd be worried about those series, but the way the whole Roy Oswalt thing shaked out at the trade deadline convinces me he's not the same Oswalt as last year. It's those chances where a team can make a little luck and things happen.

VOR, the image of Larry Bowa juxtaposed with Jimi Hendrix made me smile. I was the same way with the '80s Phillies, even though they mostly stunk as well...Don Carman, Kevin Gross, Ozzie Virgil, Sammy and Von. Heroes to me, bums to everyone else. It's all about the age.

RSB- although I am younger than you, those players you mentioned are heroes to me as well.

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