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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Did everyone see Salisbury's piece on the Charlie Manuel-Dallas Green confrontation?

Yes we did. And?

Mike H. Guess you have no opinion.

I read it. Two crusty old men giving each other what they think about each other.

As co-head of the Bobby Scales fan is time for a promotion!!!

At this point, I put the chance of a new third baseman at slim to none. As long as the offense keeps producing, they'll leave the situation alone. However, I have to believe there's a good chance they will do something if Mathieson has another bad outing.


Yeh, I'm a little surprised the mathieson is scheduled to start tomorrow. The phils cant afford to hand away games with their starting pitching.

The alternatives are not very good, Madson is probably your best option, as opposed to another no-big leagues experience minor lazguer coming up and learning the ropes...

Or, the phils could go to a 4 man rotation.... ugh!

let's hope that mr. mathieson has a good outing on thursday, and makes this debate moot.

Brian Mazone? Please. He even LOOKS like Joe Roa.

Why are we jumping ship on Mathieson already? Sure he's had his share of struggles, but he's shown that he can be solid if not dominant. Give him a couple more starts and see if he can work out the kinks. I do not want to see Madson in the rotation again, he hangs an incredible amount of pitches and just looks generally bad. If anything, bring back Floyd in a couple weeks and give him another opportunity. Remember that all these guys are very young and still have much room to improve (even Hamels, as good as he's been lately).

The more Nunez continues to start, the more creedence I give to he sold his soul to El Diablo idea.

Another bad outing from Mathieson and he should be put in the bullpen to replace Sanches. He needs to begin to be groomed for the bullpen. Still give him the chance to compete for a starting job next year though.

Mathieson got called up too early, and could use another year or so int he minors to mature, and work on a 3rd pitch.

By no means should he be turned into a reliever at this point. He's too young, and his stuff is too nice.

Madson, has been inconsistent as a starter, but has shown that he can get it done.

4 man rotation, anyone?

I don't see why Mazone shouldn't be given a chance. I like Mathieson, and believe he will help the Phils in some capacity in the future, but he's struggling right now and doesn't look to be turning it around. Bringing Floyd back now in a Wild Card hunt is a bad idea in my opinion, he'll wither away and never be heard from again. Mazone is 30 and obviously isn't a prospect any more. If he comes in and gets shelled, it's at no big cost to his progression, because he's already past that part. If he can throw up a low 2 ERA in Scranton, he deserves the shot here too!

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