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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


other minor news...Zach Segovia pitches a very strong game for Team USA against Mexico, and Gio Gonzalez, though he did not have a great year for Reading, is still listed as the best prospect by Baseball America on his Peoria team in the Arizona Fall League

It'll be cool to have a AAA team closer to all the other teams.

meh, scranton wasnt that far awar....

the word from my folks in allentown is that they are having some difficulty getting the stadium going...

but, damn is the lehigh valley ripe for some professional sports. The valey has nearly 1million residents, and they have to rely on philly for everything...

Why don't the Phillies swap AAA teams with the gNats. Then I could see Floyd and Germano pitch here in New Orleans.

I know they had some trouble with the stadium but it must have been sorted out for it to get approved.

Fred: They want to make Scott Mathieson comfortable in the great, white north.

I wonder if the move to Ottawa had anything to do with our Canadian GM.

Jason, I understand.

Yet, if they switched leagues to the PCL, then RSB could see them when they play out west. What's more important, keeping the team in Pennsylvania in Allentown where it makes great sense to cultivate a fan base for the parent club, too; or keeping me and RSB happy occasionally?

you're allowed to own more than 1 minor league team?

yes, you are allowed more than one Minor League team. the Red Sox own three, including my hometown Blue Rocks. (Delaware) They also own single A teams in Portland, Maine and Lowell, Massachusets.
is anyone else hearing the Pierre rumors, that i've been seeing on

pierre rumor has been around since friday.

i hope it happens.

news to me. if anyones interested in this:

Here's a transcript of third-base umpire (and crew chief) Randy Marsh's postgame comments regarding the ball David Wright hit down the third-base line. Initially, he called it a foul ball. After Mets third-base coach Manny Acta protested, home-plate umpire Angel Hernandez overuled the call, claiming the ball hit the bag.

For the record, I watched the replay a few times and never saw it hit the base. But that doesn't mean it didn't graze it, even slightly.

Anyway, here's Marsh's explanation:

Q: What was your view of the ball?
A: The ball was curving down the line, and to be honest with you, at the last minute I had the third baseman coming over and the runner down the line and I got distracted for a second. The next thing I knew the ball was outside [the bag] and I thought it was a foul ball. Manny Acta said it hit the corner of the bag, and Willie [Randolph] came out. I looked at Angel and our partners, and I knew. I can’t believe that I would have missed that, but like I said, I was just distracted for a second. I took my eye off it, which is wrong. It was my fault.

Q: What was said during the conference with the other umps?
A: Angel and the guys said it definitely ricocheted off the bag. In that situation, if it’s a correctable call, we do it. Sometimes it might be a situation where you can’t, but in that situation you could.

Q: Why was Carlos Beltran allowed to score from second base on the play?
A: The logic there was that it definitely was past the third baseman, so the batter was going to get a hit and the run was going to score. So we scored the run. It was not definite that the runner on first would get to third, and it was not definite that the batter would get to second. So we left the runner from first on second.

Q: Why did the umps decide to convene?
A: Willie wanted me to get together and get some help.

Q: What, exactly, is the rule?
A: It’s basically common sense and fair play. We’re trying to correct an incorrect call. Put it this way: it was a correctable call. Sometimes you might have a ball hit in the gap and it’s a catch or a no-catch, and it’s impossible to change those. What would you do about placing runners there? That situation is different. This is a correctable situation.

Q: So, really, there is no rule?
A: There’s no rule. It’s the umpires getting together and using logic to correct an umpire’s call.

Q: How often does that happen?
A: It doesn’t happen often. We do have it sometimes fair or foul going around the pole. Several years ago in the New York-Boston series we had two calls that were changed. One was whether it was a home run or not and the other was the A-Rod play at first base. We’re trying to get the call correct. I’m not to proud we had to get together in this situation, but I wanted to do what was right for the game.

Q: Was there off-field help from instant replay, etc.?
A: It’s just the four guys on the field.

"yes, you are allowed more than one Minor League team. the Red Sox own three, including my hometown Blue Rocks. (Delaware) They also own single A teams in Portland, Maine and Lowell, Massachusets."

The Portland team is actually their Double-A affiliate. Although I think the poster was asking if an actual PERSON could own more than one team.

I think as long as they are affiliated with the same team there wouldn't be a problem

one person can own all kinds of different minor league teams. Example, Marv Goldklang owns the Indy St. Paul Saints, the Yankees Charleston SC affiliate, the Twins Fort Myers affiliate, the Devil Rays Hudson Valley affiliate. Must be fun

Mrs Utley you are correct. Portland is AA. I mustve meant Greenville, in SC, but id always thought portland was an A affiliate. is it sad i know so little and so much about minor league ball?

it's no problem, also you may have gotten confused because until 3 years ago, Portland was the Marlins' AA team.

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