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Monday, August 14, 2006


I hope that Mathieson's ego doesn't take too much of a pounding but what alternatives do the Phils' have?

Not much, honestly.

If there's one minor move I'd like to see, it would be to send Roberson back down for a better hitter. Why not Bourn? Roberson is just a little embarrassing.

I woudn't be surprised if Bourn doesn't get called up when the roster expands Sept. 1.

Robertson is essentially useless except to pinch run. He looks baffled against major league pitching. Haven't seen enough of Sandoval but he looks like little more than a warm body too.

Roberson looks particularly bad from the right hand side.

Has lineup been posted yet ? I assume Burrell is siting against Pedro.


I hope we can return a few of these hit batsmen... Pedro looks like absolute crap! Hopefully the Phils can really make him pay!

Watch Pedro implode. Implode, Pedro, Implode!

Nice job by Nunez. I will give him credit for this at-bat, although Pedro is far from himself tonight. Who would have thought 6-0 Phils after one!

I'd say Martinez is lucky it wasn't 8-0 in that inning. Is he on the DL yet?

Pedro looks totally confused and out of gas. His twitchiness is a bit alarming.

Hamels needs to slow down. He pitches like he wants to be home by 9:00.

Pedro looks like he is definitely hurt and something is really bothering him. Possibly his shoulder. His offspeed stuff has no bite at all.

As a long time Red Sox fan, I have seen this Pedro a couple of times before.

Wow, I miss the first inning because of a meeting and the Phils rake Pedro.

It may be too little, too late, but damn it, I like seeing us up 9-0 on the Mets!

That's funny, no Mets trash-talkers tonight. Maybe they're too busy panicking over their fragile ace pitcher.

J-Roll goes deep! This is FUN!

As a Phillies fan, I know exactly what this means.

They're going to lose the next three.

Watch out, Abe Nunez haters... Ol' Number 3 is up to .240 in the month of August. That's near his lifetime batting average! Now there will only be four people to hate on the 25 man roster!

Come'on RSB you are sounding like Clout.

2 innings for Lefty 2.0, and 2 innings for the Little Dictator, and we can all go home happy.

I'd love to see the Little Dictator get three innings for his first save.

J-Roll is playing at a high level here lately, which is definitely nice to see! It's also nice to see the Phils continuing to twist the knife as this game goes on!

i couldn't be enjoying this more. well, i could be there. that's it, though.

Is this scoreline real? I just tuned in after work. WOW! Incredible. Nunez hit a line drive! 3 RBI's. Things are looking up.

Does anybody else think the Phils should allow Coste to be the starting catcher next year? If this year is an audition, I'd say he's passed with flying colors. Yeah, he's probably not really a .300 hitter, but he can really play behind the plate, and what I like most is that he's a righthanded hitter that almost always puts his bat on the ball. Him and Hamels are working great together tonight.

is hamels going to get 4 Ks this inning?

ok, maybe not. thanks, milledge.

"J. Reyes singled to first, L. Milledge out at second"

What happened? Did Milledge round second and get picked off?

Millege got hit with a batted ball ... automatic out.

newsflash: castro up in the pen.

Reyes hit Milledge

BloodStripes- how about letting me hear a rally cry! Haven't heard from ya in a bit buddy, I desperately needed a positive infusion.

Holy comes Castro.

Nice game by the Phils...they refuse to give up on this season, and that's what I now love about this team. I'm certainly not blaming Abreu, but they are a different team since his departure.

another scoreless inning for the Lil' Dictator.

The legend and lore of Fabio "Model Dictator" Castro grows with yet another shut out inning. I hope that most of you know I'm saying this in jest but in all seriousness at the same time...he deserves to pitch more until he proves otherwise useless.

The night couldn't have been more perfect. Hamels dominates for eight innings. The bullpen gets the night off. The L'il Dictator has a 1-2-3 inning. Everyone hits woo-hoo! Six different players got RBIs. And all at the expense of Pedro and the Mets!

I can't believe 13 to zip with Cole beating Pedro. In my mind, Cole is now our "Ace". It was great to see that Fabio got to pitch with a 13-0 lead. Cholly really throws Fabio into the pressure cooker. another zippo inning for Fabio and his fabulous ERA of 0.00. All the regulars got a hit or an RBI. Let's hope it continues tomorrow night. I can't wait.

Cool! Me and the Mighty Jason basically write the same thing at the same time. Beating the Mets is cool!

Doc, I think they could do worse than Coste as an everyday catcher. His emergence has been one of the most positive developments of the season. I don't really see how he hurts the team in any way.

Alright DQ. Things to be positive about. Rollins' hitting. We need him firing and he is really warming up. He is now 2nd in the league for runs scored as well, 2 behind Utley.

We scored 13 runs without the big man getting an RBI. Spreading it real nice. Hamels today was brilliant. Last 4 starts: 3 - 1, 1.58 ERA. And how can we forget Nuni and his line drive 3 run double. Woo hoo!

I was'nt even dreaming about clubbing the Mets by 13 today. Great start to series. Brewers lost today, Astros down by 3 thru 8. The Phils are in this wild card race. Cmon PHILLIES!!!

P.S, please dont bake me if the Phils go down tommorrow.


Castro is at the show and not used much cause the Phils are hiding him from the rule 5 draft thing. They want him, but would probably lose him if was in the minors. To gve him credit though, he has done very well.

Wow. What a great payback for the heartbreaking 3-4 loss I witnessed at Shea earlier this month. Yes, Mets fans, your team is in first place. But it also just got absolutely dominated by its division rival with its 22 year-old left-handed ace.

Cole since July 29:
28.3 IP, 18 H, 5 BB, 34 K, 1 HR, 1.59 ERA, 0.81 WHIP

Average length of outing: 7.1 IP

Also note that this performance is on the same day that the Myers 911 transcripts are released.

KKKKKKKKKing Cole: Ace of the Phillies.

On Comcast Sportsnet, they just announced that Tom Gordon has inflamation of the right shoulder and is listed as day to day, although he is scheduled for an MRI tomorrow. Rhodes will be the interim closer if Gordon cannot go. Ouch (no pun intended)...

I know Ill get flamed on this but should we be calling Fabio "lil Dictator"? I mean if we had a reliever named Billy Hitler would we call him "der fuehrer"?

We suspected something was wrong with Flash. It's a shame we had to learn about it the hard way.

I don't think Fabio needs a nickname. Fabio says it all.

Dude: Why yes we would!

>Rhodes will be the interim closer if Gordon cannot
>go. Ouch (no pun intended)...

Paging Ryan Madson... Ryan Madson, the closer role is open for auditions....

Who do you use to replace the 38 year old closer Flash Gordon? How about a younger guy, say 37 year old Grecian Formula Beard Rick White or 36 year old Arthor Rhodes. My vote is 21 year old midget Fabio Castro.

i was at the game tonight, and i have to say; Cole Hamels is everything they say.

they're going to have to move him up to a league where he faces ryan howard and big poppi over, and over.... :-)

he has this ability to make good batters look dumb.

Anyone know what went down with the PA system during the game? It sounded like the live broadcast was being fed over the staidum speakers. The ump even went to the dugout and appeared to issue a warning to the Phils.

Yes rubylegs, that's what happened. The ump held the game at the start of the inning. Thinking it was resolved, he resumed the game and let one pitch go. Chris Wheeler (I think) called it, and we all heard it. That's when he went to the dugout. Must've been awkward for them in the booth.

The ump was waiving his arms towards the pressbox tring to get someone's attention. Took about 5 minutes before they fixed it. I thought by going to the game I wouldn't have to listen to the Comcast announcers but alas, I was wrong (but thats another topic for another day).

Good pitching by Hamels- he sure made my team look foolish. They just didn't play with any gusto tonight and the Phils handed it to em. As trhey shouldve. I went to the June 13th game aka "the return of the guy you let the mets get" so I guess this is payback. before that series, the phils were 7 behind and were thinking a sweep would get them right in the race. LoDuca said this is our chance to really bury them and they did. The Phillies had that bury-them mentality, the Mets forgot that they havent quite clinched yet and they better move on after tonight and play like they are capable of.

Oh, and Hammals Mammals got nothin on Sals Pals (though maybe they are the same people??) but around the 6th inning after listening to them I thought "Cole's Trolls" would be a better moniker. Also the 10+ eagles chants were insane. I might understand if you were losing 13-0 and had nothing better to do now that you were stuck at the ballpark and angry at the phillies --- way to say to a phillies team losing by 13 runs that you aren't important to this city... but no you were beating your most hated team (this yr anyway) 13-0 and you claim to have playoff aspirations. Where was the philly booing then? Not you personally, I would imagine your readers are decent baseball fans who dislike the eagles chants but you know....

Holy Cow, RPiazza, a Met fan who's actually coherent and respectful? Consider my mind blown.

If Gordon's day-to-day, we've got problems. I mean, *problems*. You want to see what it's like having Rhodes or Madson out there in the ninth going 3-1 on every hitter? Oh, it won't be pretty. This is bad, bad news.

Hamels is an unbelievably bright spot. He is the anti-Myers; a hyped prospect who is actually living up to it, a guy whose head is even better than his arm. I wish to God they'd trade Myers, even for an older pitcher. I don't think he's ever going to be much better than he is now, and besides I can't root for him. It's too bad the rest of the city seems to have let him slide; appropriately negative reinforcement could have greased the skids for his departure. But I doubt it will happen now.

Hopefully Wolf can continue to build his strength and confidence against the Mets tonight. This offense is fun to watch now...they make me think they're ready to score a run at anytime...unlike Abreu days.

RSB, I think they'll try to move Myers this off-season -- better chance of getting a decent return. I think you'll see one of those Myers-for-Carlton type trades, although in this situation we'll be the team giving up the better pitcher.

As for those gushing about Hamels now that he's had a good run, please realize he's very green and uses the change as his out pitch. That's great when he's firing on all cylinders, but easy to sit on when it's the only pitch working (ask Ryan Madson). Let's remember that most young pitchers, even great ones, have a longer learning curve than Hamels has gone through so far.

Well, now I know why Gordon wouldn't use his curve the other night. I'm less worried about Rhodes than I would have been a couple of weeks ago. He told Marcus Hayes in the the Daily News the other day that he had been studying tapes and found a flaw in his delivery that was causing him to fly open. Since he's fixed that his control has been much better. I much prefer him to Madson in the closer's role.

Wow, didn't see the game but 13-0 on Pedro?
Badnews Gordon hurt, it may not be serious though from what I read. Madson and Rhodes have been pitching good lately. They should be OK barring overuse. Castro another good game - Come on Charlie keep using him. Or do we haft to hope for the Phils up by 7+ runs in each game?

Nunez with a 6 game hitting streak is that possible? Oh yeah I heard recently during a Phils broadcast that last year he had 25 infield singles. Wouldn't that raise some red flags about the hitter? Could he possibly break the Mendoza line (200 BA)?

God I hope Nunez break the Mendoza line, because he is having one of the worst seasons ever. I'll be more than happy to heap praise on him if he turns his dismal season around in the next month plus.

RSB, you're not the only one who hasn't let Myers slide. I would definitely move him and with the shortage of free agent pitching you'll see this winter, he should bring a nice return. I can't like the guy, no matter how hard I try. He looks crazy and everytime he goes 3-0 on a hitter, I think he may go postal. Not a player I can root for no matter what he does for the team.

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